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It appears at the moment that our NL Central rivals are getting into the Christmas spirit a little early this year... - The Rocky Mountain news tells us that "Kaz Matsui appears headed to the Astros ". Well thank you, Ed Wade, your fruitcake is in the mail. Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle is less than happy with the potential signing as the Astros continue to find ways to block Chris Burke from playing everyday, apparently the Texas version of Matt Murton. - The Brewers are making a big push to sign Jason Kendall, hopefully before everyone settles in for their Thanksgiving dinners. If he's signed before the deadline to offer arbitration of December 1st, then the Cubs can posthumously offer him arbitration and get a free sandwich pick between the first and second rounds. Merry Christmas to us!!!


I can't believe we don't have a Tiny Tim! Speaking of Houston, how about Sean Marshall and Mike Fontentot for Luke Scott? I think they plan on moving Pence to right and will start Bourne in center.

I'm mystified by this thread. As I posted here TWO DAYS ago, the Astros made Kaz an offer and, who knows, he may eventually take it but real sources, as opposed to bloggers getting their scoops from other blogs, still say that it's more likely he'll sign back with the Rockies or anew with the Cubs.

Oh please! Oh please! Oh please!

Everyone here is mystified by you cwtp... I'm pretty sure Tracy Ringolsby and the Rocky Mountain News consider themselves real news sources.

Not to mention The Houston Chronicle and Richard Justice. Ringolsby also says the Red Sox would be happy to get out from under Drew's contract on his latest Foxsports piece.

Kendall to the Brewers and Barrett to the Mets would make my non-Cubs offseason.

PS - Although he may have looked like it when other teams got runners on base, Mr. Kendall is not yet posthumous and probably would not prefer to be referred to in that manner.

I have to say that I'll be more than happy if Kaz goes to Houston. I have no belief that he'd do any good for the Cubbies and if we were to sign him, we'd be in big trouble. It'd be like Augie Ojeda all over again. Good job Hendry and Co.

Hunter to the Sox? I like that guy. Alot. Too bad we signed Fonzi instead of him. At least we'd get to see more of him in-town. Unfortunately, it means we see him head-to-head 6x a year, too.

I don't see Hunter as a great fit for the Cubs. His defense isn't what it used to be, and he wouldn't be snatching any HR's at Wrigley, anyway. He's not a high OBP guy and he bats from the wrong side of the plate. On a 2 or 3 year deal, maybe, but he's not going to be a good enough hitter in 3 years to justify playing a corner outfield slot, and he's barely a good enough center fielder today.

All in all, Torii would be just another brick in the wall. Has anyone heard any Andruw Jones rumors by chance? Who's going after him? Dodgers?

mmmm.. free sandwich.

In about 15 mintues, John McDonough is resigning as President of the Cubs and will take over as President of the Blackhawks. Looks like a preemptive strike on McDonough's part with the impending ownership change. Good news for the few of us Blackhawk fans that are left though. Rocky has done more for the Hawks in two months than his old man did in the last 25 years.

In about 15 mintues, John McDonough is resigning as President of the Cubs and will take over as President of the Blackhawks. Seriously? Source?

Just heard it from the Comcast reporter speaking on Steve Dahl's show @ 8:50 am.

I heard same thing on WSCR.

I have a Sox fan in my office and I was hoping to find a resource that would provide me with Orlanda Cabrera's career stats vs. the cubs, on the off-chance that I could tell my co-worker that Cabrera sucks against the Cubs.

Sun-Times has at least picked it up. Don't click that link. There's one sentence there. "John McDonough is leaving the Cubs and will become the Blackhawks new president, sources said."

Bruce Levine confirming on WMVP - ESPN 1000 in Chicago.

Yep, Pat Boyle reported it on Dahl's show. Smart move on his part, I guess, but it doesn't bode well for this offseason.

Jamie: Scroll down to the splits versus franchises. It won't help your argument though. Cabrera has hit .315 career vs. the Cubs.

Press conference scheduled for Noon Chicago time and Crane Kenney to take interim duties. Payroll still expected to be in the $120-130M range for 2008.

Yes seriously. It's been rumored that McDonough was working without a contract and with the ownership situation you'd have to assume he didn't see anyone at the tower being able to give him a longterm deal. That is likely why he's able to slip out and implement the new regime with the Indian Heads. Another fantastic move by Rocky Wirtz. Eventually home games will be on tv so all that's left is to bring back Pat Foley and get Chelios back in a Hawks uni before he hangs up the Bauers.

So much for some semblance of a consistent, overall strategy from the top until the sale finally takes place. Sheesh!

Pat Foley doesn't call Blackhawks games anymore? How'd that happen?

Orioles interested in Izturis if Tejeda is traded...

With McDonough leaving and Kenney comming aboard you can rest assured of one thing. Someone is going to be brought in player wise for too much money. Andruw Jones,Fuckyoudome,Jeff Weaver???? A big splash will be made so that the trib will have something to write about. Mark it down.

