See, The Winter Meetings Were Productive for the Cubs

The Cubs finalized some deals that certainly were discussed over Winter Meetings and made a number of roster moves today.

First, they claimed 25-year old RHP Liam Hendriks off of waivers from the Minnesota Twins. He was a roster casualty with the Phil Hughes signing. While he has done nothing remotely good in 156 innings at the major league level, he's put up at the very least an outstanding 2.99 ERA in the minors over 580.1 IP.  Those numbers were good enough to get him on the BA's Twins Top 10 list for 2011(#6) and 2012(#7).His strikeout rates are trending the wrong way and I don't know if that's an arm issue or just more of the Twins pitch-to-contact approach, but certainly seems worth the risk as a possible back-end starter/in-season depth.

The Cubs also signed non-tendered OF Ryan Kalish, formerly of the Boston Red Sox. A 9th round pick in the 2006 draft, Kalish was the 98th rated prospect in baseball before the 2008 season and usually in the middle of the pack of the top 10 Boston prospects lists back then. Injuries though have curtailed his career and he got a minor league deal with a spring training invite from the Cubs. Again, he'll be playing his age 25 season next year so certainly worth a flyer.

To round out the day, they also signed INF Ryan Roberts and C John Baker to minor league deals with spring training invites. Nothing to see there, move along.

And of course yesterday, they traded left-handed hitting OF Brian Bogusevic for right-handed hitting OF Justin Ruggiano. Ruggiano has some decent splits versus lefties (.834 career OPS/.506 SLG), so he'll certainly come in as an occasional short-side platoon-mate for Schierholtz or Sweeney and bench bat and if he plays like he did in 2012 or in the minors, maybe he'll get some more at-bats.

On the minus side, the Braves ended up signing INF Mat Gamel to a minor league deal with a spring training invite, which is a shame as I was hoping the Cubs would give him a chance this spring.

As I hypothesized yesterday and anyone can tell by reading the stories from the last few days, the Cubs will likely sign some type of starting pitcher, maybe Scott Baker, maybe Jason Hammell, maybe someone else in that price range and then probably 1-2 right-handed relievers and there are plenty of those names still out there. Otherwise, the only headling grabbing move anyone should expect is if they end up dealing Jeff Samardzija or sign Masahiro Tanaka. They can always surprise I suppose, but they seem pretty committed to Rizzo, Castro, Baez, Bryant, Soler and Almora and whomever else pushes their way into the conversation.

Certainly not the type of offseason manuevering that will get the casual fan to even remotely acknowledge the Cubs existence and certainly not the type of moves that anyone can hope for more than 70 wins next year, but certainly the type of moves that will allow them to start bringing up the next class and let some of the current guys figure things out at the major league level. I can't say I like all these moves, frankly, they're flat out boring, but I understand the process and understand what they're trying to do.


Is Ryan Roberts, Brian Robert's twin brother?

I don't think so, but he likes the tattoos

Holy Tats ROB G. I hope he doesn't change his mind on these.

I missed this yesterday. Bruce Levine‏@MLBBruceLevine Cubs have talked about former WhSox Lefthand starter Clayton Richard (FA) They have not made an offer. (See him as bullpen man )

"Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times reports that Tim Beckham tore the ACL in his right knee while working out and will miss a significant portion of the 2014 season." they're having bad luck with minor league SS knees in TB.

It sounds like TheoCorp is being stubborn - in a good way - about Samardzija. He's had a pretty mediocre career but he's the perfect candidate for Cubbery. Cubs trade him, and he has a Cy Young year or two. I'm glad TheoCorp is holding firm on top prospects for him.

There's a small risk he'll have an arm injury before July, but if they can stomach that risk, they will hold out for July prices. Love it.

So far he's been good there - let's hope the luck continues

It's interesting to me that Samardzija's raw potential but inconsistency has produced a situation where he thinks he'll get paid like an Ace, but the Cubs are only willing to pay him like a #3 in an extension, and the Cubs want Ace prospects for him, but GM's are hoping they can get him for #3 prospects. I don't know how the trade stuff will work out, but I would bet that if Samardzija hits the open market healthy, he will get paid more like an Ace than like the pitcher who owns the stats he's put up so far.

Anibal Sanchez money at best, that's not Ace money.

Don't see him getting Felix or CC or Hamels money at all.

Fair enough. Is that 1B money? #2 money?

I would say #2 money, let's see what Garza, Ubaldo, and Santana end up getting. They all feel like #2, #3 types to me.

