2013 Cubs Minor League Camp - Last Day

2013 Chicago Cubs Minor League Camp drew to a close this morning, as the Iowa Cubs completed their final Spring Training work-out before flying to Albuquerque this afternnon. They willl open their PCL season versus the Isotopes Thursday night.

Most of the I-Cubs participated in traditional Spring Training drills and B-P on Field #2, while rotation-starter Drew Carpenter threw a bullpen session. (Matt Garza participated in the PFPs).

Meanwhile, three members of the Iowa bullpen threw in the 11-inning intrasquad-"sim" game on Field #3.

The game cannot be box scored because players sometimes traded places in the field mid-inning, players hit for both "teams," and a pitcher's "inning" was sometimes stopped mid-AB when the pitcher reached the 15-pitch mark. It was really more of a hybrid scrimmage than either a "sim" game or an intrasquad game.

Each of the pitchers who worked on Field #3 threw 15 pitches per inning, and each pitcher threw anywhere from one to four innings (depending on the pitcher): The pitchers themselves were a Motley Crew, some being Iowa relievers getting work, some were pitchers from the Boise/Mesa (Extended Spring Training) squad, and others were rehab guys.  



TWO INNINGS: Hunter Cervenka, Loiger Padron, and Larry Suarez

ONE INNING: Daniel Adrian, Kyler Burke, David Cales, Esmailin Caridad, Casey Coleman, Carlos Guerrero, Matt Iannazzo, and Cory Wade,     

Rosario and Conway (Cubs 2012 4th round draft pick out of Coastal Carolina) were especially good, both cruising effortlessly through their mulitple innings with minimum stress. Conway has made a remarkable recovery from 2012 TJS and almost made the Kane County starting rotation, throwing a 92-94 MPH fastball, a hard slider, and a decent change-up.

David Cales (2011 shoulder surgery) was the most-impressive pitcher today, striking out all four hitters he faced (all four swinging) in his 15-pitch inning. Cales has a nasty slider, and he almost made the Tennessee bullpen, but was left behind at Extended Spring Training to get innings.

The Boise/Mesa position players traded places with their "mirror" periodically, switching back & forth between defense and offense. (The five catchers alternated between warming up pitchers in the bullpen, catching in the game, and hitting).

C: Erick Castillo, Justin Marra, Wilfredo Petit, Neftali Rosario, and Lance Rymel  

1B: Xavier Batista and Jose Dore

2B: Roni Torreyes and Danny Lockhart

3B: Mark Malave and Jacob Rogers

SS: Carlos Penalver and Danny Lockhart

LF: Trevor Gretzky, Dong-Yub Kim, and Garrett Schlecht

CF: Rashad Crawford and Shawon Dunston Jr

RF: Reggie Golden and Jeffrey Baez

There wasn't much hitting in the game (the pitchers mostly dominated), although Reggie Golden did rip a triple off lefty side-armer Matt Iannazzo, and looked just fine hustling around the bases (he had surgery for torn knee ligaments just about this time last year).

RHP Larry Suarez hit Jeffrey Baez with a pitch on the upper left shoulder (almost hit him in the head), as Suarez continues to battle "Steve Blass Disease."




I'm not exactly the biggest Torreyes fan ... but boy it still seems weird as to why he's in extended spring training.

well, he didn't get to ST until very late...it's probably that...just getting his work in.

Roni Torreyes reported to Fitch Park on 3/18, about a week after the other position players.

He started playing in games for Tennessee about ten days ago, and he was the regular 2B for the Tennessee squad all last week, until he was moved down. 

Torreyes is not injured, and while I guess he might have been sent to Extended Spring Training because he reported late, it's not like he wasn't hitting well in AA games (because he was). His defense was not too good, however. 

