Cubs @ Mets: Series Thread (Games 141-143)

The Cubs depart the friendly confines and make their way to the NL East. See below for matchups in a 3-game series against the Mets.

Game 140, Monday, September 12, 6:10 pm central

CHC: RHP Javier Assad (0-1, 2.93 ERA)

NYM: RHP Chris Bassitt (13-7, 3.24 ERA)

Game 141, Tuesday, September 13, 6:10 pm central

CHC: RHP Adrian Sampson (1-5, 3.76 ERA)

NYM: RHP Jacob deGrom (5-1 1.66 ERA)

Game 142, Wednesday, September 14, 6:10 pm central

CHC: LHP Drew Smyly (6-8, 3.57 ERA)



i wish c.morel would wear his eye black with 3 lines instead of 2 lines so he'd look like a kitty cat.

oh, i wish he'd K less, too...but i'd be fine with just the cat thing.

I endorse this idea!

Even if it is just a weeknight game in September during a highly forgettable season; it's always nice to beat the Mets. 

I'll be curious to see how front offices respond to the shift ban when they are making offers to lefty sluggers like Rizzo this offseason.

13 pitches into the game and d.ross looks like he wants to be thrown out of the game.

ortega may have broken a finger on a bunt attempt...or the cubs are using an abundance of caution...

fractured left ring finger...

1911 T205 tobacco cards on the cubs broadcast (tinker/evers/chance).  nice.

jared young called up.

It's been announced on Twitter that Alzolay is going back up over the weekend for bullpen help. 

Who gets sent down/DFA'd?

minor leagues have officially formed a union.

17 days from the launch of the campaign, to the vote for representation, to formation.

last weekend MLB said they would accept a union if it had majority support.  “Based on the authorization cards gathered, MLB has voluntarily and promptly recognized the MLBPA as the representatives of minor league players. We are hopeful that a timely and fair collective bargaining agreement will be reached.”

2021 and 2022 has been a hell of a couple years for labor in all aspects of society.

Things the MLBPA will want to try and get changed right away would be an increase in minor league minimum salaries (probably at least a 50% increase per level and/or per years of minor league service), a "living wage" per diem and housing allowance, fewer games and more off days, getting paid for Spring Training, and getting paid for bereavement, paternity, and family medical emergency leave like the big leaguers do (at present minor leaguers absent for a childbirth, death in the family, or family illness are placed on the unpaid generic "Temporarily Inactive List"). 

Also note that players in the DSL will supposedly NOT be represented by the MLBPA, so $3,000 per year will probably remain the salary there, with players living in dorms and eating in dining halls at the academies.  

Phil -- do you think this will lead to further contraction of the minor leagues? We've already seen the short season low A leagues disappear. Do you have any gut feeling about that? When labor costs increase, there usually is some kind of response - raising of prices, cutting expenses elsewhere, etc. 

we've lost too many "might be, could be, but not yet" prospects due to low pay and a lack of wealth in a family to support the continuation of a minor league career.

for some players, having a kid on the way is as detrimental to a minor league career as an injury.

Sweeping the Mets in New York is never less than a cause for glee. Channeling my inner Ron Santo tonight!