Cubs vs. White Sox: Series Thread (Games 111-113)

The Cubs return home to take on their south side neighbors, now joined by recent Cubs Craig Kimbrel and Ryan Tepera. The White Sox are enjoying a sizeable lead in the AL Central and have about two months to stay healthy and fine tune things for a playoff run. The Cubs on the other hand will be working through a roster of current journeymen and some potential future role players to see who might be useful when some prospects reinforce the roster (and who might be able to get themselves a major league offer this offseason). See below for the projected matchups.

Game 111, Friday, August 6, 1:20 pm central

CHC: RHP Kyle Hendricks (13-4, 3.71 ERA)

CHW: RHP Lance Lynn (10-3, 2.07 ERA)

Ws and Ls are no longer the primary concern for the Cubs as a whole in 2021, but they still count for Kyle Hendricks. How many wins can he collect on a losing team?

It would be an understatement to call Lance Lynn resurgent. He's hardly ever been this good before. The 34-year-old righty is throwing far fewer fastballs than during his time as a Cardinal and he's seen his strikeout rate climb to over a batter per inning.

Game 112, Saturday, August 7, 1:20 pm central

CHC: RHP Adbert Alzolay (4-11, 4.85 ERA)

CHW: LHP Carlos Rodon (8-5, 2.49 ERA)

Alzolay had a modestly encouraging start to the season. But with things not improving, that foundation to build on has looked less enticing. After being extremely stingy with walks in April and May, his walk rate since June has climbed to 3.88 per nine innings. It's by no means a high rate, but it pairs poorly with the high homerun rate that has dogged him all season.

As for Rodon, the former third overall pick is having a breakthrough season at the age of 28. He had a taste of success in 28 starts back in 2016, but middling results and poor health have gotten in his way since then. In 2021 he's enjoying his best season yet, and the timing looks just fine for the WSox.

Game 113, Sunday, August 8, 6:09 pm central

CHC: RHP Zach Davies (6-8, 4.79 ERA)

CHW: RHP Dylan Cease (8-6, 3.92 ERA)

Davies pitching in Colorado went about how you might expect it to. It was the third time that the righty gave up at least seven earned runs as a Cub.

Cease had a bizarre 2020 with the White Sox. He enjoyed a 4.01 ERA and 5-4 record despite having a strikeout to walk ratio approaching one-to-one and giving up 1.85 homeruns per nine innings. His 2021, however, has no such oddities. He's now striking out more than a batter per inning and should be working hard on staying healthy and fresh to make some playoff starts.


Per the Cubs site, Madrigal isn't on the 60 Day IL. Pete Crow-Armstrong is (somilarly) on the Myrtle Beach roster.


Are season-ending injuries "non-transfetable"?

TIM: By rule, when a player on an MLB or minor league IL is traded, he is automatically transferred to the corresponding IL of his new club. So Nick Madrigal was automatically transferred to the Cubs MLB 60-day IL, and Pete Crow-Armstrong was automatically transferred to the Cubs Lo-A 60-day IL last Friday.

Time spent on the IL of the previous team counts toward the minimum number of days the player must spend on the IL before he can be reinstated, so Madrigal is eligible to be reinstated from the MLB 60-day IL on Sunday and Crow-Armstrong can be reinstated at any time, although given the nature of their injuries, that isn't likely to happen. 

So how could this happen? Three words: Baseball Ops Intern. 

Another odd thing that was reported was that Miguel Amaya was transferred from the AA Tennessee 7-day IL to the Tennessee 60-day IL. Amaya is on the Cubs MLB Reserve List -- not on the Tennessee reserve list -- so placing Amaya on the Tennessee 60-day IL would not open up a slot on the Cubs MLB Reserve List. The only possible advantage to transferring Amaya from the Tennessee 7-day IL to the Tennessee 60-day IL is that a 60-day IL stint does not have to be periodically re-certified by a physician, whereas a minor league 7-day IL stint does have to be periodically re-certified.  

In the case of Amaya, he would have to be recalled from his optional assignment before he can be placed on the Cubs MLB 60-day IL, and if the Cubs do that it would open up a slot on the Cubs MLB 40-man roster, but it would also mean that Amaya would be paid at the major league rate instead of at the minor league split rate, and he would accrue MLB Service Time, and the Cubs would not be able to option him to the minors if he is injured in Spring Training. 

If Amaya is not recalled frrom his optional assignment and placed on the Cubs MLB 60-day IL prior to the conclusion of th 2021 MLB regular season, he can be optioned to the minors up until 15 days prior to 2022 MLB Opening Day -- even if he is injured -- and the Cubs are probably not going to want to give that up. Same goes for Brailyn Marquez, Alexander Vizcaino, Anderson Espinoza, Alexander Canario, Christopher Morel, and Greg Deichmann.    

