A Review of the Cubs 2012 Draft

I’ve been a frequent commenter on TCR for over 8 years now and in the past I have sent Rob some guest posts, for example on the and the , and I have also written longer analyses directly the comments. Rob has now graciously provided me with my own login so I can now post commentary directly. I won’t be a frequent poster, but this will make it easier for me to share the longer form data collection and analyses pieces I like to do. In particular, readers have seemed to like my overviews of recent Cubs’ drafts that I have done in comments in previous summers. So to help us through the boredom of winter, I’ll post overviews of all three Epstein/Hoyer drafts in the next week, starting with 2012 today. Below you will see the pick #, player, the level at which they ended the 2014 regular season, and a short snapshot of their performance this past year.

Round Player Position Current Age Current Level 2014 Comments
1 Albert Almora OF 20 AA 283/306/406 in A+ before a late season promotion to AA where he struggled, but he is still just 20 years old 
CA Pierce Johnson RHP 23 AA Missed some time to start on DL but finished with 2.55 ERA in 17 GS in AA 
CA Paul Blackburn RHP 20 A 3.23 ERA in 24 GS in A
2 Duane Underwood RHP 20 A 2.50 ERA in 21 GS in A
3 Ryan McNeil RHP 20 A- 8.44 ERA in 16 IP for Boise after missing 2013 due to TJS
4 Josh Conway RHP 23 A- 1.96 ERA in 36 IP for Boise after missing 2012-13 due to TJS and a Stress Fracture
5 Anthony Prieto LHP 20 DL 40 IP for Arizona Cubs in 2012 and 2013, missed all of 2014 with TJS
6 Trey Lang RHP 22 A- 4.89 ERA in 35 IP at Boise following poor numbers in 2012-13
7 Stephen Bruno 3B 23 AA 276/346/393 in AA
8 Michael Heesch LHP 24 A 2.18 ERA and 11.9 SO/9 in 45 innings as a reliever in A
9 Chadd Krist C 24   Poor numbers in A+ before being released, now playing in Marlins organization
10 Chad Martin RHP 24   Playing Independent Ball
11 Rashad Crawford OF 20 A- 259/297/360 for Boise
12 Justin Amlung RHP 24 A+ 1.54 ERA in 46 IP for A, before being promoting and having a 4.37 ERA in 59 IP at A+
13 Bijan Rademacher OF 23 A+ 281/363/448 at A+
14 Corbin Hoffner RHP 20 A- Struggled with a 5.08 ERA and 1.66 WHIP between A and A-
15 Carlos Escobar C 23   Playing Independent Ball
16 Michael Hamann RHP 23   Did well in 2013 for KC, but whereabouts in 2014 unknown (he has a Twitter account @hamman_cheese and just appears to be exercising, coaching, and watching sports at home in Ohio)
17 Nathan Dorris LHP 23 A+ Started at A (2.49 ERA) before being promoted to A+ where he struggled with a 5.91 ERA in 74 IP
18 David Bote SS 21 A 235/345/343 between A- and A
21 Stephen Perakslis RHP 23 A+ 3.93 ERA in 68 IP for A+
22 Eddie Orozco RHP 25   Released in January 2014
26 Jasvir Rakkar RHP 23 A- Logged 42 IP across 4 levels with a 3.83 ERA
27 Tyler Bremer RHP 24   Traded to Marlins mid-season for Jacob Turner
28 Lance Rymel C 24 AAA Organizational back-up catcher, only played 10 games in 2014 across 3 levels
30 Izaac Garsez OF 24   No longer playing baseball
32 Tim Saunders SS 24 A+ 210/261/347 in A+
35 Ben Carhart C/1B/3B 24 A+ 269/339/360 at A before late season promotion to A+
40 Jacob Rogers 1B 24 A 268/361/445 at A


Welcome to the posting crowd, I've always enjoyed your informative posts. The drafting of Izaac Garsez clearly shows TheoCorp has no idea what they're doing. On an unrelated matter, why do I get a weird feeling that the Cubs are the "mystery team" on Upton?

the "izaac garsez drafting incident" will overshadow the careers of theo+jed from now until the end of time. who thought "trading away lou brock" could be topped for cubs screw-ups?

