Cubs Thank Kane County for the Memories by a Score of 5-2

Ryan McNeil threw three innings of shutout ball with four strikeouts, Charcer Burks delivered a double and an RBI triple and scored a run, and Frandy de la Rosa reached base four times (RBI double, two singles, and an HBP), drove-in a run, and scored another, leading the South Bend Cubs (Lo-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs) to a 5-2 victory over the Kane County Cougars (Arizona Diamondbacks Lo-A affiliate) on Field #5, and Jake Stinnett threw five innings of two-run ball, Yasiel Balaguert drilled three hits (RBI double and two singles), and Trey Martin slugged a solo HR, singled and scored, drove-in a run with a sacrifice fly, and pulled back what would have certainly been a home run with a leaping catch over the left-centerfield fence, helping the Myrtle Beach Pelicans (Cubs Hi-A affiliate) to a 5-2 victory over the Visalia Rawhide (Diamondbacks Hi-A affiliate), in Cactus League minor league game action this afternoon at Mesa CubTown at Riverview Park. 

The game on Field #6 was pre-planned as a ten-inning affair so that all of the pitchers scheduled to throw today could get their work.       

A number of pitchers and position players from the Cubs Eugene/Mesa (Extended Spring Training) squad saw action in the games.  

Here are the abridged box scores from the two games (Cubs players only):


1. Rashad Crawford, CF: 2-5 (K, K, 1B, 1B, P-6, R, 2 SB) 
2. Jesse Hodges, 3B: 1-3 (K, BB, HBP, 1B, P-3, R, RBI)
3. Charcer Burks, LF: 2-4 (2B, 3B, F-8, 6-4-3 DP, R, RBI)
4. Kevonte Mitchell, DH #1: 1-4 (6-3, 2B, 6-3, 6-3, R, RBI, SB)
5. Frandy de la Rosa, 2B: 3-3 (1B, 1B, HBP, 2B,  R, RBI) 
6. Alberto Mineo, 1B: 1-4 (2B, K, K, F-7)
7a. Erick Castillo, C: 0-2 (K, F-7, BB) 
7b. Tyler Alamo, C: 0-1 (K) 
8. Carlos Jimenez, SS: 0-3 (F-8, BB, P-4, E-8) 
9. Kevin Brown, RF: 0-4 (6-3, P-6, K, 4-3) 
10a. Roberto Vahlis, DH #2: 0-2 (K, 5-3) 
10b. Ho-Young Son, PH: 0-1 (K) 
10c. Carlos Sepulveda, PH: 0-1 (K) 

1. Ryan McNeil: 3.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 4 K, 1/4 GO/FO, 49 pitches (29 strikes)  
2. Dillon Maples: 2.0 IP, 2 H, 1 R (1 ER), 2 BB, 1 K, 2/2 GO/FO, 31 pitches (15 strikes)
3. Carson Sands: 1.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 0 K, 1 GIDP, 1/1 GO/FO, 22 pitches (13 strikes) 
4. Oscar de la Cruz: 1.0 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 3 K, 1 WP, 25 pitches (18 strikes) 
5. Luis Hernandez: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 1 R (1 ER), 3 BB, 3 K, 2 WP, 30 pitches (15 strikes) 
6. John Michael Knighton: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 0 K, 2/1 GO/FO, 6 pitches (4 strikes) 

P Ryan McNeil - E-1 (errant throw on pick-off attempt at 1st base allowed runner to advance to 2nd) 

Erick Castillo: 1-3 CS 


1. Jeffey Baez, RF: 1-5 (2B, K, F-9, L-6, K, R) 
2a. Miguel Rico, DH #1: 1-3 (K, 4-3, 1B) 
2b. Varonex Cuevas, 2B: 0-2 (4-3, K) 
3. Gleyber Torres, SS: 0-3 (BB, F-8, 4-3, 5-3) 
4. Mark Zagunis, LF: 2-4 (1B, F-9, 1B, F-8, R, RBI, CS)
5a. Jacob Rogers, 1B-DH: 1-3 (L-5, F-8, 2B) 
6. Trey Martin, CF: 2-3 (HR, 2-U, F-8 SF, 1B, 2 R, 2 RBI)
7a. Justin Marra, C: 1-2 (F-8, 2B) 
7b. Jordan Hankins, C: 1-2 (K, 3B, RBI)
8. David Bote, 2B-1B: 1-4 (1B, 6-3, K, 5-3, R)
9. Yasiel Balaguert, DH #2: 3-4 (2B, F-8, 1B, 1B, RBI)
10. Tanner Witt, 3B: 0-3 (BB, K, F-9, K) 

