2014 Arizona Fall League Schedule Released

The has been released and rosters should be announced later this month.

The Arizona Fall League (AFL) is an MLB developmental league (approximately equivalent to "AA") that operates for six weeks after the conclusion of the MLB regular season. It features a 32-game "regular season" schedule plus an All-Star Game (formerly called the "Rising Stars Game," but now known as the "Fall Stars Game") at the end of the 4th week, and the AFL Championship Game (pitting the winner of the East Division versus the winner of the West Division) at the end of the 6th and final week. 

There are three games scheduled every day Monday through Saturday during the AFL regular season (there are no games on Sunday), beginning with Opening Day on the second Tuesday following the conclusion of the MLB regular season (which is October 7th in 2014) and extending up through the Thursday of the 6th week. (No regular season games are scheduled the day of the Fall Stars Game).  

The Cubs usually assign some of their better prospects to the AFL. Depending on what positions the Cubs are asked to fill on the Mesa squad, I would not be surprised to see some combination of position players and pitchers such as:

2013 1st round pick 3B Kris Bryant (who was AFL MVP last year), Cubs 2014 1st round pick C-OF Kyle Schwarber (if the Cubs don't think he would be better served going to the AZ Instructional League instead), SS Addison Russell (who played in the AFL last year while a member of the Oakland A's organization), CF Albert Almora (who alao played in the AFL last year), RF Jorge Soler (if the Cubs want to get him more PT post-2014 and he doesn't play in a Latin winter league), 1B Dan Vogelbach, OF Billy McKinney, OF Jake Hannemann, 3B Christian Villanueva (if he doesn't play in the Mexican Pacific League), 2B Stephen Bruno, SS Marco Hernandez (if he doesn't play in the Dominican Winter League), and/or catcher Rafael Lopez (if the Cubs need to supply a catcher and it's not Kyle Schwarber), one starting pitcher (probably either Eric Jokisch, C. J. Edwards, Pierce Johnson, Ivan Pineyro, or Corey Black, the choice influenced by the health of the pitcher and the number of innings each pitcher has accrued by the conclusion of the 2014 minor league season), and relievers like LHP Hunter Cervenka and/or Andrew McKirahan, and RHP Armando Rivero (who pitched in the AFL last year), Blake Cooper (recently acquired from the D'backs for Brett Jackson), P. J. Francescon, Zach Cates, Michael Jensen, and/or Starling Peralta. 

C. J. Edwards is a lock to get added to the Cubs MLB 40-man roster post-2014, but Jokisch, Lopez, McKirahan, Pineyro, Hernandez, Cervenka, and Peralta might have to prove themselves in the AFL first. (Jokisch, Lopez, McKirahan, and Hernandez are Rule 5 Draft eligible post-2014, Peralta can be a minor league 6YFA if he isn't added to the 40-man roster by the 5th day following the conclusion of the World Series, and Cervenka will be either Rule 5 Draft eligible or a minor league 6YFA depending on whether he signed a 2008 or 2009 contract with the Red Sox on 8-15-2008). 

Here are the current AFL eligibility rules & restrictions (NOTE: Some of the eligibiility rules & restrictions have been changed over the past couple of years): 

1. There are six AFL teams, and each AFL team is affilated with five MLB clubs. KC (Peoria Javelinas), TEX (Surprise Saguaros), LAD/CHW (Glendale Desert Dogs), AZ/COL (Salt River Rafters), CUBS (Mesa Solar Sox), and SF (Scottsdale Scorpions) are the "host organizations" for the six AFL teams, but the affiliations of the other 22 MLB clubs can vary from year-to-year. Besides the Cubs, the other four MLB organizations affiliated with the Mesa Solar Sox in 2014 will be LAA, OAK, TOR, and WAS. NOTE: The home stadium for the Peoria Javelinas in 2014 will be Surprise Stadium. 

2. Each MLB organization must assign a minimum of seven players to its AFL affiliate, including a minimum of four pitchers (preferably one pitcher capable of starting plus three relievers) and a minimum of three position players (specific positions needed to be filled by each organization TBD by a conference call "position draft" between the Player Development Directors of the five MLB organizations affiliated with that particular AFL team).

3. An MLB organization can assign additional pitchers and/or players to its AFL team's "Taxi Squad" (players assigned to an AFL team's "Taxi Squad" can be activated on Wednesdays and Saturdays only, but a player can be transferred from the Taxi Squad to the 35-man Active Roster to replace an injured player).

