Ten Cubs Minor Leaguers Declared Free-Agents

Ten Cubs minor leaguers were declared MLB Rule 55 six-year minor league free agents at 5 PM (Eastern) Monday afternoon.

, OF 
, 1B-3B
, INF 
, OF
, CF 
, INF  
, SS

A minor league free-agent can sign a contract with any major league or minor league club (including the player's former club) without any restrictions. A club receives no compensation for losing a minor league free-agent.

RHP was eligible to be a Rule 55 second-contract minor league FA (he was non-tendered by the Colorado Rockies last December), but the Cubs selected his contract and added him to their MLB Reserve List (40-man roster) about an hour prior to the deadline. 

INF , RHP , OF , RHP , C-1B , SS , RHP , C , and RHP  had been eligible to be Rule 55 minor league 6YFA post-2017, but each of them signed a 2018 minor league successor contract in the days and weeks prior to the deadline.

C-1B was eligible to be a Rule 55 minor league 6YFA post-2017, but his contract was selected and he was added to the Cubs MLB Reserve List (40-man roster) in September.

MLB RULE 55: Sometimes called a "Six-Year Minor League Free-Agent," an unsigned minor league player is automatically declared a free-agent at 5 PM (Eastern) on the 5th day after the final game of the World Series if the player has had his first contract renewed six times and has spent all or any part of at least seven separate seasons on a minor league roster (including all or parts of any season spent on Optional Assignment to the minors), and/or if the player has been previously released or non-tendered in his career and his present contract (known as a "second contract" even if it's his third or fourth minor league contract) has expired.

For purposes of determining eligibility to be a free-agent, a player does not accrue a minor league season if the player spends the entire season on an MLB Active List, MLB Disabled List(s), and/or other MLB Inactive List, or if the player spends an entire season on the Restricted List, Disqualified List, Suspended List, Ineligible List, Voluntarily Retired List, and/or Military List. Also, participation in a post-season instructional league or winter league and/or the Arizona Fall League (AFL) does not count toward a minor league season if the player otherwise did not accrue a minor league season that year.

Note that a player who ordinarily would have been declared a Rule 55 minor league free-agent is NOT eligible to be a free-agent if the player is either added to an MLB Reserve List (40-man roster) or agrees to a minor league successor contract by 5 PM (Eastern) on the 5th day after the final game of the World Series. (The deadline is 5 PM Eastern on October 15th if the World Series is canceled).


Probably the two most noteworthy Cubs minor league free-agents (for me) are outfielders John Andreoli and Trey Martin. 27-year old John Andreoli (2011 Cubs 17th round draft pick - U. of Connecticut) was a teammate of 2017 World Series MVP George Springer and ex-Cub 3B Mike Olt in his college days at UConn, and he starred for Team Italy in the World Baseball Classic last March. He should find a gig as an MLB 4th OF with little trouble. He has plus speed and is a good base-stealer, he has HR power, and he takes walks. On the negative side, he strikes out a LOT, he isn't a particularly good hitter, and he is below average defensively despite his above-average speed. 24-year old Trey Martin (Cubs 2011 13th round draft pick - Brookwood HS - Snellville, GA) was probably the best defensive CF in the Cubs organization, and he (finally) showed some improved hitting skills at AA in 2017. What Martin needs to find is an organization where he can play CF at AAA in 2017 and have a reasonable pathway to MLB (he is blocked in Chicago by Albert Almora Jr and at AAA Iowa by Jacob Hannemann). My favorite memories of Trey Martin... 1. He crashed into the CF fence while making a spectacular catch in a Minor League Spring Training game on Field #5 at the Riverview Baseball Complex a year or two ago, and the next morning a CSI-type chalk outline of Martin appeared on the fence at the exact same spot. 2. Martin was one of the Cubs players who had to pull Javier Baez away from the Angels bench in an Extended Spring Training game at Fitch Park in 2012 after Javy hit a long tape-measure HR (that he stopped to admire) and was chided by Angels coaches for failing to run the bases as promptly as they thought he should. 3. Martin was hit in the head (helmet) by a pitch and was knocked unconscious in an Instructs game versus the Diamondbacks at Salt River Fields a few years ago and he had to be transported to a local trauma center by an ambulance that came right onto the field. Then the game continued like nothing had happened. ("Trey would have wanted us to keep playing")

Ah! Martin memory #2 was the (in)famous incident when Javy yelled to the Angels' bench “I can do whatever the fuck I want!” http://www.thecubreporter.com/2012/04/13/baez...