1. Jake Stinnett: 5.0 IP, 5 H, 2 R (2 ER), 1 BB, 3 K, 1 HBP, 3/6 GO/FO, 61 pitches (36 strikes) 
2. Ben Wells: 2.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 0 K, 2/4 GO/FO  22 pitches (15 strikes) 
3. Sam Wilson: 1.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 0 K, 0/3 GO/FO, 18 pitches (13 strikes) 
4. Justin Steele: 1.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 1 K, 1 GIDP, 1/0 GO/FO, 13 pitches (8 strikes) 
5. Corbin Hoffner: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 3 K, 13 pitches (9 strikes) 

: 1 
C Jordan Hankins - E-2 (dropped pop fly in foul territory) 


1. Justin Marra: 0-1 CS 
2. Jordan Hankins: 1 PB, 1 E (see above) 

: 68 

WEATHER: Sunny with temperatures in the 90's 




I had forgotten all about Dillon Maples - wasn't he once a thing?

it was more his "will he play football or go to baseball" thing. not a top prospect at the time, but well above average (top-3 round pick material who slipped thanks to $$ demands and the thought he was leaning toward college ball). fastball, curve, change... his control issues is killing his game, though...and injury.

thanks, Crunch

Under the subcategory of nouns, he's a person, not a thing.

Braves option Arodys Vizcaino to Triple-A

I was bummed to see him go ... but maybe the Cubs know what they're doing.

Me too.

With Olt showing signs of emerging (I'm very happy with an OBP of .400, spring or no) I obviously need to do a 180 on the Bryant thing. I don't want Bryant learning against that brick wall. Hopefully his aptitude is good so he can get up to the big club asap, but if we have a solid Olt to add to the lineup, and defense, that's pretty huge. Even Theo seems excited about him, now (no link to his quote, sorry). Tiniest of sample size, but Bryant did show some good instincts out there. Could be that he's just a damn good baseball player all the way around.

He did play a fair amount of OF in college. For some reason I think it was RF. But not sure if I'm right about that...

CARLITO: Kris Bryant played 3B-RF-CF his junior year (last year) in college.  

Anybody else get a good first impression of Rubi Silva this weekend? And Bruno, of course. UVA!

Silva looks good - he has a cannon arm and made a really nice throw to home in an early spring training game. The Cubs actually have too many good players. ~ ducks

Baez, Bryant and Russell sent down...

No way they could justify to a grievance board sending Bryant down and keeping Baez up.

At least that's over. Anyone see Theo's quote the other day?...something along the lines of, wouldn't it be great to let Olt play for 2 weeks and see if it's for real and have him and Bryant in lineup.

Whoah! Ba-BOOM!!!!!!!!! To quote Robert Durst: "There it is." Cue the epic temper tantrum by Boras ...

Baez looked bad at plate Swinging at low and away way out for k's Like when catchers stood up for Cpat abs and swung at pitches over his head

If Theo said that he could get charged with a grievance - the two weeks part kind of tips his hand. And Baez is not ready - I really think he needs to find his stroke somewhere else other than the bigs.

“How great it would be to see Mike Olt to play for two weeks and see if it’s for real?” Theo Epstein said over the weekend. “Then we have a huge asset to put out in left field.”

Make me look stuff dare you?

how great it would be to see k.bryant starting @3rd or in LF after coming up last September to get his feet wet. this service time thing is such a necessary evil in an era where top performers can command 20-30+million...but it creates such a thick layer of bullshit from all corners trying to dance around real issues. it's the right move for the organization, but it's not ideal at all for anyone involved.

I wasn't doubting you - but I think it was a slip up by Theo. If I was arguing a grievance that this was a contract decision and not a baseball decision I would use that quote.

By writing, "If Theo said that", it does in fact imply doubt.. :)

And no,  I don't really care...I was just messing.

And yes, I was surprised as hell that he said it. Hope it wasn't one of his famous, this is "off the record" statements that someone wasn't suppose to pick up. Feel worse for Olt, don't you dare slump for the first 2 weeks if you want a job.


