I am thankful that I now live in a part of the country that's very foreign to me, with no family, friends or loved ones within six-hundred miles, who would be doing annoying things right now like competing for my attention, thus preventing me from sitting alone in my computer-room and posting an entry at TCR on Thanksgiving day. Oh, wait a minute, no, that didn't come out quite right. Let me try again.
*I'm thankful that the Cubs are investing a ridiculous amount of time and money in Soriano and not in Matthews or Pierre. *I'm thankful that we are under new on-field and executive management. *I'm thankful for seeing my first Cubs game in person since 2000, this summer. It was a beautiful day, I went with the most important person in my life, Pierre stole a couple bases, Jones hit a home run, and Howry blew the game. As perfect a day as I could have asked for. *I'm thankful that there's both a "mute" and an "off" button for the Thanksgiving Day Schlockfest. er, Parade. *I'm thankful for Ivy. *And for Len and Bob. *And for another five years of Aramis Ramirez, loafing and all. *And for the likelihood of many, many more years of Zambrano. *I'm thankful that in this winter's market, the Cubs have lots of relief pitching to deal. *I'm thankful that my family is all basically in good health, and waited until reasonable hours of the morning to begin phoning. *I'm thankful that I finished all my schooling, and that it looks like I'll finish my first semester of teaching World History without having instigated any riots or religious wars. *I'm thankful that Ruz hasn't fired me for being AWOL too frequently, and then showing up to write brief, schmaltzy fluff-pieces when no one will be looking. *I'm thankful to be a part of the most lively, entertaining, combative, humane, thoughtful, ridiculous, diverse and passionate group of Cubs fans for, what has it been for me, now, almost five years?
What are you thankful for, Cubs-related or otherwise?


I'm thankful I went and saw the Borat movie last nite and laughed my ass off. I'm thankful that I was wrong about the Cubs off season was going to be bad even by Cub standards. I'm thankful for the pound of butter that my wife just injected into out 28 lb turkey cooking in the oven. Hopefully her and the kids will enjoy the chicken McNuggets I bought last nite for their dinner today. Happy Thanksgiving, what does Juan Pierre have to be thankful for?

I'm thankful for having the most wonderful mentor, who besides that, is one of the most knowledgable baseball historians I've ever met, was always a formidable fantasy baseball rival (before we went our separate fantasy ways) who is also now one of my best friends. I'm thankful for my students. They've mostly been very very cool. I'm thankful for my colleagues, who have also basically been very very cool. I'm thankful for Arizona Phil and Rob G. I'm thankful for cheese. God I love cheese. And for my two across-the-dry-county-line Massive Booze Runs. And for and and and a bunch of others. And the Federalist Papers, and Rene Descartes and John Locke and Rousseau and Plato and the Constitution. And Spinoza and Kant and Robert Anton Wilson and Joseph Heller and Patti Smith and Iggy Pop. I'll stop now.

i'm thankful for the cub reporter community; even during the periods of fratricide, the reading is pretty entertaining. i'm thankful the club/tribune is reaching a little deeper into those pockets of theirs. i'm thankful the bears don't play today; i want nothing to distract my appetite from turkey, duck, asparagus, green beans, cranberries, wild rice, and beverages of choice while gathered with friends/family/loved ones.

I am thankful that so many people were wrong on the Cubs signing Matthews and Soriano on the Free Agent Frenzy contest.

* I am thankful that I got a job that fits my interest very well. I am thankful for my not-bad salary so now I can really live independently after many years of schooling and wasting my parents' money. * I am thankful that my ex-boyfriend didn't tell me that he had a new girlfriend and didn't ask me never come back again. No...none of my ex-boyfriends should let me know they have new girlfriends. I will continue to wish them well but please don't let me know their romantic stories. * I am thankful that I got a flight ticket to fly back to Chicago. Oh, Yes! I will be in Chicago in a few hours. Wait for me, my Lake! * I am thankful that my cubbies play baseball for the team and for my beloved city. * I am thankful that I am a Cubs' fan. * I am thankful for Bob and Len.

i'm grateful in advance for the first fit that LouPa throws. i'm grateful in advance for the base that he throws during the tirade. i'm grateful in advance for the beer i will kill after loupa leaves the field following that first ejection.

