Cubs @ Cardinals: Series Thread (Games 106-108)

The Cubs head off to St. Louis for a 3-game set. As of this posting, they are tied with the Cards for first place and the Brewers are only one game back. Let's see who will be doing the bulk of the pitching work each day.

Game 106, Tuesday, 7:15pmCDT
CHC: RHP Yu Darvish (3-4, 4.54 ERA)
STL: RHP Adam Wainwright (7-7, 4.63 ERA)

Notes: Darvish has improved lately! Wainwright is old! Go Cubs!

Game 107, Wednesday, 7:15pmCDT
CHC: RHP Kyle Hendricks (7-8, 3.26 ERA)
STL: RHP Miles Mikolas (7-10, 4.19 ERA)

Notes: Hendricks is the Professor! Mikolas played in Japan! Go Cubs!

Game 108, Thursday, 6:15pmCDT
CHC: LHP Jon Lester (9-6, 3.63 ERA)
STL: RHP Jack Flaherty (4-6, 4.17 ERA)

Notes: Lester has a better record than Hendricks? Flaherty strikes people out a lot! Go Cubs!

Time to get some work done in the division, Cubs!


Cleaning out the back of the closet? 

I'm wondering if we will see some more transactions at the bottom part of the roster before Thursday to clear out some players that the MLB club is not going to use in Sept or (hopefully) Oct. Maybe some DFAs (Zagunis?) or 60-day IL assignments (Descalso?). I know that they don't want to roster long term assets as it will burn an option year, but it sure seems that somebody like Evans (INF) would be more helpful on the 40 than Zagunis (no knock on his particular skill set, but clearly didn't win love from mgmt earlier this year & less of a compliment for "in case of emergency" situations). Or early-decisions/trades on "Iowa Shuttle" pitchers who are out of options for next year (Rosario, Mills, Underwood).... 

... and swap the OOO pitchers for somebody who is R5 eligible after the season with some upside. Wyatt Short isn't going to carry the team to the promiseland, but he might be a very interesting LOOGY on a Sept roster in a tight division race. 

Because of the change in the rules next season where a pitcher will be required to face a minimum of three batters in an inning unless the pitcher gets the third out, the LOOGY (lefty relief specialist) will likely go the way of Sunday doubleheaders, so the value of a LOOGY will likely be significantly diminished after this season. There will still be lefty relievers, but they will have to be able to get RH hitters out, too, not just be death on LH hitters only.   

Conversely, with active rosters expanding next season from 25 to 26 (where the 26th man cannot be a pitcher), an ace PH who can't play defense, a 5th OF / PR, or a third catcher will suddenly gain value they don't have now. So a versatile speed guy like 2B-OF Tony Kemp (recently DFA'd by HOU) might be a guy the Cubs could look to acquire, both for September this season and then as the 26th man in 2020 (Kemp is using up his last option year this season and so he will be out of options in 2020).  

Conversely, with active rosters expanding next season from 25 to 26 (where the 26th man cannot be a pitcher.”  Does that mean no more than 13 pitchers?

CRAIG A: 26 player limit with a maximim of 13 pitchers Opening Day through August 31st and then 28 player limit with a maximum of 14 pitchers in September, and the "26th man" will become the "27th man" (who can be a pitcher) for doubleheaders. 

Thanks, AZ. 

Exactly why I was thinking that somebody like Wyatt Short might be worth checking out this year b/c his value is potentially diminished starting in 2020. Probably too cute by half, but I have fun thinking out loud. 

I have been a fan of Wyatt Short's since the Cubs drafted him. Not just because his name is apt, but because I enjoy B-side prospects who overperform and force a club to make a decision. I'm with you thinking that he could burn an option year in the inevitable last hurrah for LOOGYs. But I think all signs point to Hultzen filling that role.

Wyatt Short would only burn an option year in 2019 if he is added to the 40-man roster and then is optioned back to the minors prior to the conclusion of the season, but that wouldn't be an issue if he were to be called up in September.

However, Short's slot on the 40 would probably be needed post-2019 for a more highly-regarded prospect, so if he were to be added to the 40 in September he would have to get through waivers before he could be sent outright to the minors after the season. But since LOOGYs will cease to have much value after this season, I would doubt that he would be claimed if were to be placed on waivers post-2019.  

Seeing Wyatt Short's name reminds me how John Arguello and I would distinguish between Zack Short and Wyatt Short when they were at Minor League Camp (they were both drafted the same year):  

There is Zack Short who plays short, and Wyatt Short who is short. 