If we assume that the Cubs are an 81-83 win team as currently constructed, making a move that will add 4-5 wins in 2015 makes sense to me. Thus, it does not surprise me to hear that the Cubs are rumored to be interested in Upton or Hammels. Of course my brother just sent me a text that Upton has been traded to the Padres (unconfirmed) so what do I know.

Yes, looks like Upton to Padres: FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal reports that the Padres will acquire Justin Upton from the Braves. ESPN's Jim Bowden says the Braves will receive pitching prospect Max Fried in the deal (though maybe more players).

hefty price for a single season of j.upton...wow.

I know Petco is spacious, but the 5-outfielder strategy is a strange one.

Yeah, I was just reading the tea leaves about how our guys have been saying they're adding a bat, and not really believing the Padres were adding another outfield bat. I think I saw somewhere that more players are coming in the deal.

Solid poster. Good move. Glad to hear it.

Very cool thanks.

Rob G. -- I'm still getting the 503 error message when I try to access the site from home. I sent you an email last Monday and again yesterday per your instructions and haven't heard back yet. You may want to check your spam folder? Or perhaps you didn't recognize an email from my actual name (Judson Strain) rather than my Cub Reporter handle. Anyway, I'm hoping to get this thing cleared up so I can read the site from home. Thanks!

Missed the first email, but saw the 2nd one. I forwarded it to our site administrator and you should have been CC'd on it. I'll check with him today.


Heyman says SD is signing Ross. They just traded Hanigan for Middlebrooks. Relief for me that Ross is not a Cub today.

Backtracking on the reports of Ross going to SD...

@JonHeymanCBS David ross is still deciding. Appears to be cubs or padres. Apologies for jumping the gun earlier.

Everyone welcome WISCGRAD!!!! I hope you all enjoy his posts.

I have always looked forward to WISCGRAD's posts in the past. This is the kind of cool stuff stuff he has often given us. Thanks, WISCGRAD!

Congrats WISCGRAD!

Where did you go to school?

What a moran!

He is a MORAN! - All kidding aside, thanks WISC. Very interesting. Keep it up, man!

Yeah, I was in grad school at Wisconsin 2006 when I found TCR, thus the name, and once you pick one you have to stick with it....

No no no Jacos is the moran for not being able to figure out his school. Must be a deadbird fan at heart. Sorry, Jacos, just having fun.

I take this site seriously, I wish you would too. Now..pull my finger.

I won't take this site seriously until Rob G. installs "like" buttons with a thumbs-up icon.

Cubs claim OF Shane Peterson off waivers from A's

age 27 season next year


traded to A's in Matt Holliday deal...bench option I suppose

Yanks get Nathan Eovaldi and Garrett Jones from Marlins for Martin Prado and David Phelps.

I like Eovaldi, but a lot more when he wasn't in AL East.

C. Hart signs with Pirates for 1/2.5M with around 2.5M in possible incentives.


here comes the next move...DFA Logan Watkins and Donn Roach. Adding ex-Redsox catcher (claimed from Dodgers) Ryan Lavarnway and A's OF ShanePeterson Sullivan, Mooney and Muskat have all tweeted on this

I wonder if AZ Phil could come by to explain why they didn't pick up Lavarnway when he was available a few weeks ago.

CHARLIE: I don't know why the Cubs did not claim Ryan Lavarnway the first time he was placed on waivers (you might recall that I thought the Cubs would claim the two-time Red Sox Minor League Player of the Year after he was DFA'd by Boston), but the nature of waiver claims is that they tend to be somewhat whimsical.  

Ah. Thought maybe there was some sort of occult roster magic involved. Picking up Lavarnway and Ross on the same day makes little sense to me. But it seems 100% clear that the "we like the way Montero and Castillo fit together" line was B.S. Too bad, because I actually think that was the Cubs' best setup going into the season.

