Cubs Trade Ruggiano

The Cubs cleared some 40-man roster space and made room for a "clubhouse dude" by sending OF Justin Ruggiano to the Seattle Mariners for 25-year old relief pitcher Ruggiano was acquired from the Marlins last offseason for Brian Bogusevic and put up an 111 OPS+ with an .846 OPS versus lefties in limited, albeit effective action. He can also handle all 3 OF positions which is a nice added benefit. For whatever reasons that do not particularly interest me, the Cubs seem to want a veteran "clubhouse dude" as Maddon calls them and Johnny Gomes or someone similar seems to be the target. Eh, whatever.

As for Brazis, his career minor league numbers look like this: 2.89 ERA in 158.2 IP, 1.109 WHIP, 7.1 H/9, 2.8 BB/9, 10.9 K/9, 0.5 HR/ quite spectacular across the board, although he's probably been a bit old for his leagues. I can't seem to find any worthy scouting reports, but guessing by those K totals, he features a good fastball/slider combo. He touched AA last season, so it's not inconceivable that he'll see the majors this year.


I certainly don't see the interest in a Johnny Gomes type player.

Reverse chalupas?

Okay... sapulahc.

Does it have to be Gomes? Everyone assumes it's a clubhouse guy but could it be a Myers type? Are there any young good outfielders available? The Padres have about 2,000 outfielders. Are any of them worth taking a look at? Obviously, I'm not a fantasy baseball guy.


Brazos can run his fastball up to 92-93 with a three-quarters slot that adds some deception, and he also uses a slider that he has a tendency to fall in love with and overuse, according to scouts. His delivery is clean but he reaches max velocity with some effort. He projects as a middle reliever. 

I saw him pitch once in the AFL and in my notes I wrote that he threw slider after slider.  

2014 AFL: 
10 G, 12.1 IP, 14 H, 8 R (7 ER), 0 HR, 5 BB, 11 K, 5.11 ERA, .298 OppBA,  

Phil, when was the last time the Cubs had a legit sidearmer? Seems like forever.

c.y.lim gamble from a couple seasons ago...was up for a month of cruddy baseball. -edit- oh, azphil covered that below.

NEWPORT: Korean RHRP Chang-Yong Lim was the last true sidearmer the Cubs had, but he wasn't around very long. 


Rob Bradford @bradfo · David Ross' decision coming down to Red Sox, Cubs, Padres -- So what can Castillo fetch in a trade?

So what can Castillo fetch in a trade?

No less than Mike Trout!!!

Teams that could maybe use a catcher: Rays, Rockies, D'Backs, Rangers, maybe Marlins to platoon with Saltalamacchia

Phillies could get younger there, but Ruiz is still under contract through 2016, hasn't been many rumors about him.

Not sure how many teams could consider Welington a considerable upgrade though.

The A's may have just created an opening. Coco Crisp?

What do they have now? Jaso, Vogt and Phegley? Maybe, Beane does love his platoons.

2 years ago Coco Crisp would be interesting, current Crisp you'd hope they'd throw in a few bucks. Not sure what else they have as a CF option either, Beane's not one to punt a season. Could go after Rasmus or Aokii I suppose.

Yeah, they're probably set unless they move Jaso too. Thought Beane would want to shed some payroll that's why I said Crisp. He wouldn't be my first choice. But he wouldn't be the worst idea. Arizona looks to have the biggest need.

down to the rsox and cubs from the looks of it...

Padres ain't 'effin around...

Marc Topkin ‏@TBTimes_Rays Either way, #Rays said to give up Myers, Hanigan and 2 low minor-lgrs, and get back Rivera, B.Smith, Bauers from #Padres. Then ....

Marc Topkin ‏@TBTimes_Rays  If #Nats are in, #Rays under these scenarios to get Souza and A-ball LHP. If #Nats out, #Rays said get J. Ross, Trea Turner from #Padres

Some rumor that Kemp trade not happening though because of physical

Trea Turner was signed after being selected in the 2014 MLB First-Year Player Draft (Rule 4 Draft), so he can't be traded until the first anniversary of signing his contract (June 13, 2015). 

He could remain a PTBNL and continue to play in the minors with SD until then, but would either club risk him getting hurt in the meantime? Or would they just tell him to stay home and avoid dangerous activities until June 13th? 

Looks like we'll find out

FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal has the breakdown of who's heading where: Padres shortstop prospect Trea Turner and pitching prospect Joe Ross will go to the Nationals. Myers, Ryan Hanigan, and minor league pitcher Jose Castillo will go to the Padres. Steven Souza, Travis Ott, Rene Rivera, Burch Smith, and Jake Bauers will go to the Rays (with Souza and Ott coming from the Nats). All the players involved need to pass physicals before the trade can be made official. Dec 17 - 5:33 PM

though they're both good, i still can't believe t.turner lasted so long in the draft (13th pick)...and somewhat that nick gordon went before t.turner (but i don't know a lot about nick gordon). turner's a rather special hitter with some nice D at SS to match. he doesn't have blazing speed like gordon, but he's not slow at all. turner is "baseball smart" as all hell. he's a guy you can really trust that he will do everything it takes to adjust if/when he becomes exposed. heck, his SB numbers are deceptive because it's more than speed that earns him his high SB numbers.

there's precedent for the Padres loaning the Nats Turner for a few months...

