Trade Assignment Waivers

The deadline for "non-waiver" (unrestricted) trades is 4 PM (Eastern) on July 31st. No trades can be made between 4:00 and 5:00 (Eastern), and then beginning at 5 PM (Eastern) on July 31st and extending through to the conclusion of the MLB regular season, Trade Assignment Waivers must be secured before players on MLB 40-man rosters can be traded. (Waivers are never required to trade players on minor league reserve lists).

Waivers must be secured before certain types of transactions can be completed.

There are two types of waivers (release waivers and assignment waivers), and while there is only one type of release waiver (Outright Release), there are three different types of assignment waivers (Trade Assignment, Optional Assignment, and Outright Assignment). Each type of waivers has a special set of rules that apply.

The MLB waiver list is transmitted at 2 PM (Eastern) every business day. Every day is an MLB business day during Spring Training and the MLB Regular Season, but because Saturday and Sunday are not considered MLB business days during the off-season, the MLB waiver list is transmitted at 2 PM (Eastern) Monday through Friday (only) during the off-season.

If a club requests a waiver prior to the 2 PM (Eastern) deadline, the waiver request is transmitted that day. If the waiver is requested after 2 PM, the waiver request will not be transmitted until the next business day. A player remains on waivers for 47 hours, during which time any of the other 29 MLB clubs can make a claim.

At 1 PM on the second business day after the waivers are requested the MLB office determines if any claims were made, and if so, which club is awarded the claim.

A club can place no more than seven players on waivers per day, and a club can make a maximum of 50 waiver claims per week.

A player on a Disabled List cannot be placed on assignment waivers until he is both eligible to be reinstated from the DL and healthy enough to play.

Neither assignment waivers nor release waivers can be requested on a player while he is on the Bereavement List, Military List, Suspended List, Disqualified List, or Ineligible List. However, Outright Release Waivers (but NOT assignment waivers) may be requested on a player while he is on the Voluntary Retired List.

The procedure for awarding waiver claims is different depending on the type of waivers and the time of the year.

For Optional Assignment Waivers, Outright Assignment Waivers, and Outright Release Waivers, if a player is claimed by only one club, that club is awarded the claim. If more than one club makes a claim, the club with the lowest winning percentage (regardless of league) on the day the player clears waivers is awarded the claim. If two clubs with the same winning percentage make a claim, the club in the player's own league is awarded the claim. If two clubs from the same league make a claim and they are tied in the standings, the club with the lowest winning percentage from the previous season is awarded the claim. If the clubs are still tied, standings from two years back (or three years back, four years back, etc) are used to break the tie.

However, in the case of Trade Assignment Waivers (only), if a player is claimed by more than one club, the club in the player's own league with the lowest winning percentage is awarded the claim, even if that club has a higher winning percentage than the club or clubs making a claim from the other league. So a player placed on Trade Waivers must first be "waived out of his own league" before he can be assigned to a club in the other league.

For the purpose of determining the awarding of Trade Assignment waiver claims, the standings as of the close of each day's Waiver Claiming Period are used to determine the awarding of waiver claims, with the previous season's standings used to break any ties. If clubs are still tied, standings from two seasons back, or three seaons back, etc, are used to break any ties.

If a player is placed on Trade Assignment Waivers and is not claimed, waivers are said to be "secured" and the player can be traded to any MLB club at any time, just like prior to the non-waiver trade deadline.

Trade Assignment Waivers are revocable the first time they are requested on a particular player, so if a player is claimed, the player's club has the option to either withdraw the waiver request and retain the player, or allow the waiver claim to stand. The player's club has 48 hours to make this decision, and during this "window" the club has the right to trade the player to the claiming club (but ONLY to the claiming club). If a trade cannot be worked-out with the claiming club before the window closes, and the club chooses not to withdraw the waiver request, the player is automatically assigned to the claiming club for the $20,000 waiver price ($25,000 for Draft-Excluded and Rule 5 players) and the claiming club assumes 100% of the player's contract. (A player with "no trade" rights can refuse both a waiver claim and a trade assignment, however).

If a player is claimed after being placed on Trade Assignment Waivers, but then the player is not traded and the waiver request is subsequently withdrawn, the player cannot be placed on Trade Waivers again for at least 30 days from the date the waivers are withdrawn, and if the player is placed on Trade Waivers again before the end of the season, the waivers become irrevocable and cannot be withdrawn. A player who has "no trade" rights (full or partial) cannot be placed on Trade Assignment Waivers a second time before the end of the season unless the player first waives his "no trade" rights.

Trade Assignment Waivers secured on a player on Optional Assignment to the minors or on an MLB Disabled List expire after 72 hours.

If a player on an MLB or minor league Disabled List is placed on Trade Assignment Waivers, he must be either traded or reinstated from the DL within 72 hours after the conclusion of the Waiver Claiming Period and/or after waivers have been secured. If a player on an MLB or minor league Disabled List is claimed after being placed on Trade Assignment Waivers but then the waiver request is subsequently withdrawn, the player must reinstated from the DL immediately when the waiver request is withdrawn. 



