Cubs Release Four from Minor League Camp

The Cubs released four players from Minor League Camp this morning: 

Tyler Alamo, 1B (Cubs 2013 24th round draft pick - Cypress HS - Cypress, CA)  
Luis Ayala, OF (Cubs 2013 IFA - Venezuela) 
Michael Cruz, C-1B (Cubs 2016 7th round draft pick - Bethune Cookman)
Austin Upshaw, INF (Cubs 2017 13th round draft pick - Kennesaw State) 


I thought CRUNCH was doing recaps??? DUDE YOUR CHANCE FINALLY!!! PLAY BY PLAY AND RECAPS!! Me and Hagsag already voted on it! DONE! LET'S GO, MAN!!!

You are doing half of it already...

Yes, we are waiting.

*shuffles a bunch of papers frantically*


lester good, baez good, cubs win.

woo!  *cough*

Yea....Yea....that's right. That was about it. On pace for 162-0