Hey, Do you think he's out of shape? Just wondering, because your critique of his defense the other day stood out. It didn't sound/look that bad last year. I'm just trying to think of reasons why he might get demoted all the way to XST. It's the most interesting move this spring, IMO. I've run through the other standard possibilities to get dumped to XST, and none of them seem all that realistic (switching positions, making a swing adjustment, teaching him something about 2nd defensively ... ). I guess he could simply be passed by Amaya/Bruno, but that seems unlikely. Perhaps some sort of "punishment" (I guess if he wasn't in shape, that dropping him to XST would be a "punishment")? Anyhow, curious how you thought he looked physically.

TOONSTER: Torreyes could be out of shape (at least defensively). His defense at Minor League Camp looked sluggish, and while that might have to do with his reporting a week late, he is hitting & running fine. So I can't say for sure why he's at EXST.

It will be interesting to see how long Torreyes stays down here.   

Punishment for not doing things the new Cubs Way?

he's not an under-radar, non-star, low/medium impact player signed to a 1-year deal with the expectation to be traded away in June/July. ...oh, you mean the other "new cubs way"...nevermind.

AZ PHIL: Are you as high on Tim Saunders as many seem to be now?

E-MAN: I had thought that after trading Tony Campana, that Matt Szczur was the fastest player in left in the organizatoin, but after watching him a lot at Minor League Camp, I now believe it's Tim Saunders.

Saunders has plus-speed and is an outstanding base-stealer, he has the athleticism and versatility to play anywhere on the field, and he's a really good hitter.

I suspect he will play all over the place at Daytona, and he has a good chance to finishg the 2013 season at Tennessee. 

He is a definite MLB prospect.

Phil: Michael Jensen isn't listed on any of the Daytona, Tennessee, or Kane rosters. Have you seen him in camp and do you have any idea what's wrong with him?

CRAIG: Matt Loosen and Michael Jensen are both missing from full-season rosters, and I don't know why.

One thing that happens at Minor League Camp (and it doesn't happen at big league camp because it's two weeks longer) is that sometime a starting pitcher can't build up his arm strength suficiently to break with his team as a starting pitcher, so he is placed on the DL and left behind at EXST to build up arm strength (which typically takes maybe a week or two). It's not a problem with relievers. 

Hopefully that's all that's up with Loosen & Jensen.


Once his wrist heals, where do we expect Albert Alomar will start the season?

BOB: If the Cubs do with Albert Almora what they did with Dustin Geiger last year after he broke his hamate bone the last day of Minor League Camp,I would think Almora will be brought along slowly at EXST, and then get assigned to Kane County after the conclusion of Extended Spring Training the first week of June (presuming there are no medical setbacks along the way).  

There are usually a lot of roster adjustments made around the end of Extended Spring Training, because the June draft takes place the same week that EXST ends, and then Boise and Mesa begin play a week or two after that. So (for example) Almora could be moved up to KC at or near the end of EXST, and then one of the outfielders at KC could be moved down to Boise. 

Last year, Javier Baez started the season at EXST, and then was moved up to Peoria at the end of May and Marco Hernandez was moved down to Boise, even though Hernandez had just started to hit a Peoria.  


I believe there will be a new group of Latins coming to Fitch this weekend.

Thanks Phil. So if he was not injured can I assume the he would have started in Kane County?

BOB: Yes. Almora was going to KC before he got hurt.

3 passed balls for jp arincibiabiababia through 2 innings...josh thole is in AAA because hank white made the team over him, even though he was dickey's personal catcher last season during his cy young run.

cubs pick up nate's mid-season replacement... "Cubs signed OF Ryan Sweeney to a minor league contract."

That' s bad news for one of the Iowa outfielders, probably Ty Wright.

yu darvish is perfect through 6ip (vs HOU, of course)...but he's thrown 82 pitches (11 Ks) and this is April 2nd...might get interesting.

perfect through 7ip...93 pitches (12 Ks) last perfect game vs astros...last year, matt cain. this team f'n sucks.

perfect through 8ip...107 pitches (14 Ks)

Marwin Gonzales with a base hit.