I'm grateful to John McDonough for replacing Andy McFail, loosening Mother Tribune's tight purse strings and then stating that it's time for the Cubs to win the World Series.

> thankful that my father rasied me a cubs fan even though we lived in the NY/NJ area (couldn't stomach being a NY sports team fan, ugh) > thankful that Ryno actually went into the bus to retrieve a pen and sign my hat therefore cementing his hero status in my eyes as a 13yr old > thankful I met my wife here in Sharon, PA, the only good thing to happen since moving here from NJ > thankful my daughter Ani (y'all saw her pic on here awhile ago - thanks Ruz), who had only a 2-vessel umbilical cord( is healthy, above average in height, smart and 100% normal considering what could have happened > thankful my son James is also 100% healthy, happy and smart (well, both kids I am claiming to be smart - they like the Cubbies) > thankful that Dusty is gone, Pierre is not being paid 9mil/yr to watch his ONLY asset - speed - delcine and that 1yr wonder Sarge jr is not getting paid 10mil/yr to repeat what Tuffy Rhodes did here in US baseball > and finally thankful that I live in the USA!

I'm thankful for: -My wife, and my first child due in May -Franz Kafka and Kurt Vonnegut -The Cubs and Bears -Japanese movies and Indie Rock -Prosperity in a not so prosperous world -Love and faith

I'm thankful that Cubs fans are now able to argue about the free agent superstar(s) that we just signed, instead of the free agent superstar(s) that we decided not to sign. I'm thankful for those nights when I stay up way too late to watch a West Coast game on TV by myself and the Cubs reward me with a satisfying win. I am thankful for peanut brittle. I'm thankful for the memory of Michael Barrett's grand slam to sweep the Cards on Sunday night in the first home series of the 2006 season, although I wish I would have known at the time that it was to be the last magical moment of the year. I'm thankful that Kerry Wood is back, because he is a walking example that loyalty and a sense of obligation are alive in professional sports. I am thankful for red licorice. I'm thankful in advance for the day that the Cubs will win the World Series in my lifetime, because I know that it will happen. And I know that it will change my relationship with the team once the quest is over; it won't be better or worse, but it will be different. And I believe that I will look back on these days with a smile on my face and lots of "remember when" stories, and I will say that it was all worth it. I am thankful for TCR and all its writers and posters. This site has made me a better fan.

"I am thankful for TCR and all its writers and posters. This site has made me a better fan." Ditto. I'm thankful for people like Trans, John, Casey, Rob, Mike C, Crunch, Ruz, Steve, 434, Ryno, Dave in Pittsburgh (and usually Seattle, too), JAG, DC, Real Neal, Phil (even if we disagree a lot!), Manny, Chad, Cubster, Adam, the whole Parachat crew (whom I never thanked for making this horrible season a little bit better) because finding other Cubs fans in the soccer-obsessed country I live in isn't easy. Happy Thanksgiving, gringos.

-I'm thankful that, for once in my life, people are being critical of CUBS management for overspending in order to get a superstar. -I am thankful for the fact that I will never have to see either Dusty Baker or Neifi Perez in a Cub uniform again. -I am thankful that the only two sports teams I really, really care about (Nebraska football and the Cubs) have both gotten past the worst of times are are on the upswing.

I'm thankful that a bunch of radical Colonists decided they'd rather live in a state of anarchy than be oppressed by religion and government. We owe them the greatest thanks for today. Too bad they went on to liquidate the Native Americans who ruled this land for hundreds of years. Sorry about that...

I'm thankful I got to see Hank Sauer hit a long foul ball into the night in an exhibition game in Des Moines when I was a kid...I'm thankful the Expos walked Billy Buck intentially so big Dave Kingman could hit a grand slam! I'm thankful I was there in Wrigley to see big Barry Foote hit a grand slam in the 9th inning and saw Wrigley celebrate like they won the world series, cause it was against the hated Redbirds! I'm thankful I drove to Chicago in 1989 and waited all day to buy a playoff ticket from a guy and saw my first night game, even tho the Giants beat Greg Maddux...Gracie was soooo good. Thanks for all the memories, Cubbies.