BTW, generally an injured player cannot be placed on waivers, the one exception being beginning on the day after the conclusion of the MLB regular season and prior to the 5th day after the final game of the World Series, a player on an MLB 60-day IL can be placed on waivers, and if claimed, he would automaticallty be transferred to the 60-day IL of his new club. (Players eligible to be an MLB Article XX-B free-agent must be reinstated from the MLB 60-day IL no later than the day after the final game of the World Series, and all other players on an MLB or minor league 60-day IL must be reinstated no later than 5 PM Eastern on the 5th day after the final game of the World Series).  



I'd think having PCA on the 60 would opennanother 180 player roster spot. 

TIM: It does.

BTW, right now the Cubs have 167 players on their 180-man Domestic Reserve List (13 slots are open), with another 28 minor league players on a 60-day IL (do not count against the Domestic Reserve List limit) and three more on the Restricted List (also do not count against the Domestic Reserve List limit).  

A 2021 MLB  Rule 4 draft pick who signs a 2021 minor league contract must be placed on the ACL Cubs Active List roster (which has no limit) within 15 days after signing but the player does not count against the minor league Domestic Reserve List until the player actually plays in an official minor league game or until the day after the conclusion of the MLB regular season (whichever comes first), 2021 NDFA who were eligible for selection in the First-Year Player Draft but who were not selected and then sign a 2021 minor league contract after the conclusion of the draft must be added to the minor league Domestic Reserve List within 15 days after signing (doesn't matter if they play in a game or not), all minor league players on a 60-day IL must be reinstated no later than 5 PM (Eastern) on the 5th day after the conclusion of the World Series, and the 180-man Domestic Reserve List roster limit expands from 180 to 190 at 5 PM (Eastern) on the 5th day after the final game of the World Series. 

So the 2021 Cubs draft picks who signed 2021 minor league contracts (NOT including any Cubs 2021 draft pick -- like perhaps LHP Wilson Cunningham, who is enrolling at the U. of Chicago -- who signed  a Future Service 2022 contract) will need to be added to the Domestic Reserve List no later than the day after the conclusion of the MLB regular season (or earlier if they play in a minor league game), and there are presently 13 DRL slots open. (Any draft pick, NDFA, or IFA who was signed for Future Service will not need to be added to the DRL until 2022 minor league Opening Day). 

Also, any Rule 4 NDFA signed to a 2021 minor league contract after the draft will need to be added to the DRL within 15 days. I don't know exactly how many NDFA the Cubs have signed. The only one officially reported so far is RHP Walker Powell (U. of Southern Mississippi), who was pitching in the new MLB Draft League prior to the draft.   

And the 28 players on a minor league 60-day IL will need to be reinstated no later than 5 PM Eastern on the 5th day after the conclusion of the World Series, but that's the same day that minor leaguers eligible to be MLB Rule 9 (formerly known as MLB Rule 55) 6YFA or second-contract minor league free-agents are declared free-agents, and at present there are potentially as many as 50 Cubs minor leaguers eligible to be a Rule 9 free-agent post-2021 (34 6YFA and 16 second-contract players). And the DRL expands from 180 to 190 that day, too, so even if the Cubs sign some of their potential minor league FA to 2022 minor league successor contracts before they are declared free-agents, there still should be enough room on the expanded off-season DRL for just about everybody. (The DRL roster limit is 190 beginning at 5 PM Eastern on the 5th day after the final game of the World Series, and it remains 190 until minor league Opening Day, and then it drops back to 180).      

Very honest, no-snark question... what should the team do with Heyward?  I've usually defended running him out there b/c the $$$ are sunk, so the upside of him returning to ATL/STL form was worth the risk. Also I never felt like he was the problem with the offense. Clearly not the solution & I want more for >$20m/yr, but the team was going to rise/fall with Rizzo's streakiness, Bryant's health, & Javy being able to keep the OBP  around .320. 

Presently, there are some OF innings & PA's that need to go to other guys as part of the future.  As far as I am concerned, the AAAA-type or out-of-options players should play every single remaining game in the season so that the team knows what it has (Deichmann, Ortega, Fargas, Hermosillo when healthy, & even Ian Miller).  

Can you have a $20m player on the bench as a 4th/5th OF?  FWIW, Heyward is a very good PH for his career (talk about grasping for straws).  

Better to just cut him as a message? Would be quite the move by mgmt/owenership to swallow the remaining ~$50m in the name of what is best for the team.  