HOLY CRAP! PERFECT GAME -RUINED- AFTER 8.2ip! ...single up the middle by m.gonzalez. clean single...only darvish had a chance to make the play and it would have been snap/woah snag as it shot down the middle of the field into the OF.

That was painful to watch. Heck of a game, though.

it would have punished me in fantasy baseball, but i was hoping he'd nail the perfecto.

It definitely would've been cool to see Darvish get into the record books as the only pitcher to ever toss a perfect game in an exhibition played by a Major league team against a double-A team. The Houston Astros: Going for three years in a row of 100+ losses.

The patented "CRUNCH JINX" in action! Nice work! ;)

Marginally off-topic, but can you step-by-step an International Spending trade for us? To make it easy, if not accurate, have the trade be Shawn Camp going to Philly, with the Cubs at $5 million, and Philly at $2 million. Thanks for everything.

TIM: If you're talking about a trade involving a club's International Signing Bonus Pool (ISBP), in the hypothetical example you gave the Phillies can trade $500K of their ISBP to the Cubs.

Clubs can trade their ISBP, but it must be traded in quarters. In other words, if the Phillies have a $2M ISBP, they would have to trade $500K (no more & no less) anytime they trade their ISBP, and they could do it four times.  

However, a club that receives a quarter of the other club's ISBP must have an ISBP of their own that is (in aggregate) at least twice the value of the ISBP received.

So, while the Cubs could receive $500K of the Phillies ISBP in a trade for Camp (because the Cubs ISBP in your example is $5M), the Cubs could not trade a quarter of their ISBP ($1.25M) to the Phils, because $1.25M is more than half of the Philies ISBP ($2M).

Also, something to keep in mind about the ISBP limit is that exceeding the limit does not cause a draft pick to be forfeited. However, there is a penalty-tax for exceeding the ISBP by 5% or more, and exceeding the limit by 5% or more triggers restrictions on how much a club can spend on individual players during the next International Signing Period (ISP). NOTE: The ISP runs July 2nd though the following June 15th, and no players covered by the ISBP restrictions may be signed June 16th through July 1st.  

A club that exceeds its ISBP by 5-10% in a given ISP would be permitted to sign only one international first-year player to a bonus of $500K or more in the next ISP, a club that exceeds its ISBP by 10-15% in a given ISP would be prohibited from paying a bonus in excess of $500K to any international first-year player during the next ISP, and a club that exceeds its ISBP by 15%+ in a given ISP is prohibited from paying a bonus in excess of $250K to any international first-year player signed during the next ISP.

One strategy to consider is to spend like there is no limit every-other-year and take the punishment (tax plus restrictions), and then basically sit out the next year. I doubt that any organization would do that, but if one year in particular has a group of "once-in-a-generation"-type talent that would cost (let's say) $10M to sign, it might be worth it. 

Also note that this system will probably be significantly changed if an international draft is implemented.

Thanks, as always. I thought that was how the ISP worked. But, since none of the major media types will bother until it happens, that's why I asked. Toronto put themselves on probation for the class that starts on July 2, as I recall, by spending heavily last year. So the Cubs only have 28 opponents for the 2014 IS period. Linked to a solid sounding SS from Venezuela for early July, as I remember.

Yep. As I understand it, the day to watch is July 2nd. Keep monitoring the Cardinals scouting gossip if you're interested in this. They know what they are doing.

E-MAN: Here is a rarely seen video of MLB scouts and Latin American Scouting Coordinators rushing to sign 16-year old Dominican prospects on July 2nd, 1893.


Ha! Awesome. Anyway for those Redbirds to get'er done.

I liked a Bruce Miles comment in comparing Shark to a certain past opening day starter: "I couldn’t help but wonder how Zambrano would have reacted to Monday’s first inning, both with the walk and with Lillibridge’s error. It might not have been a pretty."

speaking of like-able quotes... from the Sun-Times article, Sveum (on Marmol):
“Last year we were kind of in the same situation and lost the game,” Sveum said of that opener against Washington in which Kerry Wood blew the lead with three consecutive walks in the eighth and Marmol surrendered the go-ahead run in the ninth. “It’s very important to get off to a good start — and win Game 1 on the road as well.”