We all miss John Arguello.

Death is inevitable, but cancer sucks.

The Cubs have acquired David Phelps from the Jays.

Also, Strop to the IL and Underwood has been called up.

Hopefully he can do a great 2018 Jesse Chavez impression.

erich081: Phelps is indeed very similar to Chavez. 

Cubs acquire 32-year old RHRP David Phelps from Toronto Blue Jays for RHSP Tom Hatch (Cubs 2016 3rd round draft pick - Oklahoma State - first-time Rule 5 Draft eligible post-2019).

Phelps underwent TJS in March 2018 and only returned to game action within the last couple of months. He is signed through 2019 ($2.5M) with a $1M club option for 2020 that can increase significantly (to $3M if 30-39 games, $5M if 40-49 games, $7M if 50+ games, and $8M if 50+ games and 40+ GF in 2019). He also has up to $3M+ available in potential performance bonuses in both 2019 and 2020 that are tied to games and GF. 

Xavier Cedeno will almost certainly be transferred to the 60-day IL to make room on the 40 for Phelps (Cedeno has already spent 60+ days on the 10-day IL so that's a no-brainer). 

Your mission, Mr. Phelps...

Oy: Phelps, 32, last pitched Sunday against the Rays, allowing three runs on two homers and recording just two outs. It comps well with Kimbrel’s last outing!


so the 2020 pen now looks like kimbrel, k.ryan, chatwood, brach, cj edwards, and phelps (assuming exercised options for brach/phelps).

a.webster is lurking out there with the rest of the kids and dregs.  a.mills might have a role.

CRUNCH: If all the 2020 options are exercised the pen would be Kimbrel, Phelps, Ryan, Brach, Chatwood, and Holland, with Edwards, Rosario, Webster, Underwood, and Mills out of options in 2020 (also Hultzen out of options if he is added to the 40), plus Wick, Maples, Norwood, and de la Cruz on the 40-man roster but probably optioned to Iowa, plus Mekkes (50/50 chance to get added to the 40), C. Brooks (not likely to get added to the 40), and W. Short (not likely to get added to the 40) also at Iowa. 

Morrow has an option too I think. 

12m/3m buyout

i think he may be joining holland looking for work in 2020.

Cubs are responsible for only $425K and Giants pay the remaining $1.8M+ of what remains of Holland's 2019 salary and Giants pay the $500K buy-out if 2020 $7M club option is declined, but Cubs pay the entire $7M 2020 salary if club option is not declined, so I would expect the Cubs to decline the 2020 club option. 

Cubs are responsible for Phelps entire remaining 2019 salary (about $820K) plus up to $430K of potential $2.5M in 2019 performance bonuses (for a maximum 2019 payroll liability of $1.25M), and Blue Jays pay any amount over $430K (all the way up to the $2.5M performance bonus maximum).

There is no buy-out so 2020 club option (which depending on whether or not he reaches accelerators could be as little as $1M or as much as $8M - TBD) can be declined without penalty. 

Kendall Graveman has a 2020 club option as well, but I figure he will be competing for a SP job. 

i think this is the 3rd or 4th time this season i've been reminded he exists after i forgot he exists.

$3m team option.

Don't know how I feel about losing T. Hatch who did not throw one MLB pitch.

garcia / heyward / bryant / rizzo / baez / caratini / schwarber / happ(CF) / darvish

i f'n hate paul goldschmidt.

how many more years is he a card?  what?  damn.

wow...if any of you have streaming check out that crazy PIT/CIN fight.  wow.

amir garrett straight up ran up on the PIT dugout throwing punches and y.puig (who was traded to CLE mid-game) has easily just earned himself some suspension time.

oh yeah, and puig is going to CLE because trevor bauer's 2nd team has gotten sick of his crap.  SD is also involved and prospects are moving between the 3 teams.

Too bad puig and bauer didn't have a chance to be teammates.  That could have been interesting. 

bauer and corey black would be a good clubhouse rotting duo.

they both have quite regular victim complex incidents while at the same time complaining others take things too seriously.

Just watched and that was a real deal brawl. Another manager trying to get at hurdle. Buddy bell needs to work on his spin move.  Eff the pirates.  