Hate to see Trey Martin probably moving on. I think he was the best center fielder in the system.

I'm surprised that nothing has been announced regarding Martin, Andreoli, or anyone remotely similar from other organizations. Quite a few teams have quite a bit of talent that is available, along those lines.

That is unfortunate. I suppose the Padres, Mets, Marlins, or even White Sox could pffer him work. He sounds like a Sammy Fuld comp.

RIP Doc. You were one of my favorites.

:( only 40 years old. he got that plane only a month ago. it's very tiny. https://flightaware.com/resources/registratio... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPjXriUMW_8 (Roy Halladay Takes Delivery of First 2018 ICON A5)

The Cubs owe as much guaranteed money to Heyward as they do to their second through fifth highest guaranteed players combined (Lester, Zobrist, Rizzo, Quintana). That's somehow both good and bad.

Lots of buzz abut Lackey not retiring. Hunh.

hope COL signs him. it would be neat to see a SP give up 50+ homers.

heyward wins GG. dj lemahieu won for 2nd base. goldschmidt won 1st base.

Lemahieu beat out Zobrist?? Recount!

i wouldn't blame zobrist if he spent all of 2018 taking a knee in protest during the 7th inning stretch.

"Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports writes that the Cardinals "are believed to be the team the Marlins would most like to make a deal with" in the Giancarlo Stanton sweepstakes. Peter Gammons of GammonsDaily.com wrote earlier this week that the Cardinals have already offered "one of their best young pitchers" to Miami in prospective trade talks." boo. btw, he has a full no-trade so he would have to approve any trade.

There is about negative-98% chance Stanton blocks a trade to St. Louis.

Per VineLine, the Cubs players have a nickname for a Contreras-to-Baez put-out: Bacon.

that's turrible. i'm a reds fan now. go reds.

...under the radar but I saw that Brandon Hyde was named bench coach.

"New Cubs pitching coach Jim Hickey believes the Cubs should pursue Alex Cobb." ...some hardcore shocking news right thur.

Muskrat tweet or is that followed by some actual substance?

rotoworld blurb based on an interview of hickey on the "Spiegel and Parkins Show" yesterday it seems to be based on a question posed to him, not some unsolicited cheerleading.

"Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was told by a source that the Cardinals are "determined" in their pursuit of Giancarlo Stanton." according to other journalism sources, they're also trying to get ziegler. considering Z turned 38 last month and he's owed $9m next year, it's probably to help take the sting off what's going to be an expensive trade to make to begin with. considering his main tool is deception and getting ground balls out of it, it's not a bad risk even if expensive.

STL's chances look pretty good. SF doesn't have the payroll flex or prospects to pull it off. BOS could be a chance but is rumored to prefer Martinez. PHI looks like a great fit but I doubt either Stanton (NTC) or the Marlins want him to go there.

Bears lose to a backup QB and a 3rd string RB, at home, coming off a bye while the Packers are coming off a short week. Fox should be fired before he leaves the building today. His idiotic challenge shows that he doesn't even understand the rules of the damn game. My goodness, what a terrible franchise. This will be 10 years of the last 11 not making the playoffs. In a league built for parity. Only the Bears can WIN a challenge and have it kill their chances to win the game. Amazing incompetence throughout the organization.

We were all on board with them firing Lovie after the 10-6 season and their failure to make the Playoffs. It is terrible. Agreed. The penalties, injuries, play-calling, does not help. The Packers, by contrast have a successful organization, with more depth, talent, scouting, and coaching excellence. Yep, the Bears have plenty of injuries. Kyle long has been an "injury bust" like so many high draft picks before him - actually, Kevin White and Kyle Long were both #1's, so, yeah - that. But so do the Packers. When would you EVER, post-Ditka - see the Bears throw a long pass on 3rd and 1 to ice the game without Aaron Rogers?? That play symbolizes everything that works with the Packers and everything that is a failure for the Bears. Mitch Trubisky is consistently inconsistent which is to be somewhat expected. The lack of experience really does show as he is slow to recognize blitzes and his experience for audibles at the line is nil. How many years will this continue? How I long for the 90's Ditka years... However, I am fine if they lose the rest of the games this year (which they very well could) as long as I see some progress from the QB position. That is what it is all about now.

I'm sure John Fox was completely confused by the long pass on 3rd-and-1. "Can they do that??" I think Trubisky started a total of 13 games in college, so his slow development is not a surprise. He seems to have potential, and should learn how to read a defense and avoid sacks over time. But, man, it has been an ugly decade. I am really tired of seeing Aaron Rodgers smiling and laughing on the sideline.

