Kerry As Kloser? Krazy

Jim Hendry acknowledges that Kerry Wood will have to show he can occasionally pitch on three consecutive days to become a full-fledged closer. But can he even pitch on two? Woody pitched in both ends of the 9/15 doubleheader in St. Louis, but other than that, he never pitched in consecutive days in ’07; in half of his 22 appearances, he was going on two, three or four days rest. The Cubs also saved Kerry for the low-leverage innings. In fact, according to Fangraphs, Wood pitched, on average, in lower leverage situations than any other Cub pitchers, except young Gallagher, Petrick, Pignatiello and Marshall (relief appearances only.) The stat I’m drawing on here is Average Leverage Index per plate appearance, which measures the possible change in win probability due to the result of any one at-bat. Wood’s pLI was 0.52; Marmol (1.19), Howry (1.44), and Dempster (1.57) were dealing with entirely different stress levels altogether. I thought the Cubs handled Wood well after his return from the DL in early August. He contributed, and he didn’t get hurt. But if he really does get the closer’s job, I don’t think either will be the case for very long in ’08.


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*dave says: November 28th, 2007 at 3:44 pm It’s amazing to me that people will complain about a guy’s “performance” all year long and then forget about all the ulcers a month after the playoffs end. Please show me where I complained about Dempster’s performance. Since it occurred “all year long,” it shouldn’t be too hard to be one or two examples, right? And are you really trying to compare closers by the numbers of saves that they had? * I said "people", not "Dave". You can compare any number of Dempster's stats to those who had more saves than he did as well. He usually is behind them. I think one of the top ten NL saves leaders had a higher WHIP, for example--the rest were lower. It's not a "straw man" argument to say that Dempster is overpaid for what he provides--nor is it illogical to state that a cheaper alternative exists and the resultant savings could be invested in something more useful. What part of that is difficult to understand?

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I have the latest Real, so don't know if that matters or not, but... Go to Tools, Preferences. At the bottom left is Downloading & Recording. Check the box to Enable Web Recording. You'll probably need to reset your browser then.

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Strangely enough, it's dutch for "yes".

Moreno pissed at the Marlins... "They're asking for four Major League players -- three Major League players and a pitcher, or two pitchers and two players. He is arbitration-eligible this year -- $12 million-plus -- and then you've got to re-sign him."

same article... "We got so fond of one player, and then the market moved away from us," he said, referring to the Angels' pursuit last winter of free agent Alfonso Soriano, who signed with the Chicago Cubs. "I don't want to do something that sets us back. We made an unbelievable move with Torii Hunter and didn't give away any of our kids."

I said “people”, not “Dave”. Right... yet, somehow, you quoted me right before you said it. But yea - it all makes sense now. Some how. It’s not a “straw man” argument to say that Dempster is overpaid for what he provides I never said it was. Go re-read what I wrote. You seem to have problems reading and comprehending what people write. The "strawman" was when you implied that I said Dempster was "lights out." Do you even know what a "strawman" is? It is when you setup an argument that you can easily prove wrong, even though no one is making such an argument. You should read up on it, because you sure do it often. blah blah blah... What part of that is difficult to understand? Nothing. I never said anything about the possibility that the Cubs could have gotten similar production out of the closer position for less money, did I? Again - go back and read and try a little harder to comprehend. I said that Dempster was paid fairly, and wasn't a waste of money. I said nothing about whether or not someone else could have done it cheaper. But keep arguing with yourself. Because you sure aren't saying anything about what is actually being said around here.

“We got so fond of one player, and then the market moved away from us,” he said, referring to the Angels’ pursuit last winter of free agent Alfonso Soriano, who signed with the Chicago Cubs. --- damn...its not like soriano got signed in january or something.

"nicht=blargh=no if anyone didn’t realize it yet…" =HEY nicht=blargh=no=HEY=quiteodd

I want to go by 5 different names and flame the shit out of everybody too.... findings show the IP address that "hey" was using commented a few times as a "no" but different than IP and email than the nicht/blargh/no....

