Cubs vs. Brewers: Series Thread (Games 114-117)

The Cubs get a chance to bite a chunk out of the divisional leader a 4-game series. With key pieces of the future still in the minors (or otherwise unavailable), Cubs fans will have a chance to check out possible corner OF Greg Deichmann and young lefty Justin Steele in this series. The Brewers are mostly TBD with regard to their starters. So, see below for the best available info as the series begins.

Game 114, Monday, August 9, 7:05 pm central

CHC: RHP Alec Mills (5-4, 4.41 ERA)

MIL: RHP Freddy Peralta (8-3, 2.21 ERA)

Mills faired surprisingly well in his Colorado start, allowing only two earned runs and going six innings. He's allowed three or few earned runs in each of his 2021 starts.

Cubs batter faced Peralta three times in the opening month of the season, when he struck out 25 batters over 15 innings. He'll face a significantly different Cubs' lineup this time around.

Game 115, Tuesday, August 10, 7:05 pm central

CHC: LHP Justin Steele (2-0, 2.03 ERA)


After some success pitching out of the bullpen, Steele will join the rotation and get a chance to show his worth there. The front office is both take the office to ease up on some other arms and evaluating rotation depth for 2022. Steele has a chance to put himself in the running for a starting spot in the coming year. Establishing an effective off-speed pitch versus righties would help his case.

Game 116, Wednesday, August 11, 7:05 pm central

CHC: RHP Jake Arrieta (5-10, 6.34 ERA)


Jake Arrieta continues to get chances to sully his good name for now. He allowed four earned runs in four innings in his last start, which took place in Colorado.

Game 117, Thursday, August 12, 7:05 pm central

CHC: RHP Kyle Hendricks (13-4, 3.68 ERA)


As bad as the 2021 Cubs have been, Hendricks still has a chance at his winning-est season so far. He needs 3 more wins to match his single season best.


15 minutes before gametime, tarp still on the field...we're gonna do a delay

How have they not postponed this one yet?

mission accomplished.

I don't know the proper mourning period for traded players, but if the banner picture needs to be changed I nominate: 

Diving Nico  or   Willson Contreras @ Miller Park   or   Willson the BMF

nico looking awesome up there.

I'm so goddamned sick of Peralta, Woodruff, and Burnes. We've seen Woodruff and Peralta in every goddamned series, and Burnes in all but one or two.

Obviously at this point this year, fine whatever help the tank with these 3 near guaranteed losses. But next year if they could regress or come up with some "forearm discomfort" I wouldn't complain.



Per Patrick Mooney in the Athletic: Miguel Amaya, a right-handed hitter and thrower, is still feeling discomfort in his forearm/elbow area and is unlikely to play again this season, a source said Monday. While the medical recommendation did not include surgery, Amaya had to shut down and restart his buildup, making the Arizona Fall League a remote possibility and winter ball a more likely return-to-play scenario for him.    

I smell Tommy John somewhere down the line. 

That definitely looks like a strong possibility.

Extend Contreras!!!!

Per Patrick Mooney in the Athletic: Upon hearing Miguel Amaya was injured and not likely to play again this season, Jed Hoyer immediately rushed to attempt to trade for him, unaware that he was already in the Cubs system.  When informed Amaya was already a Cubs minor leaguer, Hoyer allegedly lit a cigar and proclaimed another victory for the farm system.

i wanna be excited about ortega.

i keep waiting for his "luck" to run out, but he just keeps on producing at the top of the lineup.

a 2022 of ortega/madrigal in the 1/2 slot could be interesting if they can find a couple guys behind them capable of hitting worth a damn.

Nothing cheap about Ortega's hits either - he's been squaring the ball up consistently since early July. On the other hand, there's Ian Happ, who just hasn't had it since September of last year ... but hits third in the lineup come hell or high water. 

if ortega keeps it up and he's penciled into the expected full-time 2022 lineup the cubs could be a productive team that rarely walks.

ortega, madrigal, hoerner, wisdom...last thing they're trying to do is take a walk.

if the cubs re-add baez for 2022 things could get even more swing-happy without many walks to show for it.

The funny thing about Wisdom's bases loaded walk today was his stare down of Peralta while walking to first - it was like he was pissed that he had to take a run-scoring walk

That 1-0 Cubs lead - which seemingly took an hour to scratch out in a half inning - went by the wayside quickly. Not sure I've seen a swing and miss yet by the Brewers (maybe Peralta did)

Assuming the fifth was his last inning, that was a good bounce back inning for Steele - helped that the third out liner was straight to Happ (and that he caught it!). Steele finishes with 4 swings and misses - with two in the fifth inning. 

can i not see megill ever again in a cubs uniform starting about right now?  please.

I don't know - he seems all in on executing the plan for getting the Cubs the fifth or sixth overall pick in the draft.



he was optioned to AAA between games 1 and 2 of the doubleheader.  that works.  rowan wick up.

