Let's Play Two!

In a nice bit of serendipity, the Cubs start off the Cactus League schedule with a doubleheader..of sorts. Split squad action on the "road" versus San Francisco and a home game versus the revamped Oakland A's. The home game will start with this: Fowler, Rizzo, Castro, Montero, Baez(2B), Coghlan, Olt, Sweeney (DH), Lake(RF) and Travis Wood on the mound. The Giants will see La Stella (2B), Denorfia, Alcantara (CF), Soler, Castillo, Bryant, Schwarber (DH), Valaika, Russell and Turner taking the mound.

It doesn't appear the game is being video broadcasted anywhere, but you might be able to find a radio feed, otherwise twitter and MLB.com Gameday are your best bets.

Spring fever, catch it!

PS - Cubs signed LHP Phil Coke to a minor league deal to further complicate the pitching overflow.


Football stuff

P. Manning takes pay cut, will make less than Jay Cutler next year...and his brother.

B. Marshall on the market, Bears want a mid-round pick. Want it done by March 12th.

V. Wilfork released by Pats, not a young man, but sure a good 3-4 fit.

What does Jay Cutler's brother do for a living?

I grammar good.

I keed

If Marshall is on the market, I wonder if the verdict on Cutler is in, and he's out. Maybe completely unrelated but they are good buddies - I don't think Marshall's little anti-Cutler rant changes that.

Marshall traded to the Jets, pending a physical. Wow...

New GM means business.

5th round pick from Jets....Clausen signed a 1 yr deal to return as well.

would be pretty football gutsy to blow it all up for picks for a 2016 run, just don't think Fox signed on for any rebuilding, but you never know.

I'm thinking this is either part of a goodbye Jay movement or he just wants to wash his hands of the trouble

well if not this year, certainly after next season...just hard to justify taking a $20M cap hit or whatever it is and getting nothing and going with an even more terrible QB.

I have no doubt they'd trade him in a heartbeat for a 5th or 6th round pick if someone took the salary off their hands.

Agreed, there's not much out there, nothing better than Cutler this year unless they pull a rabbit out of their hat in some Theo gets Maddonesque kind of way.Maybe Cutler can be Fox's Edwin Jackson, who in turn will be Maddonini's Cutler and they will both reach that great potential they have. With thoughts of Kool Aid running through my head, I'm off to watch another game.

Yep. Marshall for 5th round pick plus frees up space in the salary cap. http://www.profootballrumors.com/jets-acquire...

According to Len Kasper game will be on Cubs.com "Pretty excited for @Cubs baseball in 2015. Starts today on http://Cubs.com . Free webcast. Here's to...8 more months of baseball."

guessing it's a radio broadcast?

from cubs.com

Listen to an exclusive webcast today as Travis Wood and the Cubs host the A's. Follow live as the other squad visits the Giants. Listen »

Len is probably doing it solo. /NERD!!! //love me some Lenny

Last year he did most of the Cubs.com calls with the Smokies broadcaster.

all radio today, no tv feeds...tv tomorrow.

...and it seems the volume of the cubs broadcast feed is 0.01 decibels. -edit- seems to be better now. thanks obama.

something to consider about Almora's 2014 season, Dad was going through prostate cancer surgery and treatment


figured it out


worked for me, do need an MLB.com account though, don't think you need to pay.

fwiw, needed to do it in Chrome on my Mac, kept hanging up on Safari and Firefox.

j.turner hits a guy in his 1st action this spring...the umpire...in the hand...because it's spring training for welly (though he got a hand on it), too. umpire is very hurt, game delayed...and dale scott leaves the game for xrays. hell of a 1st pitch. there is no home plate ump...j.joyce is calling the game from behind the pitcher near 2nd. they're getting another ump ready to take over, but playing in the meantime...because spring. CUBS BASEBALL!

...and welly soler gets the first cubs hit of the spring, single. welly follows with another single.

shwarb grand slam off vogelsong. yeah. went 0-2 on a slider and change...fastball high for a ball...fastball hanging...HR.

