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The Arizona Republic is reporting that late yesterday or early today, someone broke in to Bob Brenly's home to steal the emmy he won for his work with Len last year. This demands a serious investigation. First of all, how did Bob Brenly win an Emmy? Ok, maybe it would be better to start with an easier problem: Who stole Bob's Emmy? The Suspects: Aramis Ramirez Motive: Resentful at Brenly over being called out for a lack of hustle Alibi: Breaking and entering requires hustle Guilt: unlikely Ryan Dempster Motive: Resentful of Brenly over criticisms at the hurler's lack of control Alibi: Was seen a few miles outside of Peoria at the time, trying to hit the broad side of a barn Guilt: Possible. The witness was umpire C.B. Bucknor Len Kasper Motive: Indignation at carrying the load, then having to share the emmy Alibi: Bouncer in Boston reports carding Len Kasper Thursday night, as Len was trying to get in to see Theo Epstein jam with the band. Guilt: In the clear Neifi Perez Motive: Shoot the messenger Alibi: Reportedly, a window was broken in the room from which the Emmy was stolen. What in the world could Neifi swing with enough force to break a window pane? Guilt: Impossible Ozzie Guillen Motive: He's crazy, he doesn't need a motive. Alibi: When asked about the incident, Ozzie said "Emmys are for @[email protected]$*%[email protected] %$#@(s. What the !)($%^^ would I want with some $#_))$)[email protected]'s Emmy?" Guilt: Widely considered to be a deeply closeted @[email protected]$*%[email protected] %$#@(, Ozzie might have swiped the Emmy as an expression of his deeply conflicted feelings about his own sexuality. Plausible. Dusty Baker Motive: Jealousy. It's the only award won by a Cub in his tenure as manager. Believes Brenly's unfounded criticisms sabotaged his team's chemistry, turned the city against him, and prevented him from finding a left-handed batting-practice pitcher. Alibi: Was busy at work preparing commentary for his new job as an analyst with ESPN Guilt: Read that alibi again, and you tell me. Steve Stone Motive: Lingering resentment with WGN and the Tribune over the situation leading to his departure Alibi: Phone records indicate Stone was on the phone to Peter Angelos, presumably inquiring about his interest in hiring a new GM. Guilt: In the clear Juan Pierre Motive: Likes to steal. It's about the only thing he does well. Alibi: Claims to have been mowing his lawn Guilt: Possible. While neighbors said they thought they had heard the sound of a mower, no one could see Pierre over the tall grass. Ruben Rivera Motive: Needs the money. Has a history of stealing from teammates Alibi: Was last seen running the basepaths. Guilt: Highly unlikely This investigation is still in process. Given the gravity of the offense, we are actively pursuing any and all credible tips posted to our crime hotline at TCR.


You're forgetting about Dayn Perry.

This incident looks like something Dayn Perry would do.

I once won a Chicago emmy. A Chicago emmy ranks somewhere in stature between an employee of the month plaque from a Blockbuster and one of those signs in a restaurant washroom reminding employees to wash their hands before returning to work. A Chicago emmy is worth exactly five dollars on the street providing the robber tapes five dollars to the bottom of it before selling it.

You're forgetting the obvious. When you look back to Brenly's playing days he had an inordinate amount of home runs so clearly he was in possession of steroids. Hence the investigation falls to a slimmed down Dominican who is attempting a comeback and needs the money for some supplements. Mark Buerhle has put his Chicago area home up for sale. Hmmm, hello St.Louis. Probably not until the deadline or next off-season. Especially now that Jeff Weaver is seemingly about to sign with Seattle.

WGN Radio Sports Central's Tom Waddle leaving/last show was tonight. Kap is staying, Waddle may be going to ESPN 1000. http://tinyurl.com/2x3p7b They've hosted the show for 10 yrs.

Baseball America will release the top ten Cub prospect list on Monday 1/29. http://tinyurl.com/2y5dl6 (subscription site) I always love the issue that has the NL Central. At first glance I was hoping it was their prediction the 2007 season standings Cubs/Reds/Astros/Brewers/Pirates/Cardinals...but unfortunately it's alphabetical by city with StL last on 2/9.

"Especially now that Jeff Weaver is seemingly about to sign with Seattle." 1yr/8.3m

As much as Cub fans used to bitch about having a payroll that didn't match market size and revenue earned, it must suck to be a Cardinals fan right now. Sure they lucked out and won the World Series so they can't be too pissed, but since moving into their new park and winning a World Series they've cut payroll whereas most clubs would raise payroll with the heightened revenue.

Precisely how does it suck to be a Cardinal fan?!?! They are fresh off winning the World Series. And over their illustrious history they have won 10 World Series. Meanwhile the Cubs remain a national laughingstock and have been fumbling with their nuts since 1945. Or 1908 if you want to get all technical and stuff. Walt Jocketty is one of the best in the business. Give him a year or two and the Cardinals will be right back to where they usually are. And that is dominating the NL Central and generally kicking the ass out of the Cubs. Thanks for depressing me.

"WGN Radio Sports Central’s Tom Waddle leaving/last show was tonight. Kap is staying, Waddle may be going to ESPN 1000. http://tinyurl.com/2×3p7b" THIS LINK takes me to Alta Vista search page with ads...

