Blue Jays @ Cubs: Tepesch vs Quintana (Game 122)

TOR (59-63): RHP Nick Tepesch (1-2, 5.25)
CHC (64-57): LHP José Quintana (7-10, 4.33) 
First pitch: 1:20pmCST
Quintana gave up 1 ER in 5 innings to win against the Reds on Monday. He beat these Jays in June, as a member of the White Sox (7 IP, 2 ER, 5 K, 2 BB). Overall, they are 42-149 (.282) against him. Morales is 14-41 with 3 HR, and Pearce is 5-11 with 2 HR.

Tepesch has had an erratic journey: drafted but did not sign with the Red Sox in 2007, drafted again by the Rangers then non-tendered, signed then DFA’d by the Dodgers in 2016, claimed off waivers by the A’s and the Royals in the same year, then signed and released by the Twins this year. He came to the Jays via trade for $2.50 and a rosin bag. I like this guy. He could be DFA’d at any point, perhaps even mid-delivery.

This will be his fourth appearance of the year—and third start with Toronto. His last appearance was a 6 inning outing of one-run ball and a win against the Rays. The Cubs are 2-10 against him. Jay and Rizzo are each 1-2.

Tomorrow is Hendricks (4-4) and Estrada (5-8) at the same time to end the series before we head to Cincinnati and Philly.

Go Cubs!


Cubs claim Rene Rivera on waivers from the Mets. Aaron Brooks DFA.

As I've mentioned here before, if the Cubs can get Aaron Brooks through waivers, he is not eligible to elect free-agency if outrighted, he is not eligible to be an MLB Rule 55 minor league 6YFA after the World Series, and he will be eligible for selection in the 2017 MLB Rule 5 Draft (although if he is not claimed off waivers in August, it is unlikely he would be selected in the Rule 5 Draft in December).

So if he is not traded or claimed off waivers within the next seven days, Brooks would likely remain under club control through the 2018 season. 

And Rene Rivera is a rental (he is a FA post-2017). So while Victor Caratini will likely be optioned to Iowa once Rivera reports, he will almost certainly be recalled on September 1st when MLB active list rosters expand, and he stands a good chance to be the Cubs back-up C-1B on Opening Day 2018. 

OTOH, if Rivera is a fit, he could be a perfect "third candidate" for 2018. Caratini could start in Iowa if everyone is healthy, or fit in Chicago as needed there. A "third guy" will be needed, anyway. If Rivera accepts back-up pay (under two million?) for an extension, the Cubs could retain him to be their Tim Federowicz. Iowa roster for Saturday had 21 players and ten pitchers. Brooks will be run through waivers immediately.

Nobody needs a Tim Federowicz unless things have gone quite wrong.

rumor has it lester's lats feel 99% better as of this morning. a few more rounds of golf this week and he should be ready to go. btw, no i don't think he's faking it. hopefully he's ready to go after 10 days on the DL. these injuries can linger for weeks and re-injure easily. he's not having an awesome season, but he's still one of the best post-season options. also, i hope contreras's rehab is coming along nicely.

Teams almost always need a third catcher every year. The Cubs have needed a fourth and fifth.

aaron brooks...DFA'd for a 33yo catcher who hasn't had a ob% over .300 since 2014. lester, your lats feel better yet?

You cannot stop Darwin Barney - you can only hope to contain him.

ian happ #18...solo shot, tie game. we gonna have a slew of 20+ HR dudes by year's end.

Next year, the starting 8 could include 7 20-HR guys, plus Heyward. Contreras, Riz, Javy, Bryant, Schwarber, Happ and Russell (cheating a little to include him, but 21 HR last year). Problem is, who leads off?

Happ Schwarbs KB Rizzo Willson Addy JHey Javy Like Happ's speed up there. Hopefully second year he's more accustomed to major league sliders/change ups

Love it!

okay, wow...this wonder expenditure of taxpayer money just buzzed the hell out of the park. im sure guys that fly planes in formations just a few meters from each other know what they're doing, but that was a low buzz of the park.