I'm thankful for bipartisanship, for activists, for awareness. I'm thankful for my friends and family and my amazing girlfriend that make every little part of my life a little easier. I'm thankful for Kundera, Vargas Llosa, Zola, Balzac, Hugo, Proust, Cortazar, Palahniuk, Garland, and Easton Ellis. I'm thankful for Coppola, De Palma (hmm maybe not so much anymore), Scorsese, Stone, Gondry, Jonze, Jeunet, P.T. Anderson, Nolan, Fincher, and Kubrick. (Altman RIP) I'm thankful for Radiohead, Bjork, Pixies, Beatles, The doors, Pearl jam, Blind Melon, Pink Floyd, Dave Matthews, Doves, Sublime, Bob Dylan, Chemical Brothers, Jamiroquai, Guns n Roses, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Rakim, Mos Def, Gang Starr, Dr. Dre, Outkast, Apathy, Snoop, Biggie, 2Pac... I'm gonna stop now. I'm thankful for the French Football team and for my beloved Cubs... I'm dying with both of you by my side. I'm thankful for Pierre's stache.

I have so much to be thankful for. My parents (both now deceased). My brothers and sisters. My wife of 28 years. My five children. The fact that my great-grandparents had the nerve to leave Europe and come here 150 years ago. For Chicago, this beautiful, accomplished city. For music - particularly Bach's keyboard concerti and Mozart's final three symphonies. For my good health. For my friends. For my work as a computer programmer. For baseball. And yes, for the Cubs.

I'm thankful for (among other obvious, more important things): Having had the chance to see Billy Leo Williams swing the bat - the most beautiul swing ever Having heard Louis Prima, Bob Wills, Louis Jordan, James Brown Having seen Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary, Brian Urlacher Michael and Scottie Having heard Harry Caray do Cardinal radio - unbelievably good, even to a young Cub fan Seasons three, four and five of The Andy Griffith Show Albert Pujols, Lawrence Taylor, Gale Sayers Daisy Dukes, Bobby Heenan, W.C. Fields

I'm thankful for that day in '75 when my dad took me to see the Cardinals beat the Cubs at Wrigley, sealing my fate as a Cubs fan. I'm also thankful for Vytorin, hello again fatty foods.

I'm thankful that I have a son to share a lifetime of Cubs craziness with.

i am thankful for my dad having made me a chicago sports fan (sans sox). i am thankful for my wife and 3 sons jeffrey, colin and shawn. i am thankful for everything. simply everything basically. thanks, all of you.

Non-Cubs: -I am thankful for my mother's health and well-being. -I am thankful and proud as ever to be an American. -I am thankful to have a strong faith in God. -I am thankful for my friends who have helped me through a very difficult 2006. Cubs: -I am thankful to see Soriano join the Cubs as an outfielder. I've always loved his power, speed, and raw potential, and am glad that Frank Robinson was his manager last year. Not everyone would have forced him to play LF. I would not want him playing 2B for my Cubbies. -I am thankful to see McDonough and Hendry spending money to improve this team. Even though some of the expenditures may be to make the Cubs more marketable to potential buyers, but regardless, the team is already WAY better than it was last year. -I am thankful that Matsuzaka did not end up with the Mets. -I am thankful that the Cubs do not appear willing to throw money at Zito. He would bomb in Wrigley Field. -I am thankful that Derrek Lee will be back next year. Not only was his bat missed, but so was his glove, presence, and leadership on and off the field. -I am thankful that Peter Angelos is an idiot. As such, it looks like he may throw 6 years/$90-$100 MM at Carlos Lee, thereby keeping him away from the Astros (I hope I hope) and Wrigley Field. Wow...lots of Cubs stuff to be thankful for.

I'm thankful I started this thread. Reading everyone's comments has cheered me up. Here's to having many more things come our ways that we can be thankful for.

