King of the Hill

Rich Hill, LHP
0-0, 4.22 ERA
14/5 K/BB, 1 HR in 10.2 IP
Mike Gosling, LHP
0-2, 4.13 ERA
10/14 K/BB, 1 HR in 24.0 IP
SS Royce Clayton CF Jerry Hairston
2B #Alex Cintron 2B *Todd Walker
LF *Luis Gonzalez 1B Derrek Lee
3B Troy Glaus 3B Aramis Ramirez
RF *Shawn Green RF *Jeromy Burnitz
1B Conor Jackson C Michael Barrett
CF Luis Terrero SS #Neifi Perez
C #Koyie Hill LF Matt Murton
P *Mike Gosling P *Rich Hill


It's been 11 hours now and still no activity at Wrigley.

There's no doubt been some activity. I'm sure if you check the perimeter you'll see that in that time someone from HighTops or the Cubby Bear has used one of the walls of the baseball shrine to hold themselves up while they puke.

line-up Hair Walk Lee Ram Burny Barrett Perez Murt

Wow. Best lineup the Cubs could have today.

Rich Hill is looking good and I like how the Cubs have taken an early lead (this is something they need to do more often).

Did it ever occur to Dusty Baker that batting your highest percentage hitter (and a singles hitter at that) 8th is lunacy? If anything bat him ninth so you get the effect of having a second leadoff man. As it is, we're already seeing him get the IBB treatment to get to the pitcher.

Rich Hill is red hot right now...Hendry really likes the guy and and is trying to develop him into a regular starter...I think Hill has the potential to become one of the Cubs best starting pitchers -- he is very disciplined and has an amazing curve ball. Once we get a healthy Wood and Williamson in the Bullpen we will be in much better shape in the later innings...This team has some serious potential.

"Once we get a healthy Wood and Williamson in the Bullpen" If Wood were healthy he wouldn't be in the bullpen. Conversely, Wood might be healthy now if he had been switched to the bullpen from the start. It's where he belonged. A primary bullpen of Wood, Hawkins, and Dempster and a rotation of Zambrano, Maddux, Prior, Williams (Mitre, Hill) and Rusch would have made a huge difference this year.

havent been on in a while i was wondering if anyone remembers the pos(t)er who used to always say "hee seop will be an all star before derrek lee"

The Cubs are behind again -- late in a game...Lets see if we can stage another comeback...;-)

Why does Dusty keep bringing in relievers and then have them intentionally walk the first guy they face? trust, yeah right.

Bottom of the 9th and we MUST score...Neifi to lead off...Who would you want to bat next...?

I will NEVER understand using Hollandsworth as a batter in the most crucial inning of the game.

Why on earth did Dusty double-switch when he brought Rusch into the game? Dropping Rusch down one slot in the order was worth losing Gerut?

So everyone has made the rhetorical statement "Where would the CUbs be in D Lee hadn't had such a blistering start?" Well, we're finding out....our offense has slid down along with D Lee's 20 points of BA over the last 6 games.... Losing a series to Az is pretty much the death knell...

(not to mention that the only reason the pitcher's spot was 8 was that Dusty moved it UP in another unnecessary double-switch... argh!)

Rich Hill pitched a good game...Yet, our offense didn't get the job done -- they failed to capitalize on some great scoring opportunities...It's not possible to comeback and win the close games every time...We needed a few more insurance runs...Lets hope that the Cubs bounce back tomorrow.

PINCH HITTER JOSE MACIAS strikes out to end the game. Down by 1, 2 outs in the 9th, and Dusty thinks JOSE MACIAS gives the Cubs the best chance to win the game??? In Dusty we Trust????