Reuters report that Trib will release financial data on the Cubs in January to prospective buyers. some concerns over Rincon's elbow that might hold up the Garza/Young deal.

If Jimbo was willing to include either Hill or Marmol in a deal for Crawford, then why not include one of them in a deal for Young. Hill/Cedeno/Wuertz or Gallagher/Cedeno/Marmol is way better hell even Gallagher/Cedeno/Wuertz is a better for TB than Garza/Bartlett/Rincon. Why not add Prior and Epatt to the Gallager/Cedeno/Wuertz package? TB goes and then flips Prior for 2 decent prospects and they can turn Young into 6 decnt young players. I know he isnt Left-handed, but he can mash and play a solid RF for minium wage for 2 years and 2 years of below market cost.

finally...a Cubs/Johann rumor The Mets are said by rival executives to badly want Santana, but they have taken Jose Reyes and David Wright off the table and there is serious doubt if they have the wherewithal to make a deal unless the Twins have a particularly high regard for Carlos Gomez and Mike Pelfrey. A young center fielder such as Gomez or Cabrera is a must in this trade as the Twins look to replace Torii Hunter, who recently signed with the Angels. The Red Sox (Jacoby Ellsbury/Coco Crisp), the Dodgers (Matt Kemp) and the Angels (Reggie Willets) are all expected to vie for Santana, and an NL executive said to watch out for the Cubs (Felix Pie) and perhaps the Mariners (Adam Jones).

same article says.. The Yankees have learned in the past 24-48 hours that the initial asking price by the Twins is exorbitant, well beyond just the Phil Hughes/Melky Cabrera level that had been generally anticipated.

Here is a far out fantasy trade out of my wildest dreams: CHC gets: Santana and Young MIN gets: Headley, Hill, Epatt, Gomes, Gallagher SD gets: Prior, Pie, Murton TB gets: Garza, Cedeno, Wuertz Granted it as as much chance of happening as Amy Winehouse winning role model of the year, but every team has there needs met in it. We upgrade from Hill to Santana and pick up a RF stud in Young. SD gets Prior, Pie, and Murton who they like and have asked for in the past. With Koumanoff holding down 3rd, Headley is expendable and fills there 3 biggest holes (SP, CF,LF). MIN uses Santana and Garza not only only to get suitable pieces to replace them in Hill and Gallagher, but also fills its 3 biggest holes in this deal (3b,CF, and LF). Also for adding a player they really do not seem to care about in Gomes they can upgrade from Rincon/Bartlett to Cedeno and Wuertz. Longoria should be ready by the break so they can sign a cheap RF until he is ready and they can flip Upton to the OF.

Wait Chifan! We can't give up Murton for Young. Cause Murton is the core of a winning baseball team. He does Sabermetric things. Young just hits the shit out of the ball. Who needs another guy who strikes out 100 times while hitting 35 home runs and driving in 100 runs?

I thought I had read somewhere that Haren was available for the right price. Anyone heard any rumors speculating about what the "right price" is?

According to Rotoworld, the Delmon Young trade is done. ---------------------------- Twins acquired Rays acquired OF Delmon Young, INF Brendan Harris and OF Jason Pridie from the Rays for RHP Matt Garza, SS Jason Bartlett and RHP Eduardo Morlan.

Chifan, Its a great deal for the Cubs, but your idea that Hill and Gallagher would be "suitable replacements" for Santana and Garza is comical to say the least.

Meh, I wouldn't be thrilled with that deal. You're essentially giving up $20M/year in salary, two high level prospects, a solid outfielder, and a solid bullpen arm just to upgrade two positions where you already have cheap, young, high potential players. There'd still be holes in CF (or RF, depending on where Young goes) and SS, and you'd no longer have the salary or tradebait to fill either.

rich hill's market value is pretty damn high even if he's not on santana's level...for comparison. even if you're trading up for someone its hard to not look forward to 2-3 more guarenteed cheap r.hill years.