4. A player can be selected to play in the AFL more than once, as long as the player continues to meet eligibility for selection.

5. MLB players (including Rule 5 players) with less than one year (1+000) MLB Service Time accrued (not including time spent on a Disabled list) as of September 1st are eligible.

6. Any player on a AA or AAA Active Roster (or Disabled List) on August 15th is eligible.

7. Two players on an organization's Advanced Class-A (A+) affiliate's Active Roster (or Disabled List) on August 15th can be assigned to the AFL.

8. Two additional players who were on the Active Roster (or Disabled List) of a minor league affiliate below AA (A+, A, SS-A, R) on August 15th can be assigned to the AFL.

9. Internatiional players from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and/or Australia are eligible only if the player is not on the reserve list of a Winter League club from the player's home country. Otherwise, there is no maximum limit on the number of international players an MLB organization can assign to its AFL team.

10. A player on the Restricted List, Military List, Disqualified List, Ineligible List, or Voluntary Retired List is not eligible to participate in the AFL. 

11. A player who was on a minor league or MLB DL at the close of the regular season is eligible to play in the AFL as long as the player has been reinstated, but there can be no special limits or restrictions placed on the player's playing time (other than the automatic restrictions imposed on a player sssigned to an AFL team's "Taxi Squad").

12. A player cannot be assigned to the AFL on a Minor League Injury Rehabilitation Assignment by a club participating in an MLB post-season series (LDS, LCS, and World Series). 

13. Players assigned to the AFL do not accrue MLB or minor league service time, each player receives the same salary, and the salaries are paid out of a special fund managed by MLB. 

Each MLB organization provides either the manager, pitching coach, hitting coach, or athletic trainer to its affiliated AFL club (assignments rotate every year). The Cubs are due to send a pitching coach to the AFL this season, so Daytona Cubs Pitching Coach Ron Villone has been asigned to the Mesa Solar Sox. 


BREAKING NEWS .... Javier Baez got a walk today, according to the box score. Since I'm not watching the game right now, I cannot confirm this. We now return to our regularly scheduled AZ Phil update thread.

The Javy Strikeout Machine rolls on -- 2 more so far today, against a crap pitcher. This is getting ridiculous.

Sigh...Baez walks to load the bases, and Rizzo whiffs. Be nice if he would hit with RISP.

No matter. Castro unleashes some 9th inning badassery.

cubs lose a lead...then regain it on an inning leadoff solo HR only a few minutes later. it's like bizarro cubs 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014.

NYC is REALLY gonna go nuts with Castro acquisition fantasies after this series. My God ... hero shit all weekend.

Cool. IF the Cubs decide they want to move him, that'll help drive up his price. Not that I am saying I want him moved. It's been fun watching him break out.

Not that we won't have the whole off-season to speculate on this and not see it happen (whither, Brian Roberts?), but what would be a fair offer for Castro from the Mets?

The Mets have pitching but some article linked through the trade rumor site quotes an NL exec as saying the Mets are hard to work with.

Plus I don't wanna see him go, and I totally agree with you O&B that with the current rash of pitching delicacy and injuries, I don't know that I would trade him for anything short of a Kershaw - which is obviously unrealistic. And I think the Cubs are reticent to trade any of these guys for pitching as well.

I honestly think he WILL go, though, the Hoyer quotes about shortstops being able to play everywhere notwithstanding. I think Russell is going to be at short, and I think they like Bryant at third. Bryant has a lot of value as an outfielder, but they haven't even tried him there, and the reports on his third base play are pretty good. This is one of the reasons I was so bitchy about Olt not getting playing time, since that window is so small. I was hoping he could up his value some and be a nice trade token. That can still happen but the window is close to closed.

They didn't play Baez at second base until shortly before they brought him up. They have said over and over again that they prefer to play them at their premium position until the time to make the move is almost there.

That's a good point, but third base is a premium position. Bryant's value is higher as a third baseman than as an outfielder, especially if he ends up with lots of Ks at the MLB level.

I've really grown an appreciation for Castro now that he's developed top-level defense. That said I'm definitely cool with a Castro trade. What people fail to realize is the level of talent a Castro trade could bring to the pitching rotation. He's a legitimate all-star shortstop and he'll haul an all star starting pitcher and maybe a top level reliever.

