Kerry Wood's Back Holds Him Back

Gordon Wittenmyer reporting in the that back spasms will keep Kerry Wood from making his scheduled pitching appearance today.

Manager Lou Piniella downplayed the significance of the injury, but
Wood was examined by team doctors today to determine the severity of
the injury...

Piniella stressed there's nothing wrong with his arm and he's not
concerned about this being an issue with Wood's ability to close.

‘‘If we had to be concerned about everything to be concerned about,
we'd never sleep around here,'' he said. ‘‘This is just a stiff back
and nothing more, and it could happen to anybody.''

Downplaying the significance of the injury--I wonder if the Cubs now list that as a required job skill when hiring new personnel.

More info as it becomes available and we're able to share.




Gordon Wittenmyer reporting in the Sun-Times that back spasms will keep Kerry Wood from making his scheduled pitching appearance today. By "back", do they mean "shoulder"? By "spasm" do they mean "is tore up"? If this is seriously only back spasms, it's probably not that big of a deal. Z was out for a short time last year for back spasms. It didn't even require a visit to the DL.

No. By "back," they mean rotator cuff. By "spasm," they mean shredded beyond all recognition.

the sky is falling... the sky is falling... KW: this hot tub sure is comfy. Hope I don't slip getting out.

This is not good news. It could be nothing, but knowing the Cubs and how they are with injuries and Wood and how he is with injuries, this could be a big deal. I sure hope itis nothing more than he slept wrong, but I think it is not wrong for any Cubs fan to look at this with a weary eye until he pitches again and comes back fine the next day. Nad has Wood even pitched on back-to-back days yet? You can't really be a closer if you can go 2, or even 3, straight days.

I don't know if anyone in camp has pitched back-to-back days yet. But Wood was supposed to throw back to back days today and tomorrow:
Piniella said Wood would pitch in consecutive games today and Thursday, take a day off, then pitch again -- ostensibly to see how Wood responds to the kind of schedule closers routinely work.

Also it seems Piniella has settled on his lineup to start the year with.. Theriot Soriano Lee Ramirez Fukudome DeRosa Soto Pie You people wanting Soriano moved down in the order better not start bitching about how the leadoff spot can't hit for power now. You got your wish, dont be pulling a damn Juan Pierre and bitching about it. You got your wish be happy with it.

If that is the everyday lineup, I just want to hear every person who bitched about Dusty's lineup, especially with the #1/#2 hitters, start screaming from the highest mountain.

If that is the everyday lineup, I just want to hear every person who bitched about Dusty's lineup, especially with the #1/#2 hitters, start screaming from the highest mountain. I want everyone who bitched about Don Baylor's lineups to start screaming from the highest mountain also......

Theriot/Soriano just a tiny bit different from Patterson/Neifi.

But still if you didn't like neifi or Corey batting #1/#2, to be fair, you can't like Theriot leading off and Soriano hitting second.

That makes a lot of sense Manny!

Yup... it makes a ton of sense. Because Neifi and Korey are just like Theriot and Soriano. Oh wait.

patterson/t.walker was the 1/2 to open the season...then it became a mixture of hairston/patterson/neifi batting 1st/2nd when walker *shock* gets injured again. hairston held his own in the #1 slot, but sucked on when to actually take a base and when to hold. besides dlee/aram the only guy who hit for ob% on the whole f'n team was barrett anyway...there was a lot of problems with 05 besides who hit 2nd.

Scream this: Career ML OBP Theriot .341 Soriano .327 vs Patterson .298 N. Perez .297 BTW, here's the latest laugher from Dusty Baker:
LOOKING LIKE LEADOFF: Corey Patterson is hitting .474 this spring, mostly in the leadoff spot. "I always thought he'd be a good leadoff man," Baker said. "He's got all the tangibles to be a leadoff man. Maybe sometime you're not ready. When he came up, he didn't know how to bunt. They said he was going to be a 30-30 man and it got in his head."

navigator: "Career ML OBP Theriot .341 Soriano .327 vs Patterson .298 N. Perez .297" Well, then looking a those numbers you are right, it is absolutely acceptable to bat them there. Nobody can complain...