So it is possible to not blow a slim lead in the 8th inning?  Cubs should give that a try sometime. Also, 15 Cubs LOB so far this game - and Bote’s fielding continues to suck

Robel’s OBP now a robust .258 -- so the move to leadoff is paying big dividends. Check that: after his 4th K of the night, the OBP now .254

He can't hit anything with bend in it.  Seems pretty typical for stories like his.  He first comes up, opposing teams have no book, throw FBs to see if he can hit them.  Turns out he can.  Go to non-fastballs and find he can't hit those.  Pretty simple, that.  Up to Joe now to adjust by not using him.

It’s also up to Robel to figure out how to hit those pitches.

I just don’t know who should play instead. Bote has been struggling too.

ugg...STL solely in 1st now.

not a horrible game.  pitchers from both sides dominated.  cubs missed more opportunities, though.  sigh.

Yep. We save the horror for Cub leads in the 8th inning. 

m.maldonado traded to HOU

CHC gets a handful of pocket change and an autographed Derek Bell baseball card with smudged ink.

Actually ended up with Tony Kemp. Could be useful. I think AZ Phil mentioned him as a perfect player for next year when roster expand to 26.

more useful than maldy, but kinda "meh" with happ/bote/garcia/russell/descalso (and zobrist, soon enough) in the mix.  he doesn't do much to stand out from what's already on board.

still...i'd like to have him around over maldy...and it makes me wonder if they have another trade in mind.  if i was happ, i'd be sweating right about now.

Given the new trade deadline rules, I liked having a 3rd MLB level catcher around, especially since Caratini and Willson have some positional flexibility.  Unless there is another move to shore up depth, Taylor Davis is the next guy up in case there is an injury.  Not like catching is dangerous or at all injury prone.

My GM is AZ Phil. 

BTW... how much of a true statment of fan-dom would it be to have a personalized jersey with "AZ PHIL" on the back? If I ever saw that at Wrigley, I would instantly buy that person a beer. 

Subthread - best / worst jerseys @ WF?

Still see a number of FUKUDOME jerseys; the occassional GARCIAPPARA; depending on personal preference lots of SOSA to go around. 

Last year I saw a FONTENOT, which I appreciated... both for the rare but not esoteric quality & the willingness for somebody to go all-in on a player they liked.  I think in 7-10 years there will be quite a few LA STELLA jerseys in this category. 

Of course, I am the guy who was finally in the position to purchase my first replica-quality player jersey in summer 2011, and I chose to get a Kerry Wood jersery.  That fall I was out at the bars on Halloween (Madison, WI - Freakfest) & threw on the jersey as an ersatz costume.  When we got carded at the first bar (I was 33 at the time), my brother-in-law (6 yrs younger & a STL Cards fan) started razz-ing the bouncer about not having to card a guy in a Kerry Wood jersey b/c nobody who owns a KW jersey is under 21. Pretty good burn & he kept it going all night eventually wanting to know why I didn't wear my ____ jersey instead.  He went from KW to Sosa to Sandberg to Rick Monday (respect for the semi-deep 70's pull from a Cards fan) to Banks... I think we were on Cap Anson by the end of the night.

A Mike “King“ Kelly Cubs jersey would be swank and also be pre-Anson. Also pre-Cubs IIRC?

I rock a Dascenzo jersey. My favorite all time B-side Cub.

I’ll always fondly remember Maldonado’s quest for a hit while with the Cubs - keep swinging for the stars, big guy!

Sadly, some things are just too sweet to actually happen in this cold, bleak world.

i'm gonna give a bigass shout out to tim souers for that "stakes are high" trade deadline twitter post.

It seemed like not much was happening anywhere, and now... I wanna be a stake.

brews just made a "major trade" according to one of their beat writers...waiting...waiting...


Drew Pomeranz to MIL.  ha.

"Drew Pomeranz and Ray Black from Giants for their No. 3 prospect Mauricio Dubon"

ouch.  brews paid big.

Shaping up to be one of the most boring trade deadlines I can recall, across all MLB

brews fans are losing their minds about that weird trade they made, cards fans are losing their minds about the lack of activity, and the cubs added their 10th average-ish 2nd/OF bat to the roster.

a bit less than an hour for magic to happen.

Added Kemp, Phelps, and Holland. Shades of 2015s additions of Haren and Tommy “Home Run” Hunter.

The big difference is the 2015 team was young and a lot of fun to watch. This team isn’t really young and is frustrating as hell to watch.

STL about to make with LAD going down for j.gyorko

Kemp?  DId I miss something? Last I heard the Mets had released him. Think anyone saw him, he was out drinking with Cargo. 

ah, Tony Kemp, not Matt. Miss Candy Maldonado already. 

per (the great Gilda Radner's) Emily Litella: Nevermind!

