Cardinals @ Cubs: Wacha vs Arrieta (Game 70)

Weather permitting…

STL (37-33): RHP Michael Wacha (2-7, 4.56)
CHC (47-22): RHP Jake Arrieta (11-1, 1.74)
First pitch: 1:20pmCST

Arrieta beat the Pirates on Friday (6 IP, 0 ER, 11 K, 3 BB). He won in St. Louis last month, despite giving up 4 ER in 5 innings. The Cards are 29-147 (.197) against him. Adams is 6-18. Holliday (1-18) sits.

Wacha pitched well (7.2 IP, 1 ER, 7 K, 2 BB) but took the loss against the Rangers his last time out. He lost to the Cubs in St. Louis last month giving up 8 ER in 4 innings. The Cubs are 30-97 (.309) against him. Rizzo is 11-25 with 2 HR.

Lester (9-3, 2.06) versus Chen (4-2, 5.22) in Miami tomorrow at 6:10pmCST.

Go Cubs!


nice to see scururzruruzr working CF...he's only worked 2 innings (in 2 games) there this year.

When did they start counting stats from other league in batting average? I guess Coughlin's numbers will suck anyway.

D. Rose to Knicks along with J. Holliday and 2nd round pick for R. Lopez, Jerian Grant and J. Calderon

Lopez has 3 years left on his deal.

D. Rose with 'Melo and Porzingis all trying to get shots. I see no problems there.

Lopez means Noah is gone, which is fine, he's broken too just like Rose.

Wouldn't mind Gasol coming back, would prefer signing Durant or James and Hortford, but that's not happening. Mike Conley or Rondo could be good fits. ~shrug~

Meh. Bulls are done for years. Window slammed shut, and Thibs was the best thing to have heppened here but the morans in the FO couldn't find a way to co-exist. EDIT: No A-Level players will ever sign here with current owners. Alwyas will be chasing Boozers, Gasols, Aaron Brooks, Done-levy...shit like that. Puke...

Pau Gasol was an A-level player. Players rarely shift teams in FA because of the ability to get more from own team. So unless own team can't afford them for cap reasons or just doesn't want them or are rebuilding, it's pretty rare. Durant and James aren't going anywhere for example.

I think Hoiberg sucks, but I honestly think Thibodeau ran his team into the ground too. Rose's knees was nobody fault though...shit happens. Presuming James sticks around Cleveland, it all doesn't matter, but Bulls could manage another 2nd best roster once again with a little effort. Trading Rose to free up some cap space was one of the moves I was hoping for, it's Butler's team now anyway.

Yeah..Hoiberg, the FO missing on #1 draft picks 3 years in a row (Snell, Marquis Teague - cough/puke), Kirk Heinrich, blech. The place is sold out all the time so not much Accountability. Pau is a good complimentary player. Not been "A" level - all star caliber top-10 - in 4/5 years. Trouble with the "D" though.

Goodness, they already had Rose and Butler, those top 10 players don't get moved in free agency very often. Aldridge, James, I guess Dwight Howard although Gasol is a better player imo. That's about it.  It just don't happen. As for the drafts, anything after the top 15 is essentially dart throwing. The fact they found Jimmy Butler at #30 negates any of those misses. Hitting on late 1st round picks and 2nd round picks is not a normal thing (albeit a little more common these days thanks to more international players and guys leaving college earlier meaning more hidden gems in the draft).

I'm not trying to be a Bulls apologist, it's not a particularly forward-thinking front office and they've done plenty of stupid stuff (like trading Aldridge), but there's enough talent to build on and cap space to make them relevant quite quickly.

Not a Bulls fan so won't comment on the specifics of their team but everyone is going to have a ton of cap space and there will be lots of stupid contracts given to undeserving players next few years. You might see a few stars congregating to the same team like happened with Miami but overall you're just gonna see the top level teams get even better and the rest pretty much stay status quo. Especially because the draft this year isn't very good.

They also got Mirotic the same year as Bulter (via trade). He's been inconsistent but better than many players who were drafted ahead of him. I'm in the minority, I guess, in that it's a bit to early to call Hoiberg a failure. And Hinrich was a very solid player for the Bulls, his first go-round in particular. Not his, nor the the team's, fault Wade was drafted ahead of him.

DFA rizzo. :( zobrist spikes one in the dirt on a DP that would have gotten them out of the inning...99.99999999 times out of 100 rizzo snags that...this time 2 runs score. boo.

Brutal error. Perfect DP ball, perfect feed, runner nowhere near, chance to keep the score tied....killer. What a crap series. Cards have really run the pitch count up on all Cub starters. And now a PB for Miggy. Just crap all series. Never understood the official scoring rule that says you can't "assume" a DP, and therefore one of the runs is earned. That was a routine play for Zobrist, and he was charged with an error. How can the run be earned.

Too many errors and blunders this series against a good team. That, plus the B-Team = tough match up.

...and montero is injured. seems minor...out of the game, though.

6th inning sucks... 2 crap pitching performances and an injured catcher...cubs down 7-0.

Burn Wrigley down. Trade Everyone. Fire Maddon. Seriously though...this series was the sucks.

