Yet Another Win For Darwinism; Barney DFA'd

Survival of the fittest and all, and Darwin Barney has just been naturally selected off of the Cubs 40-man roster. So Emilio Bonificaio is activated and Barney gets DFA'd, with Alcantara and Bonifacio both in the starting lineup tonight. Barney will end his Cubs career with over 2000 PA's (holy shit..really?) and a place in the Hall of Cubs Punch Lines. I'm sure a stand-up guy and all and his glove work was spectacular, but he was the hitting equivalent of the sad trombone. But on this day, we celebrate his Cubs career, let's take a fond look back.

  • Won the Gold Glove in 2012
  • Was Not a Douchebag like Ryan Theriot
  • Cost Less Than a Million Up Until This Year

Yeah, I got nothing else. $20 virtual dollars he ends up with the Giants or Cardinals.


Draft Pick Standings

  1. Rockies .404
  2. Rangers .404
  3. Cubs .412 (all 3 teams at 40 wins, Cubs with 2 less losses)
  4. Astros .414
  5. Arizona .430

Red Barney

never fails to amuse at times like these

Wow. I read about ten of those and wished I had never been born. Wow. People are crazy.

No kidding!

Yikes "At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul." Principal to Billy Madison

I agree with everything that was said on that page. EVERYTHING. Without exception.

"I don't have 10-20 years. I'm 67 years old." Time to stop eating fast food and start exercising regularly.

Fuck that. I don't have 10-20 years. I'm 34.

Burn that candle, dude, mankind probably doesn't have much more than that.

Wow. Shit just got real! /poignant

Why do you think I'm in so much of a hurry to see those kids brought up all the time. BRING THEM UP!!!!

not sure how accurate the WAR listing is on the BR draft page by year, but I got Barney as #3 (discounting Donaldson) of the Hendry era (since 2002).

  1. Josh Donaldson 14.1 (none with Cubs)
  2. Sean Marshall 9.8 (obviously not all with Cubs)
  3. Randy Wells 7.9
  4. Darwin Barney 6.8
  5. Jeff Samardzija 5.7

Yeah, I never had a problem with Barney. He just couldn't hit well, hit with power, or run particularly well. But he'd be a nice 25th man to backup second and short on a contending team. He plays great defense and good fundamental baseball. And seems like a good clubhouse guy, hustles, etc. I would have actually rather seen Bonifacio let go than Barney, but its a six and a half-dozen situation to me; and I assume they made this move thinking about potential trades from here on out. Also, I would love to just watch those highlight clips of Barney. I'd spend 10-15 minutes watching them all. And I don't mind a few adds (even though the banners and sidebars are already covered in them); but I sure as hell won't sit through a 15-second annoying McDonalds commercial between EACH ONE. is terrible.

Don't worry Boni will be next

Barney is actually a shortstop, and I think he'll find a team that will put him there. But I won't miss his gum-chewing.

Scrappy devalued.

per Roto... Lone star state Cubbery:
Rangers placed C Geovany Soto on the 15-day disabled list with a right groin strain. Soto lasted just three games on the Rangers' active roster. He missed the first three-and-a-half months of the 2014 season following knee surgery and will now likely be sidelined through mid-August. Robinson Chirinos will again serve as the primary catcher in Texas.

"Rangers placed C Geovany Soto on the 15-day disabled list with a right groin strain." I heard it was because he got caught with a good strain. AMIRIGHT??!!!

Thanks folks. I'll be here all night. Remember to tip your cocktail waitress ...

With a team that can hit, Darwin would be a great addition

Need's pitchers who can hit

The Cubs have ten days to either release, trade, or outright Darwin Barney to the minors, but because he was not replaced on the 40-man roster by another player when he was Designated for Assignment, the Cubs could also choose to return Barney to the 40-man roster and option him to minors.    

Because it has been more than three years since he made his debut on an MLB 25-man Active List, Optional Assignmemt Waivers would be required before Barney can be optioned to the minors, and it takes two days to get a player through waivers. So clubs will sometimes DFA a player when they need the player's slot on the 25-man roster, to give themselves time to secure Optional Assignment Waivers, and then once Optional Assignment Waivers have been secured, the player can be returned to the 40-man roster and get optioned to the minors. . 