Things that I'm thankful for: -Lou Pineilla and the anticipation of him being ejected rather colorfully this season. -Steve Stone -Alfonso Soriano, A-Ram, D-Lee, Big Z -The anticipation of acquiring some starting pitching. -The devotion to the Cubs franchise, fans, and city of Chicago by the front office. -Augie Ojeda -No stupid signings(yet) -not winning the bid for Matsuzaka -Cubs fans, the greatest fans in sports -All you fellow diehard fans who make me feel proud about being a Cub fan. That was great, I think I shed a tear.

I am thankful for my friends and family. I am thankful to be a part of the greatest fans in the game. I am VERY thankful for all of the people involved in making this such a great site to visit. Te knowledge that I gain when I visit this site is unbelievable... So thank you

Non Cubs My wife, 2 boys, a great family, a good job, a home, and a perfect place to go when I die. Cubs THE CUB REPORTER!, Lou Pinella, Dusty leaving, A good off season so far, The hope for a great season this year, Memories from Ryan Sandberg, Mark Grace, Sammy Sosa, Greg Maddux, Steve Stone and Harey Carey. Good Night. Let the Pitching signings begin tomorrow! GO CUBS!

I am thankful for: My dad taking me to a cubs game in 7th grade. (sealed my fate) My 3 sons (27,27,15 years old) who when I was watching Cubs games didn't seem to care all that much but are now Cubs fans themselves. My twin sons who gave me a bat autographed by the 2006 Cubs (yeah, they stunk, but It's got Maddux's signature on it) Actually feeling hopeful again. Pat and Ron. A coach with charisma - love him or hate him. AND everyone who contributes to this website. My ball cap is off to you! Oh yeah, Go Bears!

I'm thankful the Cubs' goal next year is not mediocrity.

I'm thankful for what sits between Clark, Addison, Sheffield, and Waveland on the Northside. I'm thankful for every memory I have at every Cub game I've been to in my 23 years. Every Mark Grace base-knock. Every Ryno homer. Every great play by Andre Dawson. Every Sosa hop. Every D-Lee opposite field double. Maddux punching out 3,000. Every time Z hits Jim Edmonds (saw exactly three of those). Every Burnitz game winner (saw exactly one of those in a meaningless game against the Giants in early August 2005 when I heckled the crap out of Michael Tucker all day and he dropped a fly ball for the Cubs to tie it in the ninth.. was also the night after Maddux's 3,000th). I'm VERY thankful for Old Style on Opening Day at Wrigley when it's about 35 degrees. I'm also thankful that on said day after a sixer or so I'm not even within the top 500 or so people who are least in control of their motor skills within the aforementioned city block. I'm thankful for the Bleachers. I said it. And as a stereotypical bleacher bum, I'm thankful that I'll get drunk and fight you about it whenever you want. Happy Thanksgiving, Team. 129 days until Opening Day.

I am thankful for: Non Cubs My family, especially my 81 year old mom. My friends. Every musician that I've played with. Music is such a great team activity. That it is finally going to warm up today. I have become such a wimp since leaving Chicago. Cubs For all of the recent signings. So far no major blunders. That Dusty is gone. That Lou is the Manager. That they didn't screw around with Wrigly Field too much. It still kinda looks like the place that I first visited 45 years ago.

OT -- Every year I'm suprised by how much the FAs go for, but this year it suprised me even more. I figured teams would be more reluctant to spend after seeing what Florida accomplished on $15 mil.

Last night during Thanksgiving dinner my father said "hey, only two and a half months before pitchers and cathers report". I'm thankful for my father.

