Cubs @ Orioles: Series Thread (Games 56 & 57)

The Cubs managed to take only two out of five against the Cardinals despite putting together a pretty competitive series at home against their rivals. They'll begin a 5-game visit to the AL East with an abbreviated series against the Baltimore Orioles. See below for matchups.

Game 56, Tuesday, June 7, 6:05 pm central

CHC: RHP Keegan Thompsan (6-0, 1.99 ERA)

BAL: RHP Kyle Bradish (1-3, 6.82 ERA)

Game 57, Wednesday, June 8, 6:05 pm central

CHC: RHP Marcus Stroman (2-3, 5.32 ERA)

BAL: RHP Jordan Lyles (3-4, 4.50 ERA)


8 homers in 33 innings for bradish, 7 games and a homer in all of them.  ouch.

Think we're going to make him look like Cy Young?

pretty much a sure-bet, i imagine.

7ip 1h 0bb 21k, 0r/er

d.bote is experiencing on/off diziness and has been shelved from his rehab assignment for evaluation.


joe maddon is out of a job.

phil nevin in.

maddon had a 157-172 record with LAA over 3 years.

12 game losing streaks are rough on any manager, also includes 15 losses in last 17 games.

he's already given an interview about it and he's uh...salty.  not a melt-down or anything too harsh...but yeah...not thrilled and didn't see it coming.

I suspect Joe Madden will go on a national park trailer trip unless someone throws $$ at him to be a color analyst.

cleveland guardians player oscar gonzalez has the theme from spongebob squarepants as his walk-up song and i hope he has an insanely long career.

a.mills activated and expected to work out of the pen for a while.

espinoza to AA.

thompson's thrown 3 pitches and given up 2 homers.

7 runs earned over 3 innings.

command was crap.  he couldn't consistantly spot anything.  rainy night, but damn...  next start @NYY...good f'n luck, bro.

a.mills got 5 innings out of the pen and did the usual a.mills things.  he got 6Ks, but i'd chalk that up to facing BAL rather than something he's done with his pitching.

I was in the blackout zone for this one, but I can't say I feel all that bad I didn't get to watch it 

same...watched a "liberated" feed...

i live in an area where BAL/WAS are my blackout zone and there is no way to see either team on any cable, streaming, dish, etc package from any vendor in my area.  go figure.

suzuki may be available this weekend, and miley might pitch vs yanks, too (per d.ross).

rain timetable on start, if there's a start.

Kind of like our timetable to be a contender again...

this is where the cubs turn it around.

i'm sure jason heyward is hitting his apex of his hour+ screaming rain delay speech about right now.

game postponed...of course.

aug 18th makeup.