I was talking in terms of financial matters only as I prefaced. Sorry you can't read.

Cardinals got a top of the line Ace, two MVP caliber bats, solid defense and bullpen. They are going to compete for the division next year. Just get used to that fact.

And Jeff Weaver shows yet again that you can absolutely blow (5-4, 5.18) for an entire season, put together five nice starts in the postseason (3-2, 2.43) and then get paid 8 million dollars.

five point one eight... stupid smiley face

Marquis had a 6 ERA for the regular season, couldn't even make the post-season roster and he got a lot more guaranteed dollars than Weaver.

If Zach Duke starts to pitch against other teams like he does against the Cubs, they could call him 'The Duke of Hurl' or if he had a bulimic brother they could call him the same I guess. Then Duke and Marquis could go pitch for the Royals.

LOL... Don't worry Bob, it will be on E-Bay in a matter of weeks.

Precisely how does it suck to be a Cardinal fan?!?! They are fresh off winning the World Series..blah blah blah blah The cardinals suck; they just do.

Cubs vs. Cards 1B Lee or Pujols? 2B Mark DeRosa or Adam Kennedy? SS Izturis or Eckstein? 3B Rolen or A-Ram? LF Duncan or Murton? CF Edmonds or Soriano? RF Encarnacion or Jacque? C Molina or Barrett? Offensively, the Cubs are ahead at C, LF, CF, RF, 3B, 2B. Defensively? Not so much... Cards rotation: Chris Carpenter Anthony Reyes Kip Wells? A cast of 1000's? Not too awe inspiring.... It's a new year. All bets are off...

Yes... Neal.. you're right. It is more guaranteed money for Marquis. But his services will also be employed for more than one season. Marquis isn't making 8 per, nor should he. Weaver's getting 8 per. Think about that for a moment.

Why is Cedeno trying so hard at winter ball? Didn''t he get the memo.

someone with Insider access let me know what Keith Law rated the Cubs farm system at, looks like he ranked all the organizations recently. Thanks...

# The E-Man — January 26, 2007 @ 10:42 pm “WGN Radio Sports Central’s Tom Waddle leaving/last show was tonight. Kap is staying, Waddle may be going to ESPN 1000. http://tinyurl.com/2×3p7b” THIS LINK takes me to Alta Vista search page with ads… ------------------------------------------ Try this one from the Trib..... http://chicagosports.chicagotribune.com/sport...

I go away to Vegas for a few days and the site makes a bunch of changes and looks great. Dusty called Waddle last nite to tell him he has taken job with ESPN. Buerhle and Williams have war of words at Soxfest both agreeing that this will be his last season on South Side. Feel the love!! I imagine Cards making strong push for him by All-Star break.

Rob G., The Cubbies are ranked 19th, featuring only a quick sentence about the enigma of Felix Pie and, according to his claims, there ain't much close to making the big club. Houston's a notch above us at 18, Cincy at 15. Pittsburg's one below us at 20, and falling south of the Mendoza line is St. Louis at 28.

I take Keith Law with a grain of salt.

I love Murton, but he's not ahead of Duncan, no way. That said, I agree that we stack up better against the cards than what popular notion holds...

not sure what tiny url did to the link, so here's the Waddle leaving WGN story link in it's full glory http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football... and one more try with the tiny ones: http://tinyurl.com/2x3p7b

sorry about tiny url going sour on that Waddle link...I'll try again: http://tinyurl.com/2x3p7b and if that doesn't work: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football...

what's with the comment awaiting moderation stuff...OK, don't drink and drive, now that is a good idea. A two beer limit on this site, c'mon.

Somehow there must be a wait station between blog post heaven and hell cubster says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. January 27th, 2007 at 10:11 am sorry about tiny url going sour on that Waddle link…I’ll try again: http://tinyurl.com/2×3p7b and if that doesn’t work: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football...

There must be a waiting station where Gabriel sits for blog posts before they go to heaven or hell. Your comment is awaiting moderation. ------- sorry about tiny url going sour on that Waddle link…I’ll try again: http://tinyurl.com/2×3p7b and if that doesn’t work: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football...

I don't see how you can be so abolute about Duncan and Murton. Murton hits righties and lefties. Duncan hits righties, but hasn't shown ability to hit lefties. That might be because he hasn't gottent he opportunity or it might not. I do know Duncan never hit more than 21 homers in the minor leagues and hit 22 in 300 ABs last year in the majors. I'm supposed to be sold that he can keep that up. Maybe he can. Maybe a light clicked on. I dont think it's likely that he's gonna keep that up, though. Murton's shown he can hti in the majors over a full season and even showed improving power as the year went on(about the time he started loading up on his back leg). I'll concede Duncan as the better player if he has a better 2007 than Murton, but I'd take Murton at this point.

