A Review of the Cubs 2014 Draft

Following on my previous two poss on the 2012 and 2013 drafts, here is an overview of the Cubs 2014 draft and where the players are now. Here again it only shows those draft picks who signed with the Cubs and lists their draft number, current age, position, current organizational level, and a brief snapshot of their 2014 performance. Another positoin player, Kyle Schwarber, is the headliner here; but the Cubs drafted 10 pithcers in the first 12 picks, many of them teenagers. While most debuted at low levels and only played the last part of the summer, there is a lot to like about the level of success of many so far.


Round Player Position Current Age Current Level 2014 Comments
1 Kyle Schwarber C 21 A+ 344/428/634 across A-, A, and A+
2 Jake Stinnett RHP 22 A- Just 11 IP in RK and A-
3 Mark Zagunis C 21 A 288/420/420 across RK, A-, and A
4 Carson Sands LHP 19 RK 1.89 ERA in 19 IP
5 Justin Steele LHP 19 RK 2.89 ERA in 18 IP
6 Dylan Cease RHP 18 DL Has not played due to elbow injury
7 James Norwood RHP 20 A- 7.75 ERA in 20 IP in RK and A-
8 Tommy Thorpe LHP 21 A- 3.05 ERA in 20 IP in RK and A-
9 James Farris RHP 22 A- 2.57 ERA and 13.5 SO/9 in 14 IP
10 Ryan Williams RHP 22 A- 1.46 ERA in 24 IP at A-
11 Jordan Brink RHP 21 RK Just 2 IP at RK
12 Tanner Griggs RHP 20 RK 3.45 ERA in 15 IP
13 Kevonte Mitchell 3B 19 RK 294/374/371 in 143 ABs
14 Chesny Young 2B 21 A 327/384/409 combined in A- and A
15 Jeremy Null RHP 20 A- 1.29 ERA in 14 IP at A-
16 Jason Vosler SS 20 A- 266/361/372 in 94 ABs
17 Michael Knighton RHP 20 RK Just 8 IP at RK
18 Austyn Willis RHP 18 RK 4.20 ERA in 15 IP
19 Brad Markey RHP 22 A- 3.00 ERA and 9.0 SO/9 in 27 IP at A-
20 Alex Tomasovich SS 22 A- 311/372/371 in 132 ABs
21 Charles White OF 22 A- 200/306/259 in 85 ABs
22 Joey Martarano 3B 20 RK Just 13 ABs in RK
25 Tyler Pearson C 22 RK 235/322/431 in 51 ABs
26 Zach Hedges RHP 21 RK 1.37 ERA and 10.5 SO/9 in 19 IP
27 Calvin Graves OF 23 RK Hit 265/338/324 in 68 ABs in RK and A-
32 Andrew Ely 2B 21 RK 326/363/535 in 86 ABs at RK, also filled in at AAA
35 Jordan Minch LHP 21 RK 3.38 ERA in 10 IP


"Justine Steele" she must be good

She is... http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/11/22/234... --- and H. Kuroda won't be pitching for the Yankees in 2015. Add him to the Hiroshima 3 eyed Carp rotation http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2014081711...

and H. Kuroda won't be pitching for the Yankees in 2015. ----------------------------------------------------- I think EJax would look great in Yankee pinstripes.

Boston article on what happened the day before David Ross signed with the Cubs... http://fullcount.weei.com/sports/boston/baseb...
He added, ‘€œKind of the deciding factor with Chicago was that I have some friends there, Joe Maddon‘€™s approach to the game and how he treats players. That is a really good dynamic for my family. If you get in at midnight you’€™re not expected to be at the yard at 2 o’€™clock. Those sort of things weighed on my mind a little more. The day game, talking to [Ryan] Dempster, was more of cool thing that I thought. You get to have breakfast with your kids and then also have dinner with them. But the two-year offer, and [Eric] Hinske is a good buddy of mine ‘€¦ Knowing how the Red Sox treat their players and how they do everything first-class made it a tough decision. They try and take as much off their plate as possible so they can just focus on baseball, and I know Theo is big into the mindset of how they think and what they should focus on ‘€¦ To me, there were more positives in Chicago for me and my family.’€

any day where a guy like d.ross ends up with a 2 year contract would make a last day "crazy"

"Dionisio Soldevila of ESPNDeportes.com reports that Rafael Furcal will miss the Dominican Winter League playoffs after tearing his hamstring." 37 years old and the injuries keep piling up...free agent (and will probably stay that way)

Neil at CCO's transcript of the David Ross interview on MLB radio (Steve Phillips and CJ Nitkowski) show... http://chicagocubsonline.com/archives/2014/12...