Call him up! How did Bryant get on?

3-2 count walk.


Chris Iott of MLive.com reports that Coke’s deal is worth $2.25 million in upfront money if he makes the Opening Day roster and includes another $900,000 in appearance-based incentives.

Schwarber grand slam!!!

Nice birthday gift to himself

Schwarber grand slam! Happy 22nd birthday big boy

Mike Olt 2-run HR in A's game.

well, we know who's not playing tomorrow.

One of these are not quite like the others lineup vs SF Soler Bryan Schwarber Valakia Russell

It begins.... Bruce Levine ‏@MLBBruceLevine 2m2 minutes ago Mike Olt hits the Cubs first Spring home run off Barry Zito .

It begins....

Bruce Levine being wrong?

and your hate for this young man continues.

just wasn't the first Cubs HR of the spring...Schwarber beat him to it.

I'm trying to find a satellite drone video feed but apparently a happy little man ran in and stole Mike Olt's batting gloves and Wilson A2000 after he returned to the bench. So he's gotta sit out for a bit.

Towering HR to left-center for Olt today.


alright, no one seems to be paying attention to double posts, so I'm gonna hang up and listen.

It was reported at 3/44 ... wait, what?

parrot chat this year?

Probably not...bigger crowd on twitter. Usually just crunch in there and some hit and runners that are in and out after an inning or two. Just not worth the time.

Maybe I'll find an embeddable chat solution for the front page for any Sunday night national games (all 2 or 3 of them).

they're not even trying on MLB gameday, Cubs vs Giants stuck in 2nd inning pre-Schwarber's AB.

Olt down 0-2, worked it 3-2, fouled off a few pitches and then....K'd.

Corey Black nailed Hunter Pence with a pitch in the hands...Pence out. Hopefully just a flesh wound.

Broken arm according to Twitter

good news...the cubs have a new rivalry. seriously, though...sucks and unfortunate.

Alright, we'll call it a draw.


Fastest bat speed you've ever seen? KLaw: Javier Baez, Clint Frazier, Justin Upton when he was a little younger. Also saw a HS kid named Billy Flamion who had insane bat speed but couldn't hit. He's now a pitcher in the Dodgers' system.

Who are the best college bats in the draft this year? I'm trying to get a sense for the options for the Cubs at 9. Klaw: It's a terrible draft for a college bat. Ian Happ at Cincinnati might be the best. Dansby Swanson at Vanderbilt is another top ten type, but that's more based on the potential for him to play shortstop. I saw Richie Martin at Florida the other night - there's a blog post on him somewhere in turnaround at the moment - and he's not at this level. I love Alex Bregman's bat, but he's not a SS long-term.

With Rizzo being penciled into the two slot for the 1st spring training game, why don't more teams bat their best hitter number two like the numbers says they should? Klaw: Because (argument from tradition).

I feel like Soler is both simultaneously under and over rated by analysts now. Chances he settles in somewhere between Puig and Cespedes-like production without the arm and fielding? Solid regular, borderline all-star? Over maybe Adam Jones as a ceiling? Klaw: I think he's an All-Star.

fwiw, maddon said he was batting rizzo 2nd because he might see time there "if" he bats the pitcher 8th on occasion. props to rizzo for not letting his ego get in the way of batting 2nd. i hate how that slot is handled by so many managers. jim edmonds is one of my all-time favorite #2 hitters...more managers should look for guys like him in the 2 slot rather than shoving them to the 5 slot just because "he's got power"/"provides protection"/"more rbi chances"/etc...