With the approval of the MLB Commissioner, a club may assign (loan) a player signed to a minor league contract to the Active List of a minor league club in another organization. However, the player must be returned no later than September 30th. 

So I'm not sure the Padres would be able to loan Trea Turner to the Nationals next season if he isn't returned to SD prior to 9/30. I suppose the Padres could "loan" Turner to Washington's AA affiliate on minor league Opening Day 2015, and then the Nats could "return" (wink, wink) Turner to SD on 6/13, and then the Padres could immediately send Turner to Washington as the PTBNL, but the Commissioner might not permit that.  

NOTE: This is covered in MLB Rule 11 and it was changed a few years ago, requiring the player to be returned by 9/30. 

Loaning players was fairly common back in the day, but it almost never happens now. A club would sometimes "loan" a minor league player to another organization if (for example) two players played the same position and both needed regular playing time at the same classification level (like Dan Vogelbach and Rock Shoulders the last couple of seasons). Sometimes a club would loan a minor league player to another organization to give the other organization a chance to get a first-hand close-up look at a guy they might want to acquire in a trade. It also could be used to get a PTBNL to another organization when it wasn't possible to complete the trade.

It was also used back in the 1940's, 50's, and 60's for minor league players on the Military List, so that the player (usually a pitcher) could play for a minor league club close to his military base, even if the minor league club was in another organization. 

The most-common "loan" you see today is when a minor league player is loaned to a club in the Mexican League (which is the only "independent" league in Minor League Baseball) when the player needs playing time or a pitcher needs innings. The Cubs have loaned several minor league players to clubs in the Mexican League over the past few seasons, most recently RHP Frank Batista, RHP Yoanner Negrin, and catcher Sergio Burruel. 

Heh, Bears starting Jimmy Clausen on Sunday vs. Lions.

Option 1) Trestman in desperate attempt to save job, prays Clausen plays well and pins season on Cutler

Option 2) They've already decided that they'd cut Cutler

Option 3) Might as well play for the draft pick

I doubt it's #2 as you'd like to try and trade Cutler, even for a 5th or 6th round pick and not take the cap hit and benching doesn't help that in any way. I'm going with #1.

I agree -- Trestman hoping Clausen goes all Josh McCown and lights to up. Not sure the Lions are the best team to try that with, tho.

This is some major BS from Trestman - the season isn't Cutler's fault. Jesus. This coach is a real piece of work. This is like blaming the Titanic on the failure of one of the biggest life preservers ...

Wouldn't surprise me either if it was a organizational decision out of the old Cubs playbook...shame the player before cutting ties.

This also puts the Aaron Kromer stuff in a new light, and may explain why he wasn't suspended/fired -- it was the first step in their plan to discredit Cutler. No other real explanation for it.

I would argue that no matter who the QB is out there, the offensive linemen will be running into each other at the line of scrimmage, the receivers will keep running bad routes and having false starts, the special teams coach still can't count, and the defense will give up points on most nearly every play. So good luck on number 1, although it is likely the reason. Can't blame Trestman for trying the hail mary pass but if it works and they keep Trestman I'll be doing something other than watching football next winter on Sundays. And Monday nights. And Thursday nights.

And now the locker room is questioning Jay Cutler's "punishment". Personally, I don't see a problem with it- Trestman needs to get control of the team (not that it's going to save his job at this point). As Aristotle said, to avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.

ex-Cub Aaron Kurcz traded from Red Sox to Braves, the other player Red Sox got for Theo Epstein besides Chris Carpenter.

Padres get Matt Kemp. Was hoping the Cubs could have pulled the trigger on that. Dogers get Grandal, et. al. + plus kick in $39mm

Cubs signed Jon Lester too if you haven't heard.

HA! Well, I guess I stumbled into a "end of the year" 3/44!

No you didn't because the Kemp deal isn't final. Please report to us when you hear that it is!

I am sorry, O/B, I am only reporting on Jimmy Clausen's game plan this week.

Kemps physical might implode the trade according to reports, which effects Rollins trade as that is pending on Kemp trade . Stay tuned!

speaking of the Kemp deal, arthritic hips on Kemp, deal in jeopardy which would put Rollins deal in jeopardy and possibly the Wil Myers deal since Padres were getting Ryan Hanigan in that deal to replace Grandal, although it may not.