SI ranks the top 5 offseason moves. Hiring Maddon is #1. http://www.si.com/mlb/2014/12/26/top-five-off...

My cup currently runneth over with gallons of Kool-aid.

Enrique Rojas says Starlin was detained this morning for questioning in the nightclub shooting incident. https://twitter.com/Enrique_Rojas1/status/548...

Too late to trade him to the Mets?

...or the NFL.

http://www.elcaribe.com.do/2014/12/27/apresan... 7 people arrested on saturday, including castro. 6 people injured in the shooting, 1 seriously (still in hospital with liver damage). castro's brother and a driver/body guard seem to be the main castro-connection to the incident as far as where the static started. the 2 (assumed) main instigators from the "other side" of the incident also arrested in this sweep...and castro's bodyguards allegedly stripped a 12 gauge shotgun from one of them during the incident.

update: castro's agent claims he wasn't arrested or detained, but did go to the station. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball... “Starlin was not arrested or detained or anything,” Kinzer said. “He went to the police station to make sure they knew he was not involved. They told him they had video so they knew he was not involved.”

He needs some new friends.

Jon Morosi @jonmorosi · Tweet from @Jacobommoquete says Starlin Castro's house "was raided" by Dominican national police and local authorities in Montecristy.

i hope he wasn't doing some really stupid like hiding the gun...or some other evidence. hopefully he was just innocently housing some of the people they rounded up. @Jacobommoquete = high ranking DR cop, btw.

Next year, Starlin should stay in some nice, safe, low-crime place where there are very few shootings. Like Chicago.

Chicago, the safest city in America!

Bruce Levine ‏@MLBBruceLevine The Dominican General of National police has cleared Chicago Cub Shortstop Starlin Castro of any involvement in recent shooting incident

Harbaugh to Michigan in case anyone thought that was happening with the Bears.

This article doesn't have any actual attribution other than "scuttlebut" but it at least reflects what I HOPE will happen: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/12/... A lot of people slam the McCaskeys but George in my opinion has at least been willing to spend money. He needs to get a football guy in as president and dump Phillips, and he needs to get a good one. Hopefully we find out soon how much cleanup he's willing to do. The organization needs a rebuild/reboot - but it's the top part that needs it the most. There are enough good players to get the team back into the playoffs pretty quickly. Somebody who can draft well might help a wee bit.

Asked if he expected to be back as head coach in 2015, the Bears coach didn’t hesitate with his answer. “I do,” he said. Asked if he had any information from the front office or team management to boost his confidence, Trestman grinned.

Yeah... That summarizes the Bears and how they sustain mediocrity - and worse. The winning organizations would never tolerate this bullshit.

In order for me to maintain any sanity, at least on a fan level, I need to believe that that is just part of Trestman's living on a different planet type of thinking. Or maybe Emery told him he's safe, but I gotta think Emery is gone, too. I would hope Philipps is, too.

I'd agree, but it's not like Trestman can come out and say "Well, I had a good run..I'm sooooo fired!"

And yet, with the way this season went, it really wouldn't have been too surprising.

per CBS: Emery fired!

Kaplan: Two football names with longtime relationships with the "McCasket" family are Bill Polian and Mike Holmgren. Source confirms to me the the Bears will hire consultant with football experience to lead search to revamp organization. George McCaskey had his mind made up a while ago. This was a done deal for at least a month.

per Jordan Bernfield: Marc Trestman was just fired as well. --- Trestman: Well, I had a good run. I'm soooo fired. ta-da boom.