Orioles interested in Izturis if Tejeda is traded… ....................................................................................... Boy they must have a sucky GM?

By that, I mean someone at the top who knows how to manage a company, like a company president should do. That's not the kind of thing you expect a GM to do. Don't ask a scout or player development guy to run a company. I was happy that McDonough had changed the penny-ante McPhail mentality. If the Cubs are going to change the infrastructure to become a superior club in scouting and player development and building overall organizational strength (and not just ape what everyone else does), it will take someone from the very top to cast the vision to do so. I'm thinking of having the Cubs find out how to do something like what Branch Rickey did that revolutionized how ball clubs discover and develop talent. Rickey is the guy that turned the Cardinals and the Dodgers into power organizations by creating a greatly expanded farm system of minor league teams that were obligated to funnel their talent up to you. The positive effect on both teams lasted for years and it took decades for the Cubs to come close to catching up, organization-wise (thanks to years of ownership by the backward, contrarian individualist, P. K. Wrigley). I've been hoping that someone could get the Cubs to develop an organizational edge over the rest of the major league teams and stop playing catch-up. If that ever happens, McDonough isn't gonna spearhead it.

Hunter to the Sox? I like that guy. Alot. Too bad we signed Fonzi instead of him. Are you serious? Hunter is Jaques Jones with an arm, and rumored to be getting a deal in the neighborhood of 5/75. Plus he's 32 and his defensive skills have been on a significant decline, although he can still has the remarkable ability to turn a routine flyball into a diving, made for ESPN, "webgem." If Hunter gets 15 million a year, Fonzi's deal is a bargin by comparison.

"Are you serious? Hunter is Jaques Jones with an arm, and rumored to be getting a deal in the neighborhood of 5/75. Plus he’s 32" Sorry. I do not agree. People have been saying this about A-Rod and other "old" players that still have many terrific seasons ahead. He is still one of the top 3 Cf's in baseball. He may turn out to be a Kenny Lofton type in longevity and will certainly be HOF material.

Hunter might not fall off the cliff, but he's never been that good to begin with. Even if he repeats his contract year performance of 2007 for the next 5 years, he's not a $15 million a year player. Offensively, he really is no better than Jaques Jones, even BR's most similar offensive players include the likes of Jones, Encarnacion, and Preston Wilson, all players who got the "overpaid" treatment when they signed deals in the ballpark of 5 million a year for 2-3 years. The only thing that really separates him is his defense. But over the last couple years its been pretty clear that he has lost a step, and he is no longer quite as able to use his speed to make up for getting a poor read off the bat. And again, while he certainly is a good defender, he also can look better on tv than he does in person, because he will frequently turn an average out into a highlight real dive. Hunter is a good player, but not a great one, and he has never been HoF material, even in his best years.

"he has never been HoF material, even in his best years." Time will tell, and I believe you will be proven wrong. He is still one of the GREAT cf's in the game, and has been for the last several years. More than good.

It'd be so awesome to get a sandwich pick out of Kendall.

Gray Ink: Batting - 18 (Average HOFer ≈ 144) HOF Standards: Batting - 15.9 (Average HOFer ≈ 50) HOF Monitor: Batting - 29.0 (Likely HOFer > 100) Top 10 MVP only once, 6th Tori Hunter is not even close. He's a career .271 hitter. He'd have to replicate his carrer high for hits in a season for ELEVEN seasons, until age 42 to reach 3,000. He'll end up like Dale Murphy, at best, if he doesn't regress much as age sets in. Rosenthal (updated 15 hours ago) says Kaz is more likely to stay with the Rockies or go to the Cubs than the Astros.

"I have a Sox fan in my office and I was hoping to find a resource that would provide me with Orlanda Cabrera’s career stats vs. the cubs, on the off-chance that I could tell my co-worker that Cabrera sucks against the Cubs."

...he's hitting .315 against the cubs. Not so sucky.

I fail to see where Matt Suhey will help the Cubs. We already have three of him in The Riot, Fontenot, and that Baby guy, Infante. He can not hit outside of Colorado, and even if he has speed, he cannot steal first base, and the Cubs need as many base cloggers as they can find to help their offense. I sure hope Houston does sign him.

"Tori Hunter is not even close." Do not agree. He is, and will be close when he gets voted in. Think his average is too low? Think again - Ryne Sandberg's biggest supporter has a lifetime BA of .271 as well - its Joe Morgan. You are entitled to your opinion, but its wrong.

Morgan also had a career OBP of 392 compared to Hunters 324. Morgan also stole more than 40 bases for 9 years in a row, compared to Hunter's 23 SBs in his best year. And of course Morgan won 2 MVPs, finished in the top 10 of MVP voting 3 other times and was a 10 time all-star. Hunter finished 6th in the MVP voting once, and has only been invited to 2 all star games. Hunter's 271 average won't keep him out of the HoF, but it won't get him into it either. And right now, I don't know what anyone would see that would have him even sniffing the hall.