I liked that plan, too. Schwarber better pick up pitch framing if he really wants to catch.

With the typical Cubs luck, MLB will roll out an initiative demanding umpires call the "actual" place the ball crosses the plate - not the "framed" version.

Can we assume we are not getting Ross with this waiver claim?

if I were the Tribune/Sun-Times headline writer, I"d use: Roach-Clipped

Our local papers are clearly lacking your eye for snappy/punny headline writing -- not to mention your talent for plugging in an appropriate YouTube video.

Atlanta burning... http://www.tias.com/stores/tsj/pictures/lepgg...
The week wasn’t a complete loss. The Braves’ closed a sweet land deal near the location for their new stadium that will allow them to build a parking lot. In San Diego, they are celebrating an outfield of Justin Upton, Wil Myers and Matt Kemp. In Atlanta, we get a parking lot. Anything else is a guess.

Ross to Cubs, and Castillo almost certainly to be traded soon. Can't say they aren't making moves this off season, that's for sure.

Are we going to carry three catchers? Or can Lavarnway be optioned?

CARLITO: Ryan Lavarnway is out of minor league options. And Shane Peterson has one left. 

So Lavarnway is getting bounced around like popcorn!

after the season ross had last year (especially the alarming decline behind the plate) and his age...he got a 2/5m contract?

Tweet box has Ross to Cubs? I thought he was going to the Padres like everybody fricking else.

The Cubs signed Betsy Ross? meet your newest Cub... http://www.wikitree.com/photo.php/thumb/e/e9/...

and more trouble around the bend... https://twitter.com/bradfo/status/54607718861...

mlbtr had this memorable quote about Betsy and the 13 stars:
...and obviously is one of the game’s most respected elder statesmen at this stage of his career.

Maybe TheoCorp, being the stats hounds they are, are simply trying to change the graph a bit on the Cubs median age. Where's Jamie Moyer?

the only bright side i see to this is maybe j.gomes will go somewhere else besides the cubs...

probably made Lavarnway claim before they knew if Ross was signing, because as of this morning Ross himself tweeted he hadn't made up his mind yet.

Imagine Lavarnway is gonna get cut again as soon as they need a 40-man spot.

Sounds about right. I'd take either Castillo or a lottery ticket on Lavarnway over Ross, myself.

who can Castillo bring in trade that leads off and plays CF. Probably has a Boston connection. Fred Lynn still out there? https://www.flickr.com/photos/astronit/164023... (note the Cubs hat)

Ross signed for pitch framing and ability to hit lefties if anyone is wondering.


not sure what the plan is if Montero gets hurt though, don't want Ross starting all the time. Maybe they like Lopez that much.

Imagine Welington gets Cubs a bullpen arm or someone's bad contract.

getting an extra 1-2 Ks per game shouldn't be so important you go the extra mile to give a guy like that (with an age like that) 2 years, imo. hell, go get jose molina if you want an old guy who plays even better D and can hit off lefties while taking a 1 year deal. that said, i think the "leadership" thing may also be in play since the club has been making noise about that this offseason. pitch framing has suddenly become a very popular thing in the cubs universe.

David Ross was signed by the Cubs because he is Jon Lester's "personal catcher." He will start any game in which Lester is the starting pitcher, no matter if the opposing pitcher is a RHP or LHP. It's also why the Cubs might want to have a 3rd catcher available on the bench (like Ryan Lavarnway, who can also play 1B), in case Maddon wants to PH for Ross once Lester leaves the game. 

that's also the kind of thing which makes this signing make more sense because there's no reason a guy like this should have a 2-year deal. that said, i would prefer a 1-season weening off of d.ross over 2 seasons of it.

a good article on Lester/Ross combo



Ross is 37 years old?

38 in March...

as good as Ross/Lester combo has worked for Lester, there's gonna be something more the Cubs liked about it him, whether it's hitting lefties, clubhouse presence or pitch framing. If Lester gets hurt, Cubs wouldn't be silly enough to be stuck with Ross for 2 years and have him be of no use and he'll have to rest Montero on day after night games and such. The 3 catcher idea might have some legs to it as well. With the extreme hitting splits of Montero and Ross, you certainly want the option to pinch-hit for them late in games.