I anticipate a future post from me asking how waivers work for a particular player, and AZ saying something like, "I explained this in a post about 6 months ago."

So I actually read this, and have a question. I don't understand the difference between trade and optional waivers. Are these just a matter of the types of request a team makes? In other words, can they request a trade waiver whenever they could make an optional waiver? Or does a trade need to be involved somehow on a trade waiver?

So I actually read this,

This may be my most favorite comment ever...encompasses everything it is to write for this site and sums up the Internet in general.

The worst and best part of the Internet is that there is so much information. AZ's posts have information that simply wasn't available when I was, say, 20. Or, if it was, I had no idea how to get my hands on it. The bad part is, I'll forget most of it by next week.

We just had a discussion with the youngins in my class about how technology has provided faster and readier information, which as also led to us learning and memorizing less.

My wife and I today were talking about the end of the comma.

Commas are overrated.

kinda hard to believe no one wanted navarro...or the cubs didn't want to get rid of him... may/june/july has been non-stop awesome for him as far as a backup catcher and PH goes. maybe the cubs think his price will rise post-deadline and didn't get an offer they liked.

I have to credit Theo/Jed with not 'giving' away Schierholtz, Dejesus, and Russell (let alone Gregg & Navarro). It's not like there's a plethora of Outfield talent measurably on the upcoming FA market. Why, deal for the sake of dealing (another one of Hendry's failings? There also doesn't appear to be any 'in-house' help coming next year (BJax, Szczur, Ha) that would be an upgrade over Schierholtz. There's no one on this roster I would trade and/or listen to trade offers, but it's encouraging to see a front office NOT just give away talent.

Ceasar at .275 .342 .358 with 20 stolen bases. 37 walks. Career minor league OBP of .351. Not developing any power, but if he develops into a legit lead off man that would be the first for the Cubs in quite awhile.

O&B: Trades involving players on an MLB  40-man roster can be made after the July 31st deadline only after Trade Assignment Waivers have been secured, or (in the case of a player who is claimed), only by trading the player to the club that was awarded the claim (and then only if the trade is made within 48 hours).

Optional Assignment Waivers have a different function, and securing Optional Assignment Waivers only gives the club the right to option the player to the minors, not trade the player after the July 31st deadline.  

Optional Assignment Waivers must be secured before a player can be optioned to the minors once the player has reached the third anniversary of the player being added to an MLB Active List (25-man roster) or MLB Disabled List for the first time, or the two-year anniversary if the player spent one full season on Optional Assignment to the minors prior to being added to an MLB Active List (25-man roster) or MLB Disabled List for the first time, or the one-year anniversary if the player spent two full seasons on Optional Assignment to the minors prior to being added to an MLB Active List (25-man roster) or MLB Disabled List for the first time.

So Optional Assignment Waivers must be secured before Jake Arrieta, Starlin Castro, and James Russell can be optioned to the minors, and (because each of them have accrued at least five years of MLB Service Time) David DeJesus, Kevin Gregg, Dioner Navarro, Alfonso Soriano, Ryan Sweeney, and Carlos Villanueva (each of whom have minor league options left) would have to give their consent AND Optional Assignment Waivers would have to be secured before the player can be optioned to the minors. (If you're wondering if this ever happens, Dioner Navarro gave his permission to be optioned to the minors when he was with the Cincinnati Reds last season).

Optional Assignment Waivers are revocable and can be withdrawn if a claim is made, but if a player is claimed off Optional Waivers and the waiver request is subsequently withdrawn, the player cannot be placed on Optional Assignment Waivers again for at least 30 days, and if a player is placed on Optional Waivers a second time in the same waiver period, the waivers become irrevocable and the request cannot be withdrawn.

Optional Assignment Waivers secured during the waiver period that commences on February 16th and during the waiver period that starts on the 31st day of the MLB regular season are in effect for the entire waiver period, but Optional Assignment Waivers secured during the waiver period that begins on August 1st are in effect only through the conclusion of the MLB regular season.

Optional Assignment Waivers secured on a player who is on an MLB Disabled List expire after 72 hours.

If a player on an MLB Disabled List is placed on Optional Assignment Waivers, he must be reinstated from the DL within 72 hours after the conclusion of the Claiming Period and/or after waivers have been secured.

Optional Assignment Waivers cannot be requested after October 1st or secured prior to February 16th.

Optional Assignment Waivers are not required if a player is being sent to the minors using a 4th minor league option, or if a player is being sent to the minors within 24 hours after being acquired in a trade, or if a player is being sent to the minors after being recalled to serve as the 26th man in a doubleheader.

So there two different types of waivers (Release and Assignment), and Trade Assignment Waivers and Optional Assignment Waivers are two of the three Assignment waivers. (Outright Assignment Waivers is the third type of assignment waivers).

Prior to 2007, Optional Assignment Waivers were called "Recall Waivers" and there was no such thing as "Trade Assignment Waivers."

