Cubs vs. Reds: Series Thread (Games 74-76)

The Cubs return home to take on the Cincinnati Reds in a 3-game series. See below for matchups.

Game 74, Tuesday, June 28, 2022, 7:05 pm central

CHC: RHP Keegan Thompson (7-2, 3.10 ERA)

CIN: RHP Luis Castillo (2-4, 3.71 ERA)

Game 75, Wednesday, June 29, 7:05 pm central

CHC: LHP Justin Steele (2-5, 4.59 ERA)

CIN: RHP Hunter Greene (3-8, 5.66 ERA)

Game 76, Thursday, June 30, 7:05 pm central

CHC: RHP Kyle Hendricks (3-6, 4.90 ERA)

CIN: RHP Graham Ashcraft (4-1, 3.27 ERA)


the most important series for the cubs so far this season.

it's going to be really hard, but if they can manage to lose 3 in a row they'll push their way into last place.

heyward, we're counting on you to not pull your weight.  morel, keep that slump going.  happ and contreras are liabilities, but they've proven in the past they can underperform so i got faith.  let's do this.

heyward out with knee injury, not IL, but might not play this series.

also smyly and stroman threw live BP today...and miley played catch.

also also, suzuki may be ready to start a rehab assignment later this week.

Phil, can you remind us what kind of defensive skills Moises Ballesteros has behind the plate? You've definitely told us before, so I apologize about asking again.

Childersb3: In terms of body type, Moises Ballesteros resembles a left-handed hitting version of Toronto Blue Jays catcher Alejandro Kirk. Looking at him you might not think he can play any sport, other than maybe sumo wrestling, or maybe nose tackle in the NFL. But Ballestros can really, really hit. He makes hard contact with a high-angle swing, takes walks, and hits home runs. He is a very slow runner.  

Behind the plate, Ballesteros has an above average arm, and while he is more athletic than you might think based on his body, his receiving needs works. He Is significantly more athletic behind the plate than fellow ACL Cubs catchers Dilan Granadillo or Ronnier Quintero, even though all three of them have almost exactly the same body type (especially Granadillo and Ballesteros, who could be twins).  

As I have said here before, Moises Ballesteros is everything the Cubs hoped Ronnier Quintero would be, but isn't. 

There is no way Ballesteros isn't one of the Cubs Top 15 prospects. I can't believe how he has been ignored everywhere but here. 

Unfortunately Phil lots of us Cubs folk just learn from you then the word is spread. Sounds like Moises has a real chance. Lefty hitting Receivers don't come around much. 

narciso crook is with the club in the dugout.  someone's gonna get IL'd...probably heyward.

heyward IL, crook up, hermosillo to 60d IL

Although Michael Hermosillo is now on the 60-day IL, he can be reinstated as early as next Thursday because he has already spent 54 days on the 10-Day IL, and days spent on the 10-day or 15 day IL prior to being transferred to the 60-day IL counts toward the minimum number of days a player must spend on the 60-day IL before he can be reinstated.  

Nice article in the Des Moines register on Narisco Crook.

2022 cubs suck, but the 2022 reds sure are something...

suzuki's in the lineup in a single so far...neat.

...and a solo homer.

2 for 3 night, removed after the 5th inning (was playing RF)

see you soon, suzuki.

jebus christ...

bote and hoerner colide...of course, the main target is bote's shoulder.

he's either okay or pretending to be okay, but dude has some pain on him.  he's staying in the game.

yeah, might be without bote a while.  hopefully rest is all that's needed.