Barney has never been optioned to the minors, so he has all three minor league options left. Also, Barney cannot refuse an Optional Assignment until he has accrued five years of MLB Service Time, and he has accrued a few days less than four years of MLB Service Time to this point in time.  

He can elect free-agency if he is outrighted to the minors (but not if he is optioned), but if he does get outrighted and then elects free-agency, he would forfeit what is left of his 2014 salary (but only if his contract is not guaranteed).  

"Honey, Iowa is beautiful this time of year" ~ducks~

Paternity leave gone wild.

Tony Four Sacks /league leader //fourth straight game

2 HR night? 2 HR night.

alca killed a fastball down the middle to RF. huge HR. hendricks with 7 shutout...even if it is vs SD.

Kinda enjoying this Alcantara-Rizzo-Castro middle of the order.

where will they hit when Baez Bryant and Soler are called up? ~giggles like a little girl~

Rizzo's HR production is truly remarkable, given that he is the only legit hitter who can do any damage in the lineup. In the future, Castro should hit 7th -- lousy OBP, moderate power. His bat isn't anything special if he's not playing SS. Olt & Lake combined tonight -- 0-for-8, 5 Ks. Not good, fellows. Not good.

Forgot Russell ~faints~

One of my favorite posts ever.

Shapes of things to come folks. Btw Rizzo must be making the Padres feel real bad about letting him go.

Just announced on WGN Radio by Jordan Bernfield... Solar promoted to Iowa Almora promoted to Tennessee Bernfield also said he's hearing the Solar will get a mlb call up in September (assuming he's healthy) (getting the band together)

almora to TN seems a bit rushed, but at least it's enough time for him to be challenged at a new level rather than just getting a taste. soler to AAA is awesome. dunno what he can do, but hopefully he'll be patrolling the OF out of camp next spring.

Soler has been playing like a man among boys across the board and needs to get on the fast track, so that promotion makes immediate sense. But I'm a little surprised by the Almora promotion. He's been hot lately, but his BB% remains frighteningly low and has been pretty much throughout his pro career.

Over is last 30 games (108 ABs), Almora has a 380/404/611 line. Yes, only 5 walks, but also only 13 Ks. It just looks like he adjusted to the league and now needs a challeng.e

It will be interesting to see if Almora's hitting changes out of the FSL which is notoriously tough on hitters. Also it will be interesting to see if he needs to make an adjustment to AA pitching. Relative to normal age for AA, how young is he for that league?

AA is home to a lot of 23-25 year olds.

According to Baseball Reference, this is Almora's age 20 season.

The Iowa OF has been Szczur (.246), Jackson (.217) and Kalish (.208). With the Solar promotion, it will be interesting to see who loses at bats. The end of the BJax era or Kalish?

Olt headed to Iowa too. End of the Lars Anderson era?

took long enough to get olt back down to iowa (if they weren't going to play him more often in the bigs). hopefully he can find a high-use regular role...even if it means some OF/1st/DH. he's not gold glove D at 3rd, but his D isn't what's holding him back.

We hardly knew ye. Mick Gillespie extended interview with Jorge Soler after getting recent player of the week award for the Smokies

So what are the dominoes here with Olt and Soler going to AAA and only Wada, a pitcher, coming up? I assume someone has to be released or demoted to AA?

The I-Cubs had 14 pitchers active (including Kyuji Fujikawa) prior to Wada getting called-up, so Olt would replace Wada on the Iowa Cubs Active List, and I would think Manny Ramirez will probably be placed on the 7-day DL with some kind of vague "soft tissue" injury to make room for Soler. 

And then Szczur and Jackson will probably share CF, and Vitters and Kalish will probably share LF duties.  

At Tennessee, Almora plays CF (obviously), so Jae-Hoon Ha would move to RF.

Billy McKinney can play CF (his natural position) at Daytona, with Schwarber in LF (when he isn't catching) and Bijan Rademacher in RF, although the Cubs could move Pin-Chieh Chen back down to Daytona from Tennessee to play CF for the D-Cubs (both John Andreoli and Rubi Silva are on the Tennessee 7-day DL and one or both could be reinstated at any time), or they might move Hannemann, Martin, or Dunston up to Daytona from Kane County to play CF.  