AL Leaders Stolen Bases Player SB 1t Carl Crawford 50 1t Brian Roberts 50 3 Chone Figgins 41 4t Corey Patterson 37 4t Ichiro Suzuki 37 6t Julio Lugo 33 6t Grady Sizemore 33 8 Jerry Owens 32 9 Coco Crisp 28 10t Johnny Damon 27 More Stats NL Leaders Stolen Bases Player SB 1 Jose Reyes 78 2 Juan Pierre 64 3 Hanley Ramirez 51 4 Eric Byrnes 50 5 Jimmy Rollins 41 6 Shane Victorino 37 7 David Wright 34 8 Willy Taveras 33 9t Kazuo Matsui 32 9t Brandon Phillips 32

From MLBTR Crasnick reports there would be huge interest in Mark Prior if the Cubs non-tender him. As in, pretty much every team in baseball. Crasnick's source indicates that Prior and the Cubs don't have the best relationship. Crasnick spoke to Doug Melvin and confirmed that Claudio Vargas and Chris Capuano will not be non-tendered. But they could definitely be traded. The Cubs are listening to offers for Jason Marquis, who is owed $16.25MM over 2008-09. So maybe they are still in on Kuroda.

Vorare, In the OF Fuld and Young>>>>>>>Murton and Pie. Fuld has Murton's best tangibles good contact hitter and solid OBP, but he combines that with being a top notch base stealer and gold glove defense. Young is proven hitter whereas Pie is not and he is a solid RF'er. As for SS Cedeno is not better than Theriot or most likely to be a Cub Kaz Matsui. However he is better than Jason Bartlett. Wuetz while solid is still our 4th best RHP in the pen and can be easily replaced by Petrick. Who is more likely to get more wins in the next 3 years Santana and any pitcher or Gallagher and Hill? I'll take Santana. Bleeding Blue, By "suitable replacements" I meant good enough to justify the gain of Headley, Epatt, and Gomes to fix that moribly bad line-up they had last year. Hill has proven to be at minium a MLB no .3 starter, which is something you cant say about Hughes, Bucholtz, Pelfrey, or Lester yet. Also they gave up Garza for no pitching replacement at all so even to get Gallagher would have bolstered their staff.

well the Twins getting Delmon Young shoots my Hill, Pie, Murton offer out the window...shucks. I wonder if they'd be interested in DeRosa, said they're looking for a third basemen and second basemen and he's got a relatively affordable contract. They'd probably still be interested in a shortstop because Brendan Harris is a poor excuse for one.

" Young just hits the shit out of the ball. Who needs another guy who strikes out 100 times while hitting 35 home runs " Murton had a higher Slugging % and a higher ISO Slugging than Young last year. For their careers young has 16 HR's in 771 AB's. Murton has 28 in 830. I won't argue that eventually Young is going to be a better hitter, but for 2008 I would put my money on Murton. Maybe Murton can be used as part of a trade to get Blanton or Haren, which can then be expanded to get Santana.

The cubs would be lucky to get cash considerations for Mark Prior. He is finished. Forever. And Ever. And Ever. And Ever. And Ever. Let us never speak of him again.

Neal I don't know if you are still reading this but I will bet you that Delmon Young will out slug matt murton for the rest of their careers. AND that Delmon will crush Murton in total homers and RBIs. Now, you might say that Young will get more at bats and that its not a fair comparison and I will tell you that Young gets more at bats cause he's a much better player.

I doubt you'll find many people arguing that Young will outhit Murton over their careers Chad and that's not what Neal was saying.

No Rob, I'm talking about starting next year, in every year, barring injury.

fair enough, my guess is they'd hit about the same next year. Young is still just 22. But then of course i have no idea what's in store for Murton at this point.


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  • crunch 11 hours 28 min ago (view)

    i wonder where the cubs will go with things.

    there's a lot pointing to the cubs being expected to listen to offers on almost anyone.  as it is, on paper, the cubs could roll right into 2020 with no changes whatsoever and still field a very competitive team.  the whole "shakeup" thing seems to be a very hot topic from a variety of sources, though.

    bryant, contreras, schwarber have all been linked to "cubs may be listening" rumors...probably listening to anything on happ, bote, almora, russell, too...


  • Hagsag 11 hours 54 min ago (view)

    Even the Cubs should be able to out bid the Marlins!