I would be a bit concerned if the front office gambles heavily on both Baez and Russell staying in the middle INF, staying healthy, and being offensively productive at the MLB level before Russell has hit AAA and before Baez gets a chance to adjust/be adjusted to. Like you say, Castro is clearly a good defensive SS now, and he's also shown he can be a productive (if not fantastic) hitter. The haul for Castro would have to be pretty great, especially considering he is already signed to a nice extension. I would think a trade of Russell/Baez (along with some other minor leaguers--Vogelbach, Candelario, etc.) for pitching might be more likely in the Cubs' future.

I would use Russell or Baez for Stanton.

maybe they'll throw in Niese now to go with Gee...

Yeah I don't think the teams will offer more - I just think it drives the fans' & press's lust. Btw Castro has one of the most original home run trots in recent years.

Bryant foot/toe MRI reported negative per Kaplan/Hollandsworth in the comcast post game. Kaplan said the diagnosis is "toe bruise (contusion)" Hollandsworth wipes Kaps brow. Nice schtick. Twitterverse is full of confirmation including Wittenmeyer, Rogers, Mooney, Birch and Muskat. Mostly saying he's day-to-day or no timetable for return.

Des Moines Register update on Bryant http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/sports...

AZ Phil, can Bryant workout and travel with the Cubs without being on the roster? I am thinking about his exposure to MLB in September.

VIDEOGRAPHER: As much as such an arragement might be beneficial to the future of both the Cubs and Kris Bryant, Bryant's agent (Scott Boras) would almost certainly object and the MLBPA would almost certainly file a grievance claiming that the Cubs were trying to do avoid adding Kris Bryant to their MLB Reserve List (40-man roster) and MLB Active List while still gaining the benefit of a player getting MLB exposure.


fancy...unecessary by Baez, but fancy

a couple of cub related links found in mlbtr... AZ take on BJax including some info on their interest coming from Dave McKay's time in Chicago http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/mlb/dia...
Jackson did not get off to a great start with his new organization, going 0 for 5 with four strikeouts on Saturday in his debut with Triple-A Reno.
and a Joel Sherman article on the Cub-Mets trade matchup of SS for TOR pitching... http://nypost.com/2014/08/17/mets-have-pitchi...
An NL executive described the Mets this way: “They don’t make a lot of trades and that is because they really don’t like to give up what they perceive as their big talent, unless they can convince you to give them $2 for their 35 cents.”
And the general tenor of the sport this year has shown just how fragile pitchers are. Which, by the way, is why the Mets would have to give up more than just a pitcher — no matter how talented Wheeler or Syndergaard is — to get a Cubs shortstop.

It's so inspiring to see such patience with Valbuena and Alcantara - all good young players should be able to play every day on a rebuilding team and work through their difficulties.

Yeah, it was deliberate Olticide--they targeted him because he was different, or maybe because they knew you like him so much, and collectively worked to make him perform poorly to justify removing him from the team. A tragedy on an epic scale.

Well that's my point Dr. Why wasn't Olt given the standard rookie shot and patience. As has clearly been documented all season he was platooned against rare lefties and played very rarely. Alcantara has almost as many at bats in 1 month as Olt had in 4 months. I'm just wondering why? It's not performance based. Olt was actually more productive. And also go fuck yourself.

Why wasn't Olt given the standard rookie shot and patience.

Does it matter if you know the answer at this point? Also, be nice.

"And also go fuck yourself" Dude, if you are allowed to have your fun and post sarcastic rants about Olt, like you did above, all the time, then I can have some fun too and post sarcastic replies. Lighten up! Also, I have documented this clearly before--he was not platooned early on. He was given a fair amount of playing time to start the season. Through June 1st he played in 46 of the Cubs 62 games, and started 35 of those. He was hitting .162 on June 1st. Over the last 22 games, from May 7 to June 1, he started 18 of them (and played in another 2). That is not platooning. He hit .161 over that stretch. They gave the guy a good chunk of playing time over the first 3rd of the season. He was hitting terribly and striking out a ton. It probably wasn't good for his confidence and development to keep sending him out there everyday--and others were playing better and there was a need to build trade value with some of them, like Barney. So they worked with him on the side and tried to find him favorable matchups to gain some success to build on. But he continued to struggle, until finally they sent him down to get more work with coaches and some regular at-bats against a lower level of pitching. That seems to have worked very well so far. They probably should have done that a month or two earlier than they did. That's my main complaint. I definitely don't think they failed to give him enough at-bats early on. I watch virtually every game and at some point it was embarrassing to see him go up to the plate. He looked lost.

m.olt practically quit playing once june rolled around...and it took until mid-april before they decided to play him regularly at the start of the season. this is a guy who's missed notable chunks of seasons for a few years and after the month of may he was riding pine a whole lot. the guy should have gone down to AAA in early june...or at least by mid-june when it was evident that coming in cold off the bench in the majors wasn't helping things.

