Nationals @ Cubs: Scherzer vs Quintana (NLDS Game 3)

WAS (1-1): RHP Max Scherzer (0-0, —)
CHC (1-1): LHP José Quintana (0-0, —) 
First pitch: 3:08pmCST (TBS)

The Cubs have won Quintana’s last six starts. His last appearance was a no-decision against the Reds, in which he gave up 4 ER in 4.2 innings. He went 2-0 with a 2.51 in the final month of the season. This is his first post-season start.

At Wrigley, Quintana is 5-0 with a 4.76 and went 11-11 with a 4.15 for the season. Overall, the Nationals are 13-49 (.265) against him. Kendrick is 5-10.

Scherzer (16-6, 2.51 for the season;10-2, 1.82 on the road) has been recovering from a hamstring strain that he suffered on September 30. He’s says he’s fully healed and looking to throw 100 pitches, which is fine by me, as long as that happens in the 4th inning.

Scherzer beat the Cubs in DC in June, giving up ER in 6 innings. For their careers, they are 19-88 (.296) against him. LaStella is 3-6 with a HR and might get a start. Some other Cubs have hit him well, including Rizzo (3-10, HR), Heyward (4-11), and Russell (2-5, HR). 

Tomorrow it’s Roark and Arrieta at 4:38pmCST—when we hope to wrap this up.

Go Cubs! 


Kinda bumming about Zobrist in the starting lineup today. I looked at some stats and facing RH pitching he at least is pulling an OBP of .336. But I have mentioned this with JIM HICKMAN'S BAT, his power numbers are terrible. And from the games in the series so far, he is being uncharacteristically Ben and swinging at shit. His fielding percentage at 2B is purely league average - but I would rather have him there than the outfield given the choice. C'Mon Ben - have a huge fucking game, 'bro!

Jay CF Bryant 3B Rizzo 1B Contreras C Zobrist 2B Schwarber LF Heyward RF Russell SS Quintana P

Zobrist at 2B, but not LaStella or Happ? And hitting fifth! Zobi has become Maddon's Neifi Perez. Yes, I'm angry.

iPad fail!

Cubs two free-est swingers (Baez and Happ) on the bench against a guy with about a hundred ways to get each of them out. Two guys with the ability to extend at-bats (Jay and Zobrist) in against a pitcher on an alleged around 100 pitch limit. Cubs best pinch hitter (LaStella) available to do the thing he does better than anybody else, pinch hit. I'd have preferred to see Zobrist and Schwarber swapped in the order. And if Zobrist goes 2 pitches for 2 outs again tonight, then I'll be pissed.

I agree w/ Jackstraw. I'm torn... I like the idea of the top of the line-up being ready to pounce on a mistake by a potentially rusty/timid Scherzer.... but I also like the idea of making said pitcher run up the pitch count.

Does Jay start things off with a bunt to test Scherzer's hammy?

That’s not a bad idea.

Not able to recap today, but Parachat is Open.  (For the last Cubs game to be played in the first four decades of my life...)

Happy birthday! How about a series clincher at home? That's a nice gift. I'm heading out of the office in a few. I'll hit the chat after I clear the traffic.

Thanks!  Pat Hughes reminds us that the ONLY game won by a road team so far this post-season is the Cubs in game 1.

Should have intentionally walked Scherzer!

Bam Bam not helping off-season trade value :-(

If the Cubs hadn't won last year, Schwarber's drop might have been the stuff of legend. Wow.

All I could think of was Ron Santo's "ohhh noooo" on the Brandt Brown drop.

Ha. Well done.

There have been some terrible LFers on the Cubs but he's gotta be one of the worst that has played post-season. Can only hide that glove for so long. I'll take the bitter after the great ride - but only for this year

Schwarber seems to save his worse defense for the post-season. He was a klutz against the Mets in 2015 and now misses a routine fly ball that an 8th grader would catch. Basic OF skills -- run to the spot and wait for the ball. Don't drift. Do. Not. Fucking. Drift. I played (bad) OF in high school, and that was drilled into me every practice. He violates every basic tenet of how to play the position. Just terrible.


All of our bitching about Zo. Guess we should shut the fuck up?

Hmm. Dunno 'bout that. Bad error, weak contact on the first pitch when Scherzer's pitch count was getting elevated and he had walked the previous batter. His one hit was big -- but, I'd still rather have Baez or Happ in the lineup.

4 errors, heyward baserunning error, still win. Wow!

Thanks Dusty.

I said before the series started that Dimwit Dusty would cost his team a game and sure enough.....he uses his worst reliever against our best hitter, with first base open. Thanks indeed!

