Angels Rally to Defeat Cubs at Diablo Park

Nataniel Delgado stroked a two-run single to tie the score and Andrew Ray laced a two-run double to give the Angels the lead, as the Angels rallied to defeat the Cubs 4-2 in Arizona Instructional League action this afternoon at Diablo Park Field #7 in Tempe. 

RF Jeffrey Baez walked twice, singled, stole two bases, scored a run, and threw out two baserunners, and RHP David Garner tossed 3-2/3 innings of one-hit shutout ball for the Cubs.

Here is the abridged box score from today's game (Cubs players only):   

1. Gioskar Amaya, 2B: 0-2 (HBP, K, BB, K, CS)
2. Trey Martin, CF: 1-3 (HBP, K, F-7, 1B)
3. Jeimer Candelario, DH-3B: 1-4 (K, 3B, 6-3 DP, P-6, R)
4. Jeffrey Baez, RF: 1-2 (BB, BB, 1B, 5-4-3 DP, R, 2 SB)
5a. Jesse Hodges, 3B-DH: 2-4 (K, K, 1B, 1B, RBI)
5b. Danny Lockhart, PR: NO AB
6. Charcer Burks, LF: 0-4 (5-3, K, F-9, 6-4 FC)
7. Kelvin Freeman, 1B: 0-3 (6-3, BB, 6-4 FC, 4-6-3 DP)
8. Carlos Penalver, SS: 0-3 (K, F-8, 5-3)
9. Jordan Hankins, DH #2: 0-2 (K, BB, F-7)
10a. Wilfredo Petit, C: 1-1 (1B, BB)
10b. Erick Castillo, C: 0-1 (F-7)

1. Erick Leal: 2.2 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 1 K, 1 BALK, 1 PO, 1/4 GO/FO, 43 pitches (28 strikes)
2. David Garner: 3.2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 3 K, 4/2 GO/FO, 39 pitches (24 strikes)
3. Michael Wagner: 2.0 IP, 4 H, 2 R (2 ER), 1 BB, 2 K, 2/1 GO/FO, 42 pitches (28 strikes)  
4. Sam Wilson: 0.2 IP, 1 H, 2 R (2 ER), 2 BB, 1 K, 0/1 GO/FO, 28 pitches (16 strikes)

1. 3B Jeimer Candelario - E-5 (throwing error allowed batter to reach base safely)
2. 2B Gioskar Amaya - E-4 (errant throw on attempted 4-6 FC allowed baserunner to reach 2nd base safely)

Wilfredo Petit: 2-2 CS

1. RF Jeffrey Baez - threw out baserunner 9-6 trying advance to 2nd base on pop fly
2. RF Jeffrey Baez - threw out batter 9-6 trying to stretch single into double

ATTENDANCE: 19 (mostly scouts)

WEATHER: Partly cloudy & breezy with temperatures in the 90's  



AFL starts tomorrow, fwiw... 12:30pm EST. also, from carrie m. "Cubs strength and conditioning coach Tim Buss will spend three weeks in November with Starlin Castro in the Dominican Republic to get the shortstop ready for the 2014 season."

Damn, glad I'm not a diehard Rays' fan. Ray's score in the bottom of the 8th to take a 1 run lead in an elimination game, Rodney comes in and his body language was just pitiful. Hanging his head and stalking the mound slowly . .. Sure enough he implodes and blows the save. It was really weird, he has a one run lead in the ninth and physically looked like he had lost his best friend before he even threw a pitch.

I can think of a lot worse things than being a diehard Rays fan.

Haha. True. I REALLY like the Rays. I was just glad last night because that sh*t was ridiculous. Glad they pulled it out. But they're toast with a psyched out closer. He looked like he didn't want to pitch, BEFORE the first pitch and with a lead. Never seen anything like it.

And Rays prevail with Lobaton bailing out Rodney in walk off HR fashion in bottom of the 9th to stave off elimination. They aren't going far unless Rodney shakes that vibe off though.

who are these buffoons?

I know Hub Arkush and he should stick to football and that's Kapman moderating, right? The moron on the left thinks it will be a "complete failure" if they don't land Girardi.