Look I challenge you to find a post where I directly mock someone else in the manner you just did. I do get pissed about the Cubs but I don't think I have ever just decided to attack someone's personality when they were making a baseball point. If you don't like my posts ignore them. What is so hard about that? deciding my personality is such that I am inserting myself into the narrative is just being a jerk. I mean I could easily do a psychological mockery of you based on your posts. I won't and I don't. Your summary of Olt tells its own tale. Starting 35 of 62 games through June 1 seems pretty definitive that he didn't get the Alcantara treatment and you are conveniently ignoring the fact that he was routinely pulled from games early and benched after good games and good weeks for no reason. You want me to lay it out for you game by game? If the guy was handed the 3B position out of spring training and left alone then he would have been treated like other cub rookies (and rookies of his caliber around the league) and probably would be in the bidding for rookie of the year. I don't see how anybody could watch the games and not see he was NOT given patience, votes of confidence, and allowed to grow and adapt. If I knew why he was treated with kid gloves I wouldn't be posting about it. Alcantara is worse and is playing every day carte blanche, and so far Baez is Olt but maybe a little worse.

If I knew why he was treated with kid gloves I wouldn't be posting about it.

I'll ask again, does it matter at this point? These aren't war crimes. This isn't Watergate.It happened, it's not changing, life goes on.

TCR, for the calm rational fanatic!! Look, for some reason as a Cub fan I think it's important. I'm sorry it's crossed a line (in your opinion), I'll try and find a way that is more suitable to express my opinions. Your tastes greatly guide this forum and I'll try and respect that. Also my guess is that Watergate had far less sophisticated daily analysis than baseball. It's kinda rough being told to be rational about my fandom. The whole love of sport is fairly illogical.

I'm not particularly interested in dictating the conversation and I doubt I said much about it when Olt was actually up with the team, that's all fair game. But he got sent down, so let the past live there. If there's something interesting happening in the minors with him, certainly worth posting about, but whatever line there is between interesting and informative vs annoying and useless got crossed on the "Why is Mike Olt Not Playing" topic. Granted, it's a bit subjective, but I feel I'm not the only one that thinks we're just retreading something that isn't worth talking about anymore. You seem like a good dude with some interesting things to say, so don't take it as an attack on you, just trying to steer it to something more interesting at this point.

General rule of thumb for comments is that they should either be informative or humorous, if they're neither and if they're particularly repetitive or nasty, you should keep them to yourself or try Bleed Cubbie Blue.

"I doubt I said much about it when Olt was actually up " You said he had a stupid face, and his hair was weird. /this post would fall under not infomative nor humorous

ah, you always at least attempt to be humorous

No one can bat 1.000 :)

Humor Above Replacement. HAR.

Humor Above Replacement. HAR.

we need this, so then crunch can tell us how useless it is...

Most scouts have my useless as either a 60 or 65. Consensus is there might be more there I could grow into.

we all have 80 useless potential in us...something to strive for

useless? no. needs work, yes. given reasons why i think it needs work as well as examples, yes. ignored by some in favor of black/white generalizations, yes. airline food, what's up with that?

speaking of humorless

airline food fan, huh? :/

I wasn't attacking your personality or playing psychological warfare. LOL. Presumably you post comments because you want people to read them and react to them and respond to them, right? And I hope not just the people who agree with you. My reaction to your comment was: "you have made this comment a lot, we get it" and I tried to find a funnier/wittier way to say that. Apparently it didn't come off that way. I'm sorry. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings dude.

Wait I had a feeling there was a WE in there somewhere. Who exactly are you speaking on behalf of? /high school is rough /dammit I'm still not cool!

I apologized and tried to move on. And now your response is to engage in the very "psychological mockery" you said you would never do by insinuating that I am a school bully? Awesome. You got even now. Feel good? Can we move on then?