I think Dusty screwed up the double-switch in the top of the 8th. Gerut PH for the pitcher in the bottom of the 7th and came out to play the field in the top of the 8th, along with Roberto Novoa coming in to pitch, which means Novoa should bat 8th and Gerut 9th now, actually bringing the pitchers spot up one spot sooner, rather then pushing it off. A few batters later, he double-switched the 2 spots again, Holly and Rusch for Novoa and Gerut and putting the pitcher back to the 9th spot and Holly hitting 8th. Unless there was an injury (Gerut did slide aggressively into the wall stopping the double by Jackson from going into the corner and saving a run), it was absolute buffoonry on Dusty's part and a waste of a pinch-hitter. Of course it should be a 3-3 game anyway... WHY THE HELL WAS DERREK LEE STEALING IN FRONT OF ARAMIS RAMIREZ? Please tell me he did that on his own, cause if that was Dusty or Speier's idea, I'd fire them right now. If it was Lee's idea (which I suspect), then what the HELL is he thinking? He was actually safe on the play cause Glaus blew the tag but the ball beat him by enough that the ump wasn't going to call it. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB BASEBALL by the players and the manager. I blame Derrek, then the bullpen and Dusty for that loss.

Anther example of why we won't win anything with Baker as Manager.

I blame Derrek, then the bullpen and Dusty for that loss. The bullpen gave up one run in 3 innings, the starter gave up 2 in 6. Both were good performances, just not good enough today. Expecting the bullpen to be perfect everytime out is as unrealistic as expecting your starter to throw a shutout everytime. The bullpen deserves blame for giving up the lead, but MUCH bigger share of today's loss goes to the Cub offense that managed only one hit in 3 2/3 innings of the horrendous D-backs bullpen (including 2 innings from a guy whose ERA was over 10 before today!).

Dusty, dusty, dusty, dusty, dusty, dusty. Blame him all you want. If we can't score more than 2, 3, 4 runs at home over a 6 game homestand, you aren't going to win consistantly. It's what I have bene saying all week, take dusty out the equation...this is still a painfully mediocre team, and nit picking all of his little moves masks the real talent deficiency of this team. 3-3 homestand doesn't cut it.

well with the wind blowing in, it's always difficult to score runs in Wrigley, Derrek and Burnitz both had balls that were knocked down due to the wind. Because it's more difficult to score runs with the wind blowing in at Wrigley, all the more reason not to do something as STUPID as try and steal third with nobody out. It's one of the 10 commandments of baseball... - Never make the first OR last out at third base No I don't expect the bullpen to be perfect everytime, I do expect them not to hang a breaking ball to a rookie. Much like I expect Prior to throw a better 0-2 pitch to Glaus yesterday. And I generally am not one to blame Dusty for our losses, but wasting a pinch-hitter cause he doesn't realize that a double switch in that situation brings the pitcher spot up sooner, is just idiotic. There's no justification for it. And how long have we been complaining about bad baserunning with this team. Yeah the players are to blame, but at some point you have to look at the coaching. Not just Dusty necessarily, but something is just not right. Whether it's a level of teaching, or just not stressing how important it is, this team is giving up runs on the basepaths and we're certainly not good enough to do that.

absolute crap today. i am tired of dusty and his moronic plans every day. apparently today was "mess up double switch and waste pinch hitters" day, along with "make sure macias is up in a spot where we would like an extra base hit" and "make the first out at third with your two best hitters (other than the one on the basepaths) up". i am tired of the idiocy. i am tired of the conspiracy, "everyone hates us" mentality. i am tired of the martyr show. i am tired of matt murton getting pulled for no reason. i am green lantern's lost sense belief in this season. new manager, please. no soup for you, dusty.

Murton was treated like any OF in a double switch. Stop treating this like Dusty is being punitive with the changes with Murton. And the double switching did get out of hand today, but let's stop acting like that was why they lost. They lost because of bad offense and D-Lee's blunder. Oh, nice AB by Murton with the bags juiced, by the way. (Just pointing it out, not criticizing him too much. Just trying to temper the Murton is God enthusiasm. If it were anyone else in that situation, all hell would've broken loose here.)

I could care less if it was Murton, Holly, or whoever on a double switch. If the manager of our team doesn't realize how a double-switch works, he has no business managing, at least not in the NL. Please give me one good reason why you'd waste a pinch-hitter in a tight game there and why you'd bring the pitcher's spot up one spot closer?