Duncan's five months older, so age is moot. Murton's a better fielder Duncan has extreme splits, certainly, but he slugged over .600 against righties last year. Overall, he had 150 points of slugging on murton, with almost identical average and OBP. Duncan's 2007 projections: Bill James - .862 OPS CHONE - .776 Marcel - .891 ZiPS - .803 Murton's: James - .864 CHONE - .792 Marcel - .834 ZiPS - .807 James and ZiPS see Murton and Duncan as virtually identical, CHONE likes Murton by a bit, Marcel likes Duncan by quite a bit more. So yeah, I shouldn't be so absolute on it. But that's an ENORMOUOS slugging advantage from a guy who has the lefty platoon advantage over Murton. Murton has more ML ABs, but it's not like he's much more established than Duncan. To Duncan's 290 ABs last year, Murton had 455. I also have to admit that I was very impressed by Duncan's pinch-hit HR last year against a lefty reliever (ugh, who was it) late in the NLCS. Granted, it might be the last HR he ever hits against a lefty, there couldn't be a smaller sample-size than picking out that AB, but it IS the last image of him I remember seeing from last year.

So I'll omit my "no way" and instead just say "I would strongly prefer Duncan as my left-fielder. But Murton still rules, too."

I read quite a few Cards blogs and many of them think that Duncan's performance last year was a bit of a fluke. Most seem to think he'll be somewhere between a platoon/pinch-hit guy and a decent regular.

I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. I still say give me Murton, and I'm not even one of the Murton-lovers. Duncan might slug over .600 against righties again this year, but I just don't see it happening. He had a scorching August followed by a terrible September/October and playoffs. He'll probably fall somewhere in the middle of those months with a .270/.340/.460 line. That's just my own personal projection, though. He does have the lefty platoon advantage, but Murton doesn't need to be platooned. I doubt that Duncan is strictly platooned this year, anyway, and, yeah, since he's left-handed, he'll still probably get about the same amount of ABs as Murton. After this year, we'll obviously have a better idea. I'll pull for Murton this year and you can keep your man-crush on that Satanic Fowl LF butcher. (the last sentence was in jest, of course)

sorry cubster, one link per comment limit, it really does limit the spam...

Ah, if only you knew how close to the truth that last sentence actually is.... This really is a pretty classic debate: do you take the player more likely to be a consistently good but not great player, or the player who could be great, but also could flop? Again, no disrespect to Murton, I think I actually might be higher on him, as I WOULD call myself a Murton-lover. I just am sort of tantalized by the Satanic Fowl LF Butcher's performance last summer. If he spends a full year batting in front of Pujols, he's going to see a ridiculous number of fastballs in the hitting zone.

scarey thing about duncan is how totally lost he is in the OF, even LF. you'd think he was nothing but a DH/1st most of his career and never saw an OF'rs glove. he stares at popflys before he moves and doesnt have the speed to catch up.

There's probably a pretty good chance that C.Duncan becomes the next Daryle Ward. One truncated season of hope (2000) where he hit 20 HRs and slugged .538 in only 264 ABs giving HOU a glimmer of hope...then after that he remembered that he was Daryle Ward and became a top tier pinch hitter who couldn't hit lefties. Also played out of position in the OF like Duncan is. Both well below subpar defensive 1B who were slid to the OF because of Pujols and Bagwell respectively. Even more similar(with Murton) is that Duncan still may be platooned with a righty if STL brings Preston Wilson back as has been discussed...could also split time with Eli Marrero if Wilson isn't brought back.

Duncan vs. A.Dunn for worst LFer would be a pretty good debate. Dunn has a superior arm though.

the "after that he remembered he was Daryle Ward" isn't especially fair. At the time, we didn't know what Daryle Ward would be! There was good reason to anticipate that he would be a productive regular, albeit defensively challenged. Duncan certainly could flop. But even if he loses a 100 slugging points against right-handed pitchers next year, he's going to outslug Murton, and by a substantive amount. The defense... yeah, there's not much hope, there.

Dunn, by all accounts, doesn't seem to care about playing defense. Duncan cares, he just can't.

I'm just not seeing the potential for greatness in Duncan that you see, Trans. Like Bogey says, one season of hope before falling back to earth. Of course, the fact that some Cardinal fans think it was a fluke makes me wanna believe he's HOF-bound. But, I have to go with my gut. And my gut says he's gonna be the second coming of Chris Richard. My gut also tells me that a PB, J, and H would be pretty good right now.

That second sentence was interrupted by something. I know that's not exactly what Bogey was saying. I don't remember what it was supposed to say, but it ended up being two different sentences spliced together.

if it helps the conversation, Duncan wasn't even a top 10 prospect last year in a very poor Cards system, he was 8th in 2004. He was rated their best power hitter though... Larussa though will use him wisely and get production out of him. In the end, him and Murton will probably have the same impact on their teams.

The Cubbies are ranked 19th, featuring only a quick sentence about the enigma of Felix Pie and, according to his claims, there ain’t much close to making the big club. Houston’s a notch above us at 18, Cincy at 15. Pittsburg’s one below us at 20, and falling south of the Mendoza line is St. Louis at 28. well I agree, E-Pat needs a year in AAA and their 3 best pitchers shouldn't be anywhere near the majors. Guys though like Hill, Guzman, Marmol and Marshall though would have helped the numbers a lot (I'm guessing), but they don't qualify. What the hell is Pitt doing? Crappy team, crappy farm system, won't spend money....Good luck!!