Korey has had 6 very good months in his career. That's it, going all the way back to his debut in 2002, through 2007. 6 months he hit over .300 out of his entire career. He's such a frustrating hitter, and his splits have always fascinated me because he's so hot and cold, but he gets even worse in the second half of the season. Career splits: 1st half: .266 .308 .419 2nd half: .247 .283 .407 even his two best seasons, 2003 when he was playing so well before an injury, was just two good months: April 2003: .300 .330 .550 May 2003: .333 .345 .565 Then June 2003: .269 .319 .452 July 2003: .235 .278 .294 (only 18 ab's before he got hurt) and in 2004, when he hit 24 dingers and 72 rbi, despite a .266 .320 .452 line, again... April 2004: .277 .326 .494 May 2004: .250 .321 .370 June 2004: .327 .387 .545 July 2004: .225 .248 .324 August 04: .336 .388 .605 Sept 2004: .190 .250 .373 I'm not saying Korey sucks, he's an average or perhaps below average regular CF offensively, but he's not awful. But his track record shows he doesn't belong in the top half of any lineup. He's probably a 7 or 8 hitter, unless he's super hot, and you move him up until he cools off again.

I hate this lineup (just rehearsing for the season)

Can I bitch if I don't want Theriot or Soriano in the leadoff spot? Is that okay? It should probably be: Fukudome DeRosa Soriano Lee Ramiez Soto Theriot Pie P Maybe we'll get there by the end of the season.

Why not Lee 2nd and Soriano 3rd? Especially if DLee's power numbers stay down. Then if the Roberts deal ever happens it would be: Roberts Lee Soriano Ramirez K Fuk Derosa (flip flop with Soto if Theriot plays) Soto Pie If the Roberts deal never happens then bat Theriot or K Fuk first.

If all those Ifs come to pass, including Derosa playing an adequate ss, then I'd get behind that lineup in a heartbeat.

I think all those if's will happen. The Cubs will get Roberts, but give up too much to get him because Hendry will panic that nothing has moved. Who knows on DLee, but he hasnt looked great in the spring. Plus batting him 2nd might take pressure off him to produce as many runs, so he won't swing for the fence as much. And I personally don't think DeRosa will be much of a downgrade at SS defensively over Theriot (if any). But he is a HUGE upgrade offensively.

if he is not hitting leadoff because he cannot hit a breaking pitch. My line-up would be: Theriot Fukudome Lee Soriano Ramirez Soto Pie Dero Watch Aram win the MVP then as the 4 guys ahead of him can get onbase and run, he could have about 135 RBI in this lineup configuration.

Stevens: "Can I bitch if I don't want Theriot or Soriano in the leadoff spot? Is that okay?" Absolutely! And to be fair, if you didn't like Pierre, Neifi, Patterson, etc in the #1/#2 hole, you really shouldn't like Theriot/Alf in those roles either. Now I am the first to admit, lineup construction is not a big deal to me, but this would be my preferred lineup based the projected starters: DeRosa K-Fuk Lee ARam Soriano Soto Pie Theriot P

There is a big difference between looking for a combination of OBP and Speed at the top of the order and trying to shove the 2 most craptastic scrubs on the team into the top of the lineup because they are "scrappy." Theriot and Soriano at the top of the lineup is a far far cry from the Neifi/Macias/ReyO/Womack/Izturis types that Dusty loved to kick start the lineup with. They couldn't hit, get on base, or even steal a base. I like OBP at the top of the order, but I don't mind speed there. I'd rather see Soriano around 5th in the order where his power and speed would be best used. I don't think Theriot is ideal, but a 330 OBP with 30 steals is ok at the top of the lineup. But I don't think its horrible to have either of them near the top either. In either case its a long way from !Neifi!

Don't forget, the Patterson/Neifi combo was particularly egregious because it came during DLee's monster year. It takes a special kind of stupidity to turn 50 2B / 46 HR and a .335/.418/.662 line into just 107 RBIs.

I'll drink to Vorare's point.



That didn't last long. Selig caved quick I guess.

Is anyone watching or listening to the game and can tell us how Dempster is looking and whether he's throwing a lot of pitches?

I'm not watching but according to the box score, he's pitched 5.1 inning (facing 18 batters), 0 runs, 1 hit, 7 K's & 2 BB. Sounds like he's pretty locked in today.