This is opposite of what O&B said about MOlt. So it is going to be interesting to see if Olt can not K 50% of the time on his next chapter in Chicago. He looked solid in ST, for sure. And, very competent in the field.

I'm confused. How is it opposite of what I said? Scratches head, hears echo.

What Rob said.

just need to sort out that 3rd catcher thing, no one seems to be biting on Beefy and I don't think they want to give him away.

With Denorfia out though, extra RH bat not terrible

These 10 seem like locks:

C: Montero, Ross

INF: Rizzo, LaStella, Alcantara, Castro, Olt

OF: Fowler, Coghlan, Soler

3 spots open for Sweeney, Szczur, Beefy, Herrera and Lake. I'd guess Sweeney, Beefy and Herrera. Alcantara can be Coghlan's short side platoon-mate until Denorfia is back. Certainly would prefer Szczur over Sweeney, but with options and contracts, we'll see if that happens.


FWIW, Chris Coghlan was strictly an infielder (2B-3B) throughout his minor league career prior to arriving in MLB in 2009 and being moved to LF and winning the N. L. Rookie of the Year Award, and in his subsequent minor league seasons 2011-14 he played all three OF positions plus some 1B, too, so if Mike Olt is the third-baseman and if Kris Bryant comes up and plays LF every day, Coghlan could be an offense-first multi-positional guy (every position but SS-C-P) and #1 LH PH, with Chris Denorfia the 4th OF and #1 RH PH. 

Coghlan  has played 9 minor league games at 3b and 1 major league game at 2b since 2009. Might need a refresher course that he's not getting so far in spring training.

Different staff and all, but they did try it with Jake Fox who couldn't really play defense anywhere. It'd be good for Coghlan to get that refresher course--he has to play to his ceiling to be an everyday player (or even long-side platoon) in LF.

to sort-of-quote Maddon, he likes guys that can catch the ball. Coghlan has two uses to this team...making sure Bryant is a Cub in 2021, getting on-base vs. righties. If this was a notion they were entertaining, he'd have played some infield this spring.*

(*which I admittedly may have possibly missed because I don't pay a ton of attention to spring training)

Imagine Coghlan will take on the role Sweeney was suppose to play once Bryant arrives.

speaking of, post-Bryant call-up roster?

C: Montero, Ross

INF: Rizzo, LaStella, Alcantara, Castro, Olt

OF: Soler, Fowler, Bryant, Coghlan, Denorfia

with a spot open for Herrera or Beefy

I'm just pissy because the Cardinals routinely convert OFers into Gold Glove second baseman.

fun with ideal lineups:

vs RHP: Fowler, Castro, Rizzo, Soler, Bryant, Montero, Olt, P, LaStella or Alcantara?

*tight pants

** swap Castro/Rizzo/Soler/Bryant any way you wish to be honest, I prefer as max out as much L/R/L/R as you can get to mess with bullpens, but ultimately it means little

how can you buy into the fashionable "pitcher hitting 8th" thing, but stick with the tired "contact hitter hitting 2nd even if his ob% isn't ideal" thing?

a) it don't matter much unless it's a complete drag...we'll call that drag Neifi for future purposes

b) I expect(probably foolishly) Castro to hit like last year, if not better and a .340 OBP is more than adequate there

c) if they go with Rizzo, Soler or Coghlan or someone with a much better OBP, that's all pretty cool too.

obviously if Cubs are getting a .325 OBP from Castro, they should adjust.  But I'm guessing Rizzo, Soler, Bryant, Castro are going to bat somewhere between #2 and #5, how that shakes out isn't going to make a huge difference unless someone is really boom or bust and if someone is, I imaigne Maddon will adjust accordingly. As long as Olt or Montero aren't hitting up there, I doubt I'll feign much anger over it, even if I occasionally comment on it. Alcantara or LaStella could work up there too if they're north of .340. I could also see Castro batting 6th or 7th if the BABIP gods are unkind to him this year thus dragging his OBP down.

