Updated Cubs 2014 Minor League Camp Rosters (3/27)

Five players arrived from the Cubs Dominican Academy this week and were assigned to the Kane County squad, although they will be remaining in Mesa for Extended Spring Training once Minor League Camp has concluded:

Varonex Cuevas, INF
Frailyn Figueroa, LHP
Dalfis Ortiz, INF
Jose Paulino, LHP
Alexander Santana, RHP 

2014 CUBS MINOR LEAGUE CAMP ROSTERS (last updated 3-27-2014):

NOTE: All four of the Cubs full-season minor league affiliates (Iowa, Tennessee, Daytona, and Kane County) must get down to the 25-man Active Roster limit by Opening Day. There will be some downward roster movement this weekend, but most roster cuts at the very end of Minor League Camp are made by releasing players or placing injured players on the Disabled List. Almost all minor league clubs carry 13 pitchers and 12 position players. The Kane County squad will be split in half this weekend, with 25 players assigned to KC, and the remaining players either released, placed on the DL, or moved down to the Boise/Mesa squad (Extended Spring Training).
* bats or throws left 
# bats both



Frank Batista 
Dallas Beeler
Casey Coleman  
Paolo Espino
Marcus Hatley
Kyle Hendricks 
* Tommy Hottovy
* Eric Jokisch 
Marcos Mateo
Yoanner Negrin
Blake Parker
Carlos Pimentel
Neil Ramirez
Armando Rivero
* Zac Rosscup
* Jonathan Sanchez
Brian Schlitter
Nick Struck
Arodys Vizcaino
* Tsuyoshi Wada 

* Charlie Cutler
Luis Flores
* Rafael Lopez

# Arismendy Alcantara 
* Lars Anderson
Javier Baez
Edgar Gonzalez
Chris Valaika
Christian Villanueva
* Logan Watkins

* Chris Coghlan
Jae-Hoon Ha (limited activity only)
* Brett Jackson 
Darnell McDonald 
* Mitch Meier (INACTIVE - may have been released)
* Rubi Silva
Matt Szczur
Josh Vitters 
Casper Wells (limited activity only - knee) 



Corey Black
Lendy Castillo
Zach Cates
* Hunter Cervenka
* Frank del Valle 
C. J. Edwards
P. J. Francescon
Pierce Johnson (limited activity only - hamstring)
* Austin Kirk
Matt Loosen
* Jeff Lorick 
Starling Peralta
Ivan Pineyro  
Dae-Eun Rhee 
Jose Rosario
Ryan Searle 
Tony Zych 

Willson Contreras
Taylor Davis
Chadd Krist 
Lance Rymel

Stephen Bruno 
Kris Bryant 
Dustin Geiger
* Walter Ibarra
Jonathon Mota 
Matt Scioscia
Jeudy Valdez 

John Andreoli 
Albert Almora (limited activity only - knee)
# Zeke DeVoss
Anthony Giansanti  
Jorge Soler (limited activity only) 

DAYTONA (32+1)


Justin Amlung
* Nathan Dorris
Zack Godley
* Michael Heesch
Michael Jensen 
* Andrew McKirahan
Felix Pena
Steve Perakslis
Austin Reed
Tayler Scott
Tyler Skulina
Yao-Lin Wang
Ben Wells
* Al Yevoli
* Rob Zastryzny

CATCHERS (3+1): 
Cael Brockmeyer
Ben Carhart (ex-3B)
Nate Maldonado (player-coach) 
* Justin Marra

Gioskar Amaya
# Jeimer Candelario
* Wes Darvill
* Marco Hernandez
Tim Saunders 
* Rock Shoulders
* Dan Vogelbach 

Yasiel Balaguert 
* Pin-Chieh Chen
* Jose Dore (INACTIVE - may have been released)
Reggie Golden (INACTIVE - may have been released)
* Jacob Hannemann 
Trey Martin 
# Oliver Zapata