C'mon, Jim Edmonds over Ryno?

don't make me choose...heh. not citing ryno in that example was a crap move on a cubs blog. ...but yeah, i threw around edmonds as a recent-ish example that came to mind of a guy who wasn't always being forced deeper into the lineup just because he can hit some homers.

no-name bullpen gave up the lead in Oakland game

B. McKinney hit a HR off H. Strickland in Giants game

no-name bullpen gave up lead in San Fran game too

Listening to MLB radio today and there was much talk of 6 man rotation particularly by the two NYC teams. Yankees have a lot of pitchers and Tanaka came from 6-man. The Mets probably because they are deep in young powerful arms and want to keep innings down? Either way it's curious - easy to say there are already not enough pitchers, and that they go less innings than in the past with the 7-8-9inn power relievers. On the flip side the torque on these guys arms seems to be at an all time high as the game becomes modern and specialized. Who knows ... but interesting considerations.

It was fun watching ambidextrous switch-pitcher Pat Venditte throw for the A's in today's game at Sloan Park.

He pitched one inning, and when he got to the mound he threw four warm-up pitches right-handed, then he threw four warm-up pitches left-handed, and then he stood on his head and farted. (I am making up the last part, but he could certainly drive a splits-crazy manager even more crazy).

Had a few cold ones at the game today, AZ? :-)

JACOS: Yes, and I looked all over the place for Old & Blue, but couldn't find him. There were a lot of older persons wearing blue there, however. 

What's the rule -- does a switch hitter have to choose first? Or the switch pitcher. I thought I read somewhere that there had been some rules discussed about this situation.

CARLITO: When a switch-pitcher is throwing to a switch-hitter, first the pitcher has to indicate whether he will throw right-handed or left-handed, and then the batter is allowed to respond. The pitcher can switch from one arm to the other once during an AB, and the batter gets to switch if there is a change. 

If a manager puts up a PH during an AB, there is a reset and it's like a new AB, with one additional switch allowed during the PH's AB.  

then he stood on his head and farted. --- Upside down splits? http://yogathletica.com/wp-content/uploads/20...

Instead of replying to various comments I thought I'd post here in case anybody actually cares what I say (and if you do, heaven help you) I looked for you, too, AZ. I saw about 10,000 clones of you, but when I tested their baseball knowledge they came up quite short, so I realized it was like finding a needle in a haystack. I'll be at Friday's, Sunday's, and Monday's game if you'd like to share a cold one at one of the booths. The Olt homer: That was why I was excited about him last year. I realize it's Arizona, but man, he clubbed it good, got all of it, deep to, what? Left center? But his second at bat was almost better. If he had won that battle I'd have been like a proud papa. He fell behind on an 0-2 count and fought back to 3-2 and fouled off a lot of pitches. It was a classic battle of pitcher vs batter and the pitcher won, but Olt got a nice round of applause from some knowing fans as he headed to the bench - If I had scanned the audience during the clapping I am sure that would have narrowed down the field for my AZ Phil search. I couldn't tell much about Baez. It looked like his hands may have been lower when he had a count against him but I don't think they were appreciably different on, say, the first pitch. Vogelbomb made an appearance and the woman behind me was going, "who is that guy? He doesn't look like a baseball player". "He's not fat" said the guy with her, "he's just built like a fire plug". He didn't have to do much but he looked fine with the one fielding thing I saw, a foul pop in a high sky sun. I think I'll have to move here. Everyone is older than me.

Older, but not bluer?

They seemed pretty happy. But a lot of them had suds.


stuff on Olt and Baez, Baez saying he intends to hack now until he gets 2 strikes, then shorten his swing.

decent compromise. the way he loads up his swing and unleashes it, it'll take away a big part of his batting game without it. that said, if that big part of his game plays out like last season he might have to adjust full-time at the expense of his power to simply stay in the big leagues.

Lineup vs Reds: Denorfia (9), Alcantara (4), Baez (6), Olt (3), Ross (2), Lake (7), Valaika (5), Beef (DH), Szczur (8). Lester (SP) Olt in back to back games? Will wonders never cease?

he hit a HR yesterday and he's starting the next game? evidently the new manager has no idea how to properly manage players. madness.

Baez up with man on 3rd and less than 2 outs, let's see that new approach

Ball 1

Ball 2

Swing, Swing, K on high fastball

I'm still of the opinion that Baez is going to spend most if not all of the season in Iowa.