Instead, there was a generic type of revocable waiver called "Major League Waivers" which were used the way Trade Assignment Waivers are used now, but they were also used to outright players to the minors during the off-season. So (for example) a club could place a player on Major League Waivers in October or November up through Spring Training hoping to outright the player without the risk of losing the player on a waiver claim, since that type of waiver request could be withdrawn if the player was claimed. Now players can be outrighted only by placing the player on Outright Assignment Waivers (which are always irrevocable) regardless of the time of the year.

Because they were revocable the first time they were requested in a given waiver period and could be withdrawn if the player was claimed, Major League Waivers were also used to gauge interest in a player. You might remember the Red Sox placed Manny Ramirez on Major League Waivers during the off-season a few years ago to see if any club was interested enough to make a claim (and potentially assume the balance of Man-Ram's mega-contract). 

But Major League Waivers no longer exist. They have been renamed "Trade Assignment Waivers" and have a much more narrow function than did Major League Waivers, that being to make trades involving players on MLB 40-man rosters during the period of time August 1st up through the close of the MLB regular season. 

Thanks, AZ!

2r rizzo HR! 1st since July 21st (COL), 3rd of the month, and 15th on the year. 31 doubles, 15HR... ...and a castro solo shot in the 4th. swank.

MIL giving another clinic in horrible D.

...and s.castro counters by letting a runner go from 1st to 3rd on a bouncer 20ft from home plate by not covering 3rd when the 3rd baseman vacated to make an attempt on the ball...pure spectator. e.jax gets out of it, though.

They should honestly do away with the strike zone and let the umps just invent rules cause these guys don't have the slightest idea what they are doing half the time - check out the 3-0 pitch to Rizzo with bases loaded. I give up. It was inside and at his ankles and the three pitches before it were closer to being a strike.

Don't you know the strike zone is different depending on the count.

Exactly correct.

After last night, I feel the same way. I remember a Bill James rant from 30 years ago about the "de fatso" strike zone...are there any other major sports with such a subjective judgment of such a fundamental rule? Maybe NFL and holding? I dunno. I really hate letting technology do the job, but when the strike zone, the most basic aspect of baseball, depends on "what Blue is calling tonight," where are we? (I say this having done a bit of youth league umpiring, proudly watching my daughters umpiring 15 years ago, and admiring my brother-in-law, an old-school purist umpire.) I love the way Blue runs the game, but I just don't know what to do with these inconsistent strike zones.

i'm pretty sure they gave up calling traveling in the NBA 15+ years ago, too.

I loved MJ, don't get me wrong, but Michael single handedly destroyed the traveling call.

I remember traveling being a joke all the way back to the 70's for NBA. Still, I think Lebron is among the worst I've ever seen.

I think Patrick Ewing was the worst. He would pick up the ball, run through the lane and then put up a shot. "Palming" is the worst, though -- every NBA dribble wouddl have been called palming by my high school refs.

Basketball, while fun to watch, is broken, unless you can tell be another sport where intentionally breaking the rules (fouling) is a viable strategy.

Not an exact analogy, but in football teams might take a safety if they are backed up by their own goal line rather than turn it over or have to punt from the end zone, depending on the score. I would guess you can find similar situations in most sports where taking a penalty for breaking a rule might, in some circumstances, be better than not. And that will always happen, because if the penalties were so bad as to avoid that then they would be too harsh when imposed when players accidentally do it and everyone would hate that. But I do agree that basketball seems to be the worst in this regard, and the last 3 minutes of a close game take about 40 to complete and are boring as shit in my opinion.

I see your analogy on a safety (not breaking a rule, but incurring punishment (i.e. points for other team) on purpose). My thought was a manager purposefully getting kicked out of a game to inspire his team. This analogy is even more tenouous though. As for basketball, college basketball has always been more exciting to me than pros; really I only watch the Bulls and that is often solely for playoffs or during Jordan-era.

I loved watching Jordan. For me, watching Jordan play b-ball was proof for the existence of God.

I loved watching Jordan, too. I was definitely not trashing Jordan, but if there was a traveling call left of any kind, he killed it off. Well, the refs did. They liked watching him as much as the rest of us. He took three steps to the basket pretty frequently. But, if they had called him on it early in his career, he would have adapted, so it isn't his doing really. He was incomparable in my mind, and would have been able to play with any set of rules thrown at him.

Horrible human being though and it's disgusting how hypocritical he's been as an owner.

Good thing for my personal theology that I didn't base anything on his off-the-court behavior.

But I do agree that basketball seems to be the worst in this regard, and the last 3 minutes of a close game take about 40 to complete and are boring as shit in my opinion.

Past an important Bulls game or a Marquette game, I tend to turn it off at the first commercial in the last 2 minutes, just too painful. It'll never change though. Networks put their ads in the last 2 minutes and keeps the illusion that the game isn't over yet.