I don't do this often, but I've got a favor to ask. My birthday's coming up in a few weeks, and I'd like to get a book on the history of baseball -- something pretty in-depth that will really acquaint me with the great names of the past, the various eras, etc. I don't need some introduction to who Bob Gibson and Juan Marichal were, but I'd like something that investigates the history from a more narrative perspective and compares players across generations. Any ideas?

Andrew - regardless of what you think about Sabrmetrics, for a comprehensive history of the game that is accurate, enjoyable to read, chock full of info, and opinionated, you can't go wrong with Bill James and "The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract." It covers the history of American baseball by decade from the 1870s to the present, rates and comments on the top 100 players at each position, has statistical analysis (in its own separate section, if you want it, of teams and players across history), and is full of great stories and commentary. If you're looking for something more time-specific (and I know you said you're looking more general), I really liked Deadball STars of the National League (haven't seen the one that was done for the American League.) Novels, there's "The Boys of Summer" about the 1955 Dodgers, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx is Burning" about New York and the NY Yankees in1 1977, and "The Pitch that Killed, the first historical baseball book I ever read, about Carl Mays and the pitch that, well, killed Ray Chapman. There's also a guy who did a short story about teh Cubs winning the world series as nuclear armageddon approaches. I read that, but don't remember the name of the guy who did it. Actually, I believe it's the same guy who wrote the original Field of Dreams novel.

Thanks, Trans, I appreciate it. I'll check them out.

Andrew, I would def recommend the Bill James Historical Abstract. Even though he is known for his SABR work, the book doesn't get into the heavy math stuff. A great read about his opinion of the 100 greatest players at each position, and sections on each era of baseball. Its definately worth every penny.

I second the Bill James Historical Abstract....

man I like Buehrle, can we offer up Ted Lilly and Marquis for him? :)

Non Sequiter, Rob? And Andrew - in case you haven't figured it out yet (I assume you have, but still....) The FIRST Historical Abstract came out in 1985. That's why you want the NEW one, that came out in something like 2003....

Red Sox-Rockies discussing Helton trade scenarios... word is that Ellsbury (a hitter in the Pierre with 10 HR power and true, actual, non-BAVG dependant patience) and two pitching prospects, along with Craig Hansen would be the bounty. If I were the GM for the Rockies, I would ask for Kevin Youkilis, who might as well out-OPS Helton next year.

Forgot the link, it's here.

I posted this before, but here's an example of James' writing, in the section where he rates the 100 best Left Fielders of all time. He had DonBaylor as the 40th best. It begins with a quotation: "Don is our triple-threat player. He can hit, run and lob." - Merv Rettenmund "Don Baylor is the only outfielder in major league history who never doubled off or doubled up a runner. His career double play total was zero. Everybody else in 500 or more games had at least two. The common statement that Baylor was the first Designated Hitter to win an MVP award is not exactly true. Baylor actually played 97 games inthe outfield in 1979. That which defines Don Baylor, I think, is the image of strength. He projects an image of great strength, great determination and force of will; as Fred White used to say, "He just looks like an RBI standing up there." But personally, I find him almost intolerable, because, to me, he seems to be engaged in a perpetual charade designed to project the image of great strength. As a manager, he seems to be using this image of great strength, great conviction in the rectitude ofhis actions, as a substitute for having any reason for what he is doing. I'm not suggesting that you should react to him that way; that's just me." Most of his commentary is A. far more historical and substantive, and B. far more fair-minded. But it's the fact that he will put in fun little rants like that, here and there, that really makes it a treat.... His decade summaries are just incredibly interesting and informative, but much more difficult to summarize (or to quickly transcribe, for that matter) Ok, I'll stop gushing. I just hadn't pulled it off the shelf in quite some time.

"the “after that he remembered he was Daryle Ward” isn’t especially fair. At the time, we didn’t know what Daryle Ward would be!" Fair enough, but D.Ward was at least once a top prospect with a lot of upside...touted as a potential .300 hitter with 30 HR power by BA. Duncan came out of nowhere(in a very thin Cards system) to put up some respectable numbers but like the others have mentioned, there's a better chance of Duncan becoming Chris Richard like JD mentions, or as I think, D.Ward. Much in the same way people are projecting Uggla to come back to earth. If I were a GM I'd take Murton's potential over Duncan's. For the B.James handbook, I don't have mine here, so I'm not sure if this is included in the B.James Historical Abstract (I'm thinking it is) if not it's in another of his works...but I was impressed by his historical win shares breakdown...mostly because if you factor in position scarcity, Honus Wagner (SS) was a more valuable player than the home run king. All Time Players by Win Shares went 9. Mantle 8. Musial (most under appreciated player ever) 7. Aaron 6. Barroid 5. Cobb 4. H.Wagner 3. T.Williams 2. W.Mays 1. Ruth so if you're looking for that type of info then yes you should pick it up.