My guess is Ross will catch about 90% of Lester's starts and get another 10 in there for various other reasons.

Lester's K rate with Boston last year was 9.38 vs 8.33 with the A's, although ERA was a little better in Oakland (although not FIP).

I REALLY want them to keep 3 catchers (and trade Welly). For some reason....

That would almost certainly be the coffin nail for Olt's career as a Cub, since Lavarnway would be the RH backup at 1B, and Olt is currently the RH backup at 3B and 1B. #ironeeeeeeee

Unless Bryant is pegged for LF, And Olt plays 3B with or without Valbuena etc. It might be 1 in a million BUT (to quote Dumb and Dumber) "so you're saying there's a chance..."

The thing about it is that if Olt deserves a shot at third I think Maddon will give it to him. The whole Olt thing was perplexing last year because he'd tear the cover off the ball and then sit. But if he gets the same general treatment by Maddon then we know something else is up. His September was pretty good: .263 .370 .368 .738. The .370 OBP really stands out, even tho it's a pretty small sample size (under 40 ABs, don't know how many PAs). It suggests that maybe he took a somewhat different approach to the plate, although one weird thing is that he didn't have a lot of wild swings at stuff out of the zone. He was somewhat Brett Jacksonish in that he would swing at perfectly hittable pitches (for a major leaguer, not for me) and miss. I'm not sure what changed in September since I didn't see many games but something seemed to be different. I think it's actually a best case scenario that Bryant is held down for service time and Maddon builds a little trade value for Olt until Bryant comes up and they see if they can get something for Olt. He's really got remarkable power. I still hate the idea of just letting him go to another team for free. I'm pretty sure they think Bryant has more value as a third baseman, but it could be Maddon will put him in left some if Olt is on fire - I'm pretty sure he played some outfield in college. It could also be that Olt will be Brett Jackson with more thump. But by no means do I think his story is over.

I would love to see Olt get another shot, if only because his power is tantalizing and he's got a very good career walk rate in the minors. But I think that window (with the Cubs) closed last year. Unless they've got a series of trades coming down the line, they will need to make room on the roster and Olt is looking like the spare piece. Have I mentioned that I really don't like the David Ross signing? I'd love to do away with the idea of the personal catcher across all of baseball.

And, I liked the Castillo/Montero platoon. They can't teach pitch framing? All the guy is doing is moving his arm back into the strike zone after he catches the ball. Maybe that's harder than it looks. I'm no catcher.

...tear the cover off the ball and then sit. March/April .164 .212 .377 .589 May .167 .278 .424 .703 June .057 .132 .143 .274 July .120 .207 .400 .607 Sorry O/B - this is just not Major League ready, or performance level. He got 145 PA's in the first three months, He struck out 50 times in those PA's. So, more than a third of the time he is not tearing the cover off the ball, or making contact. In June? K'd 21 of 38 PA's. That's better than a 50% clip. So, you either did not see the bad AB's or may be a bit delusional. He was a throw-in on the Garza deal, and nowhere near the prospect he once was prior to getting hit in the head. I hope he can become useful. Shit - I hope Cutler can, but with Bryant coming and Russell, I am not holding my breath.

I'm not talking about the overall stats, although you did conveniently leave off September. I'm talking about how he'd smash the shit out of a ball and then sit the next day. It happened on more than one occasion. The stats don't reflect how he'd smoke the ball and sit for three days, do they? Sometimes using stats to make a point about a guy who has had no real MLB experience is just silly. The stats don't reflect the ridiculous way he was handled in the lineup. In one game, out the next three. YOU try that at the major league level and tell me how that works out for ya. SPECIAL LATE EDIT FOR STATS HEADS: Can anyone recognize the stats of this rookie third baseman? Tell me who he is, and what kind of career he had. Thanks: PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB CS BB SO BA OBP SLG OPS 443 367 43 72 11 0 18 52 8 2 62 136 .196 .324 .373 .697 30% strikeout rate. Stats are very useful when evaluating the overall career of a player. For a rookie, they are close to meaningless. Are we giving up on Baez, too? I'm more interested in mechanics in a rookie. Baez's are awful. Time to throw in the towel?