I'm thankful for growing up north of Chicago (Zion) so that I became a Cub fan, as the Italian side of my family lived near Comiskey in the old neighborhood and thus were Sox fans (ugh!). I'm thankful that, after moving to Southern California for high school and college, to go to Dodger Stadium versus the Cubs and see all of the Cub fans come out of the woodwork for those games. No other team in any sport has that kind of loyal following. Also thankful for WGN to go cable so that I could watch them from the West Coast. I'm thankful that, after moving to Seattle, went to the Cubs/Mariners game at Safeco to again see the Cub fans come out of the woodwork. I'm really thankful to have moved back to the midwest (Hobart) from 03 - 06 (since moved back to Puget Sound). Got tickets to take my wife to a Cub game in 2003. Got a game late in the season and thought - well at least we can see a game, it might be cold and they might be out of it. It turned out to be the doubleheader against the Pirates that clinched the Central Division. That was awesome! So cool to see the countdown change between games on the roof of the Budweiser building and then to 0 after the second game. All the fans at that game had a permanent smile on their faces as we all felt this time that the Cubs could actualy win some games in the playoffs and not just show up like they did versus Atlanta in '98. Again, thankful to be a Cub fan. I, as most Cub fans are truly eternally optimistic. We ache and get frustrated (way too often), but the rewards are so much sweeter for Cub fans when we experience successes, however mild. I'm thankful to look forward to every season and hold the hope that it might be the Cubs' year. Oh, and the White Sox can kiss my @$$ !!

I think the C Lee rumors have pretty much waned since the Cubs already found their extra big bat, but I thought this was interesting: The Orioles need Carlos Lee, but it looks like it might take $90 million over six years to fill that gaping run-production hole in the middle of the lineup. I can't imagine Peter Angelos approving an offer of that size - and I'm not sure he should - but the Orioles have shown some early aggressiveness this offseason. The club is at a decided disadvantage in its pursuit of Lee, who owns a home near Houston and would not be subject to a state income tax in Texas. That means that the Orioles would have to offer about 10 percent more just to stay even with the Astros, who also have a much better chance of reaching the playoffs next year. Full Story Found on Ben Maller's site.

I am thankful for the family God has blessed me with, and for the son who I hope to eventually convert to a Cub's fan (he's a contrary fan and likes to cheer for whoever won last year or whoever I'm cheering against). I'm thankful for no more Dusty picks littering the dugout, no more Neifi bunt-for-hits-to-end-a-game, and no more Dick Pole jokes. I'm thankful for Z's passion and some young arms that will lead the Cubs to post-season success. And last, but certainly not least ... BEAR DOWN, CHICAGO BEARS!

While whoever signs C-Lee will eventually rue that signing (he's literally eating his way towards an early retirement), I would rather the Orioles get a couple of good years out of him instead of the Astros. Lee tears up Cubs pitching, especially at Wrigley. He'd also put up some beastly power numbers in the juicebox...

Minute Miad is only going to help you if your a dead pull hitter. If your power is to left center, it can kill you. It seems like that's where Lee's power is too. Also if you're a line drive hitter it can be frustrating, sort of like Fenway.

Ryan: (he's literally eating his way towards an early retirement) I keep hearing this business about his weight and I don't buy it. He still steals bases (and seems to be getting better, in fact) and can really run em down in LF. I think some guys are just built bigger.

Ryno: stealing bases isn't just about speed; it's also about knowing how far of a lead you can get and getting a good jump. Felix Pie has great speed but hasn't translated that into good baserunning; Carlos Lee has a reputation as being slow but had 19 thefts last year. Bottom line is that he's overweight and keeps putting on pounds. Not a good sign for the Houston Astros...

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  • crunch 8 hours 50 min ago (view)

    semi-interesting winter league note...

    trey mcnutt (yes, that guy) is having a hell of a winter league in mexico (one of the less talented winter leagues) so far as a closer.  15.2ip 8h 4bb 24k, 0.57 era.

    giants signed him to a minor league deal a couple weeks ago.  he never went anywhere.  he's been consistently playing ball in the minors and indie league ball since he was last a noteworthy player.  last season he played in the OAK minor league system.  30 years old now...


  • jdrnym 15 hours 47 min ago (view)

    Brad Brach signs with the Mets for $850K but the Cubs are paying $500K, per Ken Rosenthal. Wasn't his 2020 club only supposed to be on the hook for league minimum?


  • crunch 16 hours 24 min ago (view)

    when he got to the mets he suddenly learned how to throw with control (small sample size etc).  last year was not a fun bullpen year...


  • crunch 18 hours 40 min ago (view)

    Yeah, I've made myself familiar with a lot of the changes, but AZP's posts have both added more information and cleared up stuff I didn't fully grasp.  I appreciate the hell out of it.  Thanks Phil, thanks TCR.