They should institute a 1 full and 1 :20 timeout in the last 2 minutes and any non-shooting foul is worth 3 free throws and the team can pick anyone on the floor to take them. They could even qualify an intent rule, they already do that with flagrant fouls.

Allow players to challenge X number of calls a game, like tennis, or better yet take the human element out of it because the humans are the problem.

The more you watch it the more bizarre it is. The strike zone is definitely in flux throughout the whole game. Umps are reacting to emotional shit, sympathizing with the pitcher if they've been close or hitting their spots. Happily ringing up a sassy rookie on a pitch they would never call on a veteran, then feeling guilty and squeezing the zone on the next guy. Calling the game differently at the end of the game because they are human and feeling the tension etc etc. it all points to freakazoid strike zones that don't make sense. Put a frickin' machine on it ... It's just getting weirder and weirder and we can see it all better with HD and pitch trackers so the damn umps are never gonna meet our standards. But the biggest problem is they can't even be consistent on back to back pitches much less a whole game. They'll never do anything about it but they should. A straight mechanical strike zone would solve so many problems. And unlike any other sport it is doable.

Ben Badler‏@BenBadler Sounds like the Pirates pushed hard for Giancarlo Stanton. I'd give up anyone in that system for him if I were them David Cameron‏@DCameronFG @BenBadler The eventual bidding war is going to be insane Ben Badler‏@BenBadler @DCameronFG Having heard some of the proposals talked about among teams, sounds like it already is. Loria's the X-factor.

Taillon, Polanco, Hanson, Glasnow plus their all yellow 80's uniforms.

rain delay...

TEX wins 3 games in a row with walkoff homers.

Good news dept: Justin Grimm pitching ok for Iowa tonight. Had a little trouble in the 5th inning, but still 2ER 5K 4hits 3bb through 5. #prayinghedontneednosurgery

minors so far tonight

G. Concepcion (AZL Cubs): 2 IP, 0 ER, 1 K

O-for-Olt (Iowa): 0-2 so far tonight with a K

J. Grimm (Iowa): 5 IP, 2 ER, 4 H, 3 BB, 5 K

P. Blackburn starting for just started, Bryant 0-1 to start

B. Jackson (Tenn): 1/2 with a 1 R

M. Loosen (Tenn): 5 IP, 3 H, 2 ER, 4 BB, 3 K

I. Pineyro (Daytona): 6 IP, 7 K, 0 BB, 3 H

acquired for Hairston, Pineyro has gone 23 IP, 5 ER for a 1.96 ERA since joining the organization, 21 K vs 1 BB, 1 HR...all 5 runs were in the previous start. Nice...will turn 22 at end of September.

I was JUST wondering about Concepcion! Still kicking huh?

best 2 innings in a row of concepcion's career

Fact. Somehow it reminds me of that thing where eventually a monkey will type a sentence if he's at a typewriter long enough. But that is a bit pessimistic. Maybe he was a bag of nerves last year?

based on reports of him before he signed (and especially after he signed...and very especially after a few games under his belt) i still wonder who exactly was bidding him up to the $7m mark the cubs bit on. ...this quote still sticks with me. "They're trying to tell people it's just mechanics -- that he needs to get straightened out," one scout said. "But if he was in a junior college game you were at, you'd leave."


he was initially passed off as an 18 year old...then discovered to be 20 after he agreed to sign...cubs still finalized the contract, though.

and baez with another HR...1-3, 2k, 1bb olt finishes 0-4, 1k

Ooooh, he had an Adam Dunn trifecta (HR, K, BB). Did he make an error too?

e.jax out to pitch after an hour+ rain delay...j.borbon hitting 2nd... ...when non-dusty managed teams do things and 100 posts don't show up about it...coming up next on TCR.

I blame Dusty for this too.

michael barrett clearly deserves the blame for this one.

No big changes for Cubs next year (but keep in mind the source): (paywall I think, but that's why God made the Quick Javascript Switcher add on for Chrome)

Paul Sullivan on that, rather than wrong way Rogers. Seems pretty factual. That said I think Sullivan is done as of today right? Hopefully we'll get someone without the snarky jaded sarcasm - just for a change?

I heard Sullivan is staying with them through the homestand. Then it's Mark Gonzales coming over from the Sox beat. Could be wrong.

I also saw that Sully will continue to be with the Trib in an "expanded baseball role" - a columnist, apparently, as opposed to a beat writer. We'll hafta see about that.

guess Yanks had good reason not to trade their cap space

Yankees Sign No. 5 International Prospect Leonardo Molina For $1.4 Million

Sickel's reviews his Cubs top 20 Not a re-ranking. More like a progress report where he doesn't do new write ups.

"OTHER GRADE C+ PROSPECTS: ...Ronald Torreyes" oops.