line-up hair walk lee burny ram gerut perez barrett maddux

I really wonder at times how Dusty's defenders can post their defenses of Dusty's decisions with a straight face. Dusty made a double switch that moved the pitchers spot UP in the order. It takes a special kind of stupid to change your lineup so the pitcher bats sooner. No, its not why they lost, but its the kind of idoicy that makes it more difficult to win a ballgame - which to me is unacceptable from a manager. Murton was treated like any OF in a double switch. Stop treating this like Dusty is being punitive with the changes with Murton. Really? Are you so sure? I've only seen Dusty make the backass double-switch (making a change to have the pitcher bat sooner) with TWO players: Murton and Dubois. So why is it that for every veteran outfielder, Dusty is smart enough to remember that the point of the double switch is to the pitchers spot down in the order, but when its a rookie involved he suddenly forgets the entire purpose of the double switch? The only possible explaination I can think of is that Dusty's distrust of rookie players clouds his judgement so badly that he forgets even the simple basics of NL baseball. Unless Dusty's Defenders have a better explaination, cause if so, I'd like to hear it.

I can't defend the double switch -- he does do it too often -- and I can't defend the error. I guess we can't have a human being for a manager. But if you Dusty Bashers want to prove to me that Dusty took Murton out because he made an out, please do.

First we have a human being who's being paid 4 million dollars a year to be a manager, expecting him to have a basic understanding of National League baseball (or at least not be as dumb as a post) isn't an unrealistic expectation in my mind. Second, I can't prove any motive behind Dusty's moves, all I can do is show the amazing run of coincidences that only show up when a rookie is playing. Murton went several games where he stayed in a game after getting a hit and was immediately removed after making an out. Dusty went more than a month without letting Dubois finish a game he started. I can also say that I've never seen Dusty screw up a double switch when a veteran is involoved, yet somehow he's so eager to take his rookies out of the game, the pitcher ends up hitting earlier. None of those things prove anything, but its more than enough evidence for me to conclude that Dusty does not treat rookies as equals on his ballclub.

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  • crunch 7 hours 58 min ago (view)

    both him and his sister (who's since left twitter) have some interesting opinions on what civility and real americans are and are not.

    it may run in the family, but they're grown ass adults responsible for what things they put out in the world for public consumption.


  • Hagsag 8 hours 6 min ago (view)

    Piece of gabage.


  • crunch 11 hours 53 min ago (view)

    arrieta threw a pen today (saturday)


  • crunch 12 hours 30 min ago (view)

    beth and jd in the booth today.  beth had a great debut earlier in the year with very positive fan feedback for her work + homework.


  • crunch 12 hours 38 min ago (view)

    decided to check in on corey black to see if anyone has signed that waste of space.  dont think anyone has yet.

    he might want to remove the photo of the proud boys leader he has on his twitter as aggressively as he's removed some of his weird hot takes from the past.  actually, he should keep it there.  it will give him a reason to feel like a victim and that seems to be very important to him.


  • crunch 1 day 3 hours ago (view)

    no hitter!  4 in MLB on the season...2 have been vs CLE

    114 pitches.


  • crunch 1 day 3 hours ago (view)

    ...and CIN takes the lead because CLE is up a run on a throwing error followed by balking another runner in.

    miley gonna get his shot for a no-hitter win.


  • crunch 1 day 4 hours ago (view)

    w.miley (CIN) has a no-hitter through 8ip...0-0 game...106 pitches (season high)


  • crunch 1 day 8 hours ago (view)

    after this past off-season that is the most logical gut reaction.

    there's a lot of people out there rooting for kimbrel and bryant to have a good season as a backup plan (or main plan) for the 2021 season.


  • Sonicwind75 1 day 8 hours ago (view)

    Is it bad that my gut reaction was that I'm glad they didn't panic and risk injuring a valuable trade chip? Just keep him rested and healthy.   


  • champsummers 1 day 8 hours ago (view)




  • crunch 1 day 8 hours ago (view)

    Jordan Horrobin  @JordanHorrobin
    #Cubs David Ross says Craig Kimbrel was "just down" today and that not having Kimbrel in the ninth was not injury related. 
    He also said he expects Kimbrel to be available tomorrow.


  • champsummers 1 day 8 hours ago (view)

    it certainly was....

    wonder why Kimbrel didnt't come in?


  • crunch 1 day 9 hours ago (view)

    that was -way- too much drama.

    cubs move to .500, though.  woo.


  • Sonicwind75 1 day 9 hours ago (view)

    This top of the 9th is going from better, to bad, to worse.


  • First.Pitch.120 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    Least painful to lose if they don't want to keep a 40-man spot tied up?