Cubs vs. Padres: Series Thread (Games 53-55)

The Cubs continued a hot streak by taking two out of three games against Cincinnati over the weekend. Unfortunately, they lost two more main cast members to unusual baseball injuries. David Bote will be out indefinitely with left shoulder injury that looked quite painful--see while everyone awaits official reports. Trevor Williams will also at least miss his start in this series due to an emergency apendectomy. The Cubs will have to do their best in this series with an emergency starter for the opening game and probably lots of Ortega, Wisdom, Sogard, and perhaps the newly added Sergio Alcantara. Those reinforcements face a tough assignment as the Cubs take on the first place San Deigo Padres (34-20). See below for the pitching matchups.

Game 53, Monday, May 31, 1:20 pm central


SDP: RHP Chris Paddack (2-3, 3.61 ERA)

As of 3 hours before the game, the Cubs have not yet announced Trevor Williams's substitute starter. They may announce a roster move bringing Alec Mills or Kohl Stewart to Chicago, or they may ask Keegan Thompson to provide a few innings on the front end of the game.

25-year-old Chris Paddack gets the ball for the Padres. He broke into the majors in 2019 and is now 15-15 in 47 career starts with a 3.72 ERA. Over his last four games, he's allowed three earned runs in 19 innings pitched. He has a plus changeup and has reverse splits this season but is near neutral for his career. Joc Pederson has faced him 14 times and is two for 14 with both hits coming as homeruns.

Game 54, Tuesday, June 1, 7:05 pm central

CHC: RHP Kyle Hendricks (5-4, 4.63 ERA)

SDP: LHP Ryan Weathers (2-1, 1.31 ERA)

Hendricks is coming off a strong month of work in which he had an ERA of 2.67 and cut his walk rate by more than half compared to April. He also provided depth, going six or more innings in four out of five starts.

Prior to 2021, the highest level Ryan Weathers had pitched at was full-season A-ball. This season, he's made the leap to the majors, making five relief appearances and six starts for the Padres so far. The 21-year-old has enjoyed surprising success in that time, thanks in large part to a .191 BABIP, a 97.1% LOB, and 0.79 homeruns per nine innings. The gap between his ERA and xERA is nearly 3.5. The Cubs will be looking to advance the cause of regression to the mean.

Game 55, Wednesday, June 2, 1:20 pm central

CHC: RHP Adbert Alzolay (3-4, 3.81 ERA)

SDP: RHP Dinelson Lamet (1-0, 2.57 ERA)

Last time out, Alzolay earned his first scorless start of 2021. He worked around five hits and three walks while striking out six in 5.2 innings pitched, and the bullpen helped him get that last out of the sixth. He continues to be nearly a two-pitch pitcher; he threw his changeup less than 2% of the time in that start and, according to pitch tracking, threw no curves.

Speaking of throwing lots of sliders, Alzolay will be facing off against Dinelson Lamet, one of only a handful of starters who relies on his slider about as much. Lamet has thrown his slider more than 50% of the time and thrived in four starts and six total appearances this season. He has not, however, pitched more than three innings in any appearance so far this year. Lamet concluded 2020 with a biceps injury and had a delayed start to 2021 due to issues with his UCL. He missed all of 2018 following Tommy John Surgery. Joc Pederson is three for ten with two homeruns off of him.



455ft to CF.  wow.

k.stewart PFP master class.

Baez HR hit the camera shack. 
Sergio Alcantara's first Cub AB is a CF double to the wall.

and KB's dinger results in a beer shower to RF Wil Myers and also sends Chris Paddock to the clubhouse shower.

trying to catch a $6 ball in your $8 beer...where everyone will be soaked in beer within a 6ft radius no matter the a trend that should die already...along with those that follow it up by drinking the beer if your cup doesn't shatter trying to catch it in the first place.

i got a piece of this at a minor league game once.  dude was super appologetic about it, so everyone was cool with it...but yeah...2 hours later it was an interesting smell for the ride home.

good job by good he got to throw 64 pitches.

another 4 inning pen performance.

...and the pen gives up a homer (thompson/tatis jr).  at least there's a 3 run lead.


* also featuring javy baez

oh no...jeff garlin 7th...please be sober...please be a little tired...please don't hang around for multiple innings ranting through the play on the field...

seemed sober...only worked 1/2 inning...talked through the whole damn thing.  i'll take that, it's about the best you can ask for.

Agreed.  Even got a Cubs HR out of the relatively quick half inning. 

i accept him for who he is...excitable, talkative, "hyperactive", etc...and he is a legit mega-fan...but wow, give him a mic and you might not get it back until you take it from him.

his fandom is top tier amongst the celeb crowd, but wow...i'm a small doses type of person with garlin.

maybin DFA'd by the mets after going 1-28 with 3 walks.  ow.

k.pillar and his multiple face fractures has been activated after only 10d on the IL.  alright, then.

Jose Quintana was removed from his outing yesterday and lands on injured list w left shoulder inflammation. He signed w Angels for 1yr at $8M. So far has 33 IP and 7.33 ERA. 

Didn't think I would ever write this but would the Cubs ever consider exercising their 2022 club option on Kimbrel?  Looked it up and its $16 million for 2022 versus a $1 mil buyout.  $15 million for elite closer on a 1 year deal doesn't seem like the worst contract in the world.  Guess I'm getting caught up in the current Cubs excitement and trying to find reasons to justify not trading everybody at the deadline. 

depends on what tom "biblical losses" ricketts has to say, probably...espeically with being unsure what the 2022 mlb labor/owner balance looks like.

tonight's kimbrel (game 2) wasn't just vintage kimbrel, it was damn near peak kimbrel.

no one stood a chance.  3Ks...caratini worked a 3-2 count and that was the best AB by anyone cuz no swings by any batter in the inning came close.

Yeah, his stuff was electric.  Had the combination of velocity, movement and control all going tonight.  Fun to watch.

cubs sweep SD.  wow.

Mookie Betts has batted twice in the Dodger 1st vs Stl. Still only one out.

RIP c.martinez's ERA

...a f'n grand slam ends his statistical night after woodford lets bellinger cash in the 3 martinez left on base...10 runs earned in 0.2ip

11-1, end 1st, but hey, Goldschmidt hit a dinger.