Michael Jack Schmidt?

You sir, are no moran. I could have gone with Reggie Jackson's .178 .269 .305 .574 line and 34% K rate, but I didn't think 135 PAs was a fair sample size. And, he wasn't a third baseman. Stats don't mean squat for rookies. If somebody says, "I don't like his mechanics or the fact that his batting style reminds me of the tasmanian devil from the old warner brothers cartoons", I'll listen (see Baez, Javier). Throwing stats at me will just annoy me.

There's actually a more apt comparison on fan graphs showing Castillo and Montero that I linked to at the time of the trade: http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/miguel-montero... Most of the pitches are down. Montero pulls his forearm up some as he is receiving the ball, really just as he catches it he kind of brings it up. I would *think* that could be taught but I would also think they tried to teach Castillo last year and that may be why he is probably being shown the door. Maybe he either couldn't catch on - no pun intended, or he refused to try, which I doubt. OR, maybe they just decided that they want to win now and they don't want to teach someone when they can simply get guys who already can do it.

I'm actually mildly pleased with the signing because I imagine Wellington is more valuable as a trade piece than as a backup catcher. I also really do think that the team needs more veteran leadership (yeah yeah), and one of the better places to stash an extra coach is as a 2nd catcher. I'm not a big fan of personal catchers, but if this guy actually makes our expensive ace a better pitcher then it's worth it. Finally, it's a backup catcher position...if this guy is stealing your job then you suck at your job.

Does Castillo's value go down now that the Cubs are obviously trading him? Maybe not, maybe they'll be some massive bidding war for him. Nah.

I don't think so. I think other managers know (think) that Goodington is better than a backup and when the Cubs got Montero, that he'd eventually be dealt. The Ross add just makes it more clear. That's all speculation on my part though. His value might have gone down if they had to deal him. They don't.

"Imagine Welington gets Cubs a bullpen arm or someone's bad contract." Cutler?


article on Motte signing and lots of quotes from Maddon on managing a bullpen

A note about Logan Watkuins getting Designated for Assignment: 

Because he is an MLB Rule 55 player not eligible to elect free-agency if outrighted, Watkins can be traded or released, but he cannot beb sent outright to the minors after 5 PM (Eastern) on the 5th day following the conclusion of the World Series unless & until he has either signed a major league contract for the next season (contracts were tendered on 12/2), or had his previous season's contract unilaterally renewed by the club (which can't happen until the first week of March), or agrees (in advance) to sign a minor league contract for the next season (not likely). BTW, same goes for Junior Lake, Ryan Lavarnway, Joe Ortiz, Shane Peterson, and Neil Ramirez. 

There is no such restriction on Donn Roach. He can be outrighted if he isn't claimed off waivers. Also, if he is outrighted, Roach would remain under club control through the 2016 season (after which he would be a minor league Rule 55 6YFA), although he would be eligible to be selected in the December 2015 Rule 5 Draft if he isn't added back to the MLB 40-man roster in the meantime. 

ex-Cub news

Casey Mcgehee traded to Giants for 2 minor league pitchers...

Trea Turner's agent is not happy...


apologies if this was already mentioned, but it's apparently known as the Pete Incaviglia rule


per Rob Bradford on twitter: Craig Breslow signing with Red Sox for $2M/1yr

well presuming Cubs are in market for LHRP, might get one in a trade of Valbuena or Castillo or Wood

otherwise FA market looks like this:

Joe Beimel, F. Bueno, S. Burnett, P. Coke, N. Cotts, S. Downs, T. Gorzelanny, D. Huff, J. Outman, J. Thatcher

or they could have just kept W. Wright

Red Sox weren't about to lose another free agent to Theo :)

about $1M too much there for Breslow

Javier Baez, 3-4 including a HR, 2 rbi, run and K http://mlbfarm.com/index.php?team=CHC&date=20... I hope that John Mallee is in PR watching

Bring him up!!!