Olt on the other hand gets down 0-2 and works a walk

...and junior lake is injured. neat.

radio guys think he got his head/neck clipped while going into 2nd...he popped up after being on the ground a while and walked to the dugout with the trainer. doesn't seem very serious...hopefully not.

0 sellouts 8 hours after tickets go on sale, including an Opening NIght vs. the Cardinals featuring no bleacher availability. (That game plus the Saturday game vs. the White Sox are limited availability now.) So it seems fan enthusiasm hasn't quite caught up yet. 10 years ago, by this point, you would have two dozen sellouts. We still have a ways to go before the casual fans are back on board.

The waiting room is demeaning and tedious. Fuck the waiting room.

I saw on Twitter that opening night and Sox game sold out in minutes.

mlb network "cubs predictions" from some of their studio guys. it's far from scientific and pretty much based on how they feel, fwiw... dan o'dowd "cubs on fringe of a wild card race" john smoltz "cubs reach play-in game" dan plesac "cubs in the wild card hunt"

The NL is the Nationals, Pirates and Dodgers and a bunch of question marks. The AL is gonna be a brawl.

I presume you meant Cardinals instead of Pirates? Or at least forgot to include them.

They probably deserve to be in there. I paused and considered them and then I figured f%ck the Cardinals! But I feel like they are question marks. Already pitching injuries and lost a wonderful young player over the winter.

what injuries? Wainwright? They won a World Series last time he missed the season with TJ surgery and I think J. Heyward is a helluva lot better than Taveras.

anyway, most of the projection systems have them, Dodgers and Nationals as the easy top 3, everyone else in the low 80's range of wins.

I'm gonna go with Pirates and put Cardinals in the scrap heap based on my own highly probably top secret algorithm. I'm also excited to see if San Diego has any chemistry. (Yes Wainwright. Plus they traded away some pitching). However my real point is what a massive awesome dogfight the entire AL is going to be.

Az Phil or O&B- Saw on MLB tonight a Cub player with dread locks talking to Maddon? Know who he is? /first cub with dreads?

I didn't see that - I was on the first base side yesterday and wasn't able to see much in the dugout with these old eyes. I'd say Manny, but I thought last I saw him he got a buzz.

JACOS: The only Cub in uniform who has dreadlocks is Darnell McDonald, the Minor League Mental Skills Coordinator. He was at MLB Camp, too, helping out. 

Olt Watch: One walk, a nice one where he fell behind in the count again 0-2. Second time in two days he's worked the count back to 3-2, this time he won the battle. Didn't foul off as many pitches as last time, but didn't need to. Struck out, too, looked pretty bad doing it. I can't remember if he swung really early or really late on it, but he just looked fooled on the pitch. Harkened back to last year a bit, but overall he looks really comfortable and confident out there. He also looked pretty good at first although he stabbed at a liner that went off his glove that Rizzo may have gotten. I kind of didn't see it though because I was chattering, so I only saw the attempt. But he's a very acceptable backup to Rizzo. This should bode well for his chances for sticking after Bryant kicks him off third. Baez Watch: Very Baezish at the plate. But he made a great play on - gosh I can't remember if it was an attempted steal or a pick off attempt at second, or what, maybe AZ Phil was there and can say - but I had a really good view of how he swept down to tag the guy and it was pretty slick. Seeing him at the plate, though, well, I'm concerned. Time will tell I guess, but this bleeding heart optimist isn't so optimistic. Honestly, pitchers seem to enjoy facing him right now. "hurry up and get that ball back to me so I can get at this mo fo" EDIT: This is why I'd be a terrible baseball blogger. I forget half of what I see, and talk too much at games!

...I kind of didn't see it though because I was chattering... O/B while I appreciate the p-by-p...what the heck, man! We had thought your mission was to catch every nuance of every AB?! And...you were "chattering"?? Oh well - you know Brandon Marshall got traded, right? :)

Yes O&B the least you can do is not relax and enjoy yourself in solidarity with those of us in the frigid Northeast & Midwest.