Hannemann promoted to Daytona. Jeffrey Baez promoted to Kane County.

Ramirez indeed on the DL, but Lars Anderson sent down to AA as well.

And.....when is Lake going to follow Olt to Iowa? He has been going south for a while with his plate appearances.

Lake only has one option remaining. Maybe they want to save it for next year?

I did the interview for this video with Barney. Couldn't have been nicer or more cooperative. It was also when he seemed like he knew how to hit.

Q-MAN: That makes a lot of sense. Why waste Lake's last minor league option with only six weks left in the minor league season? 

Olt has two options left, so he'll still have one left next season even after using up one this season. But I still don't understand why he wasn't sent down earlier. 

The Eloy Jimenez moonshot HR last night for AZL Cubs at Cubs Park (Riverview Park) went over the LF berm and his walk-off RBI double hit off the right-centerfield wall.

2014 13th round draft pick Kevonte Mitchell (now playing CF) continues to impress... 6'4 "long-strider" with above-average speed, good baserunner, enough range to play CF, and a line-drive stroke with plus bat speed... 

And AA RHP Ivan Pineyro (forearm strain) was throwing strikes with a 91-92 MPH fastball and an occasional change-up in his return to action (two innings). He looked very good for not having pitched in a game in more than two months.  

Cubs top pitching prospect RHP C. J. Edwards (shoulder) is scheduled to get the start tonight for the AZL Cubs versus AZL Rangers at Surprise, so it looks like both Pineyro and Edwards are working their way back to Tennessee.

Barney-Last of the Jimtown followers Want to throw up in your mouth ? Read Henry's quotes

it only took 1360 PA over 2.5 seasons for the new regime to do away with barney.

Someone had to play second

Chris Coghlan last 30 days



And Ruggiano is 354/381/519 over his last 30 days

heh, it's like an All-star outfield until Sureouts and Lake show up

Lake: 089/109/133

Sureouts: 193/190/316

Ricky should suck on his split charts and play Coghlan/Alcantara/Ruggiano daily with Bonifacio at 2b until Baez comes up to replace him. I think we've all seen enough of Sure-outs, Lake this year.

best resolution for the "competitive" lottery draft I've read

nice call by AZ Phil, Manny to DL...Lars Anderson optioned to AA as well.

some rumors on what Rays are looking for to move Price or Zobrist

steep, but if you're the Giants might be worth a shot, none of their top prospects are considered world beaters. Supposedly a rumor they turned down Addison Russell for Price, but no idea what other players were involved.

So I assume Olt will get most of his ABs at first base? He obviously needs some reps. He may have one more brief window with the Cubs after the Cubs are finished with their summer cleaning frenzy. If he gets regular ABs at first, we're talking about some serious thunder in Iowa. Bryant, Baez, Olt, and Soler, and 4Aer Valaika smacks a few, as well.

I'd be tempted to have him do nothing but DH. I can barely manage one task at a time, so I'd recommend focusing on hitting to someone who is having trouble with hitting.

Apparently Olt had to tell the Cubs he needed to play every day in AAA, because they couldn't figure it out. Renteria's quotes are infuriating. I maintain he's a moran (sic):

I have some doubts about this: "This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs." Because yesterday, that same article quoted Renteria as saying he *couldn't* get Olt at bats because they weren't seeing enough left handed pitchers. That got struck out of the article later for some reason. I don't really understand how Renteria expected Olt to NOT have problems at the plate playing that sporadically. Even veterans don't hit as well when they don't play. That said, with the suddenly ridiculously high number of prospects the Cubs have in their system, Olt is going to need to light it up in Iowa if he wants to stick around.