Maddon looks brilliant again...even if he was just mostly lucky.

runners on 2nd/3rd with 1 out and Pedroia up and he doesn't load the bases to set-up the force or double play. Pedroia grounds out to shortstop and tying run scores but they stay out of big inning after Rodney K's Carp.

Lobaton game winning home run to win it off Uehera.

Unconventional and risky, but certainly with some merit. You bring the infield in and your percentages go significantly down...and at home you always have the chance to still win it.

Yes and the preemptive double switch when he played his DH in the field.

ATL up 3-2 in the 7th. i really really really need the LAD to win tonight. there's things more important on the line than money...or fantasy baseball...'s not having to hear "the tommy hawk chawp" anymore this season.

woo...3-4 ATL/LAD, bottom 8.

dodgers get it more tommy hawk chawp in 2013...this is just as good as a cubs world series victory. ...seriously... ...well, not seriously... hey, do we have a new manager yet? that sounds exciting!

I agree on this point. They've got a good organization and some great players - but they'll always be the enemy until they get rid of their racist name/logo and certainly that obnoxious chant.

You can make the case that the chop is racist, but the name Braves? That is getting a little silly.

social stuff aside...i just find it annoying that i don't go to braves games solely because i don't want to hear "woooooooooooooah ooooh ooooooh oooooooooooooooh ooooooooooh" for 2/3rd of a game along with people waving their arms or pieces of foam. i've turned down offers to more than a few games because i don't want to drive/ride for 5 hours to sit through that. it was/is a case of "once, and never again."

We've discussed this previously, but several of us here - myself included - got a HUGE kick when we did the Mock Chop at Wrigley when the Cubs took care of business against them in 2003. Ahhhh....what memories of 10 years ago.

Not as bad as the Indians, certainly...but the trivialization of the warriors from a group that was the victim of genocide by the group that committed genocide is questionable at best. Silly? If you like. That said: baseball or no, this is not the forum for extended discussion.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Major League Baseball team seeks experienced individual with 7+ years MLB coaching/instruction experience for immediate job opening. Please submit bid by noon CST Oct. 15. Low bids will be contacted for an interview.

Those Fucking Cardinals... So what did Augie Busch do that has the baseball gods loving his team, and them punishing the Cubs for decades? Not only did they make the astute - and fan-unpopular move of not signing Pujols, they get Michael Wacha as the compensation pick in the first round at #19 (Cubs get Almora). The dude is in his 2nd fucking season!! This is one reason why I think that the Cubs, where they are now, are years behind the Cards, Reds, and Pirates in overall organizational depth. I would be shocked if the Cubs are even a contender for a Wild-Card spot by 2015, unless some dramatic things happen. Other than a handful of players, it seems like the current Cards squad are primarily those from their system now. Just so unfair.

Vin's call from last night..."isn't it amazing what someone can do when he can't bunt?"

sad Hawk Harrelson compilation...

cool Girardi story from his playing days...

Yanks offer in the 2/12 or 3/15 range allegedly.

Steinbrenner stressed he wants to retain Girardi, his manager for the past six seasons, but stressed he wanted a deal done quickly because of the upcoming organizational meetings, and ''we want our manager to be a part of that.''

Colletti claims 1984 NLCS loss was impetus for starting Kershaw on 3 days rest

Cubs on the cusp of acquiring Meat Lasagne for the bullpen. Is that going to go over well with the Rock Shoulders fans?
Girardi is asked why he didn't use a better pitcher in that spot. "It was the seventh inning," he says testily, "and Meatie is our seventh-inning guy. What do you want?"
fun stuff from Steve Goldman...

AFL started today, Soler batting 3rd, Bryant 7th...Bryant RBI single in first AB

Ryan Sweeney signs 2-year deal for $3.5M, 1.5M for '14, 1.5M for '15 and $500K buyout on a $2.5M '16 option

Ryan Sweeney signs 2-year deal for $3.5M --- better start signing more Italians if Jedstein really wants Girardi

lefty, turns 29 in february, can play CF, good enough arm for RF, can hit some doubles and occasionally a few HRs, contact with few Ks... $1.75m for 2 seasons (or $1.83m for 3 years if the option is picked up)...not bad.