McCaskeys still own the team? /won't matter

Huh? Jon HeymanVerified account ‏@JonHeymanCBS cubs are among teams showing interest in stephen drew

im sure drew would jump at the chance at joining a club where he's assured of a crowded middle infield with nothing more than part-time play and not being the main starter. sounds legit... hell, even if baez starts in AAA the middle IF is still crowded...

If true, that's exactly what this sounds like- that they expect Baez to start in the minors.

Baez was 0-5 yesterday with 4 Ks, ouch.

What's Jeff Fisher's contract look like?

not sure what I think about Shanahan, hard to judge any coach having to deal with Redskins situation.

after taking a shot at no-name hotshot type in Trestman, I'm guessing they'll go conservative here and go for a name coach. Bill Cowher's name always gets brought up in these situations, but he seems content being retired as does Jon Gruden, who just re-upped for MNF (and whom they should stay far away from).

Polian and Holmgren are not young men, but I'd certainly prefer Polian over Holmgren.

Re Holmgren, he has some Chicago ties as his daughter attended North Park College on the North Side, and IIRC, he has contributed some big money to the school. Also, his wife I think is from the area too. But - I am truly surprised (pleasantly) that BOTH of these morans got fired. In the NFC Central I think that the Bears have sunk to last in terms of organizations, from a 10-6 record three years ago. They need a Theo move...

"Bears have sunk, etc. . . . They need a Theo move." The Bears were 10-6 two years ago, not three. Emery was in his first year as GM. The year before, they were 8-8. Smith wasn't fired because the team went 10-6. He was fired because they missed the playoffs after starting out 7-1. In the pre-Trestman era, when Cutler went down (which he did frequently), the Bears couldn't score. Now they get better when he's on the sideline. Yesterday, everyone in Chicago was celebrating, but especially Cutler, who won't have to worry about being benched in favor of a McCown or a Clausen. Under Emery, the Bears were 23-25, .479. The Cubs in three years under Theo: 200-286, .411. Theo told the owners and the fans that he was starting from scratch and would need a few years. Less experienced than Theo, Emery didn't think that, or at any rate didn't get the owner and fans to buy in like Theo did. I wish the Bears luck with Cutler and a defense-first head coach. I'm sure they'll be able to return to consistent mediocrity quite soon.

" I'm sure they'll be able to return to consistent mediocrity quite soon." That would be a great improvement. Mediocrity instead of seeing teams score on every possession would be nice. How about a coach who can manage both sides of the ball for a change? There's nothing wrong with the Bears tradition of teams licking their wounds for a week after having played them. But it doesn't have to be one or the other. A head coach is a game manager and he should be smart enough and, especially, have good enough connections in the league to be able to hire good coaches under him. There's no reason the Bears have to play 60s style offensive football. And there's no reason to not have a good D, too. You can't win a super bowl without being good on both sides of the ball. Maybe you didn't notice that the Seahawks have a pretty fair defense. I'm not sure about your man love for Trestman. Worst coach the Bears have ever had. At least teams will stop hiring coaches from an 8 team amateur league that plays on an absurdly silly field now that Trestman blew the wad.

"the Bears tradition of teams licking their wounds for a week after having played them" First off, happy new year, O&B. Two great defensive teams and two championships in 67 years do not make a tradition. Believe me, that tradition is bogus. Take away those two championships, and the Bears are the Cubs in shoulder pads. If you're talking pre-1950, that's different, but nobody's talking that. The idea that other teams dread playing the Bears--that's not nervous perspiration you see on their unis, they're drooling. I just peeked at all the Bear all-pros since 2000, looking for a tough guy. Okay, Olin Kreutz was tough. Briggs and Mike Brown--fairly tough. Tommie Harris? As for Urlacher, quarterbacks had to worry about him, because he was a tall, rangy middle linebacker, but not opposing runners. Check out any "Urlacher's greatest hits" video (if you can find one) and you'll mostly see interceptions. It's a long way to 1985, when Singletary and Wilber Marshall played tougher than any Bear has since, and so probably did Plank, McMichael, Dent and Otis Wilson. The coaches responsible for any reputation that fans imagine the Bears still enjoying--George Allen and Buddy Ryan--were not even head coaches, which is why their championship-winning games were their last games with the Bears, and why the Bears could never achieve elite status over a number of seasons like that enjoyed by Green Bay and New England. Finally, defense is fine, but offense is better. Here are the top defensive teams in the league this year, ordered by fewest points allowed: Seattle, KC, Detroit, Buffalo, Arizona, Baltimore, Houston, New England, Cleveland, San Francisco. Five of these teams made the playoffs, five didn't. Two teams (Seattle and New England) get a bye this week. And here are the best offensive teams in terms of points scored: Green Bay, Denver, Philadelphia, New England, Dallas, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New Orleans, Seattle. Eight of these teams made the playoffs, and four of them (Green Bay, Denver, New England and Seattle) have a bye this week, including the first, second and fourth best offensive teams. Those are the teams that other teams dread playing, teams with QBs like Rodgers, Manning and Brady. edit: On further review, Allen didn't leave the Bears until after the '65 season. Wikipedia says that Allen called the shots in the Bear drafts that netted Ditka in '61 and Butkus and Sayers in '65. (I hadn't heard that, or have forgotten it.) Too bad Allen didn't stick around to draft a quarterback.

