Cubs vs. Mets: Series Thread (Games 89-92)

The Cubs finish of the pre-All-Star portion of the season with 4-games against the New York Mets. See below for the daily matchups.

Game 89, Thursday, July 14, 7:05 pm central

CHC: RHP Keegan Thompson (7-3, 3.04 ERA)

NYM: RHP Carlos Carrasco (9-4, 4.55 ERA)

Game 90, Friday, July 15, 1:20 pm central

CHC: RHP Marcus Stroman (2-5, 4.91 ERA)

NYM: RHP Taijuan Walker (7-2, 2.63 ERA)

Game 91, Saturday, July 16, 1:20 pm central

CHC: LHP Drew Smyly (2-5, 4.43 ERA)

NYM: RHP Max Scherzer (6-1, 2.15 ERA)

Game 92, Sunday, July 17, 1:20 pm central

CHC: RHP Adrian Sampson (0-1, 3.33 ERA)

NYM: LHP David Peterson (5-2, 3.48 ERA)


thompson "doesn't have it" tonight...badly...

Why is tonight different from all other nights?

it's not Passover but Crunch sounds like he's working on the Cubs version of the four questions.

i'm from the south, but far north of florida.  i have limited exposure to even passing references to jewish culture aside from TV, so i learned new stuff tonight.

i went searching for enough info for a decent comeback, but ended up learning a bunch of stuff about passover and how traditions around it are passed on.

but hey, i understand the joke now at least.

also, the past 10 minutes reading about this has been better than the game.  i'm ready for 2023.

Good on you, crunch! 

I thought for a minute about a good comeback for Cubster, but I gave up. Good prompt, though. Anyone else?

evidently schwindy is back and a.simmons is on the IL (right shoulder).

Here's the Passover comeback...

Moses to Ricketts: Let my people (Willson, Happ) go.

Crunch: that was a wonderful reply. Thanks for being so thoughtful (and inquisitive).

Cubs are now tied with the Reds at 34 wins. Only 5  losses above the Nats for the worst record in both leagues.

Who can drop the most good players before the trade deadline?

Cub-Met game postponed due to ongoing rain in the area. Split DH Saturday.

Because the doubleheader was scheduled as the result of a postponement earlier in the series, the 27th man will be available for the Cubs and Mets in the second game only. 

I splurged and got a killer seat Field Box between home and 1st. Hadn't seen Keegan Thompson live yet, and it was just so gorgeous out. Oh but then the game part... So many Met rockets. People were saying maybe Thompson was tipping. When Ross got tossed, the whole place was quiet enough for me to hear a Met fan go, "What's that guy yelling about?" I woulda laughed but...

the cubs announce crew thought thompson was tipping, too, but couldn't point out anything specific.

every fastball near the zone was hit hard, almost like batting practice, in the first couple innings.

Also Crunch, it was like I was sitting in the Met fan section, so really not fun. 

they sure are...umm...vocal.

Did a quick check of Stubhub and this would be the year to splurge.  Some amazing deals, only downside is it comes with a 2022 Cubs game. Lot less than when I was in Chicago back in 2019 for work and splurged.  Feel bad for season ticket holders. 

Jordan Wicks to TN!

He'll make his AA debut on Sunday

Herz to TN as well!

He'll probably get a start next Tuesday or Wed

it's getting real up in here.  2023 real, hopefully.

stroman - ??? - hendricks - steele - thompson

herz and wicks in AA/AAA ready to feed the pipeline.  killian in the mix already primed to be MLB or MLB/AAA type player.

alzolay technically exists, but he'll be 28 in march 2023 and he's never been able to throw more than 130 innings in a full season on combined levels in his 10 year pro career.  it would be nice to see him work a full season in the pen with his stuff, though.

D. J. Herz will be Rule 5 Draft-eligible post-2023 so the Cubs could call him up anytime in 2023 if they think he's ready. Jordan Wicks will not be Rule 5 Draft-eligible until post-2024. HOWEVER... If Wicks were to be called up sometime in 2023 he would get a 4th minor league option in 2026 (just like Caleb Kilian getting called up in 2022 means he will be getting a 4th minor league option in 2025), so the Cubs might not think twice about calling up Wicks next season. We might actually see a starting rotation of Steele, K. Thompson, Herz, Wicks, and Kilian by this time next year (presuming the Cubs can trade Hendricks and Stroman in the meantime). 

