Daryle Ward (and maybe Micah Hoffpauir) gets a shot

It looks like
is in the Wardosaurus' future. The Cubs premier bat off the bench
apparently injured his low back when he took a tumble at first base
during spring training and it just kept hurting. This makes more sense regarding his slow start as he was
0-14 as a pinch hitter until his recent run of three game changing
pinch hits.

His back pain persisted so an MRI yesterday was obtained and diagnosed a .
He's agreed to get an epidural cortisone injection to treat this. The
treatment means a few days of rest (ie. no baseball activities) and so
expect another Iowa callup, most likely power hitting lefty 1B-OF

The lumbar spine has 5 bony segments or connected by
which are made of fibrous tissue (the annulus fibrosis) filled by
softer gel like material (tha nucleus pulposus). When a disc herniates,
the fibrous tissue usually tears and the gel like center of the disc
pushes through the tear in the annulus, leading to pressure on
the nerve tissue nearby.
occur most frequently at the two lowest levels labeled by their
vertebral segments (L4-5 and L5-S1, after the 5th lumbar segment is the

Treatment is based on the severity and the pattern of
pain. The term radicular is used if a nerve root is pinched and produces pain
or numbness that radiates down the leg (also generically called
sciatica, after the sciatic nerve which is formed from the most common nerve roots
involved in disc herniations at these levels) and if the nerve roots that are pinched control a muscle, weakness such as a can occur. If the pain doesn't radiate into the leg (non-radicular) it's only lower back pain that results.

Since they want the speediest of recoveries, it appears they are going to give D. Ward an (cortisone shot, aka ESI).
is the anatomic space just outside of the sac where all the nerve roots
are contained (the dura). Putting cortisone there theoretically works
on the inflammation/swelling produced by the disc herniation and if it
works, which it certainly can, should relieve the pain. It probably won't
get rid of the herniated disc but it's the symptoms that count as not
all disc herniations cause back or leg pain.

Of course there
are other treatments that will be used to treat this including the
usual non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication and specific back
related exercises particularly strengthening abdominal muscles but the
acute flare up needs to be addressed first and this involves a few days
of rest. If there is no leg pain or weakness, it's unlikely that surgery will be involved.

Here's to a speedy return for a professional hitter.

(drop) footnote: Micah Hoffpauir was 2-4 including a 3 run HR and 5 rbi's. If you hear a knocking sound out there Micah, it's Mr. Opportunity.




obviously they could just give Edmonds his roster spot, but they should probably bring up Hoffpauir and send Pie down.

Hendry last night did announce that Pie was sent to Iowa, stating that he will join the I-Cubs in Round Rock on Friday. I'm not sure what the protocol is to reverse that but I think Lou's more likely to use Hoffpauir off the bench to pinch hit than Pie at this point.

From the Muskrat: Fukudome, by the way, went 3-for-5 with a double, and scored two runs. He may be moving up in the order to No. 2 with the addition of left-handed-hitting outfielder Jim Edmonds, who is expected to make his Cubs debut on Thursday. That will be Thursday's headline. http://chicago.cubs.mlb.com/news/gameday_reca... I really like the idea of Fuku in the 2 spot and The Sotomizer in the 5-hole (sorry couldn't resist). Hopefully Edmonds will go on a 5 month vengeance spree and I will be able to not completely hate his fucking guts.

annulus - giggle

Sacrum - double giggle

I hated Rodman's guts. Red Sox fans hate Johnny Damon. I'm gonna hate his guts much more if he completely sucks. Re: epidural, my older borther had one a couple months ago. While it worked as a pain relief for abt. 60 days, I was with him at the rainy 4-3 loss and he said the pain has returned. Maybe Ward will have to see Reed's PT?

I take pleasure in the fact that Redbirds fans are disappointed. I hope the hook is as quick as it was for Pie.

ESPN AM-1000 saying Fukudome bats 2nd, Soto 5th, Edmonds 6th, Theriot 8th.

I like it. Theriot was born to bat 8th. Now if only Ronnie Cedeno can bat 8th instead. Then we might have something here.

hits 8th, the counter productivity of that is so awe-inspring. Theriot should either be hitting leadoff or 9th to act as a second leadoff guy.

While I like this lineup on paper, the superstitious part of me thinks, "We have the best offense in the MLB - why screw with it?!"

Edmonds in CF as a Cub reminds me of watching Jim McMahon as a Packer. Felt very Weird and definitely uncomfortable.

How about Steve McMichael as a Packer? Ugh

The lineup with Edmonds is very tricky. I am all for moving Fuku up because he is showing more to be an on base guy versus an rbi guy. However, Theriot has done everything asked of him in the #2 hole and deserves to stay there for now. My lineup would be: Theriot Fuku Lee Ramirez Soriano Soto Edmonds DeRosa If Soriano stays in one spot, I would do the same lineup with everyone moved down one spot. Fuku would be #3.

Most likely will be as Cubster mentions.

now Waddle/Carmen on ESPN-1000 say Theriot will still be hitting #2, Fukudome #5, Edmonds #6...I don't get that as it puts two lefty's back to back.

