Your 2015 DSL Cubs!

The Dominican Summer League (DSL) begins play tomorrow (Saturday 5/30), and the Cubs will be fielding a team in the DSL for the 19th consecutive season. 

There are 38 teams in the DSL in 2015 (all 30 MLB clubs have at least one DSL affiliate, and the Astros, Mariners, Mets, Orioles, Rangers, Red Sox, Reds, and Yankees have two each). The Mariners unexpectedly moved their club in the Venezuelan Summer League (VSL) to the DSL just prior to the start of Spring Training, leaving just four teams in the VSL (VSL Cubs  VSL Phillies, VSL Rays, and VSL Tigers), but the VSL itself may not exist beyond this season, meaning the Cubs, Phillies, Rays and Tigers may operate two teams in the DSL next season.  

14 members of the 2014 DSL Cubs (RHRP Assael Aquino, RHRP Luiz Escanio, C Eric Gonzalez, RHSP Junior Marte, RHSP Jose Morel, C-1B Richard Nunez, OF Chris Pieters, RHSP Andri Rondon, RHRP Aneuris Rosario, INF Miguel Ruiz, RHSP Pedro Silverio, INF Franklin Tineo, RHRP Deibi Torres, and OF Luis Ubiera) will be returning to the club in 2015, while twelve others (RHRP Pedro Araujo, OF Roberto Caro, RHSP Oscar de la Cruz, 2B Frandy de la Rosa, LHRP Andin Diaz, OF Jenner Emeterio, OF Robert Garcia, IF-OF Carlos Jimenez, C Yohan Matos, RHSP Erling Moreno, OF-1B Jose Paniagua, and RHSP Santiago Rodriguez) 
are presently at Cubs Extended Spring Training in Mesa and are unlikely to return to the DSL in 2015.

Catcher Eric Gonzalez was at Extended Spring Training with the other twelve, but was sent back to the DSL last week after going 0-13 with one walk and five strikeouts in 14 Cactus League EXST Plate Appearances. Gonzalez was signed by the Cubs last June, and hit 254/297/322 in 19 DSL games last season. 

20-year old Chris Pieters (signed by the Cubs as a 16-year old out of Curacao in 2011 - $350K bonus) will be making the unusual conversion of LHP to outfielder with the DSL Cubs in 2015, but a 9.31 ERA and 119 walks surrendered in 77.1 IP over three seasons can do that to a guy.

14 of the 33 players on the DSL Cubs 2015 Opening Day roster will be making their pro debut in 2015 (these players are underlined below). Another (RHP Hector Garcia) was purchased from a Mexican League team post-2014, and three more (RHPs Luis Aquino, Julian Aybar, and Miguel Estevez) were signed after being released by other MLB organizations.  . 

Because they exceeded their pre-assigned 2013-14 International Signmg Bonus Pool limit by more than 15% (when they signed OF Eloy Jimenez, SS Gleyber Torres, RHP Jen-Ho Tseng, RHP Jeferson Mejia, RHP Erling Moreno, and C Yohan Matos), the Cubs were restricted to signing no player to a bonus in excess of $250,000 in the 2014-15 International Signing Period (ISP), Eight of the twelve players receiving six-figure signing bonuses from the Cubs during the 2014-15 ISP have been assigned to the DSL Cubs, including LHSP Wander Cabrera ($250K), CF Jose Jules ($250K), RF Samir Lara ($250K), SS Fidel Mejia ($250K), 3B Rafael Mejia ($250K), SS Yeiler Peguero ($250K), RF Yovanny Cuevas ($200K), and 3B-LF Tony Rijo ($100K).    


* bats or throws left
# bats both 

Assael Aquino
Luis Aquino (previously released by CLE)
Julian Aybar (previously released by TB)
* Wander Cabrera 
Wagner Disla 
Luiz Escanio 
Miguel Estevez (previously released by CIN)
Hector Garcia (purchased from Yucatan - MEX)
Fauris Guerrero 
Junior Marte 
Jose Morel 
* Pablo Ochoa 
Eury Ramos 
Andri Rondon 
Aneuris Rosario 
Pedro Silverio 
Jesus Tejada
Deibi Torres 

: 3
Eric Gonzalez
Richard Nunez 
Raymond Pena 

# Fidel Mejia 
Rafael Mejia 
# Yeiler Peguero
Tony Rijo 
# Miguel Ruiz 
Franklin Tineo 

Yovanny Cuevas 
Wander Feliz 
Jose Jules
Samir Lara
* Chris Pieters (ex-OF)
Luis Ubiera  

Juan Cabreja

Claudio Almonte (Hitting Coach) 
Armando Gabino (Pitching Coach)
Carlos Ramirez (Assistant Coach) 

Jose Alvarez 

Tom Sanchez



It looks like a very young roster.

