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Hello fellow Cubs fans!

You may have noticed a few subtle changes to the site :D. It's going to take some time for some of the pages to be altered to fit in with the scheme, but either the content's author will have to do the work or I'll do it and coordinate with her/him if necessary. Bottom line is that each editor shouldn't try to do too much with their writings. I can create special classes for highlights or layouts that are often used. I can also set the editor up such that all embedded styling is automatically removed.

Please don't add any teaser breaks to new content. 

I was only able to test the responsiveness of the site with Apple hardware. If anyone is having issues with their mobile device, please send me the device name and the problem you're experiencing. You can get screen dimensions of your device here.

I was also going to try and implement dynamic comments. I'll probably need some beta testers for that. If anyone has something they want added or modified, please contact me.

Go Cubbies!!!



Wow Groovy!


Very pretty.

Yeah, new site looks great!

Also, I've been very wrong on Haren so far. I didn't think he'd be great, but I expected him to be a lot better than this. Wada finally had a good start in AAA, so he may get a shot here and there in September after call-ups. I wouldn't even be surprised to see Maddon go with Haren to start a game and then pull him as soon as gets in trouble in throw in Wada who would bring a very different look, and then hope to get 6 out of both combined before moving to the pen. 

Also, Rodney, why not. It can't hurt. At some point one of these guys has to stick right? Even if Rodney or Soriano finds it for 10 days or 2 weeks it would be huge. It's crazy to think about how things would be if Ramirez were healthy and pitching like he did last year. 


I have received some feedback about display problems on a moble device.  I appreciate all feedback and look forward to resolving any issues that are discovered.

lastest firefox at home, latest IE at work...both on windows machines...looks sharp on both. the light-text-on-dark-background is an especially welcome change.

Site looks outstanding. I'm going to need to step up my commenting game to keep up.

Also looks and works great on the latest version of chrome.

Will Az Phil's Org. Depth Chart be included?

The depth chart is there, the font color and other embedded code makes it look empty. I can edit it so it's visible, but I wanted to check with Phil first.

The "Our Writers" page seems to be similar, the text is there but dark on dark in some places and with weird highlight in others. Should be an easy fix.  I really like the light on dark going on, a lot easier to read.

I believe this page is good for now. Next up is the depth chart. Hope to hear from AZ Phil about that

Nice job CTSteve! Wondering if AZ PHIL's health is ok? Its been a couple weeks since his last post. I hope so. All the best and GO CUBS!

He's been keeping a low profile, but he's around. (He signed in yesterday.)

I'm sorry, but I was looking for "The Cub Reporter" website? Wow -- very impressive stuff! This should add 5 mph to Haren's FB.

Maybe he'll hit 85 mph or so!

85 mph incoming. About 150 mph outgoing.

Koyie, Koyie!!!

dunno if you're taking suggestions, sorry if you're not...continuing... i'd like to see the 'NEW' tag on posts in a color aside from white, or something to make it stand out...something that would make it easier to see the new posts when you check a post with multiple 'NEW' designations in a thread and you have to scroll down through them.

Made the 'New' label more prominent. All comments now post via AJAX. Still working on dynamic posting.

thanks. that's a huge help for finding new posts.

I made a few small changes to Hope that works for everyone

Added a 'recent comments' block to the bottom of every 'story' page. Thought it might be helpful. Comments welcome