Nice. Sveum is growing on me.

My internal conflict on Marmol Heart: Cut this guy now. Head: No, no. Leave him as closer to increase his trade value. Wins do not matter this season. Heart: Wins always matter, and Marmol has no trade value. Head: Now he doesn't, but with a couple of months of good appearances who knows. Heart: No one is going to be fooled by a couple of good month, if he is lucky enough to have them. Etc. Etc. http://espn.go.com/blog/chicago/cubs/post/_/i...

Head: It's not like anyone in Iowa looks certain, or anything.

Heart: Can we at least move him out of the 9th inning?

He should be pitching middle relief.

Head: Can we get him to throw more fastballs and fewer sliders.

I was surprised to see that his pitch chart showed 63.2% sliders to 36.8% fastballs on Monday. I thought the bench was calling all his pitches now?

Interestingly, ESPN's hot zone shows that he was actually able to spot the slider better than the fastball, but I was at work so your actually performance may vary.

I think the whole business about having catchers call the pitches was to make him work faster and not think about stuff so much, if I remember right, and I may not be remembering right. But if he's not locating his fastball it just gives credence to Sveum's feeling that he just didn't have it.

Whitenack claimed by Indians.


can't blame this one on g.concepcion...this year's 40-man at least looks sane.

Astros are Bad News Bears without Kelly Leak bad.

Lineup v LHP: Sappelt, Castro, Rizzo, Soriano, Hairston, Castillo, Lillibridge, Gonzalez, Jackson. Here's to a winning streak.

i was about to freak about about b.jackson being on the club...then i remember spring training is over, there's no DH, and that's e.jackson.

oft-injured ex-cub semi-prospect darin downs (now 28) just threw some filthy stuff in relief for the tigers...had a great spring, too. he took an earned run off a walk that was knocked in off a double given up by villareal...but he threw a nice 1.1ip (3k). unless the gun was off, he was bringing it 93mph (last year it was close to 90mph with decent results in a limited look)...nice mid-80s slider.

I don't think Starlin Castro is accustomed to the cold.

They should make these pussys spend the winter in Chicago.

1ip, 3Ks, 3 batters faced...welcome to the cubs e.jackson

4th inning...jackson has lost almost all control of his fastball and slider...and welly is demonstrating that he's a pretty good blocker behind the plate. it's like having zambrano back...only without all the wasted emotion.

slider seems to have returned in the 5th...occasional fastballs in the dirt are still continuing. odd stuff.

Halladay on pace for 27 k's

...on 256 pitches.

not too far from a typical high school pitcher workload...especially in japan...he can do it.

soriano still sucks at playing the ball off the wall...giving away extra bases...fun stuff when someone is on base. waiting for a bounce is one thing...waiting for it 30-40ft away on a slow paced jog is another.

castro *facepalm* sigh... footwork confuses him yet again...handcuffs him trying to make a play before he gets the ball...backhanded "ole" catch fails badly...ball trickles into the OF.

h.rondon is throwing 88-90mph fastballs...badly. 4 pitch walk to start his big league career. ...follows it up with a K of alvarez...hit 91mph on one of his fastballs. his pickoff move to 1st is nearly non-existent. he can check a runner with a toss, but that's about it.

Was the velocity this low in the spring? I was too busy to really pay attention, but I recall all the winter hype about his mid-90's fastball.

rizzo takes a fastball to the shoulder and he goes down like he took a fastball to the helmet...that was odd. he seems to be fine, fwiw.

Based tanked for the mighty Lillibridge! Wandy fittin to get shanked if he hits anymore guys.

bases loaded, 1 out...K, popout...ah, the cubs.

As I said yesterday, this is the shit Lilli does: k, k, k, k, E4. Barney is a huge upgrade over this stiff...

