Cubs @ White Sox: Series Thread (Games 130-132)

The Cubs split their doubleheader to take two out of three from the Milwaukee Brewers. Next up they play spoiler to the cross-town Sox, who stand at 74-55 and a full 9 games up in the AL Central. See below for the weekend's matchups.

Game 130, Friday, August 27, 7:10 pm central

CHC: RHP Keegan Thompson (3-3, 2.42 ERA)

CHW: LHP Dalla Keuchel (8-7, 4.71 ERA)

Thompson gave the Cubs four innings on August 21 and allowed two earned runs to the Royals. It was his longest appearance at the MLB level so far.

The Rays scored six off Keuchel over five innings his last time out. The veteran lefty fills out the back end of a dominant White Sox rotation and serves primarily as an innings eater and veteran leadership at this point in his career.

Game 131, Saturday, August 28, 7:10 pm central

CHC: RHP Alec Mills (5-6, 4.76 ERA)

CHW: RHP Lance Lynn (10-3, 2.20 ERA)

Mills had his first really bad start of the season when he allowed seven earned runs across four innings to the Royals.

Lynn pitched six innings and allowed the Cubs one earned run in the series at the beginning of the month. He hasn't earned a decision since a win on July 25.

Game 132, Sunday, August 29, 1:10 pm central

CHC: RHP Kyle Hendricks (14-5, 4.09 ERA)

CHW: RHP Dylan Cease (10-6, 3.92 ERA)

Hendricks bounced back from a 9-run outing that ended his undefeated streak by allowing one earned run to the Reds and then four earned runs over seven innings to the Rockies. He allowed two earned runs and pitched six innings against the White Sox on August 6.

Cease struck out ten Cubs and earned his ninth with on August 8. He's put together an excellent season and looks like a very solid MLB starter, having moved beyond the odd peripherals of his 2020 season.


6 run lead is a good start...

bottom 3rd, 0 outs...a 6 run lead wasn't enough.

tie game.  my god this team is turrible.

not tied still turrible.

wtf...stop guys.

Off topic, but a good clip of Owen Caissie's swing - pulled a double (one of two) with the Pelicans last night


bote screwed up his ankle pre-game...probably gonna miss a bit of time

Stepped on a baseball while jogging off the field

wisdom with 2 homers and 2 Ks...a wisdom sombrero.  he's 3 away from the cubs rookie record (bryant, 26).

kimbrel gave up a couple homers to cubs hitters (wisdom/happ).

"crosstown series" with the most runs ever scored...cubs on the bad side of a 13-17 loss.

biggest review play fail i've ever seen in today's NYY/OAK game.

play at 3rd where it not only wasn't close, dude was many inches off the bag on a force play with lots of daylight between foot and bag.  called out, replay idea how this gets screwed up twice.  like, we're not talking about a shred of grey area.  this was blown on the initial play and the review.

bote 10d IL

j.jewell + r.meisinger DFA'd

alfonso rivas (25 in a couple weeks, MLB debut) and scott effross (27, MLB debut) up.

a few people here been waiting on a.rivas to get a shot.

ortega grand slam!

6 run lead is a good start...wait...

wisdom with 2 homers and 2 Ks...i'm still gonna call that a wisdom sombrero.

behold, the 2-true-outcome hitter.  dude has 65 hits.  25 of them are homers (38.5%)

hendricks lasts 4.2 and gives up 8 runs (3 HR)

that's our ace.

Not to say he wouldn't have been shelled anyway, I don't think it's ideal for Mills and Hendricks to pitch back to back in the rotation. 🤷‍♂️ 


this rotation is anchored by 3 guys throwing 85-89 mph.  ugg.  not everyone can be end-of-career maddux.

Come home Javy.

well, he sure as hell isn't going to be a met in 2022.

sandy alderson dragged his ass in the press for giving a "thumbs down" to booing fans.  lindor and k.pillar were also in on the "thumbs down" show, too.

javy let loose with this one before alderson's statement, though... "When we don't get success, we're going to get booed. So they [the fans] are going to get booed when we get success."

so yeah.  okay.  phew.  i'm just over here being a cubs fan trying to figure out what nearly 30 year old AAA callup is on the MLB roster on any given day.

speaking of ex-cubs that used to matter...a.rizzo has not had a lot of love since missing time with covid related stuff and his poor showing when coming back.  they gave up a 12 year old centerfielder and a 24 year old A-ball pitcher for rizzo.  to be fair, the juvenile rookie ball CF'r is doing exceptional and the 24 year old pitcher has a great fastball+change...needs more than that, though...and he may end up in the pen if he doesn't develop a slider/cutter/something.