"you have made this comment a lot, we get it" ...which is seemingly okay if one is talking about jose macias, dusty baker, jim hendry, positive prospect-du-jour, neifi perez, sureouts, ejax, etc etc...but not some other things for some reason. baez strikes out. we all know he strikes out. we hear a lot about it lately...we hear a lot about it from the same people...we don't hear "dude, we get it...get over it and stfu." that's not calling you out (seriously, there's a whole lot of "we get it" types that don't want to hear something again that act in different manners)...that's calling out the whole "we get it" crowd. things are going to be repeated here...especially if it doesn't get "fixed" or otherwise addressed. besides, there's been some good additional insight from stuff like this. sure, something gets brought up for the 10th time (or whatever), but new people paying more attention to it and putting fresh eyes on the situation occasionally brings new material to the table that's apt. tl;dr - we "get" that some of you "get it"...it's usually always venting/joking/etc rather than bringing groundbreaking news and insight after it's initially fleshed out.

Overall whenever the tone gets surly I bail, because at some point, and I think Rob said it better than me, none of this stuff matters. I like both posters involved in this dispute, but I don't enjoy reading them tear each others rear ends apart. It's not fun.

Wait, you're telling me that over a 162 game season in which the actual baseball being played matters very little that certain points might be repeated a time or two? Well now I've heard it all.

yes, you've been unfairly persecuted over the years...it's us, not you

I imagine it's a healthier, albeit delusional way to go through life being so non-self aware.

wow. i know you don't like me, but i'm a lightning rod for you today. this happens every once in a while. "unfairly persecuted" "healthier, albeit delusional way to go through life" "non-self aware" we're taking some serious leaps from what was written...or is my "non-self awareness" not understanding what was written. woaaaaaaaaaah. deep.

I have 11 years of material to take "leaps" from, pretty sure I landed on my mark.

Crunch, I still love ya buddy. Personally, I'm just happy to come to this site and see a bunch of "new" comments so I can waste a little time. Now let's go dust off The Real Neal just for shits and giggles.

i miss silent towel :( i dont know what blog he's terrorizing now, but i would trade 2 infield rakes and a case of Simoniz to get him back.

Crunch, I love seeing you here buddy, and I appreciate your commentary on Cubs issues and otherwise -- but I'm happy to let Silent Towel flap in the breeze on whatever other site he is trolling on. I tired of him quickly.

I pointed this out before, but Olt started 34 of the Cubs' first 45 games. I think I asked at that time (but don't recall an answer) if that was considered enough of a shot. He hit .165 over that time. He also closed out May with a 4-44 stretch.

Sureouts signs a minor league deal with Nationals

Tony Four Sacks Cubs 2-1

Tony Six Sacks?

Baez Upper Deck! Destroyed it.

Bye Bye Baez upper decker two run shot 4-1

Baez Bash #5

4-1 Cubs in the 9th

Why are the MEts in camo uni's today?

because 'murica. i'm sorry if you can't handle all that awesome freedom on display.

They look like the Ferguson Police Dept

There should be awards for posts like that. That was a good one.

Military Monday according to Len.

ah what?

an excuse to make new merchandising, especially jerseys, that was innovated most recently by SD (who had like 1000 different jerseys depending on what "day" it is). ...i mean, a celebration of freedom.

The club is saluting military members each home Monday this season by offering complimentary tickets, retail discounts and community outreach events. And what Crunch said.

I remember a time I wanted the Cubs to get David Wright. that has passed.

So which tweet in the tweet box is correct? The Kevin Roberson comp or the Carmelo Martinez. Either way, it shows how fleeting rookie fame can be.

Baez first since Roberson to do it in '93, but Carmelo Martinez is (apparently) the only other Cub to do it (Martinez hit 5 in his first 11 games).

Roberson after 14 games: 204/278/510 with 5 HR, 11 RBI

Martinez after 14 games: 288/309/577 with 5 HR, 11 RBI

Baez 233/258/517 with 5 HR, 9 RBI

totally meaningless comps, but there they are anyway

Thanks Rob. Totally meaningless comps are only meaningless if you know what they mean.

Jeff Sullivan analyzes how pitchers are pitching Baez. Spoiler alert: Breaking balls. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/how-pitchers-a...

That's one of the good things about his being up for the rest of the year. Right away the other teams started their "adjustment" - since the book was already out there, now hopefully he can make some adjustments of his own. I don't expect he'll ever reach a point where he doesn't swing at low sliders way out of the zone, but I do think he'll adjust to high fastballs and *some* of those low sliders, and that's really all he needs to do.

Ugh -- Soler in a nasty funk. 2-for-his-last-27 with no BBs. C'mon Jorge -- we need more excitement for Sept.!