BB: I forgot to tell you "Can they do that??" really made me laugh. What is astounding is that under Lovie Smith the Bears went 81-63, 1 SB appearance, and 3 Central titles. During those years were Lance Briggs, Hester, Urlacher, Mike Brown, Daniel Manning. But they got their ass kicked against GB in the NFC Championship Game at "Soldier's" Field.

I took my then 12-year old son to that game. It was a 3:00 kickoff, so the tailgaters had an extra 3 hours to prepare. Rodgers took the opening kickoff and marched down the field. Several huge, very drunk guys behind us let loose with language that would make Louis CK blush and never really stopped the whole game. Really an unpleasant experience. I miss my son, but I don't miss going to Bears games. Lovie had a model and the model worked pretty well, although it wasn't very sexy. Emphasize defense and special teams and don't lose the game on offense. I have no idea what Fox's model is or what he is trying to build.

It's not the players. Or the head coach. It's the front office. Like with any other team. A good front office rounds up players.

Agreed -- but, they need to know what type of players fit the coach's system. Lovie's system was clear, if boring -- get me impact defensive players. Defense and Devin Hester will give me good enough field position to win games. John Fox's system is....?

Absolutely. Fox is not good and should be gone but Pace has gotten way too much of a pass. The Kevin White pick gets a partial pass because of the injury but Floyd is 32nd in sacks and 246th in sacks for the 9th overall pick. Trubisky hasn't gotten any help from his line or WRs but he still looks like a pretty big development project for the 2nd overall pick that we actually traded picks to get. He's done a good job picking RBs but other than Cody Whitehair who else has really done anything from his drafts? I'm looking through the #s and it's pretty bad there.

Out coached, out played, and out quaterbacked.

Actually, if I am being honest, this is about what I was expecting for 2017 Bears. I hate watching - but am compelled to do so. Like Cubs 2013.

"Mark Anderson of Baseball Prospectus reports that the Tigers are still awaiting the player to be named later to finalize the deal that sent Justin Wilson and Alex Avila to the Cubs at the trade deadline." evidently it's not cash going their way, but some player.

Can they just send Justin Wilson and call it a day? /snarc

They'll announce about a day after the Rule 5 Draft. As will the Cubs regarding the Pena return.

TIM: I suspect the Tigers want somebody who is Rule 5 Draft-eligible like LHP Jose Paulino, but they don't want to put him on their MLB 40-man roster right now because he hasn't pitched above Lo-A.

If Paulino isn't selected in the Rule 5 Draft, the Tigers would acquire him from the Cubs as the PTBNL in the Wilson-Avila deal and then they won't have to add him to their MLB 40-man roster until post-2018.

If Paulino is selected in the Rule 5 Draft, the Tigers might opt to take the $50,000 cash instead, which they can use later at their convenience to pay for a waiver claim (the Tigers have the #1 waiver claim priority throughout the off-season, Spring Training, and the first 30 days of the 2018 MLB regular season).

As far as the PTBNL in the Felix Pena trade is concerned, because that trade was made when it was (after the conclusion of the MLB regular season), the PTBNL could be a player who was on the Angels MLB Active List (25-man roster) during the regular season (usually a PTBNL cannot be on an MLB club's active list during the period of time starting when the trade is made until the PTBNL is announced, but this does not apply if a player is traded during the off-season and Spring Training, as long as the PTBNL is announced prior to MLB Opening Day).

So the Cubs could actually wait until the end of Spring Training to select the PTBNL (a PTBNL must be announced within six months of a trade, and Pena was acquired by the Angels on 10/9), and so the PTBNL could even be a player who was on the Angels MLB active list in September. 

Also, the Cubs and Angels know each other's farm systems very well. They play each other frequently in Minor League Camp and Extended Spring Training, and the two organizations shared a co-op team in Advanced Instructs post-2015 and post-2016. So the Cubs know who they like and who they don't like so much. 

Nice call. I was guessing David Garner, who has some Michigan history. I also have a slight inkling for the Cubs add from the Angels. I have my sights on a Rule 5-eligible reliever unlikely to be taken, but much less of a hassle to take in about a month than now.

Dakota Mekkes also fits this mold - TIgers have a long history of targeting MSU guys.

Doubt they’d need to wait; Mekkes isn’t rule 5 eligible this year.