Happy New Year to you too, V Phil (and the rest of you morans!!). I'm not sure we disagree as much as it seems. For years, I'd watch good offensive teams and wish our own Bears would be less, ummmmm, offensive, if you know what I mean. What I meant by the Bears tradition of teams licking their wounds coming into Soldier Field was that even when they really sucked, especially pre-Urlacher (I agree he was more of a finesse guy than, say, Dick Butkus was), teams did not look forward to playing them. Their management did, because the other team usually came away with a win, but it was often a hard fought win, depending, of course, on the year. I wasn't talking about the record - which has not been very impressive overall on either side of the '86 Super Bowl. The real gist of my argument here isn't about a yearning to go back to the defense-only mode of Bears football. i don't want a return to 3 and out. My whole point was that Trestman was an abysmal failure as a head coach. I won't at all be shocked if he comes in somewhere as an OC and helps another team light it up. He can design plays pretty well. He probably shouldn't be calling them on the field, though. Let a good head coach who has a better sense of what is going on on the field overall handle that for him. Let him be the architect, maybe, but play calling? He proved this year he is not so good at that. You could see this year by their play how badly coached these guys were up and down the field. It started last year being defense but this year they blew routes and ran into each other on the O-line and miss communicated every game to such an extent a casual fan could see it going on. It was the most embarrassing football I've seen as a Bears fan. Ever. This was worse stuff than the Abe Gibron and Jim Dooley years, and Jim Dooley had them at 1-13 one year. This was actually worse than watching that team. He had to go, no matter how well "designed" his offense looked last year. Last year it seemed like it was mostly the defense was the only problem, but this year the offense actually was worse than the defense. You can probably cite some stats showing they weren't all that bad, but if you watched the games, and I know you did, you knew how bad they were. But it still all started with the D. Not many quarterbacks in this league can score on every possession unless they played the Bears. That's what Cutler had to do to stay in games. Maybe if the defense wasn't allowing teams to go up and down the field on every single possession the offense does a little better. Thankfully, we'll never know. I'm on board getting another offensive-minded coach. But this guy completely lost control of his team, and it didn't play good football under him. He seems like a good guy, and I bet he lands somewhere and does ok as an OC. Keep the clipboard away from him and bounce him upstairs into the coach's box though. He doesn't see the field well, and can't play call, manage the clock, or make in game adjustments. I can't begin to count the ways I'm glad he's gone. If you were excited about his offense after last year, I can't blame you. He seemed pretty good, but last year I was harping about this lame defense and he didn't listen to me - they never do - and he didn't fire Tucker. That was my first red flag with this guy. Maybe he wasn't allowed to fire him via Emery, but that's another red flag. Fight with your GM when he's so wrong. My list of complaints about Trestman are longer than the number of Mike Olt posts by me and Carlito, so I'll stop here. Like I said, I'm with you on a good offensive coach. I also want a good defensive coach. This is especially true because there are very very few QBs like Rodgers, Manning and Brady. There isn't another like that available that we know about. And you don't *have* to have a QB like that, although it sure helps. But this is the Bears. Not exactly good QB karma here.