Well, Yes, we can compare Duncan to power-hitting left-handed prospects who didn't pan out, and say "that is a path that Duncan might head down." But we can just as easily compare Duncan to power-hitting left-handed prospects who DID pan out, and say "that is a path that Duncan might head down." So I sort of don't grasp what the usefulness is of saying that he's on Ward's career path. He certainly MAY be. He also may be on David Ortiz's career path.

i have a lot of problems with position scarcity weighted people in conversations over the years... unless you're talking C, there's not much left for position players that arent hybrids for expectations now. the slick SS days have been dead since the 80s...and interestingly the cubs helped that along carrying a god-awful SS for a chunk of it...replaced in the 90s+ with a slew of good fielding SS's who cant hit their weight. i actually had someone tell me ichiro would be a better player if he moved to CF because he would be playing a position where he would be superior to his peers. this just blew me the hell away how anyone can ignore his arm for the sake of his peers. we got SS/2nd who hit 20+ homers and arent considered freaks or superstars (though, they're paid like they are)...the traditional good-D/bad-bat fielders (C/SS/2nd/CF) are being increasingly replaced with okay-average-D/good-bat guys. the expected commons and exceptions of the old age just dont apply. the game has changed more than just how fouls are recorded and what the baseballs are made of.

Non Sequiter, Rob? someone mentioned Buehrle earlier, I was just late to the party...

ahhh, I missed the Buehrle topic.....

Boston Herald says the Rockies are pushing the Helton talks and RSox aren't all that intrigued, at least not until Rockies start paying more and more of his salary I'm guessing...

Aw, there goes my Rockies for NL West prediction.

I don't want Buehrle, something is off on him and he will be a skinny Glendon Rusch in a year or two, IMO. I hope he goes to the Cardinals. Soriano, Lee, and Aram will hit him like he owes them money.

I'm more of a Minor League track record kind of guy. Looking at Duncan failing to compile more than 21 HRs or a .473 SLG% at any level than busting out with 22 HRs in less than 300ABs and a .589 in the bigs that screams one-off to me. Ortiz was a late bloomer but he was a highly regarded prospect with the Twins but injuries side tracked him. Duncan could very well turn into a Palmeiro (on steroids) and as Oneri Fleita reiterated the other day, big guys with power often take longer to develop (D.Lee, R.Howard). Duncan is 6'5 so I guess he'd fall into that category but personally I think it's unlikely given his track record.

I certainly appreciate the reservations about his minor league track record, and I share them. Aww well, I'm sure that by August, no one will remember this debate, and no one will be interested in dredging up old predictions in order to mock someone else in the middle of an unrelated argument.... TCR just doesn't work that way! ~grin~

Nah Trans, no one would do that. Others would probably resort to ribbing certain commishes on destroying the ranks of his bloody red regime (exit sarcasm) than rehashing the likes of a potential platooned LFer dawning the digs of the enemy. Regards, Senator McCarthy

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA. Speaking of which, I WILL be doing another H 2 H league this year, (and be investing more effort into not sucking at it), for anyone that's interested. I'm sure that there will be several other excellent roto leagues run by TCR posters, as well.

I might be. I've committed to 2 other Yahoos so far and an ongoing Diamond Minds league with some friends from college. If we could get the majority of guys from last year's league that would be cool...obviously minus the dropouts and you know who..:)

For your amusement: Chicago Cubs Dominoes

[...] If you haven’t heard, Chicago Cubs color man, Bob Brenly had his regional Emmy award stolen. The Cub Reporter has started a full blown CSI-Chicago investigation. The first order of business is quote: “[H]ow did Bob Brenly win an Emmy?” [...]

awesome. I've been syndicated! Looks like a nice blog over there!

you got a mention at Baseball Musings at well...

Wow, some second-rate comedy about an article that I first saw at baseballthinkfactory, and now I'm famous. FAMOUS!!!!! Can I retire yet, Rob? Or are you going to keep reducing the amount that you match to my 401 (K) in order to inflate our corporate earning reports?

Attn Crunch: They've begun to install the personalized REPLICA BRICKS on the sidewalk at the corner of Addison & Sheffield.

Trans -- the BM link is here.

"The outgoing, oft-smiling Marte was a good complement to the introverted Peralta. They became fast friends, and they have strengthened the bond this winter as they strengthen their bodies." Does anyone else find that paragraph disturbing?

Awww, I thought it was kinda sweet.... Everybody needs a special workout buddy.

Can I retire yet, Rob? Or are you going to keep reducing the amount that you match to my 401 (K) in order to inflate our corporate earning reports? Can you subtract from zero?

in good news, our readership is slowly crawling back up, we even topped 1000 unique visits yesterday, which is rare for the weekends (well at least since the move). Plus the RSS hits seemed to skyrocket (at least in proportion to normal hits), so maybe all that work I did yesterday with the feeds paid off... oh, what's that? no one cares and I'm procrastinatng right now....

I'm lovin' Wordpress' site traffic report. Oh yeah and I'm drunk right now... big whoop.

clearly a east coast bend, I'm not sure I'd label Alou a bargain, David Wells is flavored by a Boston spin. At least Hendry made the top of their list (and if they had a worst bang for the buck list, I'm sure he'd headline that too). excerpted from a Boston.com article: http://tinyurl.com/28z9ay (full article) Offseason money well spent The 10 best bang-for-the-buck signings: 1. Cliff Floyd, $3 million and incentives, Cubs. Floyd appears to be over his Achilles' tendon injury, and if that's the case, at age 34, he'll hit even if he's platooning with Matt Murton in the outfield. 2. Trot Nixon, 3M 3. Tomo Ohka, 1.75M 4. David Wells, 3M 5. Moises Alou, 8.5M 6. Rod Barajas, 2.5M 7. Marcus Giles, 3.25M 8. aaron Sele, minor league deal 9. Joel Pineiro, 4M 10. "shammy" sosa, minor league deal

What would be the Who song for CSI-Chicago? "Squeeze Box"? "A Quick One While He's Away"?