The Great Kazoo pitching for Padres. /jk ///good for him

This is from a Keith Law chat lasy week: In you evaluation of Baez you mentioned makeup concerns with lapses in concentration and effort. Any chance that this is similar to the concerns that were expressed with Hanley Ramirez in the minors and he just bored with the minors? Klaw (2:16 PM) I've heard about coaches having trouble with Baez, and I've had scouts/execs from other teams saying he's got some questionable off-field relationships. But I'm much more concerned about a guy who has shown a habit of taking plays and at bats off from the moment he got into the minors, and even in a nationally televised game on Sunday still couldn't bother to make a routine throw properly. (A few more Baez questions & comments) Klaw (2:47 PM) I've seen Baez every year since his senior year of high school - when he was always last out on the field to start each inning, and wore a different cap to stand out from his teammates - and there's always been something. An at bat mailed in. A play not made, or not made correctly. A groundball not run out. Baseball's a hard game for most players. Even Manny Ramirez was a ridiculous worker when it came to hitting. (Fielding, not so much.) You don't see or hear the same concerns on Bryant or Soler or Almora. ------------------------------------ Has anyone heard anything like this from someone other than Law?

the dude is full of himself and thinks he belongs in the majors yesterday...

I was more concerned about the trouble with coaches and off-field relationships issues. Plus the taking plays off.

Not to rain on Law's evaluation of Baez but I'd like to hear input from Az Phil on his take on Law's comments.

It kind of doesn't matter unless Baez becomes a star and a pain in the ass. Everything I've been reading lately though says he has a matured a lot. He looked like a player playing with a ton of intensity when I saw him in Round Rock, and he played second like he'd been playing at the MLB level for years, and playing it well. No matter what AZ said, it may have been a different Baez, people can change pretty quickly at that age under the right influence. You know that a kid is cocky when they put an MLB tattoo on the back of their neck before their first pro game. Big deal, he's got some swagger. This team could use it.

Only two 3b with two 80+ XBH seasons

Is this a trivia question? Troy Glaus 2000 and 2001, Aramis Ramirez 2006 and 2012 A-Rod, Chipper Jones, Eddie Mathews, Miguel Cabrera, Mike Schmidt, Howard Johnson, Scott Rolen all did it once

Santo's best was 76 in 1964.

Wisc- correct Bryant next Glaus??????

Finally - Baez, Bryant, Soler hitting 3,4,5 tonight @ Principal Park!

Not often I find myself saying this, but I sure wish I was still living in Des Moines today.

*ponders subscription*

Try tunein radio if you want to listen to the game.

ejax continues to shit himself.

It's hard to be that consistently unlucky! God is he bad.

Maybe they signed him to tank?

Best response ever.

this is getting embarrassing. SD has 7 games with 8 or more runs this year...3 are vs the cubs.

We Schlitt the bed tonight.

you're wright about that.

Baez 3 run HR, Olt 3 run double.

Clearly I'm at the wrong game.

WHY WOULD YOU EVER GET TICKETS WHEN EDWIN JACKSON WAS PITCHING?! Of course you got to see Eddie Vedder for 3 minutes...

Cub fans should seriously boycott all future EJax starts. He has, by far, the worst ERA among NL starters this year, and was second worst last year. What is the fucking point of running him out there every 5 days to pitch like crap? It's bizarre.

good news, only 2 more years left.

Two, that will depend on what they do this offseason.

They were free.


Well, seeing how this awesome SD lineup KO'd the likes of Wada and EJax makes Kyle Hendricks' win all the more impressive.

You mean the same San Diego offense that scores about .00034 runs per game?

Junior Lake....who could have predicted a 3-pitch punch-out with the bases loaded? Pack your bags, son -- you can room with Mike Olt.

So who is Cubs backup 1st baseman ?


Addison Russell shows off his arm and range

can't figure out how to link to it directly, but Almora made a nice play as well, scroll down and you'll find it

Same as Rob linked, but just the you tube video. Smokies defense gems...This video includes the Russell highlight but also has some nice defense by Villaneueva, Almora and a line drive catch by Pierce Johnson.

Just thinking about this AAA team from last night and what a collection of current and former highly ranked prospects it was. I put the highest pre-season Baseball America prospect ranking for each by them and the year. All of these guys played in the game last night: Szczur - #64 (2012) Jackson - #32 (2012) Baez - #4 (2014) Bryant - #8 (2014) Soler - #34 (2013) Olt - #22 (2013) Vitters - #43 (2008) Vizcaino - #40 (2012)

I completely forgot that Szczur had ever cracked the top 100 (or even gotten close). His descent has been rapid and mostly unremarkable, while we've all been whining about Vitters and Jackson.

Szczur does lead pcl of'ers in assists...sam fuld II...

What's up with Vizcaino? Seems to be really struggling at AAA (?)