I'm 100% certain that if the Bears are gonna be a perenial playoff team, they're gonna have to be good on offense and defense.

I will say this, there hasn't been a Super Bowl team that I can ever recall that was very good offensively and terrible defensively. But there have been very good defenses with mediocre offenses that don't turn the ball over to win it.

2006 colts?

The exception that proves the rule.

They were awful, but certainly not in the playoffs. Didn't Bob Sanders miss most of the season and came back for the playoffs?

Saints got to, and won, the SB with great offense and a so-so defense.

Before judging Trestman, I would want to know whose decision it really was to take the QB position away from McCown last year when Cutler got healthy, and what Trestman's input was into the big Cutler extension. I thought Emery went out of his way to distance himself from MT's decision to bench Cutler this year. When McCown or Clausen was over center, I thought the Bear offense looked about the way I hoped it would when Trestman was hired. During a replay of a medium-distance completion to the right sideline, my son pointed out to me that Clausen threw the ball before the receiver broke. Clausen was able to do that because . . . THAT WAS THE PLAY! The offense follows a script. Cutler takes us back to the schoolyard: he looks for one of those stud receivers standing in front of a defender, and flings it. Of course Cutler gives it away with his eyes--he's throwing to a guy who's standing there, not a spot on the field at a precise moment. I realize this isn't a new analysis of Cutler, but if it's right, and if Trestman was overruled by Emery on his choice of QB, then he doesn't deserve the grief he's getting.

Yup, that's Cutler in a nutshell, but Trestman's problem wasn't only QB-related by any stretch. I don't remember the point totals for Clausen, or the yard totals, but it's not like they scored the 30 points or so that team needs to win, given the fact the defense can't stop the other team from getting into the red zone on every possession. The team just played really, really badly under Trestman. Tons of penalties, misassignments, bad routes, about the only thing that was consistently good under Trestman from a coaching standpoint was that the offensive line started getting good. But there are dozens of guys who can teach technique to big guys. When you add in the way he lost control of the team, where even the kicker is criticizing him, they didn't have a choice about letting him go. Then he keeps Kromer around and benches Cutler. The one guy throws team members under the bus to the media, and the other just plays crappy. Inconsistent and demoralizing for the team. Like I said, I'm sure Trestman will land on his feet somewhere and be a good OC. He designs plays well. His actual play calling was often a joke though and he can't manage the clock. He's just not head coaching material, at least not now.

Just briefly, re Clausen: They only scored fourteen but there was the drive that stalled at the 1 or 2, and quite a few dropped passes that Joe Buck kept pointing out. Then there was that inept 46-yard pass interference late in the game by Tim Jennings. Brad Biggs: "If Jennings doesn’t get badly out of position and then out of control, the Lions are punting and the Bears have the ball midway through the fourth quarter with the lead." I got some stuff off my chest but I somewhat regret disparaging the Bear tradition in these comments recently. Things were fine through the '40s, obviously, but then there was what I will call the George Allen era, which included a championship and also the drafting of three hall-of-famers, which might have culminated in something really big if Halas had kicked himself upstairs and Allen had stayed on. Then the Finks era began with the drafting of Payton and peaked in 1985, when the Bears had a group of players that really struck fear in their opponents. (I was reminded recently that New England quarterback Tony Eason didn't complete a single pass in the Super Bowl.) So there's a fair amount to be proud of. I don't think they've been an elite team since then, not even in 2006 (Rex Grossman?), but teams do have their ups and downs, and sometimes the downs last for a decade or longer. There were quite a few years there, before Favre, when people kept saying, and hoping, "The Pack is back!"--but they never were. So I'll chill about the Bears while waiting for the Cubs to start playing in two months.

7 points were off an 11-yard drive after a punt fumble.

Cutler is of course, much more talented than Clausen. However, it was nice to see the Bears QB putting the ball in the receivers hands, maknig the throws that were given...making good timing throws- for a change. Clausen is of course not the answer...but they did throw a QB into the deep end, after not making a start in 3 seasons, against a very strong Lions defense. Alshon Jeffery alone should've had 3-4 more catches for 35-50 more yards. Ugh

A turnover 11-yards from paydirt: that should be three points for sure! (Which is why Robbie Gould is angry these days.)