Hey, you can come out here, too. Unlike AZ Phil, I don't live here, just came out for a few games. I do this almost every year but I took a two year hiatus during the rebuild. Didn't see today's game, though.

Yes I did know he got traded but I had to read it here. I like him - even though he is crazy. Or maybe a little because he is. But I get why they did it.

Bryant goes yard, 2-run shot in the 2nd.


I love today's Maddonini tweet in the sidebar. Julius Szcur is going to play his way onto this team if he keeps this up. I wouldn't mind seeing him push out one of the journeymen (you know who you are, Sweeney). Just for doing that whole bone marrow thing alone, it would just be good karmic stuff to see him win a roster spot, but he actually looks like a pretty good player.

Does anyone care to venture a guess as to what is going to happen with the Rays' tampering charges against the Cubs? I feel like it's not going to go the Cubs' way. But I don't necessarily think it will be very costly. It's just the fact that it hasn't gone away ...

Jeimer Candalerio.

I think if they lose someone it'll be Christian Villanueva...

Cubbery: Kris Bryant

I'm a little slow, but yesterday I noticed the main approach to the parking lot here in Mesa is called "Cubs Way". I'm not sure why they left off the "The"

Donkey Kong Suh signs with the Dolphins ... $60 mill guaranteed.

Excellent. Get him out of the division. Not a big fan of football free agency, so I'm not upset at all he didn't go with the Bears - I saw one or two brief, flying rumors that he liked the idea of coming to Chicago. EDIT: Some football free agents do make sense, more so than a lot of baseball ones, although I sure am not complaining about the Lester acquisition.

Cards Lance Lynn left today's outing with a hip flexor strain.

what the hell is with this lame ass no-TV thing? i know it's early and all, but it seems like every other team out there has been televised at least once so far.

"Diamondbacks manager Chip Hale on Sunday named Josh Collmenter the team's Opening Day starter." woo. a victory for junkballers everywhere. the guy has been "overperforming" for years and ARZ didn't even trust his stuff enough to let him settle into a starter role full time. good for him.

baez 0-3, 3Ks. 2ip 1h 3bb 2k for arrieta wada pitched a single inning of relief 1ip 0h 0bb 0k

Pressure. Its real. I would be surprised (save a Baez sustained hitting "tear") if he does not start the season in AAA. As has been said here over the years, it really doesn't seem like hitting coaches make a goddamn bit of difference.

I think the plan all along was for Baez to start in Iowa, baring the afore mentioned hitting tear. While hitting coaches clearly have some value (see Rizzo), it seems that learning plate discipline is very hard (if possible at all), and there is little reason to expect Baez to change his stripes in one offseason.

This has got to be messing with Baez's head. Makes some prescribed changes, then he performs miserably in winter ball, and now he can't even make contact in spring training. Seems likely to be "demoted" to AAA, which will further mess with the head of a proud young man who has always had success. Given the "we're gonna win now" vibe that's building, Javy may get left behind. Russell at SS, Castro at 2B. Not now, but soon, perhaps.

Its an excellent point BB. However, as we all know the big picture odds are that if two from this hot-shot group become stud major leaguers, we'll be lucky. That said, because Baez is still so young it would be short-sighted to throw in the towel on the kid yet. However, as you say, it may be an uphill climb as far as expecting any plate discipline from him moving forward.

Javy is on thin ice part of it being he's not a Theo guy

a rsox "AAAA" player put on waivers?

Bears start spending


Ravens veteran outside linebacker Pernell McPhee is joining the Chicago Bears on a five-year contract worth nearly $40 million, according to league sources. The deal includes nearly $16 million in guaranteed money, according to a source. 

McPhee, 26, emerged as one of the top under-the-radar pass rushers last season with 7.5 sacks despite playing behind Pro Bowl outside linebackers Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil. McPhee played roughly half of the Ravens' defensive snaps.