  • bradsbeard 20 hours 23 min ago (view)

    Looks like Savant has his breaking pitch classified as a curve while Fangraphs calls it a slider. Suppose by ST he could have made everything over in the pitching lab, so who knows!


  • Arizona Phil 20 hours 39 min ago (view)

    Again, none of these rules (including the one that requires a pitcher to face a minimum of three batters or else record the final out of the inning) have been officially approved.  

    I think one possible caveat that might be added to the three-batter minimum rule would be that the pitcher can be replaced prior to facing three batters or recording the final out of the inning if the other team puts up a pinch-hitter. 


  • Arizona Phil 20 hours 43 min ago (view)

    Ptchers would also be treated differently under the new rules as far as the Injured list and Optional Assignment to the minors is concerned, with pitchers having to spend at least 15 days (up from 10 days) on the Injured List before being eligible to be reinstated and at least 15 days (up from 10 days) on Optional Assignment before being eligible to be recalled (inless the pitcher is being recalled to replace a pitcher on the 26-man roster who has been placed on an MLB inactive list).  


  • Arizona Phil 20 hours 43 min ago (view)

    SONICWIND: As the rule is proposed, prior to the start of each MLB regular season a club must designate all players on its Opening Day 26-man roster as either a "pitcher" or a "position player." A maximum of 13 can be designated as pitchers (14 pitchers max when rosters expand from 26 to 28 beginning on 9/1). 

    For players who come up during the season, the club must designate the player as either a pitcher or a position player when the player is placed on the MLB active list roster. 


  • Arizona Phil 20 hours 56 min ago (view)

    BRADSBEARD: Fangraphs shows the CT as his primary pitch in 2018 with the SL & FB (and an occasional CH) as his secondary pitches, with no CV at all. I guess I'll find out for sure in Spring Training. 


  • Sonicwind75 22 hours 12 min ago (view)

    AZ Phil, thank you as always for the detailed information.  How is the "cannot be a pitcher" part of the rule to be enforced?  With a few two way players and the increasing amount of mop up innings being handled by position players it seems like there could be a gray area there.  What is preventing a team from stashing an athletic relief pitcher as a "5th outfielder" that could be a pinch runner and play a passable OF when needed but could also provide them with extra relief pitcher.  Anytime I hear of a new rule I always think of how Bill Billichek would circumvent it t


  • bradsbeard 22 hours 13 min ago (view)

    AZ Phil, looking around Baseball Savant, it looks like Winkler now primarily throws a low 90s cutter, a 4-seamer that he throws a little harder (but is less effective), a curve and a sinker. The slider and change haven't been a major part of his repertoir the last two years. The cutter has been really effective the last two years but it looks like he lost command/effectiveness of his 4-seemer and curve last year For whatever reason  


  • bradsbeard 1 day 1 hour ago (view)

    They just signed this guy:


  • Hagsag 1 day 2 hours ago (view)

    There seems to be a lot of player movement so far. Too bad the Cubs aren't involved.


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 18 hours ago (view)

    Beginning in 2019, a club must wait a minimum of seven days before it can place a player who was claimed off Outtright Assignment Waivers during the off-season back onto waivers, so because he was claimed off waivers on Wednesday 11/27, yesterday (Wednesday 12/4) was the first day the Cubs could place LHRP C. D. Pelham back onto Outright Assignment Waivers, and so tomorrow (Friday 12/6) is the first day the Cubs can send Pelham outright to the minors (if he was placed back onto waivers yesterday).


  • Arizona Phil 2 days 15 hours ago (view)

    A Competitive Balance draft slot can be traded only during a period of time starting on December 2nd and extending up until two hours prior to the MLB First-Year Player Draft (MLB Rule 4 Draft), so don't be surpised if these draft picks are traded during the off-season.

    Keep in mind that the slot cannot be traded for cash unless it is a financial adjustment made to offset the salary of one or more of the players involved in the trade.


  • Arizona Phil 2 days 15 hours ago (view)

    The active list roster limit changes scheduled to go in effect in 2020 have not yet been officially approved. Same goes for the three-batter minimum (or else record the third out in the inning) for relief pitchers.