Cubs embrace framing data: Why Miguel Montero is a perfect fit http://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2014/12/20/7...

all this fuss for 1, 1.5, 2Ks (if you're really good) per game. i mean, it's a great thing to look for, but cubs-nation is going ape shit over it this season. if you're going to help turn singles into doubles with SBs given up or you're clunking balls off your glove because you hold your glove so far back while setting up getting that late break you can chip away at that positive...if you can hold onto it while producing the extra strike or 2 per game, awesome.

In this day of high powered late inning bullpen arms who sometimes have trouble locating the plate, I'd be willing to bet this skill is more valuable than you're implying. Curious, also, to know where the 1 to 2 strikes per game stat is from.

there's a number of stats out there for framing-Ks that basically break down to a -2 to +2 K rate per game (and worse/better, though not as common as the given range). it's a nice thing to look at, but it's not like it's some new cutting edge thing that showed up the past couple season. pitchers have been bitching about it for longer than the video could prove it and it's not like no one knew ryan doumit couldn't do it a decade ago when video was starting to prove it. i think it's a nice thing to look for, but not something insanely important unless the pitchers get a mental block over it because of frustration...which could be an issue depending on your crew of pitchers. bringing it back to a cubs level, this could be very important for j.lester who is a notorious whiner when it comes to pitches called. the more level his head may be...the better he may pitch...dunno. we've long known that pitcher/catcher trust can help smooth over interactions between the pitcher and ump even if things don't go the pitcher's way (maddux, notoriously).

As bad as Javy Baez was last year, he definitely got rung up on stuff that others would not have, based on his growing reputation. An argument could be made for having balls and strikes called by machines, but I like the human element. I actually like that umpires punish a guy for not being able to locate the strike zone, or Baez swinging at every freakin pitch. I like the whole pitch framing thing, too. It's just another bit of art to a very artsy game. That said, I would have liked a Castillo/Montero platoon. But I'm not invested in it at all. I trust the kids running running this team.

I am not sure how all of the stats are calculated, but I have often seen framing described as runs not strikes. According to various metrics, Montero's framing was worth about 20 runs last year, wheras Castillo's was about negative 20 runs. And that seems quite significant intead of it just being a strike or two a game. The article O&B linked to from Fangraphs suggest framing adds up to 2 WAR to Montero's total, while subtracting 0.5 or more from Castillo's--and that ends up making Castillo very near replacement level and makes Montero look more like an All-Star. 

when you're talking about framing, i think it's a whole lot more precise to look at how many Ks called were actually balls for a positive and how many Ks were called balls for a negative. it's still not an exact science, but you can nail down something not as controversial as turning a ball into a K an instance of saving a piece of a run. you know what happened in one instance (though there is a human element involved) and you're projecting beyond the instance in another.

I'm not even sure it's possible to really capture it in stats. Just watching, you see the guy who's good at it get calls and the other guy doesn't. And it's not going to always be consistent. I'm sure there are ump who aren't influenced. But that guy who always ends up with his mitt around the plate is always going to influence the ump more than the guy who doesn't., among those umps who might be swayed by this stuff.

hogwash...stats, they can prove anything

Cub Nation is probably obsessed over it because, and I'm just spitballing, Theo and Jed keep bringing it up. We're lemmings that way, trying to understand what the front office is trying to accomplish.

regardless if it leads to actual strikeouts, getting ahead in the count is nearly as important as just the K rates, I'm sure that's why fangraphs presents it as runs saved or lost.

it's totally taken over because theo/jed have moved that way...absolutely. it's part of the rebuild that's a new piece of information for the fans, popping up quite recently. that said, even if montero was half the pitch framer that he was i'd still be thrilled to have him around...and though the ross deal isn't something im thrilled with, we're talking about 1 year too long and only a few million too much over the course of the contract from my point of view. he slowed down a bit last season...not as mobile. i understand and buy into that it's not his numbers why he's here...he's a couple hundred AB...i'm not concerned. i think it's important to look for, but it's become a buzzword-type thing i'm seeing all over the cubs-innerweb-verse-dot-com. it's neat stuff...just surprising how much it's being extensively mused. i'm in on it and interested.