Interesting pickup. Looks like a decent contract,and he's got some skills.

Paea heads to Redskins...rumors that Briggs may go to 49ers to replace P. Willis

some fun twitter rumoring if you'd trade Cutler for Kaepernick?

rumoring on Kaepernick began yesterday, 49ers completely denied, then this came out;

@957thegame Follow [email protected] reiterates: "100% true that the #49ers have put Kaepernick on trading block..." & #Niners are "pissed that they got caught"

allegedy Eagles are the other team possibly interested.

other than a hopeful change of scenery type boost, seems like deck chair shuffling.

Edwin pitching today, 1-2-3 first, then 2 errors in 2nd (himself and Castro) and then a HR and a couple of singles...

Sounds like E-jax showed up to camp in midseason form.

Other than pitching, fielding and hitting, we look good today.

It's just a flesh wound. http://youtu.be/ra_cUTmQykc

‘Fifteen years ago there weren’t that many teams specializing in the statistical model to succeed,’’ he says. ‘‘You could really get an advantage using it. In the offseason of 2002, into 2003, the Red Sox needed to improve our offense, and we needed to get on base more. So we could sign Davey Ortiz to a one-year deal, Bill Miller to a two-year deal, and also sign Kevin Millar, whom no one wanted and was going to Japan, based largely on the numbers, on the things you could learn from the statistical analysis.  Now the world is so flat — everyone’s doing that!’’


‘‘I think the real competitive advantage now is in player development—understanding that your young players are human beings,’’ says Epstein, whose sky-blue shirt and sky-blue cap made this reporter mistake the now-41-year-old at first for a beer salesman. ‘‘Understanding them physically, fundamentally, and mentally — investing in them as people — and helping them progress. And there’s no stat for that.’’


I love this management team.

a.cashner is already injured again. neat. top shelf talent, bargain bin body.

seems to be a false alarm...good for him. "Padres manager Bud Black said Monday that Andrew Cashner isn't dealing with any health issue. Cashner walked off the mound with Black and a trainer after a three-inning appearance Monday, but it's apparently because he was told of a personal matter back in Texas"

Ugh tough either way

Hey, guys! Look, olt just walked and homered! Better pull him immediately and sit him down for at least 2-3 days.

Supposedly had a wicked stop at 3B as well.

Michael B. Olt is good at spring training.

If Olt leads the Cactus League in HR Bryant becomes trade bait.

bryant for b.harper + s.strasburg + l.giolito sounds about right let's get it done, theo.

I'm on board. Get 'er done.

Regardless of Olt there is a decent chance Bryant ends up in LF though ...

I doubt that happens this season. I'm sure Bryant will be given every change to show that he can play third.

Olt would go to lf

I really don't think Olt would be very good in the OF. He almost has a penguin running style and (lack of) flexibility and I think he is a badass defender at 3B. Bryant seems more adept at OF and played there some in college.

I agree that Bryant will get his defensive shot at 3B but the Cubs have never wavered from comments that Bryant will be working out at LF too. I read comments to that effect from Theo in January. I just find it telling. Hopefully he's a badass at 3B.

It would not shock me to see Bryant or Olt in the outfield in 2015, but I think it is more likely that Olt will move before Bryant.

Agreed. Honestly it's very likely Olt will be DH and reserve 1B/3B if he's pkaying well. Bryant should be starting 3B this year. For 2015 I don't think either will be out there much. Career wise I thinj Olt will suck at OF and Bryant appears 50/50 to end up there based on speculation.

I think for this season Olt will be backing up third and first, power off the bench, ocassional games in left or right, and trade chip. Kind of like Keith Moreland without the emergency catcher roll.