It is a bad sign for your offense when you see Barney as an upgrade.

ARZ wins in the 16th [email protected] game in chase field history j.collmenter goes 5ip in relief for ARZ to pick up the win (pitched 1.2ip last night).

i would...once again...like to thank MLB Network for bringing bob costas back to the world of baseball... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtzQZeiW7dQ

DeJesus CF Castro SS Rizzo 1B Soriano LF Schierholtz RF Navarro C Valbuena 3B Lillibridge 2B Wood P

The Cubs have loaned catcher Sergio Burruel to Tabasco (Mexican League) so that he can get regular playing time. They did the same thing last year with RHP Yoanner Negrin, and in years past with others.

Burruel was born in Mexico but attended HS in Phoenix (Trevor Browne HS).

BTW, although the Mexican League is designated AAA by Minor League Baseball, it actually is equivalent to Hi-A (like Daytona).  The reason it is designated AAA is so that players on the reserve lists of Mexican League clubs cannot be selected in a Minor League Phase of the Rule 5 Draft.

tigers sign valverde (minor league deal)...lulz.

t.wood pulled after 6ip (85 pitches) of 1 hit, 2bb, 4K ball...alright, then. cubs have a 1 run lead (1-0).

It's Marmol time!!!!!!!

he just threw a non-swinging strike...should have tivo'd it. ...and then gives up a single to follow it. ...and then a walk... taka up in the pen. ...and then a rbi single...

So what your saying is he doesn't have his good stuff.

He has his stuff. Does N. Korea need a closer?

based on early returns and this spring...i think this is his good stuff. his stuff actually doesn't look that bad today...he's not missing by much when he misses. unfortunately, he's not missing bats today. ...and now another run is in on a single...tieing run at 3rd. neat.

I expect that this will be the end of his closing days.

K and a DP! cubs win!

Cool, I reverse jinxed him.

That's good Rob. We can use you for situational jinxes, and CRUNCH for any potential no-hit bid jinxes against the Cubs.

lulz etc.

Let's hope Marmol doesn't waste the insurance runs provided by Schierholtz.

He tried mightily. Really made his best effort to lose that lead. It was almost heroic, that effort. On a more positive note, that was some good baseball with Rizzo taking that walk like a good *veteran* hitter might, and then Sheirwhatever really doing a nice job working the count. I had to slap my cheek to make sure I wasn't dreaming about watching a real baseball team.

Marmol wasn't bad today. The Pitt announcers admitted that the ump blew strike three on Martin. And Rizzo could have gotten more glove on the Gaby Sanchez grounder. (But I don't want to criticize Rizzo after that beautiful SB.) Marmol morphs into a decent closer when he's angry--as when the tying run (a fast guy like McCutchen) gets to third with one out.

If we are looking for silver linings, since he only gave up two earned runs his ERA dropped.

scott feldman-esque.

He's not going to get those close calls until he stops pulling his Mitch Williams act.

Two thumbs down.


This one hit me hard. I've been reading and watching his reviews since I was a kid and our tastes were very much in common. Not to mention, I've been loving his longer writing since he started his site and blog. This is a loss to me:-/

same...except for his dislike of extreme low-brow humor (or violence-with-humor involving kids) i could rely on him to review a movie or otherwise match my views on a lot of stuff. he was my "go to" reviewer.

He fought a good, hard and very public fight. Well done, Roger.

I've also been reading him since kid-hood -- which is starting to feel like a real long time ago now. In years, if not behavior. I had always gravitated towards him over Siskel, even before they first had their TV show. Now I'll have to figure who to read to avoid the unforgivable sin of picking a bad movie to watch. I'm sorry -- that seems too flip for how I feel about him and his writing. I liked reading his opinions even about movies I didn't care about seeing or other topics. He had a real feel for being able to express the human experience. That doesn't come along often.

http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/... this is one of my favorite positive reviews (cuz he's got some gem negative reviews) of one of my favorite films...and it's rather apt.