Rob G.:
in good news, our readership is slowly crawling back up, we even topped 1000 unique visits yesterday, which is rare for the weekends (well at least since the move). Plus the RSS hits seemed to skyrocket (at least in proportion to normal hits), so maybe all that work I did yesterday with the feeds paid off…
FWIW... the site has been a much better experience the last few days.

No hit, for fun I went to you link to the dominos and here's what it said: "Sababa Chicago Cubs Dominoes The race for the Pennant never has to end with the Chicago Cubs Domino Game! This collector's tin includes 28 Super-Sized dominoes with some of your favorite Cubs, like Albert Pujols, Jim Edmonds, Mark Mulder, Scott Rolen and more. ..." Damn Jim Hendry, how did you pull that off?

they seem to have the server issues (mostly) under control. Doesn't mean something won't pop up again, but yeah it's nice to have some of the basics back like updated comment #'s and such...

I have a confession to make - I've never seen a single episode of any CSI show. I AM watching the attrociously, hilariously bad propaganda film Red Dawn. I haven't laughed this hard in weeks....

WOLVERINE!!!!!!! that movie scared the crap out of me as a kid...

Hey, Red Dawn was a decent movie.

Red Dawn...along with the TV show 24...the perfect neo-con masterbation porn.

Oh save it Crunch. This isn't NPR. Save it for that Al Franken show on Air America. You and the other three listeners can debate that crap. Red Dawn was great and 24 freaking RULES!

case in point..

Ooooh, burrrrrrrrn. Seriously, though, Air America was a terrible idea and destined to fail from the beginning. The conservatives cornered the radio market because most conservatives aren't able to watch T.V. thoughout the day, so they listen to the radio (i.e. Rush, Beck). Liberals on the other hand, generally college kids and jobless, have the time and are more inclined to watch T.V. from 8-5. Not judging, just saying, I wouldn't invest in a liberal radio network.

Wow, Red Dawn is neo-con porn? I just enjoyed the movie as a kid growing up, and still do. And 24 is a great action adventure TV show. I never thought of either in terms of politics. I was going to write a long post about this, but I wonder what a liberal version of 24 would be like? I think Jack Bauer would be the biggest pussy in the history of television if that happened. Jack - "Oh come on Mr. Terrorist lets sit down and talk out our differences." Terrorist - "Death to the Infidel!" Jack - "Oh you don't mean that. Pretty please stop attacking us?" Terrorist - "Blood will run your streets until your country has been brought to it's knees and accepted all of our demands." Jack - "That is not very nice" Terrorist - "Our first demand do not help the Jews." Jack - "Well ok you twisted my arm, we never really liked them anyways." Terrorist - "Our second demand, disband your army. You be kicking our ass when we fight you." Jack - "Only if you promise to leave us alone." Terrorist - "Scouts honor, we can be trusted." Zzzzzzzzz, that would be some riveting TV.

Regardless of political stance, there's no better movie to have on in the background while playing Risk, than Red Dawn.

"The conservatives cornered the radio market because most conservatives aren’t able to watch T.V. thoughout the day, so they listen to the radio (i.e. Rush, Beck). Liberals on the other hand, generally college kids and jobless, have the time and are more inclined to watch T.V. from 8-5." what? conservatives have jobs and liberals are slackers and unemployed. then what the hell are all these conservatives complaining about if the liberals are sitting at home watching TV? =p seriously though, i got no use for Air America and NPR is about as liberal as Bill Clinton...all-looks... NPR was hi-jacked long ago by ineffective "news" crews who report an alternative view on things that dont even need covering or just pandering to arm-chair liberals. they also spend a lotta time just being new folk story tellers and the whole thing is euro-centric as hell unless they wanna pimp the new kanye west. btw...please tell me how Red Dawn and 24 are not following neo-con doctrine in how the storyline and characters are implimented cuz that's all i was saying to begin with. no i dont think its a conspiracy, and unlike some conservatives i dont think its some weird planted ideological appeal to brainwash the masses... i mean damn, you can have something like this exist and yes, writers can choose to tap those people's interests as a hook...both cases, that's part of the character/media presentation.

by "media" in "character/media presentation" i mean film/tv...the delivery mechanism of the stories and characters. btw, schmidt deal on the table...3/44

Wow, I just thought it was a really crappy movie that I had never seen or even heard of before. (PG 13 movies from 1984 are quite a bit before my time). Didn't realize it had this sort of cultural resonance with people. That said, All movies, even crappy ones, have implicit messages and values written into them. The values written into this movie clearly are there to appeal to a gruop of people who, like mike and chad, identify with a set of beliefs identified as right-wing. Whether that's good or bad is a matter of taste, but to deny its existence is, well, denial. Sorry to have brought it up in the first place. I'll be more careful to research the background of the crappy movies I'm watching, before I make off-hand remarks about them! Cheers, T

I was just saying I liked the movie. Anything with the Mi-24 Hind Helicopter flying around and gunning down things is cool. I thought that helicopter as a kid was the baddest thing I ever saw. It was like a tank, but it could fly! How friggin cool is that? (And I wanted to be a pilot when I was a kid. Funny thing was I couldn't be one because my ears popped at high altitude so I did the tank part with out any flying in the Army) Then someone called it Neo-con porn and I am like WTF?