I prefer a nice L/R/L/R balance, I prefer the best hitters to get the most at-bats. I prefer if a player's only real skill is OBP (let's call that player Fowler), that he get on-base in front of those whose skillset is to get hits of the multiple base variety. I prefer to clump all the good hitters together and rather waste an inning on bad hitters then worry about protection or getting someone going. I understand it don't matter much over the course of a season, but everyone wants to talk about it on a blog or twitter because it's an easy thing to dissect, so I occasionally engage. I understand that Dusty Baker was a terrible manager and batting Neifi 2nd was another example of that, not that Dusty Baker was a terrible manager just for batting Neifi 2nd. So let it go.."stuck in the mid-2000's" crunch.

i am not a fan of the pitcher hitting 8th...especially considering these "optimized lineups" treat players like they all have the same talent and are taking batting practice rather than playing the game. the idea that the person hitting behind you isn't going to effect how you're pitched when you're a cruddy hitter (the pitcher) ignores part of the game (and i am not talking about "protection" like people like to talk about it for the 4/5 slots). BUT...if you are going to move your pitcher to 8th it also makes sense to move your traditional 3+4 hitters up to the 2+3 slots. recreating the lineup for extra leadoff men (amongst other situations) shouldn't leave you with 3 leadoff-type hitters (1 being sketchy) until you get to the reliable bats. also, can you bring something without insulting someone or belittling their view without reason? no, i'm not "stuck in the mid-2000s" because i've not adopted something you're blindly accepting (see how that works...and how that's bullshit?). someone not agreeing with you doesn't mean they wake up every morning chewing tobacco praying to a poster of cal ripken sr while checking harold reynold's twitter feed. yeah, there's a thought behind this...and reasoning. hell, my ideal lineup has rizzo batting 2nd, but nevermind that because i'm stuck in the past because i don't like the pitcher batting 8th while keeping the rest of the traditional lineup intact. c'mon...get real. should it even be pointed out that one of the most famous of these lineup construction theories says to bat your 5th best player 3rd?

I'm not sure I'd call Castro unreliable in the above scenario or a lead-off type hitter. The LaRussa theory for batting a pitcher 8th, was to bat Pujols 3rd so that he'd get an AB in the first inning and then be the cleanup hitter, the next 3-4 times around. Which is fine...or not. Their offenses certainly didn't suffer from it. I don't put a ton of stock into the lineup simulators, only because the pitcher is still going to only bat 2-3 times a game before pinch-hitting and double switches. I'm with Maddon though that it's perfectly fine if you have a non-zero hitting pitcher there. And yeah, whomever bats 7th won't see anything to hit most times. Which is fine, I think Olt or Montero are perfect there. They seem patient enough and won't chase. Lineup turnover is a plus even if some rallies get killed along the way. Some new rallies will get started on the B-side of it that wouldn't before.

it's just you that I're welcome to not visit here.

how about attaching your insults to something other than a cheap shot of total dismissal because "well, he's just an ancient dinosaur who thinks we have to be stuck in the past angrily shaking our fists at anything new."? it's just not like that at all. it's ideas about baseball, not wars about religion...or is it?

...BUT...if you are going to move your pitcher to 8th it also makes sense to move your traditional 3+4 hitters up to the 2+3 slots. recreating the lineup for extra leadoff men (amongst other situations) shouldn't leave you with 3 leadoff-type hitters (1 being sketchy) until you get to the reliable bats. The "lineup haggling" statistically over 162 games, does not make more than a couple games difference - possibly less, why there is so much angst about it from you is perplexing. I understand the "pitcher batting 8th" scenario, and IF it can be proven that said lineup resulted in the above-mentioned wins, and causes the Cubs to get into the Playoffs, then Maddon will be called a "genius". IIRC, haven't you been the one for 10 years that has adamantly stated that a Manager has no bearing on game outcomes, anyway? Or, perhaps I am mistaken?

"The "lineup haggling" statistically over 162 games, does not make more than a couple games difference - possibly less, why there is so much angst about it from you is perplexing." it's around a single game...or 5+ runs depending on what you read. ...and there's not angst...but there are people angsty about me mentioning it...well, person, not people. "haven't you been the one for 10 years that has adamantly stated that a Manager has no bearing on game outcomes" i've stated more than a few times that this whole "pitcher batting 8th" thing is statistically insignificant as it stands. the whole thing is an argument pretending nameless slot hitters are an aggregate that are uneffected by shifting position...which should and does raise a few flags for some people. also, a manager has a bearing on the game, but his main job is being a role-making baby sitter and that will rarely not be a top priority for any organization...that's the take-home from that bygone era of TCR. joe maddon isn't making a bazillion dollars a year because he wants to bat the pitcher 8th or turn in 150 different lineup cards a year.

Who's Olt?