Jose Arias
Paul Blackburn
Tyler Bremer
Trevor Clifton
* Gerardo Concepcion
Josh Davis
* Frailyn Figueroa
Scott Frazier
David Garner
Trevor Graham
Zak Hermans
Luis Hernandez
Corbin Hoffner
* Tyler Ihrig
Trey Lang 
Erick Leal
Dillon Maples (limited activity only)
Trey Masek
Jeferson Mejia
Juan Carlos Paniagua
* Jose Paulino 
Hector Perez 
* Anthony Prieto
James Pugliese
Jasvir Rakkar
Brad Renner (limited activity only) 
Orbandy Rodriguez
Reinier Roibal
Alexander Santana 
Daury Torrez 
Jen-Ho Tseng 
Duane Underwood 
Michael Wagner 
* Sam Wilson (limited activity only)

Tyler Alamo 
# Mark Malave
* Alberto Mineo
Will Remillard
Rony Rodriguez (ex-OF)
Antonio Valerio

* Zak Blair
David Bote
* Danny Canela (ex-C)
# Varonex Cuevas
* Jordan Hankins
Jesse Hodges
* Danny Lockhart
# Dalfis Ortiz
Giuseppe Papaccio
Carlos Penalver
* Jacob Rogers
# Alex Sanchez (INACTIVE - may have been released)
# Trevor Stevens (limited activity only - right hand injury) 
Gleyber Torres

* Kevin Brown
Charcer Burks 
* Rashad Crawford  
* Shawon Dunston Jr 
Eloy Jimenez
* Bijan Rademacher


STILL NOT PRESENT ON FIELD(going back to beginning of Minor League Camp)
* Jeffry Antigua, P  
# Kevin Encarnacion, OF (INACTIVE - rehabbing from injuries sustained in off-season car crash)
Mike Hamann, P 
Loiger Padron, P 
* Brian Smith, P 
Elliot Soto, INF (RESTRICTED LIST - 50-game Drug of Abuse suspension)



NOTEThe Boise/Mesa (Extended Spring Training) squad will form during Minor League Camp, and will consist of players who will be left behind in Arizona to provide a replacement cadre in case of an injury to a player at Kane County, Daytona, Tennessee, and/or Iowa during the first two months of the season, inexperienced players who are competing for jobs with one of the "Short Season" teams that begin league play in June, and players (both MLB and minor league) getting into playing shape and/or rehabbing from an injury. 





Marcelo Carreno (2013 shoulder surgery)
Jesus Castillo (2013 unknown-type injury)
Josh Conway (2013 elbow stress fracture)
Eduardo Figueroa (arrived late) 
Barret Loux (shoulder) 
Ryan McNeil (2013 TJS) 
Trey McNutt (shoulder) 


"Gordon Wittenmyer ‏@GDubCub Villanueva gets fifth spot. Rusin to be sent out." tonight exhibition vs arz (@chase field)...boni (SS), lake (lf), rizzo, olt, sureholds, sweeney, baker, barney, ejax ...castro expected to play SS in tomorrow's game (also @chase)

Good for him. He definitely sucked less than Rusin.

exhibition baseball @montreal might be a regular thing if crowds like this show up. place is f'n packed for [email protected]. good for them.

Watched 2 innings. Awesome to see a game there again. The city deserves another chance for a MLB team, as soon as we strip one away from Miami or the South Side.

The ball park (at least on TV) looked horrid. Maybe they could relocate the Miami Dolphin display when they move them to Montreal, just to spruce things up.

it's always looked horrible...we've just been fortunate not to have these crappy "multi-use" indoor stadiums around for quite a while. OAK's ballpark is a piece of crap, but at least it's outside with natural grass/field. TOR wins in the bottom 9th...attendance was 46,121

It wasn't exactly like Jack Nicholson sitting front row court-side at Lakers games, but my one stand-out memory of Olympic Stadium was seeing actor Donald Sutherland (who was an Expos season ticket holder for several seasons) sitting alone in a front row box seat next to the Expos dugout in mostly-empty stands. It seemed like every time the camera showed him he was taking a nip out of his pocket-flask.

Sutherland really seems like a pocket flask type of guy. I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way.