His final blog, rest in peace Roger and I will always remember the balcony is closed- http://blogs.suntimes.com/ebert/2013/04/a_lea...

Very sad right now. Glad I got to see him speak one time at a Barnes and Noble.

Amazing piece about him written back in 2010: http://deadspin.com/5482198/my-roger-ebert-story

Cubs bang out 11 hits in 3 games. I know it was cold, but...yikes. Has anyone in the history of baseball swung at more 0-2 sliders in the dirt than Sori? CPat might have, if given the chance, although there are/were fewer LH pitchers to feast on him. Has any hitting coach mentioned to Fonzi that virtually every 0-2 pitch to him is a slider low & away? Very annoying to watch...over and over and over...

sori's always had a "hole" in his swing that he can't tell a fastball from a slider...it's why he used to stand at the very front of the box and try to catch them before the hard break. now that he's had to move a little back in the box to compensate for slower bat speed he's lost a bit of the "cheating edge" he used to take with his approach.

"Has anyone in the history of baseball swung at more 0-2 sliders in the dirt than Sori?" I nominate Shawon Dunston, Sr. I loved Shawon but he took less walks than Sori and could always get sucked in by a slider low and away.

So this team started the season with a road series team against a team many like to finish above .500 despite getting terrible situational hitting and atrocious infield defense? Baseball be weird.

'There's no word for "pitch count" in Japan' http://www.baseballnation.com/hot-corner/2013...

kerry wood threw more than a few 150+ pitch outings in highschool...and threw a few games on 2-3 days rest, to boot. it seems every year since the late 90s, someone finds a kid's boxscore where he throws 150+ pitches in a game and it gets blown up as if it isn't happening rather regularly all over the country. what's happening to this kid in japan, though...wtf? ...almost 800 pitches in 9 days...damn.

Patrick Mooney‏@CSNMooney Garza threw a 25-pitch bullpen session today in Arizona and is scheduled to do so again Sunday in Atlanta.

It looks like the team and the city are close to a deal. http://www.suntimes.com/news/19279481-418/lon...

Tunney is a penis. Nobody in the neighborhood wants a parking garage.

I can totally agree it would seem. I live in Evanston so will either ride my bike, take the El, or park (in a secret location) on the street and enjoy about a mile walk to and from. But for the folks that live in the WAY burbs have a tougher time. Other than building a garage on this site for them (and those not ambulatory), what other solutions, including remote lots, are there? The Bears have run buses from Monroe and Grant Park for 35+ years. I Only know of the DeVry lot for the Cubs for remote parking.

For the first time, the alderman publicly said he has agreed to allow the team to put up a large video scoreboard in left field despite the objections of rooftop club owners surrounding the stadium. But he cautioned that the size still is being worked out. Tunney also said there’s agreement on another sign in right field... ...While the size and exact location in left field of a Jumbotron-like screen have not been resolved, it will block some of the rooftop views, Tunney said. He also said any dispute between the rooftop owners and the team would have to be resolved privately. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/politics/c...

Hey...John Sickels talking sleeper PRospects for 2013. Starling (Starlin?) Peralta and Logan Watkins mentioned... http://www.minorleagueball.com/2013/4/4/41805...

Brian Roberts is cursed...out 2-4 weeks with a ruptured tendon in his knee

I saw the play last night. He did a head-first slide. I have no idea how he fucked up his knee. It wasn't a close play, no spiking or collision. That is at least ONE trade Hendry didn't do that worked.

"ESPN's Jerry Crasnick reports that Dontrelle Willis has signed with the Long Island Ducks of the independent Atlantic League." ...ducks also have vlad. i hope they have Aflac. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. etc.