Including John Smoltz who after drafting and a couple meh seasons in the minors, they sent to AT!L for Doyle Alexander.

TIM: LHRP Jonah Weseley?

Connor Lillis-White.

Is he English, like Leonard Pinthe-Garnell?

TIM: Conor Lillis-White is not Rule 5 Draft-eligible until next year (post-2018).

Jim Brower (Cubs MiLB pitching coordinator) poached by Seattle. Good teams tend to get their talent poached.

"Yankees general manager Brian Cashman hasn't ruled out the possibility of top prospect Gleyber Torres starting the 2018 season in the majors." damn. "Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer hasn't ruled out the possibility of John Lackey returning to the team next season." NO! BAD HOYER! BAD! NO!

The "(insert name of GM) hasn't ruled out the possibility of (insert absurd idea)..." template appears in about 10,000 MLB GM quotes per day this time of year.


torey lovullo (ARZ) wins NL MOY...go get em rookie.

"Patrick Mooney of NBC Sports Chicago reports that the Cubs have already met with Alex Cobb's agent, Danny Horwits." i dunno how to feel about cobb. i mean, he was never going to truly be "under the radar" but it's increasingly looking like some team may have to pay a hell of a premium for a guy that can't seem to throw 180 innings in a season for various reasons. that said, the cubs have the loot to spend and this is a hell of a "window" through at least 2020.

Exactly. Paying a premium for Cobb 4 years ago would not have made sense. Now, they have another 4 years (per Theo) in this window and need an SP and don't want to give up any of their high-value core (Baez or Russell). Cubs have plenty of $$ for SP, assuming Jake and Lackey are gone. They will overpay -- almost all decent FA pitchers get overpaid -- but this would seem like a good move. Just looked at Justin Wilson's numbers -- pre-Cubs, he was quite good, but not top shelf and not as good as I had hoped: 298 IP, 3.20 ERA, 1.19 WHIP. I guess we would take that for next year, but the Cubs clearly "bought high" on him -- the first half of 2017 was his best performance of his career.

It doesn’t appear from any of the reports and various projections that the Cubs will have to pay a “premium” for Cobb. The most anyone seems to think he’ll get is 4/$60M, which is essentially the going rate for 7-8 WAR. He certainly has potential to be better than that if more of his stuff comes back post TJS. But that’s basically paying the market rate for a league average pitcher. As it is, it sounds like he’s dead set on joining the Cubs and might be willing to sign for a little less than that.

BRADSBEARD: Although I would agree that I am not just anyone, I will remind you that I projected Cobb to get at least 4/$72M (and probably more like 4/$80M).

The AAV of a 4/$60M contract would be $2.4M less than the $17.4M 2018 QO Cobb received from the Rays last week. No way he accepts a contract offer that has an AAV of $15M when he's probably the #3 FA SP on the market. 

Well, you are certainly someone! I would be very surprised if his AAV meets or tops the QO though. I just don’t see teams paying that much for his profile (on a one year deal, sure, but not over 4+ I don’t think). Not that I don’t like him, but I seem him as a mid-rotation type with some upside but an injury history that suggests he’ll miss some time. Maybe his market is stronger than I’m expecting, but when a guy comes out and basically says money isn’t his top prirotity and that he’d like to follow his former pitching coach to the Cubs, it’s hard to imagine he is also going to command the top end of what the market might bear for him.

BRADSBEARD: I think if Tanaka and Cueto had opted-out of their deals, the FA SP market might not be quite as much of a seller's market as it appears to be right now. Even with his rather obvious preference to pitch for the Cubs, I still think Cobb will get more than anyone (else) seems to think he will get.

There's always a couple of teams like Seattle, LAA, Toronto and the Mets (for some examples) that people forget have pretty deep pockets and seem to want to spend on FAs. I could certainly see a team like that over-spending on guys like Cobb, Moustakas, and JD Martinez. I agree with Phil, Cobb will get a higher AAV than makes many people (self included) comfortable. To me, he's a #4 guy with iffy durability--I'd prefer looking elsewhere. I see Ian Kennedy written all over Alex Cobb's new contract.

max scherzer with the back to back cy young wins. kluber won the AL.

"According to Patrick Mooney of NBC Sports Chicago, the Cubs have identified free agent reliever Brandon Morrow as an offseason target."

Goldschmidt wins Silver Slugger and Gold Glove awards so Votto is perhaps the second best 1b in 2017 but is overall more "valuable" because he walks a lot while playing on a losing team that didn't even sniff the playoffs? So confused by MVP voting.