  • crunch 12 hours 1 min ago (view)

    "According to Joe Frisaro of, the Marlins are "believed" to have interest in free agent outfielder Nicholas Castellanos."

    by interest, i assume they mean they'd like to have some baseball rookie cards or his or maybe a hug from him.  i can't imagine they actually want to spend money on someone they could use to make their team better because that makes no sense.


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 4 hours ago (view)

    Prior to joining the Cubs in 2012 Scott Harris was Director of Baseball Operations in the MLB office, which means he received, reviewed, and approved all major league and minor league contracts and transactions, as well as providing MLB clubs with schedules, rules updates, and draft information. 


  • Cubster 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    Giants hire Scott Harris, from Cubs front office,  as GM


  • Charlie 2 days 14 hours ago (view)

    For anyone else who immediately wonders but is not invested enough to look it up, this is not Chris (Ryan) Young, former Padres starter and fisticuffs partner of Derrek Lee, but rather the two-years younger Chris Matthew Young.


  • crunch 3 days 2 hours ago (view)

    rev up those off-season rumor fryers...

    Jeff Passan @JeffPassan
    Multiple teams in search of catching help believe Cubs catcher Willson Contreras will be available this winter. The Cubs will get creative this winter, and with a deep catching free agent market, they could trade Contreras and begin retooling under new manager David Ross.


  • crunch 3 days 6 hours ago (view)

    former padres manager andy green is gonna be ross's bench coach.

    green was c.rea's manager in SD, btw.


  • Arizona Phil 3 days 13 hours ago (view)

    Last year the Cubs signed four free-agents to minor league contracts prior to the Rule 5 Draft: LHP Alberto Baldonado, OF Wynton Bernard, RHP Corey Black, and RHP Jose Rosario. All four were members of the Cubs organization in 2018 but declined to sign a 2019 minor league successor contract prior to being declared a free-agent, but then came back to the Cubs after briefly testing the free-agent waters. 


  • crunch 3 days 17 hours ago (view)

    chris young to be named new bullpen coach (former phillies pitching coach)

    mixed messages on whether lester strode will have a new cubs role or leaving the cubs...


  • crunch 4 days 10 hours ago (view)

    t.clifton straight up falling off a cliff sucked to watch happen last year.

    i had a lot of faith in the guy to at least hold his own in AAA, even if he needed another season or 2 after to get ready for prime time.

    he ended up giving out homers like candy on halloween while retaining his high walk and injury rate.

    that said, his career is far from done.  most likely many other teams willing to give him a minor league deal.


  • Arizona Phil 4 days 15 hours ago (view)

    Keep in mind that most free-agents who sign a 2020 minor league contract prior to the Rule 5 Draft are eligible for selection. (The only exception would be a free-agent who is not yet eligible for selection in the Rule 5 Draft, such as a player whose only previous pro experience was in a foreign major league or in an independent minor league, or a player who was released by another MLB organization but is still not yet eligible for selection in the Rule 5 Draft).  


  • Arizona Phil 4 days 15 hours ago (view)

    If you're wondering if players who sign minor league successor contracts ever get taken in the Rule 5 Draft, the answer is most definitely - YES -. 

    The Cubs selected RHP Hector Rondon in the 2012 Rule 5 Draft after the Indians signed him to a minor league successor contract, and the Baltimore Orioles selected RHP Pedro Araujo in the 2017 Rule 5 Draft after the Cubs signed him to a minor league successor contract. 


  • Hagsag 4 days 15 hours ago (view)

    Got to get Taylor Davis back.


  • Arizona Phil 4 days 15 hours ago (view)

    So the Cubs were ultimately able to retain five of their seven most-valuable post-2019 minor league free-agent eligibles (Rea, Pereda, de la Cruz, Lugo, and Burks), losing only Clifton and Leal (both of whom are probably looking for a fresh start in another organization after maybe feeling stalled in the Cubs system).


  • crunch 5 days 12 hours ago (view)

    that's some of that 4-D chess i keep hearing about.

    checkmate, boras.  cub gets 10 more years of club control for bryant.