Yes. And my dude Olt with a VERY ugly golden sombrero tonight.

Yeah, but he's taking too long to develop. Isn't he 20 now? He should be knocking on Alcantara's door.

I'm not a scout, but he seemed to get a great jump on this ball. Nice to see a different angle where you can watch the entire play unfold.

Rob R, I thought the same thing when I saw the video. Talk about being off with the crack of the bat.

Thanks for the video, Rob. That's the best play I've seen by a Cub (or future Cub) outfielder since Reed Johnson ran to the wall in Washington in 2008. Brett Jackson had a nice one at McCutcheon's expense in 2012, but the idea is not to scramble your brains in the process. I particularly like the way Almora protects his glove arm after the catch. His arm never touches the ground.

Sam Fuld made some awesome plays....not so good with the landings though.

Reed Johnson's catch was serious "woah".

meh, didn't realize VA Phil had those linked in his comment...my bad.

Kyle Hendricks already leads all NL rookie pitchers in WAR with 2.4. In fact, Cubs have 4 of the top 12 rookie pitchers according to ESPN's WAR: http://espn.go.com/mlb/stats/pitching/_/posit... Ramirez 4th, Wada 8th, Schlitter 12th And the only NL position player with more value is Billy Hamilton at 2.7. Hell of a 7-game stretch for Hendricks so far.

hendricks is #18 in all of the NL for pitchers...because WAR is loopy like that. h.alvarez (MIA) is #6 somehow. still, hell of a start for hendricks.

Whew - Bryant back in the lineup today, playing third, 1-2 with a 2B and a BB so far.

Olt left AAA game, went with trainer to locker room.

hamstring issue says the manager, severity unknown

Is it me or shouldn't Olt have been playing more when he was up with the Cubs?

your ideas intrigue me, I wish to subscribe to your outdated newsletter.

Also Rob, for all the talk here about how 'dead' the subject is, the article you have in the twitter feed seems to think it is a current event. It does touch on direct quotes from Olt and coaches about how hard it was to hit with intermittent playing time and it also touches on the other reason it irked some of us so much - which is that Bryant of course will be arriving next year so we may have missed our opportunity to give him some time an evaluate him. Of course it also adds plenty of objectivity regarding the fact that he wasn't able to make these adjustments at the MLB level (supporting the idea that maybe he wasn't ready anyway). But that also makes me wonder what Mueller was doing if anything: http://thegamechicago.com/2014/08/19/sahadev-...

Mike Olt is still a relevant topic, why didn't Mike Olt get penciled into the lineup on June 17th...not so much.

It's not a cold case that really needs to be solved.

He should of played more. He kind of sucked when he did play with brief moments of excitement. He should have been sent down earlier.

Summed up in 3 sentences.

Oh look, Anthony Rizzo homered again.

I don't know, The Joe, but I WILL die trying to find out. I'm on it ...

Fight the good fight!

Interesting article on how pitchers are approaching Baez. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/how-pitchers-a...

Gammons telling Russo to calm down talking Castro trade http://awfulannouncing.com/the-locker/peter-g...

his TV show is just as intolerable as his radio work...unless you're into his cheerful screaming ranting schtick. chris rose has taken more than a few shots at him on Intentional Talk (and not always playfully).

MLB Network is nearly unwatchable with their choices of on-air talent at this point, other than to see what lovely dress they put Heidi Watney in.

Russo thinks deGrom for Castro is a fair trade. Holy shit.

Wheeler and Montero I would think would be a fair deal for Castro to offset his age, friendly contract and the depreciation value of pitchers. (Maybe Harvey or Syndegaard could be swapped in). Syndegaard and Montero for Baez or Russell might be fair depending on what Cubs think of those guys.

"DeGrom and who else?" Pete retorts Beautiful

Amsinger and Reynolds paired together means I can't watch. I try, but I can't tolerate it for more than a few minutes.

j.hammel next start for the A's is being skipped out of suckage, not injury. -sting-

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  • crunch 17 hours 6 min ago (view)

    cubs trade for travis lakins for a PTBNL or cash considerations from the rsox.



  • Charlie 21 hours 46 min ago (view)

    I mean, the "overrated" criticism is always more about other people deserving of the honor being snubbed or put through more rigamarole. Jeter was definitely a great player for a long time. I just want people to remember that guys like Scott Rolen are not 60% less deserving, as the current voting system seems to indicate.