The Cubs will obviously prioritize Bryant's development over Olt's, as well they should, but if both are starting and you are trying to optimize your defense, it seems like Olt at 3B and Bryant in LF gives you a better alignment. Neither is a wizard at third but I pretty much like what I saw from Olt there last year. As for Bryant, all the reviews are middling at best. In the long run, I still believe Baez is the Cubs' 3B of the future.

finally mlb.tv will have a cubs game, today at 4 eastern

Yu and Cliff Lee already down for the season (well most likely, neither has confirmed surgery yet)


and now Marcus Stroman...he tore his ACL though doing pitching fielding drills. Damn.

yow...hate it when it happens to kids just getting a taste of their careers. cubs need less SP going down and more C going down. ARZ is more than willing to wait out TOR vs CHC...though DET is starting to peek their head into the mix because of their own catching concerns (though they're looking a backup, unlike ARZ).

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  • crunch 6 hours 1 min ago (view)

    side note...k.wong is on 1st putting on one of those "baserunning mitts" (hand protection for sliding) that's extending past the length of his hand/fingers by at least 2-3 inches.

    they're going to have to start regulating this piece of equipment if this keeps up...


  • crunch 8 hours 7 min ago (view)

    Q with LAA in his debut for them...HBP, a wild pitch, and BB through 7 pitches...then 3 pop-outs to follow.

    blah blah spring training...

    baseball on TV...neat.


  • First.Pitch.120 11 hours 23 min ago (view)

    We just traded for Maddux!!!   ......... nope, the other one.


  • crunch 23 hours 53 min ago (view)

    yeah, i'm just saying i did consider piling onto it with a troll-level post about the trade...it's practically asking to be written that way.

    jeff passan did it quite well... https://twitter.com/jeffpassan/status/136577746706...

    that said, i had no idea zach bryant existed before today, but his early numbers looked oddly good (which means nothing without context that early in his career).


  • Charlie 1 day 32 min ago (view)

    Oh, I mean the trade. You were quite diligent in posting!


  • crunch 1 day 3 hours ago (view)

    i contemplated writing the post totally trolled out as hell with "zach" coming after a wall of text.

    i decided the cubs being cheap was enough pre-season punishment without piling on.


  • Charlie 1 day 4 hours ago (view)

    This is a straight up troll 


  • crunch 1 day 6 hours ago (view)

    rsox aquiring ZACH bryant from the cubs.


    ptbn from the josh osich deal.

    totally useless trade...hopefully not a terrible loss.


  • Hagsag 2 days 7 hours ago (view)

    Chase Strumpf and Andy Weber invited to the ML camp.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 2 days 12 hours ago (view)

    Ryan Tepera returns. Major League deal


  • crunch 3 days 10 hours ago (view)

    spring training TV is usually fluid...adding and subtracting broadcast games...

    first cubs TV (as of now) is March 3 (wednesday) on ESPN at 3pm EST.

    radio broadcasts available for almost every game that's not televised.  the cubs get going on monday and some other teams will start the day before.


  • crunch 4 days 7 hours ago (view)

    dj snelton's left elbow is screwed up...6 weeks rest then re-evaluate.

    looks like he's going to try to avoid having surgery.


  • Arizona Phil 4 days 23 hours ago (view)

    AAA leagues really need to play through the month of September, because with September rosters being limited to 28 instead of 40, players will need to be moved back & forth between MLB and AAA throughout the month of September instead of just through the month of August. 


  • Mike Wellman 6 days 6 hours ago (view)

    I get you, SW. Here in Des Moines, Cardinal fans flocked to I-Cub games when Memphis Redbirds were in town. That won't happen in '21 and even if it does in '22 & beyond it won't be as frequent as when they were in the same division. Not that I'll miss seeing Cardinal gear @ our ballpark...


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 6 days 8 hours ago (view)

    Ervin claimed by Braves. So we lose a potential future (and also current) asset in exchange for one year of a very mediocre Jake Marisnick.

    This team has no direction at the moment.


  • Sonicwind75 6 days 8 hours ago (view)

    As a midwest kid now living in Texas, new scheduling is a bummer.  Only get a chance to drive and see Cubs once every 3 years with interleague.  Really looked forward to those games in Round Rock and the one season in San Antonio.  I understand it makes more sense in the big picture, just selfishly disappointed.