Fabulous ab by Jon Jay. 6 pitches and he conserves his energy by not swinging at anything with men on 2nd and 3rd, 2 outs.

maybe he'll use that extra energy to catch a slightly difficult popup in the OF and add 0.5 points to his WAR.

That was really funny CRUNCH!

don cherry in the booth for the a game vs toronto. we'll allow this.

I like the Rivera claim. Pena impressive in high leverage! Wow! He struck out the side!

I'm not a doctor, but I think the incubation period for Grimm-Wilson Syndrome is 72 hours. Let's see how Pena is by about Tuesday.

The Justin Syndrome! Hector "Justin" Rondon

lol Rondon has given up runs in 4 consecutive appearances now unfortunately.

Rondonitis can be misdiagnosed as Grimm-Wilson Syndrome since the symptoms are so similar.

cubs win! they're also starting to become competitive for the WC if that becomes and issue (3rd in the pecking order for 2 slots, currently).

Nice game for Quintana -- get on a roll, Q! As a Cub: 4-2, 3.73 ERA, 1.10 WHIP. It's not Brett Anderson, but it'll do. BTW -- I have always thought it strange that HBP isn't included in the WHIP stat, if the stat is intended to measure the # of baserunners (ex errors) allowed by the pitcher. Probably not a big factor over a season, I guess.

Thought Q's curve/offspeed was the best he's had since his first outing against the Orioles. For whatever reason, he's always had success the Blue Jays

Go Cubs Go! #FlyTheW

Looks like Cubs broke Champan, lol. 4.29 ERA this season and was removed from the closer role today.

I watched the end of the Sunday night game vs NYY where Devers took him deep to tie it up. He was still thowing 100+. The younger guys seem to have a good approach vs. Chapman -- short, quick and just get the barrel on the ball. Hanley Ramirez went old school, swung as hard as he could and never came close to making contact.

Erik Boland‏ @eboland11 Girardi said Chapman no longer the closer. Will use him st "different" points to "try and get him right." Chapman was on board with it ...boland is a yanks beat writer, btw

I know Miggy left town on bad terms -- appropriately so, in my opinion -- but I will always love him for providing the single greatest moment of any sporting event I have attended. I flew my son home from college for Game 1 of the NLCS, and Miggy's grand slam is something we will talk about for the rest of our lives. The sound of the ball off the bat left no doubt -- we were both momentarily stunned into disbelief -- then just sheer joy and euphoria. As I explained to my wife (or tried to, anyway) -- this is why you stay a sports fan and stay loyal to a team for so many years -- you may get a moment like that, which makes you smile every time you think about it. I was also at the White Sox WS game (work tickets!) when Posednik hit the walk-off HR -- and the looks on the faces of everybody around me said the same thing. Just pure joyful disbelief that they could be there for that moment. So -- thanks, Miggy. Like a lot of relationships, it ended badly, but man, we had ourselves some fun, and we'll remember the good times!

About a quarter of the views are mine.

Still get goosebumps!

Thankfully he got more cheers than boos in his first appearance today.

There were many fans booing him today. Just didn't understand that. Plenty stood up and cheered including yours truly.

Is there any way the Cubs can get out of Heyward's contract? I know he has a NTC, is it ironclad? Theo managed to dump Crawford in Boston, but I don't know how he'll ever dump Heyward's deal. I don't care if his defense is nice, the dude simply cannot hit. Each time he comes to the plate, I make a choice: A) Ground ball, right side, B) pop-up, C) strikeout swinging. Just brutal.

i don't know nothing about nothing, but im pretty sure you can get a hitman for less than $135m brb, some dudes in a black van just rolled up on my lawn. i think i won some kind of prize.

Now that's funny!

Please end the trend -- Cubs have given up at least one run in the 8th inning in all 6 games of the homestand.

St Louis lost today, and now the Rockies have rallied to tie the Brewers; currently 3-3 in the bottom of the 8th... Go Rockies!

MIL scores 3 in the MIL 2 back, STL 2.5 back.

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  • Dolorous Jon Lester 12 hours 40 min ago (view)

    He played in the big leagues longer than he played any other level of organized baseball combined.