Wish I had my Mets fan friend's rant on Javy recorded, loses something without NJ attitude and being a few drinks into the night.  Essentially, less a lot of swear words: "how did you ever cheer for that guy?  Guess a few home runs and some fancy tags goes a helluva lot futha in Chicago.  Dude has no idea of the strike zone, he could swing an' miss at a softball. Now he thinks he can go insult fans after what, all of 10 games of jack sh!t performance. Fu*k em."

My reply:  "Seems like he fits in perfectly with the rest of the Mets."

He's still steamed about trading away Crow-Armstrong.

javy is a lot more pallatable with rizzo, bryant, and contreras sandwiched around him.

m.conforto and k.pillar isn't the best "protection" for a free swinger.

He's more palatable when he's part of a team that won the first title in a million years. And hit that HR vs Cueto. And was part of the eighth inning rally. And almost won MVP.

i'm severely on the fence about javy going forward.  the power, D, and above-average speed are all there, but the bat game has never progressed beyond a powerful swing and aggressive baserunning.

who wants to gamble 5-7 years on that?  multiple teams will get in the bidding, but i dunno how i feel about the cubs getting into the mix vs other options.  i wouldn't complain if he came back, but i wouldn't be surprised to find myself disapointed years later.

Yeah it's definitely a heart vs head argument. It kinda depends on contract length, I think. 

Javier Baez should have taken the 6/$180M when he had the chance, if that is in fact what he was offered a couple of years ago.  

Right now, I can't see Baez getting a contract with an AAV beyond $23M (max), and that's only if it's for only five years (5/$115M). Otherwise, I would think the AAV goes down substantially for additional years, and I don't know if the Cubs would be interested in taking Baez back even at five years, since Baez was never really an Epstein/Hoyer guy (he was inherited).

Otherwise, the Nationals (who will have money to spend in 2022, especially if Juan Soto doesn't want to sign a mega long-term deal), the Astros (if they don't re-sign Carlos Correa), the Rangers (if they don't sign local boy Trevor Story), and the Tigers (who seem to be on the cusp of contending) are the only other clubs I can see as a legit realistic potential landing spot for Baez in 2022. 

Kris Bryant should do much better. I can see an Anthony Rendon-type deal for Bryant (something like 8/$250M), especially with his versatility. I would say the Dodgers (where he would play CF and then  eventually move back to 3B) and the Red Sox (where he would probably play 1B or CF) would be the best bets for Bryant in 2022, and he could even re-sign with the Giants (but only after he tests the market).  

Anthony Rizzo seems like a really good fit with the Yankees for the next three or four years, probably for Moustakas / Castellanos-type money (4/$80M range), but the Red Sox, Brewers, and Giants would be good fits for Rizzo, too.  

I wouldn't be surprised if the White Sox trade Craig Kimbrel during the off-season to try and recoup what they gave up to get him in 2021 (Madrigal and Heuer). The Dodgers, Braves, Phillies, Angels, and Red Sox would seem like good potential fits for Kimbrel if he is made available.  

I still think the Cubs will actively shop Hendricks and Contreras once the new CBA is signed, since they are the last two guys they have who could actually bring back prospects in a trade. Hendricks to the Angels and Contreras to the Astros would be my bet. But then the Cubs will need to replace them via free-agency. 

If the Cubs actually want to spend money and try and contend in 2022 and/or 2023, SP must be the first and second priority. At least two SP (or three if they trade Hendricks) are needed before they do anything else, and they need to be ready & willing to out-bid other teams. 

Since Ricketts is risk-averse to long-term contracts (it's called "JasonHeyward-itis"), I suspect the Cubs will offer shorter premium high-AAV type contracts no longer than four years to free-agents if & when they decide to become active in the marketplace again, rather than longer deals for a lesser AAV. Meanwhile, one or two year deals for players they can flip at the 2022 trade deadline would seem a lot more-likely.  

Jose Quintana, he of the 6.75 ERA mostly out of the pen has been picked up by the Giants...replacing recent DFA Tyler Chatwalk. This is a neutral ex Cub factor move.

baez appologizes pre-game...

"I didn't mean to offend anybody. If I offended anybody, we apologize."

...then he scores the winning run in the bottom of the 9th running from 1st base to home on a single to LF.

baez lost a diamond earring in the celebration.

a bunch of teammates, and even sandy alderson, helped javy look for his earring.

as of game 2 of the doubleheader, it has not been found.

Our fantastic beat writer taking ANOTHER week off. 

2021 and STL is still whiny little bitches...

nick "everyday is opening day" castellanos hit a grand slam and they asked the umps to check his bat.

it was deemed just fine and STL was deemed 110% whiny bitches...

alzolay throws 4 innings of relief...welcome back.

4ip 1h 0bb 5k (0r/er)

95+ mph fastball.  slider was insanely good, but it missed the zone sometimes.  great outting with 0 homers.

cubs win.

s.castro's 30d suspension is over and WAS immediately released him.

his career in the US is probably over.