Wow, do the White Sox stink. Looks like they are now #2 in the race for the #1 pick next year -- Hawk and Stoney must be having a blast together. I am really starting to like JD -- smart & genuinely funny. Hopefully, he & Len can build some chemistry before the 2015-2020 dynasty takes hold.

laaaaaaaaaaake's 1st wrigley HR...1st of 300+ @wrigley based upon recent hype ...and rizzo HR...back to back

Nolasco is no Garza

He served Lake up the exact same pitch and Lake dumped that one into the bleachers. I guess these guys didn't watch how the Giants pitched him. As JD said, don't throw this man strikes.

"Don't throw this man strikes." Every pitcher tries to throw the fewest strikes necessary. After swinging at a low-outside slider on the first pitch he saw last night, Lake laid off three close pitches in a row--two outside sliders and a fastball just off the plate inside. He earned that 3-1 fastball that followed.

Eloy Jimenez signing is official, $2.8M plus $250K college scholarship.

Hank White grand slam off Ryan Dempster in Boston. Awesome...

The caption on this picture says, "Anthony Rizzo, seen lecturing kid who snuck onto field during #Cubs BP." However, the "kid" in the picture appears to have a balding spot on the back of his head and his skin on the side of his face and neck looks weathered and old. Rizzo also has a pleasant, friendly look on his face. Makes me question the facts behind the characterizations in the caption.

Kid is a jockey

i believe that midget is paul sullivan.

He's a leprechaun looking for his lucky charms.

You may be right. If so, it makes the picture and caption even funnier.

It is Sullivan, now tcr knows why they are blocked on twitter by him You are so mean.

Cubnut's handiwork...pretty sure the sarcasm was intended.

I'd put my money on that being Paul Sullivan btw...not 100% sure though.

Ah, Cubnut -- you nutty guy, you.

lake with his 2nd HR on the night...woop.

JD- " out Puig them(Dodgers)"

...and rizzo with his 2nd HR on the night. cubs still down by 1 in the 8th, though.

Junior Lake likes Ricky Nolasco. HR #2 on the night!

I presume Lake didn't see a fastball in that third at-bat?

He didn't -- K'd on 3 straight pitches -- slider/curveball/slider. Though to be fair, Junior hit his 2nd HR off a slider down the middle of the plate. Edit: Hah! He K'd on a Alfonso Soriano low and away slider in the dirt. Doing a nice job of replacing Sori all around.

navarro = slowest man alive.

looks legit.

4 home runs, 4 total runs for the game. And so it goes for the 2013 cubs

h.rondon still sucks.

"Anthony Rizzo hit 2 HRs tonight and is the first #Cubs player since Ron Santo to have two 15-homer seasons before the age of 24." ...that is just...sad for cubdom...yet not surprising.

Looks like our platoon at 3B these days is screaming for some offensive help. They've had a few HR's earlier but that was awhile ago.

I wish Olt would hit so they could just give him a shot. It sounded like he was just about MLB-ready before his eyes went all bat-like on him.

Hoyer - "If he gets it going here in the last month I think he's a guy you could see (in September). If it ends up where he struggles the whole time I don't think we would help that by bringing him up to the big leagues. The next month will really determine a lot for Mike as far as whether he gets to the big leagues this year."

Thanks for that. Normally I'd say bring him up (I'm saving that for Eloy Jimenez, instead), but what's the point if he is going to go all Gary Scott on us?

Shhhhhhhh. Please never say that name again.

Would you be more comfortable with Kevin Orie?

Slightly off theme but Ty Griffin is my nails on a chalkboard.

still sitting in a drawer where I grew up in Chicago

Orie hurts very much. Damn so does Griffin.

Or perhaps Wade Rowdon?

Nice one. Bonus points!

If only I could find a way to monetize obscure, worthless knowledge about the 1980s Cubs...

Earl Cunningham anyone?

It's cubbery to engage in this sort of nostalgia. If all your prospects seem to fail, you don't have enough of them. "With pitching you need five good arms for every one you want to count on coming up here and making a difference"--Theo in the paper this morning.

Today's lineup: Welly (3 HR, 18 RBI) hits cleanup, and the highest BA among our 6-7-8 hitters is Barney at .212. Poor Dale.

dejesus not having a good day in CF...both contributing to runs...1 directly. ...and t.wood is done after 3.1ip and 79 pitches...because the pen will surely help things...and could use 5.2ip of work...i guess.

40 pitch top of the third. All the young guys accrued 6 more days of service time in 1/2 inning.

future cubs convention superstar junior lake 3/3 on the day so the 5th.

He needs to tuck his damn shirt in. If he wants to look like a bush leaguer, I'm sure they could accomidate him.

wtf borbon? 4 runs down...not 1...not're not on 1st setting up a potential DP. wtf?

last time the cubs have had a winning record...april 4th (2-1) ...currently 49-60. sigh.