Scott Feldman getting 3/30 doesn't help.

d.price is still out there...and could probably be had for the rumored TOR package, if not less... plus, next offseason is shaping up to be the best pitching FA market in quite a while...pending mass signings. BOS will probably play heavily in it since they have 70+million coming off the books and they're set to lose 3 SPs. unfortunately for some, it's also shaping up to be one of the worst FA bat markets in quite a while.

I for one am happy to have Coomer in the booth. I never liked him as a Cubs player honestly, but we went to the same high school and I used to practice at his facility growing up. Keith never clicked, and I'm ready for Pat to maybe finally have a strong partner.

My only notable memory of Ron Coomer the Cub was him spitting out little bits of chew after he reached base. I generally am not repulsed by what ordinary people look like, but Coomer alternating between spitting and licking his lips non stop while being a fat sloppy bastard made me feel superior to a professional athlete for brief moments. Otherwise, there's no fucking way that he could be any worse in the booth than Moreland.

If you remember he was the clean one compared to his platoon partner that year.

valbuena's had a nice run into Dec so far in Venezuela... .322/.427/.471 in 23 games overall...3hr, 4 doubles. he's been playing a good bit of 2nd, fwiw.

The Cubs have invoked a "fatigue" clause in deciding to shut down Junior Lake from playing the rest of the Dominican Winter League season, according to

was wondering why he hasn't played in almost a week. .343/.386/.457 in 27 games...4 doubles, 1 triple, 2hr, 6sb/3cs

"The Cubs are believed to still be in the mix for free agent relievers John Axford and Mitchell Boggs. On the starting pitching front … Jason Hammel and Scott Baker remain possibilities for the Cubs." i haven't heard a m.boggs link yet. no idea what the hell happened to that guy last year. his stuff looked the same...velocity ticked down a touch, but he was still throwing 93-94mph. he was very hittable and had cruddy control with both STL and COL. even in AAA he sucked for both organizations.

We might be seeing a lot more of Ryan Roberts and his tats. Rotoblurb: Bruce Levine of 670 The Score believes that the Yankees interest in Darwin Barney could increase now that the Royals have signed Omar Infante. Levine notes that the two sides talked earlier about Barney. The 28-year-old is coming off a brutal season offensively where he slashed .208/.266/.303 with seven homers and 41 RBI in 141 games. He is an incredibly skilled defender though, and could be an inexpensive option to fill the Bombers hole at second base. And if Jorge Soler was getting a bad rep for his effort: Sahadev Sharma‏@sahadevsharma For those who saw Jorge Soler loafing to 1st on groundballs in AFL, Cubs specifically told him to take it easy out of the box on grounders. Didn't want him to reinjure himself.

a quick look around twitter is full of yanks fans filled with rage at the thought of taking on d.barney...especially since they already have b.ryan. meanwhile the crack cocaine chicago fans are smoking seems to be high quality based on the amount of times they're throwing the name "brett gardner" around...which i hope most are just jokes. bless their optimism.

braves are supposedly the "mystery team" in on g.floyd, not the cubs (as speculated in hope by some), and they're close to an agreement. this also may impact the whole braves/ninja rumor thing.

Another rehabbing pitcher. Unless it was a 1+ team option, I'm okay with missing out.

he may not even be ready for opening day...could be may or later. along with TJ, he also had to have some work done elsewhere on his arm.

Bruce Levine's act has moved to WSCR-AM on Saturday mornings 8-9am cst. Here's the interview with Jason McLeod from yesterday (cbs audio podcast):

m.ellis (rumored to be a target for the yanks @2nd) close to signing with STL. The Ken Rosenthal proposition that the Cubs trade Samardzija for prospects and then turn around and trade prospects to get Price simply because Price might be more willing to sign an extension seems flat out silly to me. Can anyone explain how Rosenthal thinks this really makes sense?

it seems beyond silly. trade ninja...get prospects...take those prospects and package more prospects from the cubs system in a trade package to get price. beyond that, there's a ton of SP coming available next year if the cubs want to throw some loot at SP without losing prospects. sure, the cubs have excess 3rd + vogelbomb, but they'll probably need them as trade bait for a specific need later on. the issues with this team are SP-heavy, but that's far from the only issue.

