Smokies Speed on Display at Sloan Park

Zach Davis led off the 1st inning with a HR, doubled, walked, and stole two bases, Delvin Zinn collected three singles, walked, stole two bases, and scored two runs, and Connor Myers belted a two-run HR, as the Tennessee Smokies (Cubs AA affiliate) and the Rocket City Trash Pandas (Angels AA affiliate) played to a 6-6 tie in Cactus League Minor League Camp game action Thursday afternoon at Sloan Park in Mesa, AZ.  

Brennen Davis left the game after being hit on the side of his face with a pitch. He was on his hands and knees for a couple of minutes before leaving under his own power, but there was quite a bit of blood left behind on home plate.  

Here is the abridged box score fom the game (Cubs players only) 

1. Zach Davis, DH #1: 2-3 (HR, BB, F-8, 2B, R, RBI, 2 SB) 
2. Jared Young, LF-RF: 0-4 (F-7, F-8, K, K)
3a. Levi Jordan, 2B: 1-2 (1B, 6-3, R)
3b. Scott McKeon, 2B: 0-2 (K, 6-3)
4. Christopher Morel, CF: 0-3 (BB, 5-3, K, F-8, R)
5a. Eric Castillo, C: 0-2 (BB, F-7, 6-3)
5b. Raymond Pena, C: 0-1 (5-3)
6a. Brennen Davis, DH #2: 0-2 (5-4 FC, F-7, HBP, RBI) 
6b. Christian Donahue, PR-DH: 0-1 (5-3, SB) 
7. Andy Weber, SS: 0-4 (L-7, 3-U, K, K)
8. Delvin Zinn, 3B: 3-3 (1B, BB, 1B, 1B, 2 R, 2 SB, CS)
9a. Connor Myers, RF: 1-3 (5-3, HR, K, R, 2 RBI)
9b. Vance Vizcaino, LF: 0-1 (K) 
10. Tyler Durna, 1B: 0-1 (F-7 SF, HBP, 6-3, RBI)

1. Matt Swarmer: 2.2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 2 K, 4/2 GO/AO, 45 pitches (25 strikes) 
2. C. D. Pelham: 1.2 IP, 3 H, 2 R (2 ER), 0 BB, 1 K, 1 HBP, 2/2 GO/AO, 35 pitches (22 strikes)
3. Dakota Mekkes:  0.2 IP, 5 H, 3 R (3 ER), 0 BB, 2 K, 30 pitches (18 strikes)
4. Aneuris Rosario: 2.0 IP, 1 H, 1 R (1 ER), 2 BB, 2 K, 1 HR, 1/2 GO/AO, 30 pitches (16 strikes) 

Eric Castillo: 0-2 CS 


WEATHER: Sunny with temperatures in the 80's


"Just because it isn't official doesn't mean it didn't happen" 


Rocket City Trash Pandas????

Madison, AL is getting Mobile, AL's team (mobile bay bears).

Huntsville + Madison are pretty much a continous city/bedroom community at this point and the area has a -lot- of money + tech/space jobs + is due to grow steadily for years to come.

they're "rocket city" to encompass the area, not just Madison, and the "trash pandas" because lol raccoons.

That's quite the  journey to a crazy name. Thank you for the explanation.

Rocket City, I get. But doesn't Rocket City Raccoons have a pretty solid ring to it? Kind of evokes the character from the Marvel movies.

Now there's a market deficiency waiting to be exploited.  Be the first pro team to get hooked into the Marvel universe.  Cubs could start inching their way in....replace Ant Man with Bart Man? 

Already behind the Mets in that regard sadly, Thor plays for them.

Rocket City Racoons also brought to mind the Beatles "Rocky Raccoon"

He walked into his room and took out Gideon's bible.

it's even better, they are the Rocket City Trash Pandas (which is a nickname for Racoons). They are the AA affiliate of the Dodgers. The current franchise moved from Mobile (Bay Bears) in 2017.  Huntsville (Stars), which is essentially Rocket City, moved to Biloxi, MS in 2015 and are now the Biloxi Shuckers.

Rocket City got it's name from Werner von Braun who was a leading developer of the US rocket and space program including NASA's origins. He moved to Huntsville in the 1950's. WVB's wiki page shows his complex and very interesting history including German origins and work during WWII. It's worth a read.

Minor leage ball has certainly gained a nice sense as to the importance of name  flamboyance. My friend in Jacksonville (AA-Marlins) is looking forward to seeing the Jumbo Shrimp this year. I love all these great team names and logos.

The RC TPs were supposed to start play in 2020, so they sold a tshirt last year with the schedule , the inaugural logo, & "MISSION ABORTED". That is one great piece of MiLB swag. 

Hi Phil,  where is Jack Patterson these days?