Should just leave this URL thread live and call it the new permanent Bears blog.

I'm trying to keep Baseball relevant on here!

It is a shame to tarnish your good efforts with a discussion based on such a hapless organization.

Rob had a blog for the Bears at one time

Ricketts were lucky, everyone knew Theo and knew was a safe, great hire. No one like that out there in the NFL now, so a team with the rich history and acumen of a charter franchise would know who are the "theo's" waiting to be plucked and hired, right? I'm sure the search firm hired by the McCaskeys will have someone in mind.

They hired former New York Giants GM Ernie Accorsi as a hiring consultant. Whoever the hell he is. I'm not up on football personnel not named Belichick

Ted Thompson II? In 2005 the pack hired Ted Thompson to be a GM, where since 2006, the team has ONE losing season (6-10), 5 NFC North crowns out of 8 years, weathered the trading of Brett Favre to the Jets when he changed his mind the third time, Playoffs 6 times, and one Super Bowl victory. Like the moran Cardinals in the MLB, it has been a combination of incredible luck, and just goddamn smarts. I mean Randall Cobb drafted 64th in the draft? We get a guy who trades two 1st round draft picks for a middle-of-the-NFL QB. Look at the Broncos, and look at this Bears team. Dumb motherfuckers...

We get a guy who trades two 1st round draft picks for a middle-of-the-NFL QB. Look at the Broncos, and look at this Bears team. --- He's got a rocket for an arm. Ken Phelps redux? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUwSxqnRW-8 http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-WObSHtFtoGQ/UpiHswJ...

Emery, Trestman, Kromer....no Tucker? Is this some sort of sick joke?

He can be fired later, the GM will get to pick a head coach and the head coach will pick his own staff.

Kromer got canned though, but not Tucker...makes little sense.

Unless they plan to interview Tucker because of the Rooney Rule or some absurd stupidity like that. Gawd, I hope they don't do anything that classless.

Kromer fired himself weeks ago. I guess they could retain Tucker, but did they fire all of the position coaches?

Thought is that they didn't have to announce the assistants, but announced Kromer' firing to make a point.

can they make the point that Mel Tucker has sucked at his job the last 2 years?

I assume they're expecting him to resign gracefully. Quote from George M: ""People need to know that when they've played the Chicago Bears, they've been through hell," he said. That obviously didn't happen with Tucker the last two years. The 50 points a game thing actually started last year. So did the marching up and down the field by the other team. Cutler has a lot of issues but it's tough to absolutely HAVE to score on every possession in order to be over a .500 football team. Cutler is staying, methinks. But I do think they'll give the new guy some latitude and allow him to move on from Cutler if that is what he thinks should be done. George McCaskey hasn't been THAT bad. Under him they've spent a ton of money and they've not been afraid to get free agents. It's Emery who fouled everything up, not McCaskey. He hired Emery, of course, or he and Phillips did, but I don't think we have a guy here who doesn't give a shit.

Bears are 3/5ths of the way to a clean sweep, with Emery, Trestman, and Kromer gone. Tucker and Cutler still to go. I had the same depressing thought as Rob -- that Tucker was being retained as the Rooney Rule candidate. But if Trestman had to go after one successful and one dismal season then Tucker has to go after two years of historic buffoonery. If they decide or are forced to keep Cutler then they need to design the entire team around him and accept ~20 turnovers from him alone over the course of the season. Go uptempo on offense to increase the number of possessions knowing he'll single-handedly piss a bunch of those away? Craft the defense to generate turnovers leading to short fields so they can score before Cutler gives the ball back? Find the next Devin Hester to make up points on special teams? Beats me, I hope they move on from Cutler, but what they absolutely cannot do is expect him to suddenly be different after 8 years.

The Bears are already screwing up the head coach search. They are "exploring" options for GM then will hire a head coach. By the time they hire a head coach a guy like Rex Ryan will be long gone before the Bears even get around to interviewing him. He is already scheduled to meet with Atlanta.

yeah, can't let Rex Ryan get away...I mean 46-50 record, not a winning record in 4 seasons...must.have.now.