BA's Jim Callis ranks the top 10 trade deadline prospects that exchanged teams...Cubs got #1 (Olt) and #4 (Edwards):
1. Mike Olt, 3b, Cubs: Olt ranked No. 22 on our Top 100 Prospects list entering the season, but he has had a rough year while battling vision problems after getting beaned in the Dominican League. He was never going to push Adrian Beltre off third base in Texas, so the Rangers packaged Olt with righthanders C.J. Edwards and Justin Grimm and a player to be named to get Garza. Olt has above-average power, solid on-base skills and Gold Glove potential as a defender, and he may step in almost immediately at the hot corner in Chicago.
2. Avisail Garcia 3. Jose Iglesias
4. C.J. Edwards, rhp, Cubs: He was a 48th-round pick out of high school in 2011 who hadn’t pitched above low Class A before the Garza trade, so enthusiasm must be tempered. But it’s hard not to love his fastball (91-95 mph, up to 98, terrific life) and his performance in the Rangers system (1.68 ERA, 11.6 K/9, .168 opponent average). He has the upside of a No. 2 starter.
5. Grant Green, 2b, Angels 6. Kyle Smith, rhp, Astros 7. Matt Stites, rhp, Diamondbacks 8. Nick Delmonico, 3b, Brewers 9. Danry Vasquez, of, Astros 10. Josh Hader, lhp, Astros

ex-Yankee, Corey Black's line for Daytona: 8K's in 4 IP. Looks like a reliever already, Que O&B... Corey Black 4.0IP, 3H, 4R, 4ER, 3BB, 8K, 2HR, 4.47

i thought they were going to push him into a relief role immediately, anyway. comments were made after the trade by the front office about how they picture him as a least that's what i thought i read.

I never read actual Cub personnel projecting him as a reliever, but I may have missed it. The Internet scribes and scouts were saying it for sure though. That said, his line is pretty impressive the more you look at it . .. . the 8k in 4 innings - just 3 hits, bb, HR, and ER were ugly but reads like maybe he had a couple rough moments, maybe some command issues, or working on a third pitch, but a lot of promise.

: Julio Borbon designated for assignment by . Corresponding move Saturday


Thank god.

Brian Bogusevic over his hamstring issue?

sappelt, i'd imagine...even with his AAA slump as of late.

Cannot stand him.

Dave Sappelt was optioned to Iowa on July 24th and he had to spend at least ten days on Optional Assignment before he could be recalled (unless he was recalled to replace a player who was placed on the DL or other MLB inactive list). The 10th day on Optional Assignment is today (Friday), so Sappelt can be recalled tomorrow (Saturday).

Also. Julio Borbon was on target to be eligible for salary arbitration as a "Super Two" post-2013 if he had remained on the 40-man roster through to the end of the season, and if the Cubs had waited until after the conclusion of the MLB regular season to outright him he would have had the right to elect free-agency because (under the new CBA) "Super Two" players now have the right to elect free-agency if outrighted. 

But if the Cubs outright Borbon before the conclusion of the 2013 MLB regular season, he will not be a "Super Two" player post-2013, AND he will remain under club control through the 2014 season because he cannot be a six-year minor league free-agent until after the 2014 season (presuming he isn't claimed off waivers or selected in the Rule 5 Draft).

So Borbon (who is out of minor league options) was probably on 40-man roster borrowed time even before the 9th inning baserunning gaffe in today's game.

Sappelt still in the game at Salt Lake City. Ty Wright was pulled midgame. But that could have been for other reasons.

pulled after going 2/2 with a bb (and 2 HR) in a close game. ...looks like he might be the guy. he's spent a long time in the cubs minors system (7th year).

Ty Wright is one of those "organizational players" who gets moved around the system to make room for prospects, and so he spent most of the 2013 season at AA despite his age (28) and experience (seven seasons).  

He is eligible to be a six-year minor league FA post-2013 if he is not added to an MLB 40-man roster by 5 PM (EDT) on the 5th day following the conclusion of the World Series, so I suppose it's possible that he might get called up as a reward for his many years of quiet service to the organization and as a morale kick for other "organizational players" who might otherwise be giving up hope. 

Wright is a fundamentally-sound corner OF with a LF arm, occasional power (57 HR in 700 minor league games), and slightly below average speed. He is a similar-type player as Cole Gillespie, but Gillespie is a better hitter with more power.  


"Ty Wright was pulled midgame. But that could have been for other reasons." "Wright’s back locked up on him after the swing, and forced him out of the game after he ran the bases."

How about Logan Watkins?

he's been slumping lately, he's young (23...24 at the end of the month), and they probably want him getting as many ABs as he can rather than riding pine.

Carrie Muskat‏@CarrieMuskat #Cubs to select contract of IF Donnie Murphy from @IowaCubs to take Borbon's spot on roster. Borbon was DFA

not looking for it, but TheJedi said they see Black as a reliever, doesn't mean he can't get his work in as a starter right now. The move from rotation to bullpen is of little consequence.

You and crunch are apparently remembering right. From your summary of Theo press conference in the Soriano thread: "projects Black as power reliever, comps Jesse Crain". I find that odd that Theo would say that, usually good at playing cards close to the vest and not putting a ceiling on a player in A+ etc. but he has been honest and forthcoming even more of late.

It's not unusual for clubs to have pitchers who project as relievers used as starters in "A" ball to get them more innings of experience and to force them to develop & use their secondary stuff.