FWIW, OF Kevin Alcantara is one of the Cubs top 5 prospects and he is Rule 5 Dtaft-eligible post-2022  so he will almost certainly be added to the 40 in November. But if he is added to the 40 in November he will be eligible for a 4th minor league option year in 2026, so there will be no need to rush him. Same goes for RHSP Luis Devers. 

All full seasons teams are off Monday through Thursday next week for the All-Star Break. So, Herz will start next weekend, the 22nd or 23rd.

That's not fun

I think that Alzolay's starting days are over, at least for the next couple of years.  I would like to see him coupled with Steele or Thompson, coming in for the last three or four innings of the game.  If and when Herz makes it, I would like to see him begin that way also.  Very similar to the way they handled Thompson in the beginning.

if he can work back to back days he could be (if he's still go the same stuff) the cubs closer of the future.

what's in the arm is great stuff.  i dunno how stable that arm is, though.

at the very least he could be a medium-rest long man if he can't bounce back quickly after doing work.  some guys can't throw 10-25 pitches and come out to do it the next day for some reason.

I think Alzolay's projection is electric middle-reliever who may never be healthy long enough to be considered a key piece going into a season.

Hope I'm wrong on the health piece, of course.

The multi-inning reliever (a pitcher capable of going once through the order) is now an important part of an MLB pitching staff, what with the 13-man pitcher limit. At least two are needed (they would have been Justin Steele and Keegan Thompson in 2022 if Hendricks, Stroman, Miley, Smyly, and Mills had been the five-man rotation).

Adbert Alzolay would seem to fit that profile in 2023 (likewise Brailyn Marquez if he ever gets back into game action), although it does not preclude him from eventually becoming a traditional rotation starter or high-leverage one-inning reliever. In fact, the multi-inning reliever role might be the best way to integrate a young pitcher into MLB in the 2020's.

game 1 is an oddly slow moving game for a low offense game.

lot of pitches being thrown without offense outcomes.

22 Ks through 9ip for the pitchers (9 mets, 13 cubs)

extra innings time...

8th loss in a row...

contreras is sitting in the dugout by himself with his head in his hands...he seems to be so over all of this.  he doesn't seem pissed, but he seems worn the hell out.


this team really could use some time off.  we're doing ejections almost every game lately.  players seem moody.  no one's dealing with this losing season well, especially this current losing streak.

PCA went 1 for 2, double, in the futures game.  he was a bench substitution and played CF.

AL won, jassssssssson dominguez hit a homer.

One thing MLB clubs tend to do is trade a good but not Top 100 prospect they acquired in a trade more-readily than a guy they signed. That's because a club doesn't have the financial (bonus) investment in a player they acquire from another organization.

So don't be too surprised if the Cubs flip two or three of the young outfielders (or first basemen) they acquired in trades over the past year or two in another trade for pitching or for an infielder or a catcher from an  organization that doesn't have much in the way of OF / 1B prospects. 

Most likely Cubs player to be traded is RF Alexander Canario (acquired from SF in the Kris Bryant trade), but they could flip one or two others as well.  

Speaking of our gluttony of OF prospects.....what do you think Morel's "main" position is or will be? Of course he can play all over, but what's his best/main spot? His arm strength seems under utilized at 2B. He hasn't played much SS the last two years. Is it 3B? Just checking. Thanks Phil

childersb3: Although he is a natural SS and has played a lot of 3B in the minors, I would say CF is probably Christopher Morel's best position. However, no matter where he plays, he is still raw defensivley. His real value ultimately will be as a "bat-first" multi-positional super utility player (along the lines of Ben Zobrist), and to be that type of player, he will need to polish his defense (especially at 3B and SS) so that he can be at least passable at all of the positions he will be expected to play.  

Although CF is probably his best defensive position, if Morel plays mainly one position with the Cubs, for better or for worse, it would probably have to be 3B, simply because there will not be room in the Cubs outfield for him long-term. There will eventually be just too many other players just as good or almost as good as Morel who (unlike Morel) cannot play anywhere other than in the outfield.  

Appreciate it

oh's steven brault...forgot about him.'s about time to DFA norris.

Your wish is granted, Norris dfa. Uelman up.

MLB website has final mock draft.