Votto beats Goldschmidt in AVG, OBP, OPS, wOBA, wRC+ and offensive WAR so he should have easily won the silver slugger too.

With a grand total of 10 points (!), congrats to Cubster for winning the 2017 Predictions Contest. Well played, sir.

Congrats, Cubster!

Woo hoo! I’m calling Theo and see if my shiny new TCR credentials will get me a front office job.

Cubs re-sign minor league FA INF Mike Freeman to 2018 minor league contract. He will almost certainly get an NRI to Spring Training.

There is certanly a whole lot of suck there with that Freeman guy to like. Hope they are not paying him much.

the first time a cubs player rolls an ankle on a poorly raked infield i'm blaming freeman.

Many say stuff like that, and want to trade Javy or Addy. There isn't an endless font of useful SS anywhere.

Jerry Crasnick‏ Verified account   @jcrasnick Multiple #MLB teams have shown interest in reliever Jay Jackson, a former #Cubs draft pick who pitched briefly in the majors with #Padres in 2015. He's been one of the top setup men in Japan the past two years.

Glad to see Jackson have a little success. Hendry's Cubs pitched him at Tennessee and Iowa in his first full season as a pro at age 21. Current Cubs believe you ascend a ladder slowly, a step at a time. Jackson probably belongs with Wood and Prior as hard-luck pitchers (for getting drafted by the Cubs in that era).

When you only have about three interesting pitchers in a pipeline, they get rushed. The same happened with hitters.

a.mills didn't do a very good job...especially in the 3rd. ...j.stinnett stinking it up with his wildness both of them HBP'd jonathan davis (TOR) because screw that dude...or something. mills - 2.2ip 4h 1bb 3k, 4 r/er stinnett - 1ip 2h 3bb 2k, 2 r/er c.burks goes 0-3, 0bb, 0k also, ronald acuna (ATL) is a damn impressive player for a dude that's 19 (turns 20 in a few weeks).

Awaiting BillyBucks Bears comments... So? Trubitsky pretty good today. They still suck. John Fox sucks. At least they scored some today and it was nice to see some hope for the future. I saw Matthew Stafford plenty in his early years and he was pretty bad too at times. Plus always injured. And he had receivers. Now he is the real deal. Trubitsky has nothing. He needs to learn by playing - and throw the goddamn ball away! Plus - fucking Connor Barth. Really???

Thanks E-Man. Good to be here. Game summary: Matthew Prater down the middle from 51. Connor Barth into Lake Michigan from 46. Some good stuff -- nice blocking on Howard's runs, Shaheen getting some passes, Trubisky showing some nice zip, Cohen being used. Still need 3-4 WRs. Defense has looked vulnerable the past 2 weeks, although the Lions can throw it. I assume Trubisky holds the ball so long because he doesn't want to throw picks, which he doesn't do. So, in all, not a bad day -- more experience for Trubisky, good games for the RBs, and the need for WRs and K is made more obvious, and another loss to help the draft position (until Pace unnecessarily trades the picks).

It will be interesting to see how Trubisky fares in year 2. Probably not easy for a rookie to take over after the season starts, having not prepped as the starter in training camp or the first month of the season.

Agreed. In nearly every loss this year, one player makes a stupid fucking play to cost the team points (SFP). Kyle Long yesterday (personal foul on a nice gain, and then Trubisky fumble); Kyle Fuller several times - lines up offside in N.O. putting the Saints in FG position - 3 points...Holding calls, etc. One of the many head scratchers this off season is why they did not franchise tag Jeffries, if not pay the guy? Was Ryan Pace so sure Kevin White was a #1. All of these guys should be fired. Pace should be fired alone for Mike Glennon.

Just wanted to mention: I saw Connor Barth warming up on the sidelines at the end of the game and I told my wife he had the look of a man who knew that it didn't matter -- he knew he wouldn't make it. Then he went in and missed the kick.

"Jon Morosi of MLB Network reports that the Cardinals have made a formal trade offer to the Marlins for slugger Giancarlo Stanton." sheeeeet...

Giancarlo Stanton has a full "no trade" for the length of his contract, and there really isn't anything any club can give him (that he doesn't already have) to induce him to waive it.

By all accounts, Stanton likes playing in Miami, and whether the Marlins are winning or losing might not matter that much to him (just like Joey Votto in Cincinnati).