What took so long for Kerry to go down? Seems like it took forever this time.

here's the live boxscore link: there goes the Roberts trade up in smoke, Gallagher just walked the bases loaded (7th inning) in 1/3 of an IP before Les Walrond bailed him out with 2 K's

DLee solo HR Blance double scores ARam (walked) 2-0 Hart's in for the 8th and becomes the first Cub to have back to back outings (I don't think anyone else has done that yet)

From Rotoworld: Rule-5 pick Randy Wells was credited with a victory in relief after pitching a perfect inning Wednesday against the Red Sox. Wells has allowed four hits, walked three and struck out six in six scoreless innings this spring. It's still going to be hard for the Jays to find room for him, but he might not make it back to the Cubs if Toronto puts him on waivers.

"Outfield assists: Fukudome (Suzuki at home)." he just needs to become the mark grace hitter everyone wants "at minimum". seen enough of his D and arm this spring to know that's in place proper. good luck with the bricks/ivy...

I doubt you saw him today. The fact is, most of Kdome's throws have been way off the mark this spring. He's made a few nice ones though.

"most of Kdome's throws have been way off the mark this spring." i havent seen or heard anything about that. and no, i didnt see him today, but the limited amount ive seen and been told about him sure dont add up to wild throws...even ones not counted as errors...

and no, i didnt see him today, but the limited amount ive seen and been told about him sure dont add up to wild throws Well, I have seen him this spring and a lot of throws have been bad. So, who am I supposed to believe, you or my lying eyes?

i'm not trying to talk you into anything. i'm saying what i've seen and heard doesn't jive with what you've seen and/or heard.

So, who am I supposed to believe, you or my lying eyes?
Wow... a little feisty today, eh? And like Crunch... I have heard nothing about wild throws from Fukudome. Are you watching in AZ? And do you care to elaborate on any of these wild and bad throws?

Well, first of all when Fukudome's throws were wild they weren't Jacque Jones wild, but they were well off the mark such as the ground ball where his short throw was leap in the air high and six feet to the outfield side of second allowing the runner on first to easily advance. That one shocked me because it was like watching a pitcher screw up a throw to first base. I also recall one in the third inning of Saturday's game with the WSux, again on a ground ball to short right field where his throw to home, for whatever reason, was fifteen feet up the line and got away from the catcher. Maybe he's overgripping sometimes because the ball is so dry and slick in Arizona. Weather like that is new to him.

Hart gave up a 4 spot including 2 walks, Marmol came it to get out of the mess but also gave up a hit and a walk. So much for back to back outings.

I'm wondering why Lou felt the need to experiment. Hart's an SP.

from Roto: Adam Loewen, who missed his last start with a sore shoulder, was yanked after allowing four runs in 1 2/3 innings Wednesday against the Cardinals. Hmmmm, Gallagher's bad outing not very timely.

.1 ip and 5 batters faced over 10 minutes takes k.hart from ST darling with a 2.35 era of 7.2ip 4h 0bb 7k into 6.75era 8ip 6h 2bb 7k. 10 minutes from pimp to pedestrian. ah...spring...ah...low sample size... fun.

this is very convoluted but mlbtr says wscr's george ofman (wsox flagship) reports that the wsox are going to waive Juan Uribe...we shall see. I've been listening to the WSox TV broadcast on wgn and so far Hawk/DJ haven't said anything about this Uribe would probably be jumped on by the Orioles even though his salary is around $5M

uribe's attitude aside...seems like a hell of a mistake to let go of a guy with his occasional pop who can play an adequate (though not great) middle IF. wonder what the motivation is...besides not having to hear him anymore.

Their are numerous reports out that their that Uribe has indeed been waived. But I believe if no one claims him the Sox are still on the hook for 4.1 of the 4.5 million owed to him and other teams are free to negotiate new contracts. He might be willing to sign for cheap to get playing time considering he'd basically be getting his full salary anyway.

Seems like only yesterday they were saying Uribe has the inside track on the Sux 2b job....actually it was the day before yesterday.
White Sox | Uribe waived Wed, 19 Mar 2008 14:46:53 -0700 Mark Gonzales, of the Chicago Tribune, reports the Chicago White Sox have placed IF Juan Uribe on irrevocable waivers, according to a MLB scout. If another team does not claim Uribe within 72 hours, the White Sox will have to release him and be obligated to pay him his $4.5 million salary for 2008. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- White Sox | Uribe has inside track on starting second base job Mon, 17 Mar 2008 12:31:29 -0700 Joe Cowley, of the Chicago Sun-Times, reports Chicago White Sox IF Juan Uribe is the frontrunner to win the starting second base job to begin the season.