Dodgers seem annoyed info got leaked since it not only blows up deal but could affect them dealing Kemp to another team, but not like other team wouldn't fucking find out why deal blew up in the first place. Padres seem to still want to do deal, they're either trying to get a better insurance coverage on it or have Dodgers cover it.

Red Sox in talks with mystery team on Allen nice if it was Craig instead of Gomes, but I doubt it.

@Adams_Steve Source: RHP Anthony Carter has agreed to terms with #Cubs on minor league deal with an invitation to Spring Training.

Think he pitched in Japan last year, previously with Red Sox and Padres

I'd like to see him beat Trestman's new team in the Grey Cup.

this...i like athletes having non-agent/agency run social media.

Peavy to SF. 2/24, backloaded. $4M signing bonus, $7M in 2015, $13M in 2016. bullet dodged fairly easily.

oh good, thought we were going to lose some of you if he signed with Cubs

I was one foot out the door.

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  • Dolorous Jon Lester 1 hour 45 min ago (view)

    I believe this is the correct take. It's surprising that Len is leaving. He's good, but he had gotten a little too rationalizey over the past few years for me.

    However, it seemed he was heavily invested in the Cubs. His departure feels like there is some Ricketts-ish bullshit going on behind the scenes at Marquee that Len wants no part of. Anyway, I wish him well with the other Chicago team


  • crunch 2 hours 22 min ago (view)


    is everything the ricketts touch just falling to shit in 2021?  ....well, except their heavy investments in taking over the state of Nebraska politically with one of the sons and heavy investment in supportive state legislators...


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 3 hours 52 min ago (view)

    This makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks Phil!

    (And that HR off Hader was unforgettable)


  • Hagsag 6 hours 16 min ago (view)



  • Wrigley Rat 11 hours 44 min ago (view)

    Len Kasper is leaving the Cubs for the White Sox radio booth.


  • Charlie 16 hours 1 min ago (view)

    I would be happy to see the Cubs no longer spend DH time on Victor Caratini. Provided there's a Kyle Schwarber or better alternative, of course.


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 3 min ago (view)

    DJL: I don't think Ildemaro Vargas being out of minor league options is much of a concern to the Cubs because as things stand right now he projects as the team's primary utility infielder in 2021. He can play all four INF positions (1B, 2B, 3B, and SS, plus corner OF, too), and he is switch hitter with some pop, especially from the right side (remember the 9th inning HR he hit off Josh Hader in September?). 


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 1 day 47 min ago (view)

    I'm a little surprised Ildemaro Vargas was tendered, given that he's out of options. He has value and isn't expensive as he is pre-arb this year, but still a bit surprised. Have to think he's got an inside track to an Opening Day spot at this point


  • waveland 1 day 9 hours ago (view)

    really appreciate the years and years of your updates


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 11 hours ago (view)

    BRADSBEARD: Strumpf was wearing a cast on his hand in Minor League Camp before everything got shut-down in March so his not being at South Bend might have had something to do with that. I don't know why Rivas wasn't at the ATS. 


  • bradsbeard 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    Do you have any idea why Rivas and Strumpf weren't at the alternate site in South Bend? I thought Rivas especially showed enough in ST games to be viewed as a legitimate depth option, especially with the DH. 


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    Alfonso Rivas reminds me a bit of Rafael Palmeiro when Palmeiro first came up to the big leagues and was a "doubles machine" (before he started hitting home runs).   

    Rivas played D-1 baseball at the University of Arizona, so (just like Nico Hoerner, who also played in the PAC-12) I don't think he needs a lot of additional time at AAA before he's ready for MLB. He's a very advanced hitter, as long as you are OK with lots of doubles & lots of walks but not many HR.   


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 1 day 13 hours ago (view)

    I hadn't thought of that but I really like that option


  • bradsbeard 1 day 13 hours ago (view)

    I really hope Rivas has a chance at the LF job. Would ease some of the sting of Schwarber being cut loose. 


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 13 hours ago (view)

    CRUNCH: I got the impression that Ross had seen enough of Schwarber in LF, so implementing the universal DH may be necessary before Schwarber returns to the Cubs in 2021. I think the Cubs would be fine with Schwarber as their main DH going forward. 

    BTW, I strongly suspect that the universal DH will be included in the next CBA, but whether there will be a DH in the National League in 2021 is still TBA (which is really stupid, since clubs need to know right now for sure one way or the other whether or not there will be a DH in the N. L. in 2021). 


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 14 hours ago (view)

    Besides the guys on the 40, Cubs 2021 NRI relievers with a legit chance to win a bullpen slot in Spring Training include LHRPs Josh Osich and Rex Brothers, and RHRPs Jake Jewell, Trevor Megill, Dakota Mekkes, Michael Rucker, and Joe Wieland (presuming they are not taken in the Rule 5 Draft). 

    Brothers and Wieland are out of minor league options, however, so if added to the 40 they could not ride the "Chicago - Des Moines Shuttle" like the others could.