Lets hope Brennan Davis is OK, getting hit in the face sounds really bad and dangerous. Tony Conigliaro (Jack Hamilton, damaged eye) and Ron Santo (Jack Fisher, fractured cheek bones) have been there, done that. 

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  • crunch 1 hour 56 min ago (view)

    it screws up stats.  i know you play for wins/losses, but real money is on the line for players and makes agent/player homework selling their client a bit harder.

    it also makes historical comparisons difficult.

    the amount of time i've seen a fresh inning starting out...bunt guy to 3rd for an out, IBB, IBB is too high.  what would amount to a leadoff single following that can easily turn into 2 runs (1 earned) with guys on the corner...which usually leads to another IBB.


  • Charlie 3 hours 1 min ago (view)

    Jay Jaffe has a timely argument against the runner on second rule over at fangraphs:

    I still don't know why we don't just have ties. Obviously, the Cubs could have dodged most of these situations by simply hitting a little bit during the regulation innings.


  • Arizona Phil 5 hours 46 min ago (view)

    The Cubs have signed free-agent RHSP Adrian Sampson to a minor league contract and he has been assigned to AAA Iowa, and RHP Michael McAvene, LHP Jack Patterson, and OF Donnie Dewees have been placed on the 60-day IL to open up slots for Sampson, Trayce Thompson, and Kyle Ryan on the Cubs minor league 180-man Domestic Reserve List. 


  • crunch 6 hours 11 min ago (view)

    well that sucked.

    2-game sweep, 2 games under .500


  • crunch 6 hours 37 min ago (view)

    stumbled onto this today...clip from a 2019 ESPN broadcast game with boog, chipper jones, and david ross in the booth...

    boog used to call games for ATL, btw...


  • tim815 9 hours 6 min ago (view)

    Someone on social media was floating Yoelqui Cespedes to the Cubs in a Bryant trade.

    I was clueless if it was permitted. It is.


  • Wrigley Rat 20 hours 7 min ago (view)

    The Cubs have traded for outfielder Trayce Thompson, who was with the Diamondbacks at Triple-A, but is formerly of the big league White Sox, Dodgers, and A’s. The Diamondbacks are getting cash in the deal, which is a reflection of the reality that Thompson, 30, is a depth outfielder at this point in his career. Thompson is the younger brother of NBA star Klay Thompson.


  • crunch 1 day 2 hours ago (view)

    i'd like to point out ross feels more comfortable with j.pederson and k.bryant in CF over j.heyward.

    watching heyward not just look human in the OF, but having a bit of a hard time is rough.  he's just not getting to stuff like he used to.


  • crunch 1 day 2 hours ago (view)

    bryant out of the game for no apparent reason...that...doesn't seem good...

    he's "under the weather" according the clubhouse.  that's better than screwed up oblique or similar, at least.


  • crunch 1 day 4 hours ago (view)

    this shane bieber guy kinda sucks.  1 run in, bases loaded 0 outs.

    i hope 4-5 innings of alzolay and the 5 pen guys after him hold it down.

    ...hey wow, bases loaded 0 out turns into 0 runs...very cubs.


  • George Altman 1 day 5 hours ago (view)

    Baseball wants more offense, fans want more action -- limit pitching staffs to 12, ideally transition to 11 over a 3 year period. 

    Teams are asking RPs to throw only 45 pitches a week. Think about that.

    SPs who throw 175 IP/Yr will be museum pieces in 5 years.

    It's not shifts. Oh....and electronic Strike zones as soon as possible. 


  • crunch 1 day 6 hours ago (view)

    given that the starters are on pace to pitch around 150 innings this year they might need the zillion relievers.

    i'm under the impression that d.ross got a new Fitbit exercise tracker prior to the season and likes to have excuses to walk to the mound for higher step counts.  i'm going with this theory until proved otherwise.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 1 day 7 hours ago (view)

    I get that 40 man rosters are complicated, but now we have 10 GD relievers and 3 bench guys, one of whom is an obviously injured Javy.

    I can't wait until they reinstate the 13 pitchers maximum rule.


  • crunch 1 day 7 hours ago (view)

    baez (again) a late scratch because back ouchies.


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 8 hours ago (view)

    OF Jake Marisnick to 10-DAY IL, and Cubs recall LHRP Brad Wieck. 


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    Prior to last season, Rule 4 Competitive Balance Draft picks could be traded in advance of the draft (the window beginning on December 2nd and extending up until two hours prior to the start of the draft), although the pick could not be sold for cash, the pick itself could not be the PTBNL in a trade, and once traded the pick could not be flipped to a third team.

    However, there is presently a moratorium on trading Competitive Balance picks that extends through the conclusion of the 2021 draft, so right now no draft picks may be traded.