Michael Wottreng‏@MWottreng Kyle Hendricks has been added to the Mesa Cubs roster with the expectation of joining AAA Iowa in the coming days.

Kyle Hendricks has been added to the Mesa Cubs roster with the expectation of joining AAA Iowa in the coming days. --- Theo: "We're sending him to Mesa for one more evaluation by Arizona Phil." (quote from my buddy, Theo Schwartz)

for those of you who prefer Theo Epstein quotes...
‘‘It’s been a great month (July) for the Cubs. Right now it’s a good time for people who are wanting things to go well and looking for progress to seize onto it, but it’s an important time to remind everyone and ourselves that the progress won’t be linear (August).’’

If the progress is bilinear, would that mean that we can just expect a good September to be bolted on to this amazing progress, and then they're done for the year?

bilinear, trilinear, the monkey in front of the typewriter who generates a sentence every so often: xrihtkejyy vproslkdiym gythiioinieb cubbery 'ei4hehgty5j laksorianvoglbombzastryzny whhthhellahintothfutur... back to studying cosmology and string theory

per Roto... Zach Putnam underwent surgery Friday to have bone spurs removed from his elbow. Putnam has been on the disabled list since June 12 with right elbow soreness. It's not clear how much longer he'll be sidelined due to the surgery, but he remains without a timetable to return.

Damn it. Don't baseball teams realize if they keep signing Ronny Cedeno, he gets to keep playing baseball? Enough already.

He's trying to lower the bar on what constitutes a "replacement-level player".

welly had 1bb from opening day til May 22nd (35 games) he's had 20bb since then (46 games)

Glad to see Bourbon gone. He was a waste of roster. Couldn't really do anything well. Dropped a couple of routine fly balls, stupid base running, couldn't hit, couldn't really steal bases either. Good riddance. Sweeney seemed like the best back-up outfielder, but then go injured, and Bougsevic was next as far as performance, but he got injured too, and so we've had way too much of Sappelt, Bourbon, and Gillespie, etc. Also, can't watch the game today (FU Fox), but did I see correctly that Samardzija led off the bottom of the 6th after that rough top of the 6th and so many pitches that it was obvious he wasn't going to pitch the 7th? WTF? Also, way to many double plays lately. This game and the last week or so in general. Brutal to watch.

"did I see correctly that Samardzija led off the bottom of the 6th after that rough top of the 6th and so many pitches that it was obvious he wasn't going to pitch the 7th?" it was odd...unless for some reason donnie murphy (the only R on the bench aside from backup catcher navarro) isn't in playing shape because of the plane ride from utah. *shrug* it's not the first time it's happened. i can (kinda) understand it for t.wood (especially this season), but for some of the other pitchers it's a head scratcher.

A couple of people who won't get a whiff of MLB

That ump was fricked in the head ... Wtf

I don't know what it is lately. Umps and cops seem to be losing their minds.

Bruce Miles‏@BruceMiles2112 Valbuena to DL with right oblique strain. Bruce Miles‏@BruceMiles2112 Best guess here is #Cubs will bring up Logan Watkins from Iowa to replace Valbuena. Watkins is on 40-man

feldman sporting a 5.70 era after tonight's 4.2ip/5er failure...36.1ip

Man they should just shut Olt down. Send him to a spa or something. So bad right now. 2 for his last 31 with no runs scored and no RBI in that stretch. Austin Powers' style complete mojo loss.

it's him or valbuena for 2014...i think the big question right now is if he'll get a Sept callup or just be told to go home and rest...maybe pull some winter ball time. i imagine the "plan" has him penciled in to break camp 2014 as the starting 3rd and hitting behind rizzo (pending some other random signing/trade for a RH power hitter playing somewhere besides 3rd/1st/SS/C on the team). chances are rather high valbuena will be around in 2013 backing olt up in case of failure and/or being the off-the-bench/backup/platoon 2nd/3rd baseman.

Can't recall where I read it, but Hoyer said the last month of the AAA season will determine whether Olt comes up or not. If he starts to hit and play better, he'll be up. Otherwise, he won't.

Yup. I saw that as well ... Fingers crossed.

I'd like to know a little more about this eye thing. If it's true he stopped hitting after getting beaned, and his eye is causing problems, he's not going to be a good hitter. Bad eyesight will kill off his chances. I have to assume the Cubs have full medicals on the situation, and that they were convinced that even if there is a problem here, it's going to go away. In other news, it does sound like K Bryant is really heating up. Musta been rusty when he first started.

twitter...they should keep ballplayers away from it...

From NicknCafardo/Boston Globe Sunday notes... 3. I had one GM rate the farm systems: 1. Twins; 2. Red Sox; 3. Cubs.

Junior Lake gets on this week's 5 wildest swings on Fangraphs: Batter: Junior Lake Pitcher: Ricky Nolasco Date: August 1 Location: 39.1 inches from center of zone And gets extra kudos for a half-hearted walk towards first base after.