The Kane Ciounty roster will get most of the movement this weekend, but if I had to guess and based on what I have seen so far, I would say (just spit-ballin' here) that the Cougars Opening Day roster will look something like this:

Jose Arias
Trey Masek
Juan Carlos Paniagua
Daury Torrez
Jen-Ho Tseng

Tyler Bremer (closer)
Corbin Hoffner
Orbandy Rodriguez
* Gerardo Concepcion
NOTE: Plus four more pitchers who I think will probably get moved down from Daytona to KC:
Justin Amlung
* Nathan Dorris
Zack Godley  
Steve Perakslis

Cael Brockmeyer (also 1B)
* Justin Marra or Lance Rymel  
Will Remillard
NOTE: Rony Rodriguez could make the KC roster instead of Marra or Rymel as the 3rd catcher and 1B-LF-DH

David Bote (2B-3B-SS-LF-CF)
* Danny Canela (1B)
* Jordan Hankins (3B)
* Danny Lockhart (2B)
Giuseppe Papaccio (2B-3B-SS-LF-RF)
NOTE: I think SS Carlos Penalver making the KC Opening Day roster is only 50/50. He might, but he hasn't had a good Minor League Camp.

Yasiel Balaguert (RF-LF)
Shawon Dunston Jr (LF-CF)
Trey Martin (CF-LF)
* Bijan Rademacher (LF-RF)
NOTE: Balaguert and Martin are both presently asSigned to the Daytona squad, and two of three among Balaguert, Martin, and Jacob Hannemann (maybe even all three) will probably get moved down to KC

I see you bumped Duane Underwood. Is he okay after his last start?

I have tickets for the season's first series at the Quad Cities. KC should be an interesting team. Hope to see Daury Torres pitch.

"STARTING PITCHERS: Jose Arias Trey Masek Juan Carlos Paniagua Daury Torrez"Jen-Ho Tseng" Interesting speculation, there, Phil. A month ago I would have considered Blackburn to be the safest bet for Kane's rotation. And I'd have thought Tseng one of the least likely, that they'd just take him slow. It would be pretty interesting if they held both Blackburn and Underwood back, while skipping Tseng all the way to Kane. Have you seen anything of Blackburn? I haven't heard his name at all this spring. Hope he's OK health wise. Of course, they often have some piggy-backs. Wouldn't shock me if there were 7-8 "starters" at Kane via piggy-back. I've wondered all along with Arias and Paniagua, whether they'd be rotation or relief. I hope your guess is correct that both are in the rotation loop, at least for a while. Whether Paniagua has any clue where the plate is, remains to be seen I suppose. Q's: 1. I understand Concepcion has gotten his weight back that he'd lost two summers ago, and that he's also recovered his average velocity. (88-92 isn't special, but lots better than mid-80's.) Does he look a little stronger physically to you? (Having average velocity without command, movement, or a swing-and-miss breaking ball obviously won't get him far, but we'll see how that goes….) 2. Any idea what's up with Maples' health, or Sam Wilson? 3. Pugliese, I wonder if he's piggy-back, relief, or release? 4. I imagine you've not seen them pitch, or not much, if they've just come over and are strictly XST guys anyway. But lefties Jose Paulino and Frailin Figuroa are both 18, 6'2" perhaps with some projection left, and both had some pretty interesting stats in DSL. Any idea if we might have something with either of them? Or probably pretty average-sized guys with variably average velocity? I thought BA's writeup on Paulino was pretty favorable, so hopefully we've got something with him and/or Frailin. Interesting that both list as 6'2", but Frailin lists at 203 (on milb), almost 40 more than Paulino. I'd like to see Frailin make it; I'm imagining you could have some with headlines using a name like Frailin Figuroa.

Blackburn will be Kane, he said. Perakslis at Daytona.

Q-MAN: Duane Underwood is OK and back participating fully, but I think he will begin the season atr EXST.  

Thanks Phil.