Crunch finally gets his wish with JHey hitting leadoff tonight. I’d been against the move since he’s been so good mid-to-late order and I believe (from prior interviews) that JHey doesn‘t like hitting leadoff ... howevuh ... desperate times. I’m in with it too - at least until Whit rolls into town after the Cubs swing Descalso to the Royals for him 

damn.  braves getting s.greene(DET) and m.melancon(SF)

Rosenthal Castellanos  to the Cubs.

Needed that right handed bat. Still a hole at second but he should help

Lange and Richan to DET.

Wish it had been for guys up for Rule 5 this offseason but oh well.

Cubs will have to move a player off the 40 immediately to make room for Castellanos. Descalso could go to 60-day IL, otherwise somebody is getting DFA'd. 

Edwards traded to SD

what did they get for CJ...

I'm thinkin' a Ron Santo autographed Ryan Dempster toupee 

Cubs are also getting ISBP space from SD in the Edwards deal, and the Cubs really need it, too (they used up their entire ISBP signing their top three IFA targets the first day of the ISP). 

The Cubs also traded OF Jimmy Herron (2018 3rd round draft pick - Duke) to the Colorado Rockies for still more ISBP space (that is, not actually money, but merely the right to spend money on IFA). The Cubs signed Herron for a $520K bonus, so I would think they received significant ISBP space from the Rockies in the deal.  

ISBP space can be traded in increments of $250K (including multiples of $250K) unless a club is trading all of its remaining ISBP space, and a club can acquire no more than 60% above its assigned ISBP space (which in the case of the Cubs is $5,398,300, with 60% of that being $3,238,980), so the Cubs get $250K, $500K, #$750K, $1M, etc, ISBP space from the Padres (In the Edwards trade) and likewise from the Rockies (for Herron).   

I heard it both ways regarding the Edwards trade.

So it’s Oscar De La Cruz getting DFA’d. I assume this means he can’t be traded since the deadline is past? Doubt he clears waivers. Sad to see him on the way out but I suppose he didn’t help himself too much with the PED suspension. 

that sucks.  he'll probably end up being a very strong pen arm for someone.

BRADSBEARD: Correct. Oscar de la Cruz cannot be traded, and he will very likely get claimed off waivers. Strange that the Cubs did not trade Edwards for somebody not on an MLB 40-man roster. 

The Tigers have the #1 waiver claim in MLB and it's possible that Oscar de la Cruz would have been part of the Castellanos trade but the Tigers didn't want to commit a 40-man roster slot to ODLC just yet, so the Cubs keep him in DFA limbo for a week allowing DET to make roster adjustments, and then the Tigers will just claim him off waivers next week.   

this would make the most sense because giving up on de la cruz seems insane unless he's got something going on that's not public.

even if chances him of being a starter is wearing thin, it's not a stretch to consider him a high ceiling arm out of the relief role if he has the ability to pitch back-to-back days and multiple times a week on proper rest.

CJ for Brad Wieck from the Friars. CJ will never walk another hitter once he dons the Padres uni.

Name seems oddly familiar.  He is a big Lefty dude, 6'9", 255lbs. Significantly bigger than Sean Marshall. Hope he throws harder than Sean.

From a Padres blog:

the good: Big Brad Wieck can certainly pitch in the PCL. In 13.2 innings he has 26 strikeouts against only six walks as the opposition is hitting only .149 against him.

the bad:  Brad Wieck gave up five in 1 1/3 innings pitched. 

Oof!  -- on the five runs in 1 1/3.  Also, CJ's pitches have lost their movement.  Evidently, whatever he did to deal with his control problems also made his pitches much more hitable.  Putting his now-hitable pitches in the strike zone on a consistent basis doesn't sound very promising.

I get the joke you were making -- we've seen that story before.  Scott Eyre (Stevie Ire, to Lou P.) springs immediately to mind.

With the Cubs having traded Hatch, Lange, and Richan over the past couple of days, two starting rotation slots suddenly opened up at Tennessee and another is now open at Myrtle Beach, so Erich Uelmen has been moved-up from Myrtle Beach to Tennessee and a couple of other promotions are likely imminent. 

David Phelps and Tony Kemp have apparently arrived in St. Louis and are active for tonight's game, so Duane Underwood Jr has been optioned back to AAA Iowa.