Watkins and Murphy both starting today with Ransom. Hall of Fame infield if I ever saw one.

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  • crunch 17 hours 35 min ago (view)

    cubs trade for travis lakins for a PTBNL or cash considerations from the rsox.


  • Charlie 22 hours 15 min ago (view)

    I mean, the "overrated" criticism is always more about other people deserving of the honor being snubbed or put through more rigamarole. Jeter was definitely a great player for a long time. I just want people to remember that guys like Scott Rolen are not 60% less deserving, as the current voting system seems to indicate.


  • crunch 1 day 5 hours ago (view)

    speaking of the HOF...

    schilling had a nice bump in his 8th eligable year going from 60.9% to 70.0%.  he's probably gonna get in next year...and if not for his abrasive personality and questionable interests outside of baseball he would probably already be in.  he's good enough to be there based on performance alone.

    fellow 8th year guys bonds and clemens held steady, going up around 1% point to 60%-ish range.  they may or may not get some love entering their 9th or 10th years.


  • crunch 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    m.ozuna signs with the braves 1/18m.

    he was expected to sign for similar pay over a number of years.  the cards must be "wtf?" about him walking away from the 17.8m qualifying offer, though.  at least they get a draft pick out of it.


  • crunch 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    5x gold glove...and earned 0 of them.

    whatever.  hell of a hitter, and he played SS "good enough" to not embarass himself or the team.

    but yeah, overrated even if he's a no-doubt 1st ballot hall of famer...which seems like an odd thing to say even if it's true (at least in the eyes of many).


  • Charlie 1 day 11 hours ago (view)

    That's a significant boost for being the face of the Yankees. Expected, but in retrospect he wasn't that much better than plenty of people who didn't have full support for the hall (Santo comes to mind).

    *Tries to start an "over-rated" chant.*


  • crunch 1 day 14 hours ago (view)

    d.jeter and l.walker (10th and final year on ballot, 76.6%) are going to the HOF.

    jeter got 99.75% of the vote...highest for a position player (griffey jr 99.32% 2016).  m.rivera got 100% last year.

    larry walker decided to dress up for his first post-election interview.  class act.


  • crunch 1 day 17 hours ago (view)

    nice.  i love seeing the undrafted who still try to make a career get a shot.

    it seems he's somewhat recently hit 97mph on his fastball which helped attract some interest.

    good luck to the dude.


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 18 hours ago (view)

    The Cubs have released eight players from their Dominican Academy: RHRP Donato Auguste, RHRP Marco Encarnacion, RHRP Rodrigo Garcia, RHRP Francisco Gracia, LHRP Anderson Parra, RHRP Willians Vasquez, 1B Jeinser Brete, and OF Kevin Miranda.  


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 18 hours ago (view)

    Rex Brothers has one minor league option left and Article XX-D status (so he can elect free-agency if outrighted) if he were to be added to the Cubs MLB 40-man roster at some point in 2020. 


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 19 hours ago (view)

    RHSP Max Bain (contract acquired by Cubs from Utica Unicorns of USPBL last week) minor league UPC has not yet been filed with MLB. 


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 19 hours ago (view)

    The Josh Phegley, Bryan Brickhouse, Rex Brothers, Juan Gamez, and Caleb Simpson minor league contracts have been filed with MLB, but the Tyler Olson and Jason Adam contracts are still pending.  


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 20 hours ago (view)

    The Cubs have signed LHRP Rex Brothers (ex COL, ex-ATL), RHRP Bryan Brickhouse, RHRP Juan Gamez (pitched in Mexican League in 2019), and RHRP Caleb Simpson to minor l;eague contracts, and Brothers is the only one of the four likely receive an NRI to Cubs MLB Spring Training. 


  • crunch 2 days 12 hours ago (view)


    ""There’s a lot of disrespect from people there that I don’t want to be a part of," Arenado said. "You can quote that." Arenado added, "You ask what I thought of Jeff’s quotes and I say I don’t care what people say around there. There is a lot of disrespect."

    The third baseman didn't want to elaborate on what he felt was disrespectful, but clearing the relationship between Arenado and the front office needs to be repaired."


  • crunch 2 days 13 hours ago (view)

    some good news...or bad news depending on how you feel about it...for the k.bryant trade market...

    "Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich on Monday indicated that Nolan Arenado will not be dealt prior to spring training and trade talks involving the third baseman are off for now."

    now MLB and crew need to decide whether bryant has an extra year of club control or not...still waiting...

    rangers, braves, and nats are supposedly looking at 3rd base upgrades.  cards are, too, but bryant to the cards would be a mutiny level trade decision.


  • crunch 2 days 19 hours ago (view)

    "Ben Nicholson-Smith of reports that the Marlins, Cubs, Rangers, and Brewers are "believed to be among the teams with some interest" in free agent reliever Pedro Strop.

    Nicholson-Smith on Sunday that Strop had three offers in-hand (two from NL clubs and one from an AL club) and will likely make his decision soon."