It seems like if the Cubs think they have the $190 million to spend that Rosenthal suggests for Price, they could drop $80+ million on Samardzija (the Anibal Sanchez money that Rob G. referenced), and outbid everyone on Tanaka and maybe even the other SP to be posted. Am I crazy to think that spending 1.5-2x as much to get the absolute top free agent doesn't make sense when the difference in wins might not be that great? Or am I overvaluing Samardzija and undervaluing Price dramatically? Can anybody direct me to some theory on why any team should drop their cash on the most expensive free agents?

I think you're exactly correct. If the Cubs could re-sign Samardzija and win the bidding war for Tanaka at those prices, it would be a huge win. Add Vizcaino, Edwards & Johnson with Wood to the mix and 2015-16 would look a lot better.

I agree that this doesn't make much sense, BUT I also don't have much faith in Samardzija. I'm really hoping someone overpays in prospects this offseason. I don't see any point in turning those into another pitcher right now...especially with a good pitching FA class and a week hitting one forthcoming. After 2014, they can figure out who'll they want to keep and the rest can be dealt for need.

Buster Olney says John Axford to sign with Indians

"Jordan Bastian of confirms that the Indians have reached an agreement with free agent John Axford." another cubs-linked player rumor gets buried...what few there have been.

from Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe...
“The Cubs hit .218 with runners in scoring position in 2013, the worst rate in the majors.”

Jim Bowden grades the NL offseason so far...NL Central: Cards A, Reds C-, Brewers D+, Pirates D... only other team with an A is the Nats.
Chicago Cubs -- Grade: D The Cubs need to stop messing around with Jeff Samardzija and either trade him for prospects or sign him to a long-term extension. This team has a ton of position-player prospects who will arrive in the next two years, but they need to figure out who is going to be on the mound.

Mark Gonzalez says Cubs showing interest on LHP Jonathan Sanchez.

Looks like they want to turn him from a starter into a loogy. Wonder if he's open to that?

This is where your more adept GMs give 'em the ol' "chance to compete for a spot in the rotation during spring training" speech.

if anyone is still willing to pay Sanchez to play baseball, he should be willing to play in his underwear if they asked.

totally agree with you. Gonzalez says this which leads me to think he would go where he could start: "The Cubs envision Sanchez as a reliever, according to a source. Several other teams interested in Sanchez prefer to employ him as a starter -- a role that Sanchez has performed for most of his career."

unless they plan on trading russell and/or c.rusin they don't need another pen lefty. as it is z.rosscup is expected to go back to AAA and c.rusin is expected to transition to the pen. russell, w.wright, rusin, rosscup...

Gavin Floyd to Braves on 1 year deal for about $4M.

Presume they're a little less interested in Samardzija at this point, considering how many SP's they already have.

nice move by White Sox, trade closer Addison Reed for 3B Matt Davidson of Diamondbacks

new posting system official, although still no decision on Tanaka

the posting fee can be paid in installments depending on the amount is about the only new wrinkle since last week's announcement. Make it a little easier to stomach for some clubs I'm guessing.

"According to, Rakuten Golden Eagles owner Hiroshi Mikitani will allow Masahiro Tanaka to be posted this offseason." not official, btw. with the new system there will probably be a whole lot of clubs in on this.

cubs scouting this dude for their youth movement.

Ok. This one is funny at least to me. I heard he's a good clubhouse guy - and also a vegan.

What's everyone's thoughts on U Jimenez?

if the pen is strong he's a good option...if not, he's a liability. he'll give you 5-6 innings predictably, but works a high pitch count doing it...a lot of walks, a bit wild with control at times, but doesn't give up the long ball much.

Could Bosio reel him in?

*shrug* hard to tell. randy johnson was wild to the point of having to throw a lot of 130-160 pitches a games until he found his control at age 30/31. he was still throwing 130-150+ pitches a game after that, fwiw, but he was getting a better innings return out of it. also, udalbo is trying to control more than just a fastball/slider combo (fb, slider, change...occasional curve, occasional splitter).


someone else might have a better handle on his value, but i've heard so little about the market for him that i have no idea what he's looking for or what others might offer. guys like arroyo and garza have had a lot more buzz on them.

Don't know the guy, but I've had this impression he has a bit of an attitude problem. It's probably an exaggerated perception, but I seem to remember he felt like he wasn't getting the respect he felt he deserved, which eventually led to him being traded.

seems like a good ballpark, Fangraphs crowd source which is usually close on most deals has him at 4/49 on average

Considering he'd cost a draft pick, the 4/60 range is about where I'd think you'd top it off. But as mentioned "attitude problems" is something TheJedi don't seem to want to pay free agent money for and I can't blame them.