Another 25-man roster move will be needed when Nicholas Castellano reports (probably Robel Garcia gets optioned to Iowa), then another one this weekend when Hamels is reinstated from the IL (probably Wick will be optioned back to Iowa), and then still another one next week (presuming Strop spends only the minimum number of days on the 10-day IL). 

Wick has been so effective, hate to see him sent down.  Perhaps Brach develops a sore neck in a day or two

heyward / contreras / bryant / rizzo / baez / happ(CF) / schwarber / bote(2nd) / hendricks

What did the Cubs give up for Nick Castellano?  Follow trade trees:  Alex Lange - The Compensation pick for losing Dexter Fowler.  Paul Richan - Comp pick for Jake Arrieta.  Follow the tree back farther and you'll see it intertwines with the Aroldis Chapman Deal (losing Gleyber Torres), the Addison Russel deal the Starlin Castro to NYY deal.  What's left from these big deals? Pedro Stop/Nick Castellano (probably both bolt for FA) and Addison Russel who's future is bleek (at least in CHI).  A lot of trading/losing big name players for likely nothing left next year.  (Yes a ring, but I still maintain they could have done w/o Chapman and Torres would look a lot better than Russel tandem with Javy right now.

What do Lange and Richan have to do with the Chapman deal? Also why are we evaluating the Arrieta or Russell trades 5 years later by asking what’s left? We’ve gotten 5 years of production out of those trades. 

  it’s called a trade tree, it was suppose to be for fun.  Chapman deal fits in because they sent Billy McKinnie who got they got in the Russel deal.  Also they got Dan Straliy in tge Russell deal.  Which was flipped for Dexter Fowler.  Paul Richan was Fowlers comp, as was Lange for Arrieta.  Which now ties Those trades together.  It was just to show how many players and deals intertwined to come up with Nick Castellanos.  Chill out.

Ah, cool. I didn’t even remember those guys were invovled in those trades. 

Play some more trade tree games from today: C.J. Edwards the last part of the Matt Garza deal.  Tony Kemp goes through Montgomery that sent All-Star Daniel Vogalbach to SEA (given he'd be homeless in CHI).  Did they need Monty for the ring probably (he did get the last out).  I don't think they needed C.J. "Deer in the headlights" to get that ring after all he had the chance to end it.

i.happ actually does somethig and gets his 1st RBI on the season on a single.

i wonder how much heyward in CF and castellano in RF we're gonna see going forward.

Amazing Happ didn’t see another eye level fastball in that at bat.

Probably will see quite a bit of the JHey/Nick C combo for a while

It’s not so much a question of whether the Cubs cough up the 1-0 lead on the road but which inning: 7, 8 or 9?  If Strop were active I’d say the 8th but will go with the 9th. 

nothing like feeling nervous every time the $15m a year closer comes into the game.

cubs win!  back in 1st.

there's a lot of CHC vs STL+MIL games left in the season.

Per Maddon, Robel Garcia will be optioned to Iowa tomorrow to clear room for Castellanos

How often does Javy provoke a throwing error and advance at lease one base?  Seems like defenders get the yipps when he's on base.  Is there a stat for that?

Tonight’s lineup: JHey / Nick C (RF) / KB / Rizzo / Javy / Willson / Schwarbs / Kemp (2B) / Lester

Castellanos sporting a .357 OBP batting second with the Tigers this year

kemp @2nd...i guess you gotta play him somewhere, but he's pretty cruddy there...not like he's much better in the OF, though.  hope he's ready to tandum with baez.

i don't really understand why he's even a cub, honestly.  the club already has 3-4 clones of him...only kemp is about 3ft tall.  he's probably in charge of guarding the pot of gold and magically delicious cereal tim collins was in charge of protecting.

The bar is set low but Kemp should be an improvement over Almora in the lineup, at least at the dish.  Hopefully a steadier glove over Bote’s at 2nd too. 

Happ should be getting some starts at 2nd as well so long as Schwarber doesn’t begin to crater.

Why do you think he’s cruddy at 2B? That was his primary position coming up and the metrics at least say he’s been average or better in limited MLB time there.

His major contribution over the other 2B/bench options is his high contact rate. He’s been an above average bat v. RHP the last two years (107 wRC+) so he should be an upgrade if he can keep that up. 

Walk % twice as much as Almora‘s - once again, that’s a low bar.

cruddy is a bit strong, but "average on his better days" is about as far as i'm gonna get with it.  he's not inept, but given the meh bat his talents get lost in the mix with what's already here.

and yeah, that contact rate is a big outlier over a lot of others here.  that's a specific tool that comes in really handy off the bench.

i don't have an issue with him getting a few 100 ABs a year.  i just didn't see the trade as an upgrade as much as i see him as a guy who's talents don't make him stand out from the group already here who can play 2nd/OF.