Give him the option to "rehab a hamstring" (EDIT: or finger) for the rest of the season in AZ to get his head/swing/etc. right?   Is that even possible?

a lot of it may depend on when the cubs are actually going to attempt to compete.

if we're doing a stupid f'n piss away season of marching crap out there then it doesn't matter.  there's talk of a "quick turnaround" but there's no substance behind the statements yet, including the definition of season...2 seasons from now... *shrug*

so far we're hearing nothing about being competitive next season that i know of.  we're hearing a lot of "well, the door isn't closed to those guys" about the crew that got traded away, but meh whatever.

the team's ownership seems to be more concerned about getting their sports gambling venture off the ground than the product on the field.  the rickets family and DraftKings are going to turn wrigley field into a f'n shitty las vegas strip style attraction.

thanks for the 3 run HR kimbrel.  classic kimbrel.

In a little over 36 innings this year for the Cubs, he'd surrendered 2 ER. One with 396 foot 1 iron shot by Romine today, he gave up 3 ER, with Romine's last home run coming in 2017. 

they can quit trying to make that killer debut inning of manny rodriguez into a thing that proves he's a high-end situation guy any time they feel like it.

Not the outing Manrod had in mind for his birthday, turned 25 today

i dont think i can take a full 2022 season of this...

I know they're saying this isn't like 2012, and I am sure that's true in at least some capacity, but the current product on the field is very 2012

Rizzo tests positive for COVID-19. There's more data for you.

Lindsey Adler @lindseyadler
Anthony Rizzo's symptoms seem light right now, per Aaron Boone. Achy, etc. He tested positive after Sat's game. In June, Rizzo said he was unvaccinated and "taking some more time to see the data in all of it." Boone didn't say whether or not Rizzo had been vaccinated since then.


yeah, so anyway...happy birthday rizzo.

Supposedly unvaccinated. I hope he doesn't get sick. 

Praying for Rizzo.

j.steele gonna get the start on tuesday.

really hope he shows he can fill out 2022 with hendricks/alzolay (a.mills is technically a ready candidate, too).  as it is the cubs are gonna need at least 2-3 SP for 2022 and getting 1 from an internal source would be nice.

My guess is there are 15-20 starts shared between him and K. Thompson.

I suspect this too.

Two outs in the first inning, already three White Sox home runs, while broadcast nationally on ABC. I suspect if Davies was pitching against this Cubs lineup, they'd go down 1-2-3. 

guys, i'm not trusting this plan (tm).

looks like we're gonna need a new top banner website image.

one guy is dealing with the ups/downs of NYM fans (and now day to day with hip issues)...the other guy is playing indie ball in mexico (very well, too).

i have a suggestion.

an animated .gif of a dumpster fire also works.


The only thing better would be Ricketts in the same pose.

I need something positive to think about, so here is my attempt to cherry-pick some good notes from the prospects we received in trades this year:
- SP Daniel Palencia pitched today - 3.0 IP, 1 ER, 6 Ks at Myrtle Beach
- RF/CF Alexander Canario overall at South Bend - 310/375/586/961 (2 2B, 2 HR in 28 ABs)
- SP Alexander Vizcaino pitched today - 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 Ks at South Bend
- SP Caleb Kilian pitched today - 5.0 IP, 2 ER - 3.18 ERA overall at Tennessee
- CF/RF Kevin Alcantara overall at Mesa - 368/435/421/856 (2 SB, 3 BB in 19 ABs)
- RP Codi Heuer - 0.00 ERA in 4 IP for Chicago (got us out of a no out/bases loaded jam, only allowing one inherited runner to score)
- RF Greg Deichmann - first MLB hit and RBI in Chicago - just one K in 9 AB's
- SP Anderson Espinoza started a few days ago for South Bend - 3.0 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 4 K

And don't forget about the young guys we got in the Darvish trade:
- SS,3B,2B Yeison Santana - 353/489/382/871 at Mesa
- 3B,SS Reginald Preciado - 366/423/516/939 at Mesa
- RF Owen Caissie - 351/485/675/1160 at Mesa
- CF Ismael Mena - 244/311/356/666 at Mesa

These are good notes, WR - thanks!  Also with Myrtle Beach's win yesterday, they've scratched and crawled their way back to a .500 record - best of any of the full season Cubs teams by far. 

And we can also be excited about:
- the 17 new draft picks entering the system next year,
- the guys on the Top 30 prospects list like Brennen Davis, and
- the 27 new International players signed this season (some playing in the Dominican, some coming next year).

Lots to look forward to! :)

I'd thoroughly enjoy (I think I speak for all of us) an update from AZ Phil's with his take on the state of the Cub minors post trade deadline. 

i'll take this one for AZ Phil...

iowa, tennessee, indiana, south carolina, and arizona.

Nice dad-joke Crunch :)

James Triantos, Liam Spence, and BJ Murray Jr are all making their organization debut with Mesa right now!

I think I saw Crunch in one of the Progressive  ads with Dr Rick, about trying not to become your parents.

the airport "paper tickets" and bringing your own snacks one was a personal attack.

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    also, it looks like dusty's crew is 3 outs away from going to the WS with 5 runs to cushion.


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