Mooney on Tanaka: Two industry sources with knowledge of the team’s financial picture said there’s no chance, predicting the Cubs will be out of the running. One club official questioned why they would pour $100 million into one player when there are so many holes in the roster. Another stressed the considerable risk in giving a pitcher a megadeal.

Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal Sources: #Yankees likely to sign free-agent 2B Brian Roberts.


vogelbomb turns 21 today...and he's still slimming down while bulking up the muscle...let's hope legal alcohol doesn't set that process in reverse.

You are Vogelbomb. You have a choice between possibly making $20 million a year someday, and hitting the bars. Which do you choose? Seems to me he's already made his decision.

I'm always surprised how many millionaire athletes choose the alcohol, possibly believing that they don't have to pick one or the other. In some cases, they seem to be right. See: Mantle, Mickey, and Cabrera, Miguel.

Speaking as a former 21-year old -- young men don't always make the most thoughtful choices when alcohol is involved.

True on both comments - but my hunch is if he's beaten food, which in a way can be even trickier, he's pretty dedicated. Once he actually BECOMES a millionaire, then he's gonna be slammed with more temptations, so that's a different story.

"The Giants were interested in Mark Mulder but backed out after he requested a major league contract." really mulder? dude hasn't pitched since 2008. he hasn't had a good season pitching (majors or minors) since 2005 after spending 06-08 being on/off injured and sucking when he did pitch.

Cubs sign Jose Veras for 1/$4M, $5.5M option for 2015

still hope they add Bailey or Hanrahan

cubs just gave j.veras 1/4m...option for 5.5m in 2015. he's as good as his control in any given outing.

He walked 22 guys in 62.2 innings last year. That seems pretty good control-wise.

As an Article XX-B free-agent who signed a major league contract, Jose Veras has an automatic "no trade" restriction through June 15th. He can waive the "no trade," but if he does he can only be traded for cash and/or player contracts with a maximum aggregate value of $50,000.  

before being shipped to the Tigers in July for outfield prospect Danry Vasquez and a player to be named later who turned out to be right-hander David Paulino.
Flipper Alert:
They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning, No-one you see, is smarter than he, And we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder...

still hope they add Bailey or Hanrahan --- I liked Hanrahan when he was healthy. He was really good in 2011. Hanrahan went down before Bailey. Hanrahan's surgery was an elbow, TJ and Flexor muscle origin repair, which means he's unlikely to start the season on time although because he's a reliever he might have a shorter down time than the usual 12-18 months. See Scott Baker for similar surgery comp. Andrew Bailey had shoulder surgery on 7-24-13, for torn labrum and capsule in his pitching shoulder. 12 months for him projects return after the All-Star game although Roto (below) projects mid-May. See Angel Guzman for surgical comp (ouch).

Rotoworld on Hanrahan said he's hoping to be back by late March fwiw, so probably more like May. Probably pass on Bailey, didn't remember what his injury was.

Strop's probably better as the fireman anyways.

2014 cubs...featuring the 2013 astros bullpen. wait...

Sure, they had the worst bullpen ERA in the majors, but only by 0.34!

minor leaguer chat with Jason Parks, BP:
Arismendy Alcantara (Iowa): I feel like I have much more #want than Soler, but he's got some serious #rig and a big ceiling. I think I'm a better bet to reach mine though. Any chance I'm a better pro? How do I fit in this crowded infield in three years? Jason Parks: Soler has a higher ceiling, but less feel for the game and less ability to make adjustments. He's a higher rated prospect because of the enormous raw power, which could end up manifesting itself as 30 bombs at the major league level, something you will never bring to the table. But you have a good chance of being the better major league player, despite not being the better minor league prospect. I know that's a ridiculous statement, but I believe it to be true. You could be Jose Reyes-light, and Soler could end up a AAAA type.
ORWahoo (Tigard): How would you order these middle infielders? Jonathan Schoop, Arismendy Alcantera, Rossell Herrera, Mookie Betts Jason Parks: Schoop, Alcantara, Betts, Herrera
Albert Almora (Chicago): Which of my tools is my best asset? Thanks! Jason Parks: Hit tool. But I think you are a sum player; a combination of average (to solid-avg) tools that should play up because of your overall feel and instincts for the game. You have playable skills. You will play in the majors. Are you a star or more of a solid-avg regular type? That's a big debate among my scouting sources. It ranges from role 5 to role high 6 (if you think the power shows up).