Mesa Solar Sox in an 8-8 tie for 11 ining vs Glendale Desert Dogs Box: The Good: Bryant 3-6, a double and 2 rbi; Soler 1-6 but a key double in a 5 run 8th inning rally; Armando Rivero gets a hold with a 3K inning. The not so good: Lendy Castillo 3 unearned runs in 1 IP; Matt Loosen 2 unearned runs in 2 IP. excerpt from the top 8th: Kris Bryant doubles (1) on a fly ball to center fielder Byron Buxton. C. J. Cron scores. Matt Skole homers (1) on a line drive to left field. Kris Bryant scores. David Freitas hit by pitch. Addison Russell walks. David Freitas to 2nd. Brian Goodwin pops out to shortstop Danny Black on the infield fly rule. Jorge Soler doubles (1) on a ground ball to left fielder Brian Cavazos-Galvez. David Freitas scores. Addison Russell to 3rd. Can't wait for the AZ Phil report to read what he saw.

rivero could end up breaking with the team out of the pen during ST...if not, he's most likely not far away. i kinda wonder if they're going to keep grimm as a starter or just shift him to the pen...the pen seems inevitable no matter when it happens given how much he's been hit since he's left AA. in an extremely small sample size out of the cubs pen last season, the little extra he could provide on his stuff played well in short outings.

Oh Rays...

Red Sox load bases with 0 outs in top of 2nd...Maddon takes out his SP (Hellickson), Jamey Wright gets a K and a double play to get out of it, because they're not the Cubs.

ESPN/NY article with Hal Steinbrenner quotes on the Girardi situation:
But it was clear from the tone and content of his response that the son of George M. Steinbrenner III is not inclined to wait forever for Girardi -- or anyone else -- to make up his mind. T
"Quite frankly, we're going to be starting our baseball meetings soon and we want the manager, whoever that is, hopefully Joe, to be a part of that," he said.
"I don't think anybody is a must-sign, and I would say that about any employee at any level," Steinbrenner said. "We made him what we consider a very, very fair offer. He's got things to consider and a family to talk to and I know he's doing that right now."
"We're talking in good faith and we both understand that for many reasons, this can't draw out," Steinbrenner said. "We need to get busy. We've got a lot of work to do. We want him to be part of it, not somebody else. It's been six years, he's been loyal to us, we've been loyal to him. We both understand we deserve to get this done quickly."

playing the infield in with y.escobar on 3rd = really? also turns an out into hit + run our ex-CF'r.

and tonight's adventure in joe maddon's over-managing backfires...2 runs score after mcgee leaves with men on the corners and 2 outs. hellickson getting pulled in the 2nd (after loading the bases) has lead to a kinda weird use of the pen all night. ...though it's nothing compared to last night's madness (that worked, luckily for him).

c.archer comes in the the 8th pitcher of the game (rather than the 2nd for some resason)...gets 1 out with a sac fly...BOS leads by 2...and is promptly removed after throwing 2 pitches for w.wright as the 9th (and last available pitcher in the pen) pitcher of the game. this could be a weird one if TB manages to tie in the bottom 9th...wild if they actually win. ...and TB is shut down easily in the bottom 9th...BOS advances

fwiw, re: m.scioscia's potential availability...even though he hasn't been linked to the cubs... "The Angels announced Tuesday that both manager Mike Scioscia and general manager Jerry Dipoto will return for the 2014 season."

McNutt outrighted, leaving behind an organization with only three players named Trey. McNutt will always be my reason for believing that you can start getting excited about a pitcher when he does it at double-A.

So comforting that Hendry chose not to send McNutt in the Garza deal.

he chose that?

Girardi signs Back with Yanks, four more years

I am squarely in the "Crunch Camp" that it is better to spend money on players, so I not too unhappy with this result.

they're totally gonna spend that on Cano now :)

4/16M for Girardi, presume Cubs would need to go up to $4.5 -5M to woo him...that's $3-4M a year at most difference in your baseball budget salary and that's if there is a 1-to-1 correlation between manager salary and player salary.. Not like Cubs are going to give Shin-SHoo Choo $4M more per year now just because they may have found it under their couch cushions. I like to presume they'll still decided what players are worth going after and will bid accordingly without doing anything stupid.

