Cubs vs. Dodgers: Series Thread (Games 25-27)

With Friday's game postponed, the Cubs and Dodgers will open things up with a day-night doubleheader on Saturday. See below for the match-ups in this three-game series.

Game 25, Saturday, May 7, 12:05 pm central

CHC: LHP Drew Smyly (1-2, 2.79 ERA)

LAD: LHP Clayton Kershaw (3-0, 2.35 ERA)

Game 26, Saturday, May 7, 6:40 pm central

CHC: LHP Daniel Norris (0-1, 6.00 ERA)

LAD: LHP Tyler Anderson (2-0, 2.55 ERA)

Game 27, Sunday, May 8, 6:08 pm central

CHC: RHP Marcus Stroman (1-3, 5.13 ERA)

LAD: RHP Walker Buehler (3-1, 2.12 ERA)


fwiw, the way things line up, darvish is gonna pitch vs the cubs (@SD) on wednesday.

i know it's kershaw and all, but it feels like 2022 isn't gonna get much better for the cubs.

there's been a few fun wins, but overall it feels like i'm watching a spring training game almost every day.

knowing game 2 is a f'n "bullpen game" doesn't help things.

CRUNCH: I feel like I'm watching a Spring Training game almost every day, too.

Spring training is an apt description. This team is an embarrassment. We're saved from the division basement only because there's a 4-22 team there.

Whats worse is that looking at the pieces... how many of these guys are on the next even good Cubs team? Not saying the next Cubs team that is a title contender, just the next above average team.

The last 2 or so weeks have been unwatchable. I can not see any quick fixes given how many flaws the current roster has.

i would settle for some small keegan "too important out of the pen" thompson being a starter rather than cleaning up other people's messes and hoping for a win (of which he has 2, more than any cubs starter).  i understand they may want to limit his 2022 innings, but meh...

we knew what this was when the season began.  it just takes some time to sink in that there may not be many pleasant surprises.

it's may and i've already seen fans wondering what we're gonna get for d.robertson and hoping others (contreras/hendricks) can up their game to bring trade value.  it's 2021 vibes all over again, but with crappier cards to play.

Beginning today (the 31st day of the MLB regular season), the current standings as of 9 AM are now used to determine daily waiver claim priority. (Beginning on the day after the conclusion of an MLB regular season and extending up through the 30th day of the next MLB regular season, the previous season's standings are used to determine daily waiver claim priority). 

p.wisdom seems to have tweaked something.  out of the game and had a hard time going downstairs into the clubhouse.

buckle up for what might be a good amount of villar getting to attempt to throw baseballs from 3rd base.

Thank goodness we planned for this and have such excellent depth at the position waiting in Iowa

things felt a bit "doomy" for 2022-???? when everyone was getting traded away last year for key guys that had expected Rookie/A-ball slots for 2022.

at least the cubs snagged caleb kilian...and nick madrigal is a decent/cheap supporting player in a lineup that can play 2nd without embarrasing himself.

it's not like all those kids snagged were junk or extreme long-shots, but the trades weren't for proven minor league experience close to getting their shot in the bigs.

I'm sure we'll see at least some of the various teenagers/ 20-21 year olds acquired last year in Chicago at some point and Kilian definitely seems to have been a good get, but man, it certainly feels like it's going to be a painful next handful of years.

yeah.  i don't think many are complaining about snagging pete crow-armstrong and some of the other guys should taste AA this season or next year.

we got what we got and hopefully some of them can fast-track themselves.

That would be nice. We definitely find ourselves at a juncture where minor league info is much more interesting than actual Cubs games. I wonder if we'll get another "this isn't a rebuild like last time" nonsense interviews after we trade everything away that anyone wants this July.

Bogie: we'll always have 21-0.

cubs end of year highlight reel is going to be a full replay of that game and nothing else.

contreras was very confused trying to chase down 3 balls, but he got all of them.

steele leaves after 4 with what appears to be a blister/cramp/hand-injury/??? while warming up for the 5th.

not a bad performance given the lineup he faced and the short notice.  most of the bad was concentrated in a single inning.

4ip 3h 2bb 3k, 2 r/er

rucker takes over.

he loads the bases with 7 pitches (3 hits).  that's rare talent.