Actually, I have changed my mind. He is very, very good. But not "great". He IS a great fielder, imo, and has 7GG's and 3 AS appearances. But actually, he is league average offensively, in his career, pretty much. Had he played on some championship teams, like Morgan did, I believe his popularity would be enough - along with his great D, and average "O", to make it into the HOF. If Morgan can get in with a .271 BA, and LArry Doby with .283, I think in today's "web gem" world, Hunter will make it in. Time will tell.

Hunter is an 800+ ops guy every year but 1 since 2001. Felix Pie sure as heck isnt approaching that level of production anytime soon. As long as he can stick in Cf. Hunter is a plus. If he has to move to a corner spot. He is Matt Murton

in other news.. Indians are about to sign Kobayashi Mariners sending out negotiators to Japan to talk to Kuroda, looking for 3/4 at $11 mil

Kobayashi This is not also the famous Hot Dog eating champ?

Though Doby was a good player, I think that there's another reason he got into the HoF (and well deserved at that). If Hunter wants to get into the HoF, he better sign a contract with the Yankees and bat infront of Arod for the next six years.

Who is a better player at this point. A) Johnny Damon B) Torii Hunter

*Dr. aaronb says: November 20th, 2007 at 1:43 pm Who is a better player at this point. A) Johnny Damon B) Torii Hunter * Which one is worth the money they will paid over the next several years? [answer: neither] Did someone up there just use "Torii Hunter" and "Hall of Fame" in the same sentence without "paid admission"?

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  • Arizona Phil 10 hours 24 min ago (view)

    RHP Kelvin Abreu (April 2019 IFA - Venezuela) had his contract voided and he has been released. He spent his entire pro career (four months) on the Restricted List.  


  • Charlie 14 hours 33 min ago (view)

    I didn't watch the game, but I see that Lester got knocked around despite a significant headwind from CF. That's a rare feat.


  • Arizona Phil 16 hours 6 min ago (view)

    I think it's becoming increasingly likely that the Cubs will not exercise Lester's 2021 $25M option after next season (paying the $10M buy-out instead and direct the remaining $15M elsewhere). The 2021 $25M option automatically vests if Lester throws at least 400 IP over the course of 2019-20, but that isn't going to happen.


  • Arizona Phil 16 hours 27 min ago (view)

    It's the Polar Bear in an Arctic Snowstorm all white uniforms. Burn 'em! Bring back the unis from the Little League Classic. They actually looked sharp.  


  • Eric S 16 hours 32 min ago (view)

    Thru seven innings, Cubs have one hit (by Nick C, of course) - this after somehow winning yesterday’s game with a total of two hits. Clearly it’s time to fire Chili Davis again


  • Eric S 17 hours 19 min ago (view)

    Feel bad for the patrons at Wrigley this afternoon - seeing Strop in the fifth inning is a bad sign. At least the weather is nice


  • JustSayin' 19 hours 9 min ago (view)

    The buzz on Riley Thompson is that he did what many pitchers do, just way too blatantly.  The opposing manager asked the umpire to check Thompson's glove because he was "going there every time" and the ball was "snapping" when it came out of his hand.  It was a ten-day suspension.  That is supposed to cost you two starts but South Bend uses a six-man rotation so Thompson only missed one.  Kudos to Buddy Bailey and the SB staff for navigating Thompson's absence effectively, with a lot of pitchers being asked to change or expand their roles over these two weeks.


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    South Bend RHSP Riley Thompson has been reinstated from his suspension. 


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    The Cubs have released DSL Cubs #2 RHRPs Keiber Arredondo and Kleiber Carreno (both IFA signed post-2016 DSL season out of Venezuela). 


  • crunch 1 day 16 hours ago (view)

    cubs sweep!


  • Eric S 2 days 9 hours ago (view)

    Woo Hoo!!! Cubs win a crazy one!  KB with another late inning, game winning homer - good stuff!


  • crunch 2 days 9 hours ago (view)

    schwarb set the cubs team record for fastest to 100 by a cub a bit less than a week ago.  bryant would have won a couple MVP awards in a row the past couple years.


  • Eric S 2 days 9 hours ago (view)

    That was a good send by the butterman - great throw by Yaz Jr

    Try as he might, Eddie Vedder can’t find da butterman

    Thanks. I’ll show myself out now


  • Eric S 2 days 9 hours ago (view)

    200th home run of the season by KB probably would have set some kind of record too


  • crunch 2 days 9 hours ago (view)

    the inital graphic was KB #200, but i was like...hold on...

    it was technically true in the loosest sense of the phrase.


  • Eric S 2 days 10 hours ago (view)

    That would have been pretty cool if it had been KB’s 200th home run in less than five full seasons!