Olt, rizzo, Castro , Bryant Baez This could be 21st century version of 90's Indians

Sure, but we also have plenty of upside potential with Castillo, Almora, Soler, Alcantara, and Vogelbach. Just for the sake of argument, your 2017 Cubs: CF Almora 2B Alcantara LF Bryant SS Baez 1B Rizzo DH Vogelbach 3B Olt RF Soler C Castillo Blue Jays Castro

yow...a.cabrerra's last couple of outings doomed him to DFA after a damn good 9 outings before his implosion. schlitter gets the last pen slot.

hammel goes 4ip 2h 0bb 5k. is there a reason he's not being pushed? he finishes out his last spring start throwing only 48 pitches. *shrug* n.ramirez follows up with 1ip 0h 0bb 3k also, a.alcantra hit his 2nd spring HR.

Dunno, think they were saying that was the plan, though...

kershaw, who's velocity has been down all spring, sent to the 15-day DL with back issues. 1/3rd of the 30 million man club...the first to join is the first to raise a bit of alarm.


It's a big change from the previous regime, whose old-school methods prompted the overhaul. When one of Epstein's hires told scouts they'd be using Microsoft Excel for scheduling, one asked, "Sorry, but what is Excel?" When McLeod took over player development, just eight of 24 area scouts had email linked to their smartphones. "Hendry is a great guy, but this was the Stone Age," says a player-development source no longer with the team. "A report would be, 'Plus-plus makeup -- I love this kid.' What does that even mean?" Scouts did not take video of players -- a basic and invaluable task with today's technology. The job of one executive under the computer-shy Hendry consisted of scanning the Internet for relevant stories and distributing printouts twice a day. "Theo finally told him to stop," the source says. "They let the guy go, which is sad, but nobody needs stuff that's three hours old when they have MLB Trade Rumors up on their computers and the app on their phone."

C'mon. Really? Also: MLB front offices are reading MLB Trade Rumors? Ugh.

This is equivalent to starting a space program in Cuba. Jesus Christ, anyone complaining about Theo spending money is like a FEMA recipient asking where their helicopter pad is going to be. Then I heard Levine say on the radio that the Cubs can't spend money more than their gross income until 2018 because of some money saving clause Zell put in when he sold the club. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What other obstacles and bull shit can they put up against this team? This like trying to build a Victorias Secret in Iran. Having to ask an idiot alderman and shithead tavern owners to build better accommodations in their ball park to compete. If you propose this to movie studio they would say it's too unrealistic. "After Earth" is on my cable right now! We will be lucky if Theo and Jed don't walk after this season. Good God, the odds couldn't be more stack against the Cubs than picking a perfect NCAA tourney bracket.

scouts are amazingly underpaid...even the good ones...and even the ones that do a ton of traveling. it's kinda sad to see some people give them shit at minor league games when people figure out they're a scout and working for a MLB team (or MLB, itself, which runs it's own general scouting organization)...asking unreasonable favors or being a bitch because they assume they're rolling on the MLB gravy train. there's a whole lot of scouts working 6-8-10 months a year making 20-40K and the "highly paid" scouts make about 50-100K a year if they're the proven cream of the crop working beyond the regional level (and there's not many). it's a rather crappy field of work, imo. it sounds easy/simple...and in a lot of ways it is...but you're doing a lot of travel, watching a lot of games whether you feel like it or not, and sometimes it's only to file a few reports a paragraph long with a few gun readings (even less if you're scouting a specific player at the highschool/college level). there's some very angsty people in scouting...even some young guys who are already burnt out on the whole thing. a lot of the older guys tend to stick around for quite a long time because they can handle the travel and monotony...which leaves even less room for the youth to move up even a few ticks in income and opportunity. that said...rebuilding a scouting system is a matter of leadership, hiring, and trust...money is barely a blip compared to what was already being spent, and especially compared to even a low/mid-level boring contract player. you hope the leadership hires the right people and can trust the information they provide feeds everyone in the chain (from the GM to the manager to the batters/pitchers) information that's useful for them to get their edge on other clubs. i hope whatever that 2018 crap is...isn't true. i'm sick of watching this joke of a club in the 3rd largest market in the US act like they're a bottom market team. there's plenty of teams out there spending loot and enjoying youth coming through their systems. the poverty game is getting old. building teams designed to trade away guys and set up losses for a high draft pick is getting old. 3 more seasons of what we've had would f'n suck unless all these kids...or trades for other talent using these kids...somehow bring this team up to a level of interest where something matters more than the draft. having the MLB team rely on a bunch of 20-24 year olds without proven records (most of which aren't even up to the MLB level yet) and the only 2 guys who are on longterm deals are kids who fumbled last year is bothersome. i like the rizzo/castro deals, but another fumble year from them would be disastrous to the cubs fan psyche given the shit sandwiches we keep getting served with promises of chocolate cake dessert in the future. also, lol. 10/10 post.