So the Marlins may have to wait to trade Stanton until he gets tired of losing (presuming he ever does), and in the meantime look to trade Christian Yelich, Pablo Ozuna, and/or Dee Gordon instead.

"According to Peter Gammons of GammonsDaily.com, the battle for Alex Cobb is likely to come down to the Cubs and the Yankees." countdown until SF signs him to a 6 year deal...

OF John Andreoli signs 2018 minor league contract with Seattle Mariners and gets an NRI to Spring Training. Andreoli was a minor league 6YFA post-2017.

With INF Mike Freeman and RHSP Williams Perez having re-signed with the Cubs last month and Andreoli headed for the Mariners organization, seven post-2017 Cubs minor league free-agents remain unsigned: RHP Scott Carroll, 1B-3B Chris Dominguez, OF Ryan Kalish, CF Trey Martin, INF Ozzie Martinez, INF Elliot Soto, and IF-OF Jemile Weeks.

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  • crunch 4 hours 47 min ago (view)

    "Yu Darvish threw his new pitch, a two-seam/splitter hybrid, during his first intrasquad game appearance on Saturday.

    Darvish, who already had 10 different pitch variations in his arsenal, is calling this new pitch "The Supreme.""


  • crunch 5 hours 43 min ago (view)

    "I've been thinking about it and been thinking about it before we put out that statement," (Terry) Francona said. "I know in the past, when I've been asked about, whether it's our name or the Chief Wahoo, I think I would usually answer and say I know that we're never trying to be disrespectful. And I still feel that way, but I don't think that's a good enough answer today. I think it's time to move forward. It's a very difficult subject. It's also delicate," he said.


  • Cubster 10 hours 32 min ago (view)

    Two White Sox test positive for Covid. Not yet disclosed who they are. Reminder that the Cubs are going to be scheduled to play the WSox for 6 games.


  • Jackstraw 22 hours 24 min ago (view)

    Don't let short-term market fluctuations diminsh your enthusiasm for a great long-term investment.


  • crunch 1 day 35 min ago (view)

    freddy freeman + aaron nola are also positive star players.

    the scary thing is freeman tested negative on tuesday.  by thursday he was sick and tested positive shortly afterwards.  some may question the strength of the MLB test if they were the ones who gave freeman's initial negative...


  • Cubster 1 day 1 hour ago (view)

    COVID positive: LeMahieu NYY; Sano MIN; S Perez KC.


  • crunch 1 day 3 hours ago (view)

    phillies now have 7 down with covid...freddy freeman (ATL) has symptomatic covid with fever/chills/aches for the past 3 days...some players on multiple teams are still awaiting initial test results so they can join spring training 2.0 with their teams...

    also, this photo of pablo sandoval (SF) taking grounders at 3rd... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EcHFTylVcAAE5SI?format...


  • Cubster 1 day 3 hours ago (view)

    Wittenmeyer tweet: Hendricks and Darvish combine for 4 Ks in a pair of scoreless half-innings.

    Press box wag: "Cubs hitting sucks this year"


  • crunch 1 day 5 hours ago (view)

    2020 schedule to be announced monday (tentative).


  • crunch 1 day 5 hours ago (view)

    d.price (LAD) to sit out the season.

    LAD isn't going to get d.price at all in 2020 and they got m.betts for 60-ish games until he's a FA.  ow.  that duo cost them jeter downs, alex verdugo, and connor wong.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    I acquired Trout over the winter in a keeper league. Not feeling too great about that either.


  • Hagsag 1 day 15 hours ago (view)

    Andrew Cashner still hasn't signed with anyone. Could be useful.


  • crunch 1 day 23 hours ago (view)

    the cleveland indians have released a statement that they are open for dialogue about the future of the team's name.

    twitter is all over it and seems to be all about going back to "cleveland spiders", an unrelated dead MLB team lineage in cleveland from the 1800s (some guy named cy young played for them).


  • crunch 2 days 3 hours ago (view)

    Q coming back in 4-6 weeks will be like a mid-season trade!  sigh...

    but yeah, they should be good in-house with expanded rosters unless they get slammed by IL stuff.


  • crunch 2 days 3 hours ago (view)

    MLB has confirmed 38 positives (players/coaches/personel/etc) so far.


  • Arizona Phil 2 days 4 hours ago (view)

    With 17 pitchers likely on the 30-man MLB Active List roster for the first two weeks and then probably 15 pitchers on the 28-man Active List for the next two weeks after that, the Cubs should be able to "bullpen" games quite a bit for the first month. They won't really need five starters.