MIL loses...another hader HR blown lead, too.

Home run derby KB much better than painful knee, strikeout KB

it's been a while since heyward turned an awesome play in the OF and that was one for the career highlight reel.

Every time we play the pissboy crew from the Lou I’m always struck by each starting pitcher seeming to own us in his career

awrite cast, 1st cubs hit single breaks up a cards no-hitter in the 6th.

lester falling apart in the 6th...sigh.

d.holland, welcome to the cubs.

STL with a 6 run lead...lester on the hook for 5 of those.

Cubs - tired of scoring two runs against the Cards - saving their runs for the Brewers.  #strategery

that's moneyballs right there.

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  • crunch 19 min 48 sec ago (view)

    he -really- needs to cue into this is a cubs broadcast and not a national/neutral broadcast.

    dude...don't get excited about marlins 3-run homers.


  • crunch 1 hour 46 min ago (view)

    lot of people wanted him when len left.  he's got a long game calling history, but not too much for baseball.  he did host "baseball tonight" for ESPN for a quite a while, so the game isn't a mystery to him.

    i find him a bit boring/dry.  some people like that he has that oldschool "announcer voice" thing going on.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 2 hours 5 min ago (view)

    He's uhhh.. not very good at it. Glad he wasn't the hire for the main role.


  • crunch 2 hours 18 min ago (view)

    wow...chris myers calling the cubs game for some reason (boog out for the MIA series).

    he is a marquee talent, but he's not been used to call a game as far as i know.

    also, zach davies looks like a kid in pajamas in those dark blue "wrigleyville" uniforms.


  • crunch 1 day 58 min ago (view)

    t.williams threw a 25 pitch pen thursday


  • crunch 1 day 2 hours ago (view)

    tonight's game (thursday) is free game, btw.


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 5 hours ago (view)

    The Cubs have optioned RHP Robert Stock back to AAA Iowa, and recalled LHP Brad Wieck. 


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 5 hours ago (view)

    The Cubs have purchased the contract of RHSP Mike Hauschild (ex-TOR) from Lexington (Atlantic League) and he has been asigned to AAA Iowa. 

    The Cubs are clearly beating the bushes of indepenent league baseball. Hauschild is the sixth player acquired by the Cubs from independent league teams in the last month (Jose Almonte, Tyler Ladendorf, Tim Susnara, Matt Warkentin, and Jarod Wright are the other five). 


  • crunch 1 day 6 hours ago (view)

    (c) hendricks gives up at least 60 homers in the regular season

    seriously, though...wisdom has "slowed down" the past 10 days or so, but he still managed a couple homers.  he's got a damn good shot at 20+ even if bote+duffy come back to steal a little time from him.


  • Charlie 1 day 7 hours ago (view)

    This Mets series is going poorly, so... off-topic question. Which of these outcomes do you currently think is more likely in 2021: (a) Javy hits at least 40 homeruns in the regular season, (b) Patrick Wisdom hits at least 20 homeruns in the regular season.


  • crunch 2 days 2 hours ago (view)

    wow...and he's done for the night.  that's not good...well, for mets fans.

    "right shoulder soreness"


  • crunch 2 days 2 hours ago (view)

    meanwhile...degrom with 8 Ks through 3 perfect innings.  he's also got a RBI single.


  • crunch 2 days 3 hours ago (view)

    and d.smith gets HBP.

    this is high end next level strategy.  you beat degrom by injuring everyone until they have to forfeit the game.  moneyballs.


  • crunch 2 days 3 hours ago (view)

    ow...villar got nailed in the ear and the back of the head by a throw from lobaton on a stolen base.


  • Arizona Phil 2 days 3 hours ago (view)

    CHARLIE: You are absolutely right.

    Granted there are existing rules prohibiting pitchers from using foreign substances, but you don't change enforcement protocols suddenly in the middle of the season. Pitchers should be given an opportunity to make adjustments during the course of Spring Training before any new enforcement policy is implememted.

    This can and should be addressed in the upcoming CBA negotiations. Not now. 


  • Charlie 2 days 4 hours ago (view)

    That was definitely my position prior to this year. But I am starting to buy into the claim that almost all pitchers are using something, even if it is rosin and sunscreen in many cases.