I'm thrilled they won and all, but can Dusty really be blamed when that Rizzo hit was a sky-high jam-shot that fell in against all odds?

It is hard to directly blame a manager for much in baseball, but I think Rizzo's on field comments directly after the game were pretty telling. Can't find a direct quote, but it was basically that he was surprised they even pitched to him with first base open. So maybe the hit was lucky (can we start calling that a Cubbie occurrence), but IMO Baker certainly didn't put his players in the best position to win.

Good ole Dusty. Game on the line, Cubs best hitter in the series at bat, 1st base open, yeah lets bring in one of my low leverage relievers and pitch to him. Lose a 2-1 ballgame and 2 of your best, rested, relievers never take the mound. Good work and thank you.

Definitely seemed like a bad call.

I found it daring. Un-unorthodox. Provocative. A certain je ne sais quoi that can only belong to a man with a toothpick.

Part Michelangelo and part Keystone Cops. Just enough of the former to overcome the latter.


So glad Joe started Zobrist like I wanted.


Tanner Roark went to U of I? Very beatable...

Terrific work by the starting pitchers so far against this Bats lineup. Really impressive stuff. Great work by Q in what I believe was his first post-season start.

On the flip side -- another terrible loss for the Bears, who will miss the playoffs for the 10th time in 11 years. In a league that prides itself on parity. My goodness, what a bunch of clueless fools. The QB they needlessly traded up to get throws a killer INT. Fox's defense continues to be the worst in the NFL in taking the ball away. Cubs and Blackhawks know what they are doing, Bulls and Bears are ridiculously clueless. Fox is an idiot -- it did not surprise anyone in Denver that they won the Super Bowl the year after he left.

BB - salty! Not much help around Trubitsky. Not much of anything around the Bulls. When you sell out are are #2 or 3 in attendance every year, why change? They have a clue, but purely for profit not talent evaluation or assembly of a team.

Trubisky looks like a QB that belongs. Deshaun Watson is the guy I wanted. But, I do not believe Watson does any better last night that Mitchell.

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  • crunch 1 hour 3 min ago (view)

    ...and strop gives up a hit then walks the bases loaded.

    ...and he closes it out with a K.  neat.

    this is the 1st cubs road series win since May 17-19 @WAS.


  • crunch 1 hour 11 min ago (view)

    strop comes in to get the last out, but it has to be some kinda slow-walk back in a game that wasn't a save situation.

    homer, hbp, k, k...looks healthy.


  • crunch 1 hour 19 min ago (view)

    welcome back kimbrel.

    1st pitch goes about 10 miles outside the park by marte.


  • crunch 1 hour 50 min ago (view)

    one takeaway from this game...a slew of cubs players were fans of Hey Arnold! when they were kids.


  • crunch 2 hours 45 min ago (view)

    woo, a good cubs away game.


  • crunch 4 hours 56 min ago (view)

    heyward / cast / bryant / rizzo / baez / schwarb / caratini / kemp(2nd) / Q


  • crunch 6 hours 17 min ago (view)

    so stoked for the williamsport game.

    the increasing amount of off-site games is a bit concerning (middle of nowhere Field of Dreams field, really?), but I love this one.  it's played out great so far and giving the kids playing in the LL series some primo seats (hope this continues) is a great touch.


  • Arizona Phil 7 hours 38 min ago (view)

    Craig Kimbrel reinstated from IL, Duane Underwood Jr optioned to Iowa, Mark Zagunis recalled as the "26th man" for tonight's game (special travel required to get to Williamsport so MLB Comissioner permits 26th man for both clubs). 


  • crunch 1 day 1 hour ago (view)

    at least...


  • Charlie 1 day 2 hours ago (view)

    Lester pitched 35 innings today.


  • crunch 1 day 5 hours ago (view)

    2019...cubs fan...being thankful heyward and chatwood are


  • Eric S 1 day 6 hours ago (view)

    Like having a 5-1 lead going into the ninth?


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 1 day 7 hours ago (view)

    With our vaunted late inning tandem of Tyler Chatwood and Rowan Wick!

    Who would have thought?


  • Jackstraw 1 day 7 hours ago (view)

    Cubs 1-10 with RISP in the series.  Left lots of ducks on the pond.  Could take some of the pressure off the pen.


  • Jackstraw 1 day 7 hours ago (view)

    You could hit your thumb with a hammer.  Or take a big bite of wayyyy too hot pizza.  Just sayin.


  • Eric S 1 day 7 hours ago (view)

    I’m a little surprised and confused that Bote wasn’t in the infield in the ninth? Wth - need that one out boot to complete my day