Wow that's a really well researched and written article

Why did Fred Phelps have to die instead of somebody more worthy of death, like Sam Zell?

Too much?

Not enough.

Wow, there's more analogy in that there passage than a book on analogies. (nailed it)

Cubs finish spring training -42 RS/RA. Yeesh.

I worry about them peaking too soon myself.

losing is the new winning...draft picks are the new world series championships. everything is awesome. carry on and hope the houston astros start winning games or else the cubs are screwed.

So are you pro rebuild, or anti-rebuild? Quit sitting on the fence.

don't read into it...just read it. that above is jokes... i'm pro-rebuilt and pro-spending. the notion that it's either/or is really weird....especially considering the guy in charge did it in BOS. that said, it seems there's little to be done about be pro-spending if rumors of this offseason and forced financial restraint is true.

OMG.........how long are you going to beat this horse? It's dead, dead, dead. The Cubs are 23rd in payroll going into 2014. Who f'n cares? Tell us......who should the Cubs have signed/kept since the end of 2011? What super astute GM moves should have been made? Let's see they could have signed/traded for Kershaw, Posey, Trout, Molina, or.....wait, clubs are now signing their young stars to cost-controlled deals during age 24-30 when their most productive. Oh, I know.....they could have signed Fielder, Pujols, Hamilton, or wait......how is it working out signing free agents over age 31 to $75-100m deals? Last, how many pennants have the Cubs won being a Top 5 payroll 'acting like a big market' team? Right.....what the little boy shot at -- nothing. Is Theo's plan the Holy Grail, the only plan? Hell, I don't know but neither do you. What has been painfully obvious since Leo patrolled the dugout is that NOBODY in charge of any aspect of this team has had any plan. You got specific plans, strategies, tactics to definitively make this team compete ANNUALLY for a playoff/championship runs then let's hear them. If not save your rocks for when you do.

No, you don't understand: scouts are amazingly underpaid that said...rebuilding a scouting system is a matter of leadership, hiring, and trust...money is barely a blip i'm sick of watching this joke of a club in the 3rd largest market in the US act like they're a bottom market team. there's plenty of teams out there spending loot and enjoying youth coming through their systems. See?

omg...you can rebuilt a system and spend money (if you have it). people bring up tons of "dead horses" on this board...including the now "dead horse" replies of serious musings to joking around. that stuff up there...is jokes...of which i'm going to cut back on because they seem to be more popular than the serious musings. since we're into serious replies... 1- contrary to stated, i do not believe losing is the new winning...in fact, many teams have proven in MLB's long history that losing is not winning, nor will losers be considered winners in some new change of how standings work. 2- draft picks are actually not new world series championships. in fact, they're not going to start handing out rings for getting draft picks or sell commemorative DVD+Tshirt combos after a team drafts a player. 3- everything is awesome. this may or may not be true, but it has very little to do with the issue at hand. as far as being a cubs fan, though...this does not seem to be true across the board. the debate goes on. 4- carrying on and hoping the houston astros start winning games or else the cubs are screwed is an ill informed serious statement, the astros being in the AL should have little bearing on the cubs, and if it does effect the cubs it would most likely be in a world series game (coming in 2019, obviously, -joke alert-). there. we've cleared up the serious piece of journalism i wrote above. =p