"That said, All movies, even crappy ones, have implicit messages and values written into them." very true. Red Dawn has just been a classic reagan-era film for a while...hell, i havent taken the class, but i do know a sociology instructor who uses the film in her unnamed class with a modern focus showcasing our post-vietnam political climate in the US. Red Dawn...you got the "greens" winning europe and doing away with nukes...you got russia and cuba invading the US and putting everyone in camps...and my favorite part, mexico becomes overrun with commies and becomes a communist nation via civil war. oh yeah, and it takes place in the "near-future"...its just got everyone's worst regan-era fears as far as commies all slammed into one package with a rag-tag team of coming-of-age youths fighting those darn commies. its a movie with a specific audience in mind and had a nice budget to get it done with.

"its a movie with a specific audience in mind and had a nice budget to get it done with." btw..the real political arguement is who they paid to be in the film and how much $$ it got to be marketed for such a well thought out fear-vs-triumph themed film. but you really cant fault any of that in the age of Rambo where one or few vs. the world was how a lotta movies were being made in the action genre of that era. its not a clear cut thing...the neo-con thing was just one of many passing observations one can make about the film, but it is one of the main traits of how the film was written and played out...not to mention its domino-theory backstory which was a very popular concept of the time from the neo-con community.

Red Dawn was awesome. The most unabashed, transparent Reagan-era "Bear In The Woods" movie of my youth. That film alone is responsible for more kids getting mohawks and listening to Social Distortion in outraged indignance than the entire collection of Rocky and MIA movies and every episode of the A-Team. Me? I'm gonna go away to military school and save the country from commies! As if the social text of the movie wasn't so overt that you come out with two black eyes and a bloody nose. It was as funny to me as an 11 or 12 year old as the "Just Say No" commercials. That said, I agree with Chad.

"PG 13 movies from 1984 are quite a bit before my time" Red Dawn I believe is the first PG-13 movie ever.

'bad news bears' (the original) was rated PG...that one would be lucky to get a PG-13 today with the language and youth drinking in it...probally closer to an R without some rewrites of tanner's dialog and that beer-filled celebration scene at the end.

Ehhh I think your thinking about it way more than you should Crunch. If I thought about the political slant of a movie I wouldn't have much selection at the theater these days. I consider going to the movies as a hobby. It is a place to escape and submerse yourself into a different world. It is relaxing time to me. As long as it is a good movie I don't care which direction it leans politically. (Thats why Full Metal Jacket is one of my favorite movies ever, and in no way can it be described as a Neo-con porn movie.) As for Rocky, Rocky 4 is still pretty damn good. The fight at the end is still the balls. Chuck Norris and his movies again great entertainment. The American Ninja movies? Mindless action films, good entertainment. Cheesy but who cares. Best of the Best series? Fun action, not the greatest movies ever made. Ahh crap common theme seems to be action movies. Some movies I am ashamed I love... Notting Hill - That movie never gets old. Good love story. The Girl Next Door - You would think a movie about a porn star in which there is no nudity has to suck, but this one doesn't. Moulin Rouge - A musical set to modern songs how can it not suck? Roxanne song is the balls in that movie. And I don't care what Carlos says, "Man on Fire" is still a damn good movie.

"Ehhh I think your thinking about it way more than you should Crunch. If I thought about the political slant of a movie I wouldn’t have much selection at the theater these days." it doesnt require thought...its Red Dawn...its purposely designed with those slants...its not reading into it too much, its part of the basic plot and design. Red Dawn is over-the-top in its slant in the same way Super Size Me is over-the-top in its slant. you know what you're getting into with just a plot summary and there's a camp that says "its just a movie" and others that say "its too politically motivated to be just a movie"... myself...i think super size me is stupid as hell by concept and i think even less of the finished product and i think red dawn is a movie that takes itself too seriously and is so full of hot-button fear issues of the time that collectively it just becomes a running joke.

wow some people need to relax a bit. Is this still a cubs blog?

Cubs sign Lenny F. Harris to a minor league deal. Link.

I hate cats. That wasn't really funny - hope you got off on that.

a discussion with opposing views can be relaxed =p but yeah, this is a cubs blog not a movie or sociology or political theory blog. that said...its jan. 28th and our GM seems to be done shopping for now...hehe...i still think some of that relief crew could be sent out of town.

Yeah, cats are known commies.

MikeC, As a boy who grew up in Highland Park and whose friends 'had a lot of bonds' (the quintessential Bar Mitzvah gift) it disheartens me that you liked "The Girl Next Door". Although I love Kim Bauer (as I imagine you do too) it pales in comparison to its predecessor, the classic "Risky Business".

CHAD: Oh, come on. Girl Next Door was hilarious. MIKE: "And I don’t care what Carlos says, “Man on Fire” is still a damn good movie." You have to see both sides of the story. Mexico City is not, never was and never will be the city portrayed in that film.