Another buzz word you'll hear in a few years. Lesternomics.

Lesternomics - the study of the true cost of a pitcher when you factor in the cost of his personal catcher. common values include variables for the Ross (david ross) leading to higher values and the Perez (eddie perez) leading to lower values.

This one isn't a big deal to me. In the recent past, the Cubs have needed their catcher position to produce because the team was so anemic and weak, but I think those days are going to be over soon.

You guys really don't get it do you? They acquired Ross and Montero to use Cubs karma to force MLB to adopt a computerized 'magic eye' strike zone so that all of our hitting prospects don't have to go through rookie hazing by home plate umps thus speeding up the ascent to annual World Series champions. Montero and Ross will actually be bullpen catchers and coaches once the desired effect has occurred and Lavarnway Wellington and eventually Schwarber will get the playing time and won't have to worry about pitch framing. Pitch framing!! Haha so gullible. You guys really are morans.

okay, now i understand. thanks!

Nailed it.

So with a bad pitch framing catcher, the entire pitching staff can be good but their stats look like crap and with a good pitch framer, the entire pitching staff gets great stats but is really crap. I liked it better when it was just Koyie Hill adding 5mph to the fastball. Back in the days when it was the Z-coordinate that mattered more than the X or Y coordinates Z-coordinate example... http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-rFWkF1bysh0/Tscn5hz...

Prediction: The 2014-15 off season will haunt Rick Hahn.

http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/the-white-sox-... He didn't give up in prospects, they don't have many. Maybe the money, but who knows. And I think Kenny is still calling the shots over there.

Yes, the money- And they gave up draft picks. I think, on balance, they've only improved marginally.

Ah yes the picks forgot about that. They are very reactionary to the Cubs and think more in headlines.

Is there a TCR equivalent in the Sox world? I'd like to get their take on it all. Oh, right. There aren't any intelligent Sox fans. Never mind.

White Sox are just as mediocre as Royals and Indians now, just a matter of who stays healthy. Tigers are on the brink of being very old too.

The gift that keeps on giving..

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports several unnamed NFL executives believe the Bears may have to give up a draft pick in order to trade Jay Cutler

All the more reason not to let Emery handle this. I had actually forgotten about the severity of the draft pick hit Bears took on Cutler until someone here reminded me of it. Bears pretty much need a genius level GM to get out of this mess. The Bears don't need a complete rebuild like the Cubs did - there is some stuff to work with on the roster, but I have lost all faith in Emery. At season's end last year I was pretty gung ho on the Bears. Just tweak the secondary and defensive line a bit, and playoffs here we come. Now, I doubt I'll watch today's game, even with a new QB. It's not like Clausen is the answer. The other day Mike & Mike had Urlacher on and they asked him to name all the QBs that played with him and he said, "easy" and then proceeded to remember something like half of them. One of them he admitted to having no recollection of at all - I don't remember the name now, either.

Tim Jennings, Lions MVP.

Alshon Jeffrey, runner up. Catch the damn ball.

Giants and Falcons win, Bears sitting pretty for 6th pick. 

Let's just hope it isn't Emery that makes it.

Different QB, different throwing style, only 3 days to practice together on the first team, so I'm not surprised at the number of muffs by the receivers, but the number was pretty out of hand. Jeffrey said it wasn't timing, that he just sucked, but still. Clausen won me over just by getting in that guy's face after the cheap hit. He could be backup QB material I guess.

Great points O&B. Clausen wasn't great, but it was nice to see receivers getting the ball in the hands...in stride. He's earned a contract somewhere for next year if he has another decent game Sunday.

IF-OF Tim Saunders (2012 D-3 World Series MVP and Cubs 2012 32nd round draft pick out of Marietta College) has retired.  