Yeah, just say no to Rex

Rex is a very good coach it was his GM who failed year after year to draft or even get needed free agents. If you look at the coaching job he did this year they should have never won a game based on the talent they had. That is why Rex is the #1 coach for any team that needs a coach now. And if you want to get back to what the Bears should be.....a Defensive team, there is no one better on the market than him.

yes, yes that is a sick joke.

Bears get AFC West (Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders), NFC West (Seahawks, Cardinals, 49ers and Rams) and Bucs and Redskins next year.

If I read that right, Bears had 4th hardest schedule this year.

Depends on where Raiders game is at. But they lose all those games except maybe Bucs. Btw Ted Phillips is up at desk with George, this will be Ted's third failed GM coming up. Makes Crane Kinney look like Branch Rickey.

Depends on where Raiders game is at. But they lose all those games except maybe Bucs.

I'll take that bet.

I was hoping Phillips would get the axe, too.

Well this seems awfully disfunctional...


Emery’s search in January 2013 to replace Smith narrowed to three finalists: reigning 2012 coach of the year and Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, who has taken the Arizona Cardinals to seasons of 10-6 and 11-5, the latter getting the Cardinals into this year’s playoffs; Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, who was behind the drafting and development of quarterback Russell Wilson and the NFL’s No. 11 scoring and No. 9 yardage offenses this season; and Trestman.

At the time, the plan was to retain the highly regarded Marinelli to run the defense. And he had planned to, remaining on even after close friend Smith was fired. But back in mid-January 2013, as part of their final selection process for a head coach to replace Smith, Emery and the organization had Marinelli interview the three finalists for the head-coaching job.

Marinelli was asked to rank the three. He did. Arians was his runaway first choice; Bevell was the second; Trestman was a distant third.

Emery selected Trestman.

When he learned of the decision, Marinelli abruptly angrily resigned and left Halas Hall for Dallas and a de facto demotion to defensive line coach.

Arians btw claims he wasn't going to keep Marinelli if they offered him the job anyway...


I am hoping the Bears take a page out of the Cubs playbook and bump Phillips up into a bean counter/operations role. A lot of people in these parts were afraid of Kenney until the Cubs told Theo that he was in complete charge of the rebuild - no interference from Kenney. The new guy needs that same latitude.

Did Emery or Angelo not have that latitude? I don't know how much Phillips is involved honestly beyond hiring and contract negotiations.

He's Crane Kinney with ownership's love

He helps pick the GM in the first place. And I've read enough stuff to suggest that he has a hand in picking coaches, too, but not sure how accurate that is. But he is probably behind the current idiocy of interviewing coaches before hiring the GM. That's the kind of dysfunction that needs to stop if the team is ever going to get good again.

The Bears should go and sign Crane Kenney to be the big enchilada, it would be good for the organization (the Cubs organization).

As long as they keep Kenney locked in his room with the rooftop owners, he's fairly harmless.

The Bears also wanted Arians to perform in a fake press conference as part of the process. Arians rightfully refused. So the two idiots that ran this circus before(George and Ted) were holding hands at the presser yesterday, so you tell me how this is going to end.

Theo had Sveum and all the candidates do fake press conferences as well, it's a huge part of the job and I don't think it's that big a deal, especially for a new manager/coach. In Arians case, they had half a season of tape they could have watched though.

Trestman was very weak/unforthcoming in press conferences. That's probably a big reason why beat writers hated him. I assume he knew a lot about offensive football but it was closely held. Never talked X's and O's. Had several verbal tics, too, like "each and every day."

Well Arians was already a head coach with press experience. I think Sveum was put through it to see if he called put a thought together without swearing.

I'm a big Theo supporter ... but I have to say Sveum and Renteria were two of the worst press conference personas I have ever seen. Massive disasters ... Maddon is one of the best. Add to that the contrast between he and his two predecessors, and he's going to rule the roost. I think Theo has to have been pretty appalled at Sveum/Renteria in that regard.

it's easy for maddon to be one of the best when he can jangle his keys in front of reporters and say a lot of nothing...maybe talk about wine or his latest lockerroom/plane stunts. it's better than having the media hound your players, though. the media deserves nothing (not really, but whatever), and it takes skill to deliver them nothing while making them feel like they got something to fill word counts.