that's a big thing about almora... pretty much everyone believes he's going to be a MLB player...but whether he is a reed johnson (with better D) type or something more is up for debate. ether way...CF role playing starter or a leader with the bat in CF...good option to have in a hard-to-fill position.

more commentary from Transaction analysis regarding Veres from BP...
The Cubs didn’t find a trade match for lame duck closer Kevin Gregg last summer, but Veras has the potential to be a bit more than that. Indeed, the difference between Veras and Balfour has been, to FIP’s eye at least, quite small: Veras, 2011-2013: 3.63 Balfour, 2011-2013: 3.44 Veras has had the less forgiving ballparks, though Balfour has faced a slightly better level of opponent. Regardless, by FIP’s standards that works out to about one or one and a half runs difference per season, which makes a) Balfour a bad deal or b) Veras a bargain or c) FIP slightly less than conclusive. B seems as good an explanation as any, so for now veras numquam perit. —Sam Miller
Fantasy Jose Veras Looks like there's a new sheriff in town. Veras was a success in the closer's role in Houston last year, and there's no reason why he can't be equally successful for a more talented Cubs team in 2014. It's not a lock that he'll run with the job, but with the lack of any clear alternative on the North Side, the financial incentives to have Veras racking up the saves, and the trade value he could have at the deadline if the Cubs don't take a big step forward, he should get every opportunity to win it. Assuming that happens, he'll likely slot in just outside of the top 20 closers, with his value depressed due to a high likelihood of a mid-season trade and a decently-sized flameout risk.
Pedro Strop He'll get a shot at this job eventually, so dynasty leaguers holding onto Strop shouldn't be too worried, but he loses just about all of his mixed league value for the time being. With a 2.83 ERA, 0.94 WHIP, and 42 strikeouts versus 11 walks in 35 innings for the Cubs in 2013, his time remains near, and he is a strong handcuff, if you're into that sort of thing. —Bret Sayre

The Cubs are a team that is big on IFs, but if Strop has the year he had last year and Veres does as well as he should, the Cubs could be one of those 7 inning teams. Those teams are always dangerous. IF Shark and IF Rizzo have good years, and IF Castro rebounds, they may even break even. IF the Cubs get Tanaka... Oh, never mind.

What a pain that Veras' incentives are tied to saves. Certainly the Cubs know that the ninth inning is not necessarily the most important. I suppose that's driven by agents and headlines.

Padres get Benoit; Angels get Ibanez

Rockies finished up their Christmas shopping today

Drew Stubbs from Indians for Josh Outman

Jonathan Herrera to Red Sox for Franklin Morales and Chris Martin

C. McGehee to Marlins on a 1 year deal

R. Doumit goes to Braves for LHP Sean Gilmartin...exciting.

So what's left for the Cubs?

Trade Samardzija..or not

Sign Tanaka...or not

Probably sign another low-end/cheap starter

Maybe one more bullpen arm

Go into season with outfield of Sweeney, Schierholtz, Lake, Ruggiano and Roberts/Kalish, etc? Oy.

Maybe Vitters, Jackson, Bryant, Olt, Soler make their way to Wrigley by some point to prove useful, otherwise a big drop in power from last year. Lake should ultimately be platooning anyway, but not like he's going to be taking up someone else's at-bats at this point.


Rotoworld says Cubs have some interest in Kurt Suzuki


“It is pretty easy to demonstrate that [the notion that sabermetrics doesn’t work] is untrue,” [Bill] James said. “Our boys have kind of taken care of that for me.  We have three World Series rings.  We don’t have to explain nothin’.”

/drops mic, downs a shot and walks out of room

2013 - $150m (4th in MLB) 2007 - $143m (2nd in MLB) 2004 - $125m (2nd in MLB) opening day payrolls...pre-trade additions of talent.

I love this game...