Draft prep? Is Aiken going to be eligible to be drafted? Should Cubs take a chance at #9 if he is? Can they scout out another Schwarber?

hahah. shots fired.

MLBPA puffs it's chest...

@MLB_PLAYERS Today is a bad day for baseball. We all know that if @KrisBryant_23 were a combination of the greatest Players to play our great game, and perhaps he will be before it's all said and done, the @Cubs still would have made the decision they made today. This decision, and other similar decisions made by clubs will be addressed in litigation, bargaining or both. (End) 

"MLB is not the MLB without the best players," Boras said in a text message to The Associated Press. "Kris excelled at every level and earned the right of entry. The CBA is at the apogee of wrongs incentivizing clubs to create a product less than best. Bryant's situation is the badge for change to the CBA player service structure.''

"Bryant's situation is the badge for change to the CBA player service structure...and more money in my pocket."

Well if they want to change the rules and make E-Jax's contract non-guaranteed maybe the Cubs will reconsider. Maybe MLB would also have its best players if clubs weren't handcuffed with guaranteed contracts and could freely cut deadweight such as E-Jax. Come on Boras, get behind that.

"Well I never..." (fans self).

*great point btw, gonna steal that idea for a tweet if you don't mind.

Go for it.

btw, is there anyone who would care if they changed it to make it more player friendly? They'll obviously both use it as leverage, but I don't get the sense that owners are really gonna dig in on something that effects 1-2 players at most every year.

wow...rays sent b.gomes down. that one's a shocker. he's old, so who cares about his service time...but he was pretty much their star reliever this spring (after a decent partial season last year).

k.hendricks gives up his first HR and 1st run of the spring in his 13th inning of work. really awesome career so far for a low(ish) velocity righty starter in this era. ...and he gives up his 1st walk of the spring, too. i think he needs more time in AAA to work on his outfield D control and fly ball tendencies. ...and he's out of the game after giving up 2 more runs, leaving men on 2nd/3rd with 1 out. let's make that AA to be safe.

MIA puts andrew mckirahan (rule 5) on waivers...he could become a cub again, but that might be wishful thinking.

in things that were obvious once he showed up with a left arm and not a stub

Cubs pick up Phil Coke's contract.

guess they'll try and sneak Britton through waivers.

Shhhhhhhhh! I guess we won't be able to sneak him thru now. Thanks Rob. Thanks for nothing. With regard to Coke I think they also want some guys who've been thru pennant races. I live in Detroit area and saw a little too much of him in recent years. Detroit's bullpen wasn't exactly its strength.

they relievers, they good, they bad...not a lot of certainty with 70-80% of them.

guessing this will be the 12 that come up from camp unless there's some DL roster shenanigans to get a extra guy for a few weeks or until they need a 5th starter.

Arrieta, Lester, Hendricks, Hammel, Wood

Jackson, Coke, Ramirez, Strop, Grimm, Motte, Rondon

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  • Arizona Phil 4 hours 17 min ago (view)

    jdrnym: That's correct.

    Under the new rules, the 38-man AAA reserve list is now only used beginning on the date reserve lists are filed in November and extending up through the conclusion of the Rule 5 Draft. Then after the conclusion of the Rule 5 Draft, everybody goes back into the off-season 190-man Domestic Reserve List hopper. 


  • jdrnym 7 hours 26 min ago (view)

    Phil, can you settle a Twitter discussion? A team can only select players in the minor league phase of the Rule 5 Draft until its 38-man Triple-A reserve list is full, correct? Don't believe this changed with the latest Major League Rules that introduced the Domestic Reserve List and eliminated individual level reserve lists during the offseason.


  • crunch 11 hours 38 min ago (view)

    "Mark Berman of FOX 26 in Houston reports that Carlos Correa's agent has been contacted by the Astros, Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Cubs and Braves.

    It's not clear when the contact took place or what level of interest each club has."

    ...with the yanks and dodgers both with piles of cash and a bit of need, i wouldn't get too stoked...but at least there seems to be some interest in what his market is.


  • Arizona Phil 15 hours 58 min ago (view)

    Stroman's salary escalators apply to 2024, so if Stroman reaches 160 IP in either 2022 or 2023 (but not both) it adds $2M to his 2024 salary, and if he reaches 160 IP in both 2022 and 2023 it would add $4M to his to 2024 salary.