The speedy Saunders (considered to be one of the fastest players in the Cubs system) hit 279/345/406 with 10 HR & 76 RBI, 31 2B, 4 3B, 48 SB (8 CS), and 47/155 BB/K in 614 PA and 148 minor league games (a minor league full season is 144 games) over the course of three seasons 2012-14.

The 24-year old was projected to be an athletic IF-OF utility "super-sub" at either Hi-A Myrtle Beach or AA Tennessee in 2015. 

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    Cant picture not having AZ Phil as a infomation source.


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    On top of what everyone else sez, TCR is my passport to the I-Cubs every year. Plz keep up the good work!


  • First.Pitch.120 21 hours 3 min ago (view)

    I echo what everyone else has said. I am in no way an expert (or even novice) at the nuts & bolts of website construction; however, I have dabbled in some website maintenance for various entities. If there is a need for another set of hands, I would be willing to see if I could help ( or at least pull a Jonathan Herrera & cheer from the bench with an awesome helmet).


  • Wrigley Rat 1 day 13 hours ago (view)

    This site is great! It's pretty much the only Cubs site I visit daily, other than a Google search for Cubs news. 90% of the information I get on Cubs prospects is from here. Commenters are usually very respectful and it seems that most are well-informed or want to be. I'm hoping the site can continue. Thanks to everyone who contributes to its content! :)


  • George Altman 1 day 14 hours ago (view)

    I'd like to add, without meaning to take a superior attitude, that ALL the content and commentators on TCR are a step above every other Cubs Blog I've seen. I'm better informed, better briefed about not only what's happening but what's likely to happen.

    You all have made me a better Cubs fan. Whatever happens,  thank you. 


  • Charlie 1 day 19 hours ago (view)

    I will be happy to continue to do gameday posts for another season and would like to keep the site active. Thanks for your labor!

    Sorry for all the delayed and abbreviated posts at season's end, by the way.


  • fullykräusened 1 day 20 hours ago (view)

    Like the other posters, I don't post often, but have enjoyed Arizona Phil and crunch (who was right about Jason Heyward :) ). I am grateful for all the work that has gone into maintaining the site, and whatever you want to do to make it work is okay with me!


  • Cubster 2 days 48 min ago (view)

    Chiming in that TCR is still a major part of my daily Cub routine and has always been my browser homepage. The site contains much love for AZ Phil and his subtle sense of humor as the war correspondent for the Arizona Scoring Service. 

    "Just because it isn't official doesn't mean it didn't happen"


  • Hagsag 2 days 3 hours ago (view)

    Thank you forTCR, and it is the first site I check daily. Please keep it going.


  • Karl Pagel Blues 2 days 6 hours ago (view)

    Thank you for this site. It's the first one I turn to every single day. There may be other sites with more daily content, but there's only one TCR. Again, a big thank you to everyone actively contributing here!


  • crunch 2 days 10 hours ago (view)

    no matter the future, i've learned a whole lot being here and i'm still learning.  phil's post earlier with the end-season instructs stats is a great example of this.  lots of love for the team, the farm system, and the game here.

    also, it looks like dusty's crew is 3 outs away from going to the WS with 5 runs to cushion.


  • George Altman 2 days 12 hours ago (view)

    Please keep it going if at all possible. No other Cubs website compares. I've spent 15 years with AZ Phil, Crunch, Cubster. Don't want to see that end.


  • Alexander Dimm 2 days 14 hours ago (view)

    Like the others, I don't post often, and it's not the only Cubs baseball site I read.  However, it is the first site I read each day and if I only read one, this is it.  I hope you can hang in there.  

    Cubs baseball will be a little less fun without TCR.


  • Childersb3 2 days 15 hours ago (view)

    I've been reading, commenting and asking questions here for over a decade now. Cubdom wouldn't be whole without TCR.

    Hope it stays in any form possible. 

    Whatever is most manageable, cheapest, time efficient manner you.


  • bradsbeard 2 days 15 hours ago (view)

    Absolutely want to see if stay if possible.