I blame Bob Odenkirk for this game and the short-shorts theme for the trip to Miami.

bob odenkirk deserves a lot of blame...especially for bankrolling tim and eric's early TV ventures.

Carrie Muskat @CarrieMuskat #Cubs say Miguel Montero having his right knee examined. No other update

contreras with another HR...neat.

Let's rebuild around him.

i bet rizzo and bryant could get some good AA/AAA talent ready for 2017. arrieta should be good for something, too. this team is poised for a great rebound once they get rid of the dead weight.

So I think this is one of the "downs" of the "ups and downs of a 162-game season."

Two moves that now make sense to me - amazingly, Theo seems one step (perhaps more) ahead of me: 1. The Contreras promotion: they feel that Miggy is either done - his offense (.197/.312) and defense (2/32 CS) have hurt the team all year) -- or his back is still bothering him. 2. The Warren move: the starters weren't sharp in all 3 games against STL, and Jake isn't JAKE anymore. They have all thrown a lot of innings, and STL was able to run up the pitch count on all 3 of them. Some more days off seems like a really good idea.

CT STEVE: Getting this error frequently (Safari): Error 522 Ray ID: 2b7332d8f86e38ac. Thanks for all that you do.

Yeah, we know. Just kick it when it happens.

"Cubs manager Joe Maddon said that Miguel Montero (knee) checked out fine in his post-game examination." also, rizzo has a sore back (not expected to be a DL visit as of now)

Justin Grimm's ERA is 6.04. Was 3.72 at the end of May.

he's got nice stuff and a good bit of club control left...about all there is to do is stash him until he improves, crash/burns, or someone else takes him on.

He has 1 option left. They could send him down for a bit to work on his game. I don't think they go this route though. His ERA is inflated from only a few games which he gave up 3-4 ERs. Otherwise he's been solid.

didnt know he had an option...still, yeah, i imagine he'll remain up, too.

He's a frustrating guy -- very good stuff, but his command is off this year.

...and the White Sox go into Fenway and win 3 straight from the Red Sox. So, you know, it's baseball.

Nats lose Wed night in some epic little league fashion...snake-bitten one might say.

Once agin, Benny Hill music is appropriate.

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  • Arizona Phil 16 min 20 sec ago (view)

    The Cardinals have to play the doubleheader on Monday at Detroit if either the games impact who or who does not get into the playoffs, or if the games will determine whether the Cards or Cubs finish 1st in the division and get home field advantage in the Wild Card series.


  • Charlie 1 hour 28 min ago (view)

    Maybe he should stick with it for a while.


  • Hagsag 5 hours 40 min ago (view)

    Cardinals have two games left with Detroit, not the Cubs.


  • blockhead25 11 hours 21 min ago (view)

    Ahh, 2 games against the Tigers, but seems to imply they'd only play those games if it will impact which teams make the playoffs.  If the Cardinals win their last 2, I don't believe the other games could impact which Team makes it.  Why would Detroit have any incentive to win those games?  Well, hope the Cubs won one of the next 2 so it doesn't matter.


  • crunch 12 hours 6 min ago (view)

    yeah, it may be another team.  i just know they have a possible monday double header...unless i got that wrong, too.


  • blockhead25 12 hours 37 min ago (view)

    Cubs?  We played the cards the full 10 slate?

    if Cards make playoffs, I would think they'd want nothing to do with having to play a double header Monday to improve playoff seeding.


  • crunch 12 hours 45 min ago (view)

    the cubs may or may not have to play a doubleheader vs STL on monday depending on the next game or 2...i think


  • blockhead25 12 hours 48 min ago (view)

    How did the Cubs not just clinch the division?

    Aren't the Cards only scheduled for 58 games?

    beat Cards can do is 31-27. Worst Cubs can do is 33-27.


  • crunch 13 hours 7 min ago (view)

    j.baez is batting left handed...and hits a double.

    CWS have a position player "pitching"


  • crunch 13 hours 9 min ago (view)

    2nd contreras bat flip, no staring down the pitcher, quick trip around the bases, into the dugout.

    mature de-escalation.


  • crunch 13 hours 10 min ago (view)

    i wish more non-AFL winter league was televised.  dominican, puerto rico, can straight up showboat if you've earned it on a play without having to deal with retaliation (most of the time).  bat flips, pitcher celebrations, swagger home run trots, etc...all fair game.  it's you


  • Craig A. 13 hours 33 min ago (view)

    Plunking a guy for a bat flip only proves the pitcher has thin skin and short fingers. I'm glad Contreras scored. 


  • Cubster 13 hours 49 min ago (view)

    I goofed wrt Bluejays/Astros. They clinched a WC #2 and 8 seed but Houston has a lock on West div team 2. The Indians will be 7 seed and wild card #1, abd team #3 from the central


  • crunch 13 hours 50 min ago (view)

    hey, guess who just got a fastball in the back.


  • crunch 14 hours 39 min ago (view)

    that contreras bat flip, tho...


  • Cubster 16 hours 8 min ago (view)

    Cards lose game 1 of DH w Brewers