  • crunch 1 day 5 hours ago (view)

    speaking of the HOF...

    schilling had a nice bump in his 8th eligable year going from 60.9% to 70.0%.  he's probably gonna get in next year...and if not for his abrasive personality and questionable interests outside of baseball he would probably already be in.  he's good enough to be there based on performance alone.

    fellow 8th year guys bonds and clemens held steady, going up around 1% point to 60%-ish range.  they may or may not get some love entering their 9th or 10th years.


  • crunch 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    m.ozuna signs with the braves 1/18m.

    he was expected to sign for similar pay over a number of years.  the cards must be "wtf?" about him walking away from the 17.8m qualifying offer, though.  at least they get a draft pick out of it.


  • crunch 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    5x gold glove...and earned 0 of them.

    whatever.  hell of a hitter, and he played SS "good enough" to not embarass himself or the team.

    but yeah, overrated even if he's a no-doubt 1st ballot hall of famer...which seems like an odd thing to say even if it's true (at least in the eyes of many).


  • Charlie 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    That's a significant boost for being the face of the Yankees. Expected, but in retrospect he wasn't that much better than plenty of people who didn't have full support for the hall (Santo comes to mind).

    *Tries to start an "over-rated" chant.*


  • crunch 1 day 14 hours ago (view)

    d.jeter and l.walker (10th and final year on ballot, 76.6%) are going to the HOF.

    jeter got 99.75% of the vote...highest for a position player (griffey jr 99.32% 2016).  m.rivera got 100% last year.

    larry walker decided to dress up for his first post-election interview.  class act.



  • crunch 1 day 17 hours ago (view)

    nice.  i love seeing the undrafted who still try to make a career get a shot.

    it seems he's somewhat recently hit 97mph on his fastball which helped attract some interest.


    good luck to the dude.


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 18 hours ago (view)

    The Cubs have released eight players from their Dominican Academy: RHRP Donato Auguste, RHRP Marco Encarnacion, RHRP Rodrigo Garcia, RHRP Francisco Gracia, LHRP Anderson Parra, RHRP Willians Vasquez, 1B Jeinser Brete, and OF Kevin Miranda.  


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 18 hours ago (view)

    Rex Brothers has one minor league option left and Article XX-D status (so he can elect free-agency if outrighted) if he were to be added to the Cubs MLB 40-man roster at some point in 2020. 


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 18 hours ago (view)

    RHSP Max Bain (contract acquired by Cubs from Utica Unicorns of USPBL last week) minor league UPC has not yet been filed with MLB. 


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 18 hours ago (view)

    The Josh Phegley, Bryan Brickhouse, Rex Brothers, Juan Gamez, and Caleb Simpson minor league contracts have been filed with MLB, but the Tyler Olson and Jason Adam contracts are still pending.  


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 19 hours ago (view)

    The Cubs have signed LHRP Rex Brothers (ex COL, ex-ATL), RHRP Bryan Brickhouse, RHRP Juan Gamez (pitched in Mexican League in 2019), and RHRP Caleb Simpson to minor l;eague contracts, and Brothers is the only one of the four likely receive an NRI to Cubs MLB Spring Training. 


  • crunch 2 days 11 hours ago (view)


    ""There’s a lot of disrespect from people there that I don’t want to be a part of," Arenado said. "You can quote that." Arenado added, "You ask what I thought of Jeff’s quotes and I say I don’t care what people say around there. There is a lot of disrespect."

    The third baseman didn't want to elaborate on what he felt was disrespectful, but clearing the relationship between Arenado and the front office needs to be repaired."


  • crunch 2 days 12 hours ago (view)

    some good news...or bad news depending on how you feel about it...for the k.bryant trade market...

    "Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich on Monday indicated that Nolan Arenado will not be dealt prior to spring training and trade talks involving the third baseman are off for now."

    now MLB and crew need to decide whether bryant has an extra year of club control or not...still waiting...

    rangers, braves, and nats are supposedly looking at 3rd base upgrades.  cards are, too, but bryant to the cards would be a mutiny level trade decision.


  • crunch 2 days 19 hours ago (view)

    "Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet.ca reports that the Marlins, Cubs, Rangers, and Brewers are "believed to be among the teams with some interest" in free agent reliever Pedro Strop.

    Nicholson-Smith on Sunday that Strop had three offers in-hand (two from NL clubs and one from an AL club) and will likely make his decision soon."