Cubs @ Yankees: Series Thread (Games 57-59)

The Cubs and Orioles were rained out and the Cubs take Thursday off as well. A rested squad will take on the Yankees in New York. With all pitching matchups currently TBD, game times only listed below.

Game 57, Friday, June 10, 6:05 pm central

Game 58, Saturday, June 11, 6:05 pm central

Game 59, Sunday, June 12, 12:35 pm central


STL lost and MIL is tied.  if MIL loses their game the cubs could gain a half game on a day off.

hahaha...j/k,  woo, not trying to compete sure is fun.

107 games to go.

tony larussa called for the intentional walk of trea turner today...on a 1-2 count with 2 outs.

freddy freeman was on 1st and was totally confused it was happening...asking his 1st base coach "what?"

anyway, max muncy immediately hits a 3r homer.

i'm not much for "manager magic" being as important as any player put on the field, but that manager signing was stupid as hell.  last night larussa hit leury garcia 1st in the lineup...a guy with a .193 ob%

it's like he's trying to get fired.

...Stirring up the memories of Dusty's Cub lineup construction talk.

i never really got that because, like it or not, it was formulated.

speed leads, low-K contact hits wasn't a mystery it was going to happen.  the GM knew it, the team knew's happening.  give him neifi, guess what.  give him r.cedeno, guess what.  *shrug*

he's evolved from that since WAS/HOU, but he was what he was.

He learned to manage the Giants when they were a bunch of bad-tempered bastards.  Everyone had a fixed role, and no one got angry because someone else got his at bats. 

people really under-value how baker managed to have bonds + kent on the same team for years without killing each other or turning the clubhouse into a terrible workplace.

they're toxic individually and together it's 2 different potential clubhouse poisons.

c.fraizer DFA'd.

stroman to 15d IL with right shoulder inflamation.

rucker and rivas to AAA.

miley activated.  gomes activated.  c.martin activated.  villar activated.

Clint Frazier had a $100K roster bonus that would have kicked-in on Monday with more potentially down the line, so the DFA is not a surprise. 

The Cubs could have just as easily transferred Michael Hermosillo to the 60-day IL to make room for Chris Martin on the 40 and then they would have been able to keep both Hermosillo and Frazier around for a while longer, but they clearly wanted to axe Frazier at this particular point in time. 

fraizer playing OF was pathetic.  his jumps are terrible, his chase is was embarrasing.  at least schwarber's terrible D had a plus arm to back it up.

miley gets friday night, swarmer gets saturday

...and miley is injured.


"left shoulder soreness"

Starting to get a bad feeling him and Smyly won't be able to be traded...

june 10th...heyward gets his 1st HR of the season.

I remember back in 2010 when he homered off of Zambrano in his first game as a rookie. I was thinking to myself, "gee, it would be nice if we could get players like that".

Look what you've done to us!!

Sorry'bout that!

i miss zambrano.  he was 50% fun and 50% clinically insane.

sigh...cubs lose in 13 innings.

nice friday night game, though.

miley 15d IL...rucker up

madrigal sitting with a groin issue, may or may not IL.

Seems to me that the IL (and other "inactive" lists) has had more than the normal amount of activity this year than usual. I remember years with a lot of pitchers going down, but there seems to be a high number of position players getting listed this year also. 

cubs and reds are sending entire rosters to the IL.  yes, the cubs expected to suck, but this isn't helping keep the illusion of competition.

2 pitches and the yanks lead.

phew.  this season.  it sure...exists.

Welcome to the big leagues, kid!


5ip 7h 0bb 4k...6 of 7 hits were solo homers.  rizzo finally got one off the cubs...g.torres got one, too (2nd off the cubs, career).

this was an embarrasment even if the yanks are a team of hired gun sluggers.  swarmer was left in to simply give the pitching a break.  swarmer should have been removed after the 4th with the cubs down by 3, but he got sent out for a 5th to give up 3 more homers and a couple really deep fly-outs.

swarmer gave up 3 homers in the 12 innings before this...9 homers in 17 innings.  ow.  he's always been hit/homer-prone, though.  hard to keep going through the lineup as a starter when your pitch mix is heavy on 2 pitches and you're not randy johnson.

looks like suzuki is gonna be out a while...

“It’s just going really slowly,” Cubs manager David Ross said Saturday before the Cubs played the Yankees. “He wants to be back in there bad. But the finger doesn’t look great. It’s really stayed almost status quo.”

Cubs president Jed Hoyer is on the trip and said that he planned to meet with Suzuki and the medical staff to determine what to try next.


Bombs away again.

103 to go...

k.thompson has been really sketchy the past 3 games with his command/control...esp the last 2.

new lineup...

morel - happ - contreras - morel - happ - contreras - morel - happ - contreras

if one of them is on base when their AB comes up, then they advance home to score a run automatically and then take their AB.

as for the pitching rotation...

wait, can d.robertson pitch every inning of every game?

If we're playing in the 1870's, yes. 

1870s?  okay.

happ - happ - happ - happ - happ - happ - happ - happ - happ

Happ-y Days Are Here Again?

schwindel pitching.

3rd time we're having a position player pitch this year and it's not even the all-star break.

he had a better outing (1ip 2h 0bb 0k, 1r/er) than 3 other cubs pitchers in the game...because 2022 cubs.

eric stout called up, sean newcomb DFA'd...