Cubs vs. Giants: Series Thread (Games 138-140)

Wrigley field welcomes the Giants for a three-game series. See matchups below.

Game 138, Friday, September 9, 3:05 pm central

CHC: LHP Drew Smyly (5-8, 3.84 ERA)

SFG: LHP Carlos Rodon (12-7, 2.92 ERA)

Game 139, Saturday, September 10, 1:20 pm

CHC: RHP Marcus Stroman (3-6, 3.73 ERA)

SFG: RHP Logan Webb (12-8, 2.89 ERA)

Game 140, Sunday, September 11, 7:08 pm central

CHC: LHP Wade Miley (1-0, 3.13 ERA)



morel in LF and herm in CF...morel was supposed to play CF today with velazquez in LF, but velazquez was scratched due to "illness."

no idea what the illness is...i assume it's not the Beastie Boys type of ill...unless he was unlicensed to ill and in that case he's probably in jail.

i dont understand cubs attendance today.

the place is -packed- for a day game and it's not like it's a ton of SF fans.

they barely had anyone show up for any of the reds games, even though 2 were evening games.

Perfect timing for end of game for dinner in the area, bar hopping, etc. 3pm games were the bomb for those starts.

crowd was pumped for it, too...nice to hear wrigley loud as hell with fans.

morel is still not a CF'r...

Christopher Morel was not / is not ready for MLB defensively. Even if his offense is acceptable and will naturally improve with time at the big league level, defensively he is not ready for prime time. He needs to spend an unspecified amount of time at AAA to learn how to play the various positions he will need to play in MLB. He will get a 4th minor league option in 2024 so it's not like he needs to be rushed. 

aside from misplaying stuff in the OF, he doesn't have a sense of other players in the OF.  that's an area where people cover long distances at high rates of speed and just like you don't need a collision, you don't need teammates timid and pulling back from going hard because they think they might end up on the DL.

he is far out of his talent range in CF.  he at least seems comfortable at 3rd/2nd...not much of a 3rd baseman, though...average-ish on a good day.  right now there's no room for him at 2nd and p.wisdom is going to take playing time away from him at 3rd.  should be an interesting few weeks seeing where he gets playing time.

I think if MLB is going to vote willy-nilly on changing the rules of the game then they ought to get back together and vote on a Play-In Tournament for 2022 featuring all 14 teams Edwin Jackson played for in his career.

i just want multi-ball bonus play and manditory pierogi races in all parks.

Would love to see The Freeze in every park too

pujols #697

he might actually do it.  wow.