TGND was a'ight but I couldn't help to think how much it made me like Risky Business that much more.

Favorite movies differ from great movies. Red Dawn, whatever you think about its over-the-top right wing scare message, is not a great movie. It's obviously a favorite of many but calling it great renders the word meaningless. What it has in common with actual great movies like The Godfather, Casablanca, Citizan Kane etc. is that they were all shot on film and people payed to see them in theaters. There the simularities end.

"What it has in common with actual great movies like The Godfather, Casablanca, Citizan Kane etc" you forgot Weekend At Bernie's 2

True that. Sixteen Candles was rated PG and that Carolyn chick was topless in the girl's shower room scene. Girl Next Door was a complete ripoff of most 80's films. So much so that it ripped off Tangerine Dream Risky Business theme music.

And why aren't you named Carlos anymore? Transaction Guy seems cold and distant to me.

Huh? Transaction Guy = Carlos? I thought Transaction Guy = Ruz? Did I miss a memo?

a very old one Chad....

wow some people need to relax a bit. Is this still a cubs blog?
It's the off-season. I'm bored.

"And why aren’t you named Carlos anymore? Transaction Guy seems cold and distant to me." Cuz Wordpress requires me to log in/out every time I want to change my handle. It's easier to post only with one handle. So, from now on, Transaction Guy = Carlos.

"Did I miss a memo?" Ruz retired in early August. Another MVN reader called Joe and I took over from him and we were writing as one voice until Joe retired; now, I manage the blog by myself, and believe me... it's hard work.

I believe, I believe. Its MikeC that is full of it! (you know I'm kidding Mike)

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  • Arizona Phil 9 hours 23 min ago (view)

    Dillon Maples does not have the right to elect free-agency if he is outrighted to the minors, but he will be automatically declared an MLB Rule 9 6YFA at 5 PM Eastern on the 5th day after the final game of the World Series if he is not added back to the 40 in the meantime. 


  • crunch 9 hours 36 min ago (view)

    p.wisdom is the new cubs all-time rookie HR leader.


  • Arizona Phil 10 hours 54 min ago (view)

    The Cubs will very likely be splitting the AZIL position players into two 14-man squads (like they did last year), with each squad playng in every other-game, and with the other squad having a Camp Day instructional work-out on a back-field when that squad is not playing in a game. There will also be five combined Camp Days during the course of the four weeks for all players from both squads.  


  • Arizona Phil 11 hours 16 min ago (view)

    DJL: No. Signing a 2022 minor league successor contract would only matter with regard to a player in the Arizona Fall League, because the AFL schedule goes past the date when minor leaguers are declared free-agents. 

    AZ Instructs ends on October 16th, which is about two or three weeks before minor league free-agency, so the three guys at Cubs Instructs who are eligible to be free-agehts after the World Series (Dakota Chalmers. Nicholas Padilla, and Eury Ramos) do not need to sign successor contracts in order to play in AZIL games. 


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 13 hours 20 min ago (view)

    Sorry to hear about your dad, Charlie. I lost my father almost 2 years ago now, some of my fondest childhood memories are going to Wrigley with him.

    All the best wishes to you, sir.


  • First.Pitch.120 13 hours 34 min ago (view)

    If you had Bote in the '11-'12- '13 Cubs draft dead pool, then you are a winner!


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 14 hours 7 min ago (view)

    Dakota Chalmers... interesting. He's scheduled to be a MILB FA, correct? Would this be a good sign he has signed a successor deal?


  • Cubster 14 hours 41 min ago (view)

    Maples dfa. Double Martini too.  Hoerner and Thompson back and Keegan to start today. Hoerner bats 5th.


  • crunch 14 hours 51 min ago (view)

    it's never a good time to be in the hospital, but things are extra complicated right now.

    hope everything goes well for everyone.

    go cubs


  • Charlie 1 day 7 hours ago (view)

    Listening to this in a hospital room because we are blacked out on MLB.tv. I don't know which surprises me more, that the Cubs haven't beaten the Brewers since April or that the Cubs beat the Brewers in April.


  • crunch 2 days 7 hours ago (view)

    m.rodriguez to 10d IL, a.morgan returns.


  • Jackstraw 2 days 17 hours ago (view)

    I like that the team was absolutely committed to not losing back-to-back games on a walk-off passed ball.


  • Eric S 3 days 4 hours ago (view)

    And the funny thing is Rucker was the only Cubs pitcher tonight to post 0 runs allowed in the box score. You know things are really out of hand when Ross gives the okay for a Maples appearance.


  • George Altman 3 days 5 hours ago (view)

    AZ Phil,

    Is there a reason Preciado hasn't been in an ACL game in about a month?


  • crunch 3 days 6 hours ago (view)

    i'd like the 2021 version of whatever d.ross is smoking bringing m.rucker into a bases loaded, 2 run lead in the 4th situation.

    dude saw the situation and said "gimmie that guy with the 8.44era 1.59whip" as the first pen option to protect a lead.

    rucker has been in 13 games and given up runs in 8 of them.


  • crunch 3 days 6 hours ago (view)

    hendricks last 7 starts...

    9er, 1er, 4er, 8er, 6er, 1er, 7er

    3.68era - 1.29whip ...to... 4.81era - 1.35whip