Cubs 2009 payroll - $135M (3rd)

Cubs 2010 payroll - $146M (3rd)

Cubs 2011 payroll - $125M (6th)

Red Sox 2012 payroll - $173M (3rd)

Angels 2012 payroll - $154M (4th)

Phillies 2013 payroll - $165M (3rd)

but I do look forward to your Hall of Fame worthy analysis on the uselessness of sabermetrics in today's baseball organizations


the jump to conclusions game ignores that i wasn't making a comment on the uselessness of sabermetics. there's more than 1 element in play...such as an extremely big payroll... it's not an either/or game. contrary to the beliefs of some, it co-exists. it even exists in the middle of the road with teams like STL. imagine TB + OAK with $125-$175m of payroll every year and how that might impact BOS's (or anyone's) WS victories...or BOS's own chances if they had 1/2 - 2/3rd the payroll in the years they won...or whatever. when someone says "sabermetrics obviously works because of victories in a short series"...well, that's a hall-of-fame warning size in itself. that said, it was an off-the-cuff chest-bumping comment anyway. but yeah, having top-5 payrolls is something i don't think you can toss aside for the hell of it no matter how the team is constructed. oakland's lack of WS victories isn't a testament to how crappy sabermetrics is...tampa bay's lack of WS victories isn't a testament to how crappy sabermetics is...or is it? ...of course it isn't.

that's some shifty advice. HAHAHahahAHahHAHAHAHAHAAHahahahAHAHAHahahhaHAHAHAHHAahahahhaHHAHAHAHAhahAhaHAHAhAHAHaHaHa.

when someone says "sabermetrics obviously works because of victories in a short series"...well,

Well no one was fucking saying that...the James quote was a fun exclamation point

The point of the whole exercise that, per usual, flew way past your head, is that about 90% of teams use sabermetrics at this point (which of course goes way beyond OBP) and there's really no point in wasting anymore of anyone's time having to justify it's importance in today's game of baseball. The Joe Morgan/Hendry's/crunch's of the world that continue to dismiss it's importance and usefulness are the baseball equivalent of traditional marriage supporters.

Fun fact, the correlation of wins vs payroll since about 1999 has been heading down...pretty easy to see why.

did you even read what i wrote? ...or the bill james quote you listed before your "drops mic" punchline? ...or the part where i wrote about it being "an off-the-cuff chest-bumping comment anyway" after the only point you saw relevant out of everything else i wrote? seriously, i have no idea how you only read that one single thing out of everything else around it.

I thought I was being attacked there for a momes.

is that "for a moment?"

Yeah, sorry. I just assume everyone knows my abbreves.

'momes' is AWESOME. thank you . . . can't wait to use it.

#yolo #swag #momes

I gotta keep reinventing my lingo whenever the mainstream co-ops my cabs.

fwiw, winter league stats cheat sheet for the cubs...including some "already over" leagues like AFL.

"The Brewers are showing interest in Michael Young for their first base opening, sources tell FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal." cubs not finishing last place in the division keeps getting a little more likely.

"According to Sports Hochi in Japan, the Rakuten Golden Eagles are prepared to offer Masahiro Tanaka an $8 million salary to stay with the team next season. It would be the largest single-season salary ever for a Nippon Professional Baseball player, per Patrick Newman of NPB Tracker" it's been kicked around by some that now that the posting fee has been lowered to a $20m limit, tanaka could be looking at a $100m contract...either way it seems like he'll more than lap $8m a year if posted, maybe even up to $15m a year right out of the gate.

j.sanchez minor league deal...incentives if he makes the major league team. no idea if he's starting or pen...

Rumor from a few days ago was they wanted him to pitch from the pen.

Jonathan Sanchez is an Article XX-B player (he has accrued at least six years of MLB Service Time) signed to a minor league contract, so he gets a $100K retention bonus if he isn't released by 12 noon on the 5th day prior to MLB Opening Day or added to the Cubs MLB 40-man roster by 3 PM on MLB Opening Day, and he gets an automatic June 1st opt-out if he qualifies for the retention bonus (doesn't get released and isn't added to the 40-man roster). 

Tanaka not to be posted Japanese owner does not want Japanese league to be "MLB minor leagues " according to Gammons.

And we're's fun was all our hosts fault. They had to restore from a backup from this morning so some things were lost. Apologies to all...

I demand a refund!

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    Like the other posters, I don't post often, but have enjoyed Arizona Phil and crunch (who was right about Jason Heyward :) ). I am grateful for all the work that has gone into maintaining the site, and whatever you want to do to make it work is okay with me!


  • Cubster 4 days 8 hours ago (view)

    Chiming in that TCR is still a major part of my daily Cub routine and has always been my browser homepage. The site contains much love for AZ Phil and his subtle sense of humor as the war correspondent for the Arizona Scoring Service. 

    "Just because it isn't official doesn't mean it didn't happen"


  • Hagsag 4 days 10 hours ago (view)

    Thank you forTCR, and it is the first site I check daily. Please keep it going.