Just happy they didn't over pay for a manager.

I warned them that they should have signed the Italian, Meat Lasagna instead of that Irishman, Ryan Sweeney.

any takers for Tony Pena?

Go get Maddux

well this is a "complete and utter failure"...says stupid sports dudes on radio.

Joe Maddon is free as of today...just sayin'

Maddux brothers or Acta would be fine with me. Probably be fine with Hinch as well...actually anybody, who the 'eff really knows until they take the job.

could probably get neifi perez for a few bags of that blue stuff on breaking bad...but that would come with the baggage of having derek bell as a bench coach.

Maddon signed through 2015

obviously not coaching in playoffs  is what I meant, I wouldn't have suggested the W. Castillo trade if I thought he was a free agent.

I heard Dusty learned his lesson about pitch counts

Singletary? oops, wrong concussed guy...

t.neal + z.putnam + r.dollis activated and outrighted to AAA. boscan + d.mcdonald outrighted to AAA...and as mentioned, t.mcnutt also outrighted to AAA. 40-man cleansing in progress.

CUBS: Give Buddy Bailey an interview. He deserves it.

AZ Fall League, early action (bottom 3rd)...7-0 Mesa Solar Sox over the Glendale Desert Dogs Almora 2-2 and Bryant 2-2 so far... 4 run first inning: Almora leadoff HR. Bryant 3 run HR (Soler bats 4th, Bryant 5th). Mesa Bottom of the 1st Albert Almora homers (1) on a line drive to left field. Devon Travis walks. Zach Borenstein walks. Devon Travis to 2nd. Jorge Soler lines out to center fielder Ryan LaMarre. Kris Bryant homers (1) on a fly ball to center field. Devon Travis scores. Zach Borenstein scores. 3 run bottom of 2nd for Mesa: Almora 2-rbi double and then scores the 3rd run. Solar 0-2, Line out to CF and GO 6-3 Bryant leadoff single to CF in the 3rd, but gets out next batter on a 4-6-3 double play

it's going to be really interesting if k.bryant powers through AA/AAA next season, making himself a legit 2015 option at 3rd...especially with olt being MLB-ready or "AAAA" man-in-waiting. olt has no place at 1st and his arm/play at 3rd makes him quite valuable there if he can turn his bat around. his relative cheapness + power may put him in RF/LF, but it's practically a shame (and knock to his value to other teams) to do that given how well he can play 3rd. then there's the whole baez issue...especially if they're not looking to shift baez (or castro) to 2nd. there's a lot of shift + trade opportunities to explore over the next season or 2...pending injury and/or failure.

I'm really sad that, upon a closer read, they don't have a player name Bonerstein. Also, I'm pretty sure it's just me, but it's now taking about a minute to load any pages here on the TCR.

Dr. Frankenstein's much more popular rival mad scientist.

more Mesa runs, now 11-0 in the 4th, Almora 3-3 with another single. Soler now in the mix with an 3-run rbi double plus a Bryant walk: Mesa Bottom of the 4th Albert Almora singles on a sharp line drive to left fielder Brent Keys. Devon Travis singles on a ground ball to center fielder Ryan LaMarre. Albert Almora to 2nd. Zach Borenstein walks. Albert Almora to 3rd. Devon Travis to 2nd. Jorge Soler doubles (2) on a sharp line drive to center fielder Ryan LaMarre. Albert Almora scores. Devon Travis scores. Zach Borenstein scores. Kris Bryant walks.

too bad Javier Baez passed on the Az Fall League. Otherwise Mesa would have had this game locked up.

Almora another single in the 5th (now, 4-4). Soler P4 to end the inning. Still 11-0. Bryant to lead off the 6th.

and the cherry on top... Wes Darvill replaces Bryant at 3B and hits a 2 run HR in the 8th. Final 13-3 Solar Sox

worker's comp claims in Cali shut down for all but those that play in Cali on a "based-in-Cali" team... the focus is on the NFL in this article, but Cali is a -major- route for minor league baseball players to seek/claim compensation (such as c.weathers...ex, though technically current, cub).