Please don't do it cubbies, please don't do it... *crosses fingers*

I don't think that the Orioles looked at Gallagher as an immediate addition to their MLB staff, but as an excellent prospect as a #3 in the future. His performance today in relief probably doesn't impact his evaluation by the O's too much. However, if Loewen can't pitch, it does increase their need for Marquis.

I would certainly think that, if Uribe is released, and the Orioles pick him up, it would make Cedeno a lot less appealing to them. Another reason the Roberts trade may not work out...

BAL has no MI depth. Even if they were to pickup Uribe they would still need to pick one up in the trade.

If someone like the Orioles wanted Uribe. Wouldn't it make more sense to let him clear waivers and wait for the Sox to release him in order to avoid his contract or make a trade with the Sox for Uribe + Cash?

Of course i just picked up Uribe in TCR's 20-team league. Go figure. My team don't look so pretty...

He is still a lock to put up better numbers than Jose Uribe. So you do have that going for you.

I've long supported a trade for Roberts mainly for offensive reasons (leadoff hitter, switch hitter, etc.), but this has just been ridiculous for sometime. It's not like the Orioles don't know who the Cubs are offering, and the Cubs have to weigh if their getting equal value in return. I agree with sentiments on the Score this morning where David Hawe said the Cubs should give the O's a deadline date.

Submitted by big_lowitzki on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 6:17pm.

So, who am I supposed to believe, you or my lying eyes? Wow... a little feisty today, eh?

And like Crunch... I have heard nothing about wild throws from Fukudome.

Are you watching in AZ?

And do you care to elaborate on any of these wild and bad throws?


DAVE: Fukudome has made several excellent throws this Spring. He threw out one runner at the plate today, and his error was on a one-hop strike to home plate that skipped past Henry Blanco, and Carlos Marmol forgot to back-up home plate so the runner advanced an extra base.

Yea... that is what I have heard. Have you seen the several bad and wild throws that Navigator has seen?

a few thoughts i think hart eventually will be a starter no way cedeno makes 25 man roster with cubs he should be traded to giants for r. davis. i agree with a lee , soriano, rameriz 2, 3, 4, in lineup

So is this how Wood hurt his back?!

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    * all figures stated are in a range of +/- 10m

    yeah, that was me not typing info correctly.  my bad.


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    Bryant got $19.5M 


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    bryant 9.5m, contreras 6.65m, baez 11.65m, z.davies 8.63m

    looks like happ is going to arbitration.


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    RHP Edward Vasquez (2017 IFA - Dominican Republic) has retired.

    E. Vasquez was one of the top SP on DSL Cubs Red in 2019 and was expected to be a SP on one of the Cubs AZL teams in 2020 if the minor league season hadn't been canceled.

    He would have been first-time Rule 5 Draft eligible post-2021. 


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    Thanks Phil!


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    danny hultzen retires and joins the cubs as a "pitching development assistant"

    shame the comeback story didn't last longer...but hey, at least he got to taste the bigs after his body failed him for so many years.


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    theo joining the commish's front office operation as a "consultant reguarding on field matters"...basically weighing in on the possible impact of rules changes.


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    Yeah, to my calculation that suspension should be over by now unless he got caught again...


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    (Not Phil) - Last I saw, he was on the restricted list.


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    PHIL: Did the Cubs release Saul Vazquez?


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    The 2021 guaranteed amount is $7 + $3 million mutual option buyout. 10>8.  Most media reports summarizes it as a $10 million deal. 


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    Thanks Eric. After I put it up I thought.. damn I'm old. I wonder if people even remember back that far. I still think about that day. Uggh. Sorry. 


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    I'm always confused by this. They also could have tendered him and then boosted his value by trading him with a million or two in cash considerations. Obviously, that's a million or two more expensive than simply non-tendering--but couldn't you at least get an interesting prospect in return from one of these teams? They obviosuly thought it was worth their return to toss in a few million in the Darvish trade.


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    The 2021 amount is 7.

    The buyout is 3.



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    chase strumpf is quickly emerging as a "trendy" organizational hot prospect, even among non-cubs fans.  amaya is having a decent winter league showing so far...taking a lot of walks, too.