    So he gets $25M in both 2022 and 2023 (that's locked-in), and then either $21M, $23M , or $25M in 2024, depending upon whether he reaches his salary escalators in 2022 and/or 2023. 


  • Arizona Phil 16 hours 4 min ago (view)

    W-RAT: I should also mention that the Cubs cannot outright David Bote while he is injured or rehabbing from an injury, except during a window starting on the day after the conclusion of the MLB regular season up until the day that off-season reserve lists must be filed (normaly 11/20, but it was 11/19 in 2021 because 11/20 fell on a Saturday, and it will be 11/18 in 2022 because 11/20 will fall on a Sunday). 


  • Arizona Phil 16 hours 19 min ago (view)

    W-RAT: The Cubs can outright David Bote (if he is not claimed off waivers) once the transaction freeze is lifted. That's not a problem. 

    If he is outrighted and then elects free-agency, he would forfeit what remains of his contract - AS LONG AS - the contract is not fully guaranteed. 

    If the contract is fully guaranteed he would likely elect free-agency and the Cubs would be on the hook for what remains of his salary, offset by the MLB minimum salary if he were to sign an MLB deal with another club.


  • crunch 20 hours 36 min ago (view)

    kristin call has been named GM of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans.  she's been the assistant/associate GM for a few years and was formally a marketing director for the team.

    she's been involved in baseball for a living for 16+ years.


  • Wrigley Rat 1 day 2 hours ago (view)

    Hey Phil - Could David Bote be outrighted at any point before the start of the season (obviously not now while players are being locked out). I wonder because if someone claimed him, oh well. If he elected free agency, wouldn't that void his contract? These are the thoughts going through my head as I look to open up another 40-man spot, and Bote will be out until at least May.

    I've read your 40-man tag for him, but I'm not quite smart enough to figure this out! :) Thanks!


  • crunch 1 day 7 hours ago (view)

    Jeff Passan @JeffPassan
    Marcus Stroman signed a three-year, $71 million contract with the Chicago Cubs that includes an opt out after the second season, sources tell ESPN. He’ll make $25 million in 2022, $25 million in 2023 and $21 million in 2024. It includes $2M escalators for 160 IP in ‘22 and ‘23.


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 11 hours ago (view)

    The Cubs have re-signed RHRP Jonathan Holder and C-INF P.J. Higgins to 2022 minor league contracts, presumably with an NRI to MLB Spring Training. 

    They will be Rule 5 Draft-eligible, if and when there is a Rule 5 Draft. 


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 1 day 20 hours ago (view)

    Owners' stooge Bobby Manfred coming out swinging at the players with his statement about the owners instituting a lockout.


  • Arizona Phil 2 days 1 hour ago (view)

    The Cubs re-signed OF Michael Hermosillo to a 2022 Major League contract just prior to the midnight Wednesday MLB transaction freeze. 

    Hermosillo was non-tendered on Tuesday because he was a Rule 5 Draft-Excluded Player, and if he had remained on the 40 the Cubs would not have been able to outright him to the minors any earlier than 20 days prior to MLB opening Day. 


  • crunch 2 days 6 hours ago (view)

    we shouldn't, especially with how much payroll room for 2024+ this top-costing-for-fans team with a heavily monitized ballpark in a major media market has.

    backloaded contracts aren't exactly groundbreaking new things...neither are cheap-ass owners.  i don't expect them to compete every year, but i expect them to try after a punt season where they traded away the core.  NYY, NYM, LAD, LAA, BOS, etc. don't seem to have trouble doing this even if it means throwing a bit of money around...


  • Sonicwind75 2 days 6 hours ago (view)

    Stroman, a pleasant surprise.  Good to know we aren't completely punting until 2025.



  • Arizona Phil 2 days 7 hours ago (view)

    CRUNCH: Clint Frazier's 2022 base salary is only $1.5M and he has a minor league option available, so I think it's more likely than not that he opens 2022 at AAA. 

    On the other hand, Harold Ramirez is out of minor league options, and it is unknown at this point what he will get in 2022 as a "super two." 


  • crunch 2 days 7 hours ago (view)

    until clint fraizer came on board i wouldn't have counted bryant out.

    OF is kinda crowded right now, though there's no stars in the mix.  fraizer - happ - ortega - heyward - h.ramirez leading the group...  even if he split time between OF/3rd with wisdom that just makes it more crowded, plus the team allegedly wants hoerner to prepare to be used as a super-utility guy.