Cubs vs. Pirates: Series Thread (Games 96 & 97)

The Cubs welcome the Pirates to Wrigley for their final home games before the 2022 trade deadline. See below for daily matchups.

Game 96, Monday July 25, 7:05 pm central

CHC: RHP Adrian Sampson (0-1, 3.34 ERA)

PIT: RHP JT Brubaker (2-8, 4.02 ERA)

Game 97, Tuesday, July 26, 1:20 pm central

CHC: RHP Keegan Thompson (7-4, 3.43 ERA)

PIT: RHP Bryse Wilson (1-5, 6.52 ERA)


8 days til the trade deadline (aug 2).

this is the last home series before then.  hopefully we'll have contreras around for both.  he's catching game 1.

d.robertson should fetch something nice.  maybe someone will give up something worthwhile for smyly, givens, and/or martin.

i.happ and p.wisdom might find a new home for the right price.

Ortega might get us a PTBNL.

kinda hope they hang onto him while he's got a year or 2 of cheap cost left (esp as a lefty).

i know he's a bit older and just a supporting player best used situationally or pinch hitting, but he can play passable CF/RF and he's got a touch of speed and power.  lot of teams spend 1-3m a year on guys like him. delay while pitchcom earpiece being removed after being stuck in contreras's ear.  (he's fine)

hey, new ways to speed up the game.  good job everyone.

that would be cubs 2022 as hell.  well, we were going to trade our all-star slugging catcher, but he put himself on the DL shoving  pitchcom too far into his skull.

holy f'n ben gambel.

no really.  wow.

even morel clapped.  hell of a catch.

brailyn marquez has shoulder surgery, out for the year.

he threw 0.2ip back in 2020 and nothing since.

He's more myth than anything at this point

So, no international draft? I'm too impatient and busy to look it up first.

There is no need for a separate international draft. Players from Puerto Rico and Canada are eligible for selection in the MLB Rule 4 Draft (First-Year Player Draft). The NBA and NHL don't have separate domestic drafts and international drafts. Just make all players from all countries eligible for selection in the MLB First-Year Player Draft. 

MLB owners must save tons of cash with the current Int FA system compared to a Draft system. Don't the numbers, but it has to be multiple millions per year. 

"Major League Baseball Players Association rejected MLB's last proposal for an international draft, cementing the current qualifying-offer system in place for the length of the collective-bargaining agreement."

Story dateline was Sun, July 24, 2022 at 11:15 PM, so technically there was another day for things to change.  I've not seen any news stories come up in Google that state that the union has reversed that position, so I guess there will not be any draft for  International players that could affect the qualifying offer system for this year -- unless someone is sitting on that piece of news.

huge standing O for contreras in his first AB.

...and a single.

more standing O's for contreras.

gonna miss him.

contreras getting hugs from teammates on the field who formed a line at the dugout...hell of a farewell.

also, the cubs have won 6 in a row and all 5 since the all-star break so it's time to extend contreras + happ and trade for juan soto.  let's do this.  cubs 2022.

How much will it cost per year to extend Contreras, and for how many years.  And who should we give up for Soto?

honestly, i know it's time to cut contreras loose because even his best at C is past at this point.

he's just a good cub in many aspects and it sucks it's probably over.

At this point I've come to the final stage of grief, acceptance, over Willson leaving.  Defensively, Gomes will do just fine. Will miss 
Willson's bat and his energy. 

For all the talk of how the Cubs treat their players so well with great amenities, it seems none of them really want to sign an extension. Sort of like the tech company that brags about having a foosball table in the break room but keeps losing employees to companies that are willing to pay better. 

I've noticed that about extensions too.. it's hard to discern if it's the players wanting too much or the team being cheap. If I were to guess, I would say a little of both, but probably leans a little towards the team being cheap.

I guess we just have to hope that the next core group will be good enough and the team will actually extend a few of them. It would be nice to see them start with Nico.

I don't want to oversell this point, but I think it had a non-zero impact... I could see a "collective action" issue with extensions for Rizzo, Baez, Bryant, & Schwarber. Nobody wants to be the first one to make a deal that then sets the bar for others to be higher. Combined with a somewhat legit argument that Heyward's contract should be the starting point... that's a tough situation.  Throw in some luck (good/bad depending on day or view) with Javy's running into the pandemic. Also add any lingering feelings about service time issues with KB.  Tough to match up on an extension... again, not overstating; but I think there is at least a bit of something there.

Also have to at least acknowledge that in the time-window that extensions would have mutually made sense, the unknowns about the CBA would be a disincentive to commit big $.  Not excusing or apologizing for any one decision, but it's another factor with a non-zero impact.

KB (and Almora lol)  is a Boras guys so that wasn't ever going to happen. Rizzo did sign the one early on, but it's just frustrating to see so many teams, including small market ones, signing their stars and stars-adjacent to good deals and next to nothing for the Cubs. There was Rizzo in what... 2014? Then Hendricks maybe 5 years later. And the only other one they manage to cross the finish line is Bote? That's just not how you sustain success in the modern game.

FWIW... Rizzo did sign an early extension. Hendrick signed an extension. I know the Bote extension isn't huge, but I do think it's an important example of the org & the player being able to find common ground in balancing risk/reward for that particular context. Maybe it doesn't work out for the team when it is all said & done, but the FO was willing to take a gamble on investing in one of their own.

I love the tech company imagery...

as someone who entirely left the industry in the mid 00s for an entirely different field of work i hate everything about this imagery...

great pay...really great pay...fully stocked snack/meal room!  ...also working 50+ hours a week on salary.  will if be 45 hours this week?  will it be 60 hours this week?  oh, needed on a saturday/sunday for tweaking a final rollout early the next week?  plans?  oh, don't makes those.

uggg... uggggggggggggggggggggg... unnnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhhhh...

I work in tech in Austin, TX.  Know the drill all too well, only thing you missed are the 5am calls with the team in India.



As a recovering attorney who got the same treatment without the great snack room, I feel you, crunch. Welcome to a more sane way of life (it is for me, anyway).

14 years in the system, 7 years in the pros...almost half his life as a cub.

gonna miss the love and emotion as much as the production behind the plate and at the plate.

PHOENIX -- The D-backs' first-round pick (second overall) in the 2022 MLB Draft, outfielder Druw Jones, injured his left (non-throwing) shoulder while taking batting practice Monday at the club's Salt River Fields facility.


That is a total kick in the Elijah-Greens. 

contreras in the lineup as DH for game 1 against the giants (happ in lineup, too)

Watch for dugout hugs.....sigh.....

it's that time of year...and that kind of season.