"Angels minor league catcher Carlos Ramirez was suspended 50 games for his second violation for a drug of abuse." adderall strikes again. at some point, baseball (and this entire nation) is going to have to face up to the fact that there's a lot of people getting addicted to and strung out on this crap amphetamine...or at least acknowledge that the 1000000000000000000000000 pills per year in circulation don't match the amount of people needing proper treatment for it's production levels. he's a non-prospect catcher, btw.

s.feldman vs m.minor...this should be fun...or not... feldman vs K-heavy and HR-heavy lineup...which way will the scales tip tonight? D. Sappelt cf S. Castro ss A. Rizzo 1b A. Soriano lf S. Hairston rf W. Castillo c B. Lillibridge 3b A. Gonzalez 2b S. Feldman p

m.minor strikes out 2 in the top 1st with a castro fly-out...it took a little more than 3 minutes. neat.

braves HR- 1 Ks- 0 boo.

Stolen base against Feldman and Castillo. Runner should have been out. Alberto Gonzalez took the throw about 7 feet in front of secondbase and reached back for the tag - which he missed on. Wild pitch. Sac fly. 2 - 0.

they're doing "the wave"...complete with yelling while they do it...in ATL. along with the "tommy hawk chawp" it's one of the most annoying places in baseball to watch a game. ...also, s.harriston hit a solo homer. 1-2, top 5th.

feldman with 2 wild pitches, 1 HBP, and 4bb...that's not his style even when he sucks. odd lack of command tonight.

rondon brought it 91-93mph tonight...more velocity than his last appearance.

AZ Phil: Brad Nelson is playing 3B for Iowa, and the big team obviously needs some pop. Can he hang there defensively, at least on par with the sub-par performances we've seen already this year from Valbuena and Lillibridge?

JOHN B: While he played a few games at 3B in AAA 2009-11, Brad Nelson playing 3B for Iowa is strictly "in a pinch."

Perfect. That's exactly what the Cubs are in!

stupid Fox saturday blackouts...i wanna watch STL/SF, not yet another NYY game. East Coast Fox...NYY/NYM/BOS/ATL games 99.9% of the time. meh. cubs on WGN later this evening, btw.

For once I mean it ... wait 'til next year!

after paying i.stewart $4.25m to suck or not play the past 2 years he should be a bargain at $1.5m-ish next year...and s.feldman might be $3m rather than $6m...assuming s.feldman isn't traded for some 17 year old dominicans. good things on the horizon.

I meant the end of Fox Saturday blackouts. http://tracking.si.com/2012/10/02/mlb-fox-med...

best news i've heard all day. upvote.

a.simmons late scratch for ATL after spraining his thumb on a heads-first slide last night...he missed a few months injuring himself on a heads-first slide last season.


I'm ready for a Reds/Yankees type rule on hair cuts and facial hair.

josh reddick disapproves.


Tony Four Sacks-2

Fujikawa doesn't want to close.

Neither does Marmol.

neither does marmolAIDS. tie game.

game over...marmol sucks...etc etc etc

Jinx, buy me a hooker.

google "eddie from manhattan escort" on google and i'll hook you up. -NSFW- ...or humanity.

Now I'm going to go bathe in bleach.

I drank bleach after the game last night, I'll give you my leftovers.

So len is talking "not easy to move to a new closer this early, you can put fujikawa in but what do you do with marmol..." Upton homers game over. I know what you can do with Marmol.

What's so fucking hard about it?

"I had my pitches working," Marmol said. "I just missed my pitch. I didn't do anything bad." That's the problem. His pitches don't have the movement they once had. I remember, it seems like a long time ago now, when the stuff he threw really seemed unhittable. Unfair. That stuff isn't there anymore. Once in awhile he'll throw a nasty slider but it's almost like he went into the way back machine to grab one just to show us what he once used to be like. He was fun to watch. Now, he's fun for the other team. Their eyes must light up when he gets on the mound. It's too bad, but it is what it is. Time for Sveum and TheoCorp to close this chapter of Cubsdom. Gad, what a horrible game. The only thing worse than the lack of clutch hitting by the two kids, Castro and Rizzo, to break the game open, was Marmol's embarrassment.