Oh agreed. But as easy as Maddon is with a story, Sveum was painfully gruff and Renteria just kind of stared at his desk and mumbled. These guys were extreme failures at even mediocre public relations tasks.

That same key jangling talent that has him hold sway over pressers is the same talent that has baseball players all agog over playing for him. It's a good skill.

Ravens director of pro personnel Vince Newsome, Giants vice president of player evaluation Marc Ross and Titans vice president of player personnel Lake Dawson were recommended to Accorsi by Wooten, who chairs the foundation that promotes diversity and equality of job opportunity in the coaching, front office and scouting staffs NFL teams.


I'm gonna say don't go with the Titans guy.

Btw Accorsi also had a glowing report on a former Bear coach- https://twitter.com/MattSpiegel670/status/549...

But think of all the Lake Dawson puns the headline writers can do!

wonder what the asking price for Zobrist will be? One year left on his deal so certain to be traded. He'll be 34 next year, but owed just $7.5M. Plays anywhere, plays it well, always a good OBP, any power is pretty much gone though.

Welington, B. McKinney, maybe a relief arm...Valbuena and some of the excess SP is of course on the table.

imagine there will be quite a bit of competition for his services, could jump into leadoff/LF spot possibly or move pretty much wherever else may be needed.

if a team doesn't need a SS or 2nd, his price vs value to the team would be severely lessened. good player, but so much of his value relies on him playing SS and 2nd regularly. he's got value outside of 2nd/SS, but his trade pricetag will reflect him being able to be plugged in at 2nd/SS.

no one needs Zobrist at SS, he's a stop-gap there and emergency fill-in...

He's played more far more OF than SS in his career.

Imagine they could give up LaStella in a deal too and give Zobrist 2B while Baez ends up in Iowa as he's currently headed.

he's probably going to see a lot of middle IF work and it's part of the value he's carrying if one wants to trade for him. he's played more OF than SS, but his "home" has been at 2nd for quite a while. it would be a nice 1-year addition, but i don't like the price it might carry. hurrah for the cubs if they can make it work, though. the yanks will probably try hard, but they've not got a lot going on with quality kids. it'll be interesting to see where the market lines up for establishing value.

he'll start the season for somebody at 2B or a corner outfield, maybe even 3B. He's not being traded for as anyone's starting SS, if he plays there next year it'll be because of injury as it would be with the Cubs if they got him.

What is this sport of which you speak? SS? OF? OBP? This is a Bears blog! I kid. These weeks must be the absolute nadir for baseball news.

the bears will one day regain the proper management structure in order to once again be the champions of handegg. ...and then we can see an updated version of the superbowl shuffle on youtube. the future is bright.

Well, Rob started a bears blog not so long ago - I think it was called The Bear Truth or something like that. Didn't really stick so now we go here to complain.

The Bears have now made the playoffs 4 times in the last 20 years. I don't know much about the guys they are looking at for new GM. There doesn't seem to be a football Theo out there, at least one that is making himself available to the Bears. But that's what they need. Somebody who will build the team in such a way that it is in the playoffs repeatedly, like I hope Theo is about to accomplish. Not that Theo will accomplish this. Tons of other teams also have good minor league systems and everyone seems to be getting Cubans these days. So the jury is out, but I'm hopeful and building the foundation is the right approach. Right now, the Bears have only a few young foundation players. Long, maybe Fuller, maybe, and, even though he dropped a few thousand passes with Clausen, Alshon Jeffery. So the Bears to Cubs comp is pretty good. Both franchises knee deep in badness. Can this Acorsi guy steer the McCaskeys into making a good choice? I sure hope so. But confidence is low. Ballard/Toub is a bit of a dice roll, but I am kind of hoping for that combo, mostly to see what Toub can do, since there aren't any head coaches out there that get me pumped up. The Shanahan/Cutler connection is overrated. I don't see a lot of playoffs in the Denver timeline with those two.

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