Deichmann had one of the better 0-4 days I've seen - worked some good at bats with some decent contact that didn't drop. That 98 mph high fastball to finish him off and the game was nasty. 

Also: that trade for Willy Adames with the Rays ... one hell of a trade for the Brewers (not sure how the two relief pitchers the Rays received are doing). He doesn't turn 26 until this September and is under team control thru 2024. Thanks for nothing, Tampa!

That's the only trade Tampa has ever lost

they got robbed for wil myers + jose castillo in a 3 team deal where no one they picked up panned out.

SD gave up trea turner in the deal, but he went to WAS.

SD and WAS got some winners...TB got 1 good season of steven souza jr.

Whenever I need some extra pep in my step, I break out my Cubs Souza Jr shirsey. 

rain delay!  woo!  fun!

javy baez is the cubs rep for the 2021 "Heart and Hustle" award from the MLBPAA.

there was no award in 2020.  javy won the cubs rep in 2018 and 2019, too.

the overall winner is announced in november.  rizzo took that one in 2015.

"Created by the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association in 2005, the Heart & Hustle Award is voted on by Alumni and active Major League players and is presented annually to an active player who demonstrates a passion for the game of baseball and best embodies the values, spirit and traditions of the game.

The MLBPAA formed 30 committees, comprised of Alumni players with established relationships to each team. One player from each Major League team is chosen by the committees based on the passion, desire, and work ethic demonstrated both on and off the field."

I hope we get a chance to see Michael Hermosillo soon. Was crushing it at Iowa, got hurt, came back yesterday and had a great game.

 Only question would be who loses their 40 man spot?

Johneshwy would be my guess.

Me too. Definitely the active spot. The 40 man could be too. Or maybe one of the RHRP.

Nah. Not Fargas. He'll still have 2 options after this year, has a profile (speed) that is lacking in the upper minors, & can play all 3 OF spots. Go with a pitcher.

Unload Kyle Ryan.


Bring me Wander Franco.

how do jake arrietta and jon lester stilll have jobs?

STL actually traded for jon the cubs aren't the stupidest ones around in the NL central...but still...these guys


it just keeps going.

6 runs on 2nd...1 out.  7 hits, 0 bb/k...they're taking BP.

1ip 8h 0bb 0k...7 runs


no matter how bad he does we'll always love the dude, but phew...

The 2025 team will owe a debt of gratitude to Jake for his work in helping the Cubs secure the #5 or #6 draft pick in 2022.

i.happ and d.bote can quit helping out any time they feel like it.

These Cubs games are the Kevin Bacon "Thank you, sir! May I have another!" paddling on a loop. Mercy, this is bad. 

burnes tied a MLB record with 10 Ks in a row tonight.

this cubs team is hard to watch.

it's a night game at wrigley with a rival and the seats are half-full in the 7th.

Willson looks to be getting a nice rest now that the season is toast.

Willson to IL, Austin Romine activated from 60 day. Arrieta on release waivers. Ryan Meisinger recalled, Kyle Ryan DFA.


Ehhh... Hermosillo just came off the IL. Give him a few games to get back in the groove. 

One of the prospects the Cubs received in the KB trade, 21 year old OF Alex Canario, homered in his fourth consecutive game last night for High A South Bend. Also threw a dude out at home. So there's that. 

6.88 ERA, 1.76 WHIP...jake arrietta got 20 starts and 86.1ip to do it.

"Fun" Fact - Jason Heyward is making more money this year than ALL of the active position players AND ALL of the active bullpen pitchers COMBINED!

He's currently hitting 198/271/322/593. (He has a 62 OPS+ which is worse than Sogard, Bote, and Happ!) Ouch. And he's under contract for two more years at $22 million per year. :(

wow.  ow.  also, ugg.

heyward is positioning himself as a clubhouse elder so we're probably going to eat that contract for the next couple years even if his role ends up being a 300-400 PA bench player.  at least we're getting an overpaid player/coach out of it rather than a pissed off player past his prime, i guess.

Given how this season is progressing, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that Arrieta had a statistically better outing yesterday than Hendricks had this afternoon. Yeesh 

that's our ace!

...with no competitive #2 or #3 pitcher looking to take over that slot.

fun times in these cubs times.

First time the Cubs have lost consecutive home games by 10+ runs since 1976 against the Big Red Machine - which seems improbable given some of the dreck teams that have played since then. 

field of dreams game...

this is stupid, yet here i am watching it...which means there will probably be more of this in years to come.

a'ite...i'm gonna have to walk this back.

it's still stupid, but it's mostly fun and the limited fans are making some nice noise.

plus, i like corn because i used to work with corn.

well, that turned out to be the f'n game of the season.  wow.

Go Corn Go.
Keith Law adds Cubs minor league system to his top 5 with most 2021 improvements ( moved from near bottom to about the middle of the pack). Might need a subscription to read.