Aha! I think I've figured out the problem here. Crunch, I'm not sure you actually know what a joke is. "Obama is the worst president in the history of the United States." Hyperbole. Not a joke. "Why are umpires fat? Because they always clean their plate." Awesome joke.

i rarely find the "NotTomRicketts" twitter funny...4000+ people find it awesome enough to follow and it shows up in the left column on this page a lot. that said, it doesn't require a serious response to off-the-wall comments which may or may not be jokes depending on the beholder. as far as humor goes, i think my serious response to my own stupid "jokes" was funnier than that initial jokes...which some may not find funny, one of both. we're deep down the rabbit hole. also, as an aside, i don't understand how i live in a world where Tim and Eric's comedy are considered comedy...or Neil Hamburger. i "get" what they're doing...i just don't like it.

Fun fact- Joe Ricketts has started a Koch-like super pac aimed at reducing the size of government. #fueltothefire

I was only joking.

everything is awesome ...when you're part of a team?

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  • Arizona Phil 7 hours 54 min ago (view)

    BTW, if you haven't read my Roster Rules section lately, it has been updated for 2021 

    One of the most significant changes is that minor league affiliates no longer have individual reserve lists.

    It used to be that the AAA reserve list limit was 38 players, AA was 37, and each single-A affiliate and short-season affiliate was 35 for the entire year including the off-season.  

    Now, there are two reserve lists, one called the "Domestic Reserve List," and the other called the "International Reserve List."


  • Arizona Phil 14 hours 14 min ago (view)

    I know I posted the Kelley and Polanco releases during Minor League Camp and the Kellogg, Katz, and Krzeminski signings about a  week or two ago, but I probably did not post the Snelten release. 


  • videographer 15 hours 27 min ago (view)

    Per Baseball America:  players signed and released over the last two weeks.


  • crunch 1 day 3 hours ago (view)

    turned into a combined no-hitter.



  • crunch 1 day 7 hours ago (view)

    MRI for marisnick on monday...no d/l yet, but it seems likely

    also heyward has a hand issue and that's why he was removed in the 9th for a pinch hitter.  no word on if that's going to be a thing going forward or just a "sleep it off" thing.


  • crunch 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    sad thing is you can't even count on heyward slotting over to CF.  his D is getting subpar, average on a good day, and he can barely handle RF as steady as he used to at this point.

    2y/44m left on that deal...


  • crunch 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    may 9th and hendricks puts in 5 innings (88 pitches) to bring the team lead in SP innings pitched to 34.2ip

    if arrieta didn't get injured (missing his last game) and pitched a hell of a game he wouldn't have hit 40ip+ unless he threw a complete game.

    might not have a single starter going 200ip this year even if they stay healthy.


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    Dominating three innings for Shelby Miller in his rehab start for AAA Iowa today.  


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    Jake Marisnick has had several DL/IL stints due to hamstring injuries over the years, so this is nothing new.

    I would think Cameron Maybin will probably get the call-up if Marisnick goes on the IL, although adding Maybin to the 40 would require a corresponding 40-man roster deletion (60-day IL or DFA). 


  • crunch 1 day 11 hours ago (view)

    j.marisnick right hamstring strain...may or may not hit the DL.


  • crunch 1 day 11 hours ago (view)

    PIT has 3 runs on on a walk and a slew of hits with an exit velocity comparable to the arm speed of a 5 year old throwing a dry sponge.

    also, marisnick is injured and done.  he's walking off the field before being checked on.


  • crunch 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    crazy quiet at the park today in the 1st.

    hendricks loading the f'n bases with 0 outs isn't helping.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    Shelby Miller on a rehab assignment. Hope he stays there


  • crunch 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    javy got a back ouchie and sitting today (sunday)


  • crunch 2 days 7 hours ago (view)

    both him and his sister (who's since left twitter) have some interesting opinions on what civility and real americans are and are not.

    it may run in the family, but they're grown ass adults responsible for what things they put out in the world for public consumption.


  • Hagsag 2 days 7 hours ago (view)

    Piece of gabage.