  • crunch 12 hours 42 min ago (view)

    al kaline has died at age 85.

    from highschool to the majors without touching the minors...22 seasons, all with DET...18x all-star...3000 hit club.


  • Charlie 2 days 12 hours ago (view)

    Currently at a near full-time job that just barely covers my monthly expenses if nothing emerges.

    I make more than that.


  • crunch 2 days 12 hours ago (view)

    "Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports that Major League Baseball is considering opening the season in empty spring training parks -- with no fans and all players quarantined.

    The plan would have all teams stationed in one centralized location -- likely Arizona"


  • Arizona Phil 4 days 1 hour ago (view)

    In addition to 40 players signed to 2020 MLB contracts, after releasing 22 minor leaguers this week the Cubs now have 279 players signed to 2020 minor league contracts (plus one minor leaguer on the Restricted List), for a total of 320 players in the organization (181 pitchers, 30 catchers, 60 infielders, and 49 outfielders).   


  • JustSayin' 4 days 10 hours ago (view)

    Years of over-drafting pitching shown here.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 4 days 12 hours ago (view)

    Some of the players cut I am not too surprised by. Some of them I think are definitely victims of the minor league pay thing and being squeezed out.

    That said, I am very surprised they gave up already on Riley McCauley and Niels Stone.


  • Hagsag 4 days 14 hours ago (view)

    Baseball America is showing a big group of players that have been released.


  • Arizona Phil 5 days 3 hours ago (view)

    The Cubs have released minor league catcher Rafelin Lorenzo. He was selected from the Pittsburgh Pirates in the AAA Phase of the 2018 Rule 5 Draft and spent the 2019 season at South Bend. He was eligible to be a minor league 6YFA post-2020. 


  • JustSayin' 6 days 13 hours ago (view)

    The organizations will cut rosters down, as if the full-season teams were breaking camp to start the season, THEN pay the remaining minor leaguers $400/week or whatever.  That's similar to what costs would have normally been but the "one last chance" players who got spring training invitations this year and didn't have an obvious roster spot won't be getting their last chance.


  • crunch 6 days 14 hours ago (view)

    "According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, all minor league players will be receiving $400 per week from MLB through at least May 31."

    so that's where that promise landed.  the scary thing is that's still more than some in the low minors make on a weekly basis.


  • crunch 1 week 2 days ago (view)

    "Jeff Passan of ESPN writes that the players and league agreed that the 2020 season won't start until "there are no bans on mass gatherings that limit the ability to play in front of fans, there are no travel restrictions and medical experts determine games will not pose a risk to health of teams and fans." Passan does add that the two sides "will consider the feasibility of playing in empty stadiums" and also at neutral sites.


  • crunch 1 week 2 days ago (view)

    i miss baseball.  it could happen in may happen in late might not happen either way.

    there's so many things getting messed up right now i would get lost making a list.  there's some college guys making a serious "okay, we need to look at that guy" push that's dead.  former cubs draft pick russell smith (2017, LHP highschool) took last season off for injury (TCU college) and returned with a low 90s fastball, impressive control, and a MLB-quality changeup.  his "comeback" was 4 games and done thanks to this current situation...


  • JustSayin' 1 week 2 days ago (view)

    COVID 19 + a short draft + Manfred's obsessive drive to shrink the minor leagues will change baseball forever.  It WAS still America's grass roots sport.  Where I live, from June through August, you could see a quality live game any day of the week, within an hour's drive.  I believe that era is over.  What's going on will have ripple effects, contracting serious college ball, college summer leagues and independent pro ball just as much as the MiLB systems.  With those changes, some of the game's charm will also go.  I've seen a kid from Cape Cod play in the Ca


  • crunch 1 week 3 days ago (view)

    fyi for anyone who bought

    for "some reason" getting a cancel+refund via phone is like pulling teeth, but if you contact them via a webpage contact request many people are getting a cancel+refund confirmation within an hour or 2...


  • bradsbeard 1 week 3 days ago (view)

    I imagine because the new labor agreement freezes rosters as of whenever the agreement is approved by the owners and it might affect what those guys are paid under the agreement.