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  • Cubster 1 hour 52 min ago (view)

    'we have a donald trump problem, but he may be a highly advanced and dangerous symptom rather than the actual disease.'

    Surely true, dear Crunch. Trump has emboldened the ugly fact that America's cruel underbelly is still racism and police brutality that forwards that original sin. 

    America NEEDS its HEROES.


  • Cubster 2 hours 2 min ago (view)

    if he does die by "suicide", I would blame Bill Barr and look into a real conspiracy.


  • Cubster 2 hours 4 min ago (view)

    welcome to an unwelcome June 1st.


  • Hagsag 2 hours 58 min ago (view)

    November 3, vote!


  • George Altman 10 hours 21 min ago (view)

    Yes, many players are millionaires too. However, a good percentage of MLB Owners are billionaires. If there's no MLB in 2020 that's on 30 owners, not the players no matter how the Press spins things. 


  • George Altman 10 hours 26 min ago (view)

    Well said, Crunch. #Resistance 


  • crunch 10 hours 35 min ago (view)

    i'm not a fan of this administration.  i'm not a fan of someone holding office who's rise to political prominence involved insisiting, with proof he clamed, that the current elected president at the time was not a citizen of the United States.

    we watched as state after state was slowly "won over" by promises of keeping out muslims and hispanics as the most important issue that could help elevate the state of our country.


  • BobbyD 12 hours 16 min ago (view)

    Crunch, I'm looking at you. You dominate this site, you never don't comment. Say something meaningful now this country is effed if our current pussy is reelected. Personally I would love tomorrow's headline to be he died an agonizing death. It's time we bring this motherfucket down. 


  • BobbyD 14 hours 46 min ago (view)

    So the Minneapolis cop who murdered George Floyd is on suicide watch. Gosh, I sure hope that pathetic piece of shit doesn't take his own life. How can MAGA be true if pigs like this fuck die? Think of the white people!!!


  • crunch 14 hours 55 min ago (view)

    "Jon Heyman of MLB Network reports that there is "no evidence of progress yet" in talks between MLB and the MLBPA and, thus, "no realistic hope" of reaching a deal by the "soft" June 1 deadline.

    Heyman adds, though, that the deadline "was soft for a reason" and the "hope remains to start (the) season (during the) July 4 weekend." In order for that to happen and for spring training 2.0 to start as hoped on June 10, June 5-9 appears to be the likeliest window for a deal to get done"


  • crunch 1 day 17 hours ago (view)

    don't worry, i'm sure even though he was spared from cuts there's some hardship he's being tortured with that he has to unfairly overcome.  #coreystrong #onthecross #yolo #swag #kony2012


  • crunch 1 day 17 hours ago (view)

    there's no way a system like that or something similar to that would work.

    "oh hi." - green bay packers

    *shoves out of way*

    like i said, there's no way that would work.


  • Hagsag 1 day 20 hours ago (view)

    Corey Black still has a job.


  • Charlie 1 day 20 hours ago (view)

    I am ready for MLB owners to give it a f***ing rest. I don't have any outrage to spare on them.

    If they can't afford this crisis, maybe they can surrender franchise rights to the players, grounds crew, concession employees, etc., and MLB teams can be employee owned.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 2 days 37 min ago (view)

    Couldn't have said it better myself, unfortunately.


  • JustSayin' 2 days 9 hours ago (view)

    These players weren't cut/released; laid off is more like it. Fifty-two minor leaguers let go before any real games played, in two waves. The draft will be five rounds this year, not forty.  This is industrial downsizing, anticipating no traditional season this year and capitulation to MLB demands for a much smaller minor league system in 2021.  Next year or 2022 could also see a labor stoppage in the big leagues, over what promises to be a very tough CBA negotiation.  The game will not be what it used to be after this.