Wouldn't this be the time to have the pitcher finally bat 8th - seeing as Dempster is not a decent hitter like Marquis or Z? Gives Sori a chance to drive someone in... Stubborn Lou!

I'm curious as to if anyone has watched Josh Kroeger in the outfield at Iowa. How's his defense? He's gotten hot and is now pasting righties for a .326/.381/.537 line. He's over two years younger than Hoffpauir, has played a lot more outfield, and just seems to be a more rounded hitter. Any comments?

ESPN radio/Bruce Levine says D. Ward will be available to pinch hit today so if he's getting an ESI it won't be today.

Daryle Ward showed up for spring training with his back in such bad shape he couldn't even work out in February and he didn't play until the second week of ST. His collision with Mark Redman happened on March 22 and while there's no doubt it aggravated things it isn't the cause of his back problem.

Re Josh Kroeger-- I've been interested in Kroeger since he hit .380 in half a season in Double-A last year. The Cubs--I mean, Piniella--got a peek at him in spring training, where Kroeger got six hits in 21 at bats. Hoffpauir, meanwhile, got 62 turns at bat and put up numbers that were ridiculous. Hoffpauir also had a good spring the year before. So Lou definitely thinks of Hoffpauir first when he thinks of lefty power bats in the organization. Besides, they got Edmonds, so they're looking to replace Ward as a backup first baseman, not outfielder.

Soriano CF Theriot SS Lee 1B ARam 3B Fukudome RF Edmonds CF Cedeno 2B Blanco C Dempster P http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/boxscore?gid=2805...

from Friday's sun-times: Manager Lou Piniella confirmed a Sun-Times report that Daryle Ward will go on the disabled list after the game Sunday because of a bulging disc. The Cubs are expected to promote lefty-swinging Micah Hoffpauir from Class AAA Iowa. Hoffpauir, who plays first base, has been getting extra outfield work. http://www.suntimes.com/sports/baseball/cubs/...

Why wait until Sunday if Ward is having the problems now? Will he be available to pinch-hit (ably) this weekend?

DWard was available on the bench yesterday, so I expect the same is true through the weekend. Basically the epidural steroid injection was probably scheduled electively for monday. The MRI made the diagnosis (basically it just shows the anatomy) but the symptoms are somewhat chronic so it's not treated like an acute injury. They just don't do epidural injections for pain on an acute/urgent basis. Now if he's pregnant and the baby's on the way they'll put the epidural in pronto (sans steroid).

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  • hopefully the fans stay respectful and don't lower themselves to the type of scum that were heckling hunter pence...


    crunch 4 hours 32 min ago view
  • Careful what you tweet regarding KB - he’s reading and he’s pissed!  I kinda like seeing KB hot under the collar - very out of character for him. 


    Eric S 5 hours 3 min ago view
  • For those of you who did not see the game....

    Kris Bryant's first inning HR off Chase Anderson was a towering fly ball that was a bit wind-aided, but not unlike what you might see at Wrigley Field. The line single had a lot of top-spin and fell in front of the left-fielder. 

    Here are some of the velo readings for the Cubs pitchers: 

    Mike Zagurski:
    FB: 89-91 
    SL: 81 
    NOTE: Nibbled too much, but he did strike out Eric Thames with FB/SL combo. 

    Arizona Phil 5 hours 26 min ago view
  • looked like a good one from the box score.  i've been out all day, back home now, and ready to take in my first televised game of the spring (HOU/WAS).

    is o.de la cruz still considered a starter or is he transitioning to the pen?  looks like he put in a solid inning pulling up the end of the game.

    crunch 6 hours 19 min ago view
  • First 2019 Cubs MLB Cactus League game today. This is my 42nd year of Cubs Spring Training (first one was in Scottsdale in 1978).  

    Arizona Phil 12 hours 6 min ago view
  • HAGSAG: No word yet, but don't be surprised if guys like Rademacher, Martin, and Torrez end up in Mexico or in independent baseball.

    A number of former Cubs minor leaguers and big leaguers (INF Arismendy Alcantara, C Sergio Burruel, INF Dustin Geiger, INF-OF Junior Lake, RHP Yoanner Negrin, OF Felix Pie, RHP Armando Rivero, INF Issmael Salas, OF Dave Sappelt, and RHP Carlos Zambrano) played in the Mexican League last year, and INF-OF Logan Watkins just signed with Tijuana after playing indy ball in 2018.  

    Arizona Phil 12 hours 13 min ago view
  • E-MAN: Mike Olt signed a 2019 minor league contract with the Minnesota Twins last month. 

    Arizona Phil 13 hours 10 min ago view
  • Don’t see BJ signed to any club yet. Mike Olt, however, played AAA for the Red Sawx last year. Anyone hear if he is resigned?

    The E-Man 14 hours 58 min ago view
  • Has anyone heard if any of these past Cubs minor leaguers have found a team..Mazonni, Rademacher, D. Torrez, Coghlan or Trey Martin? 

    Hagsag 16 hours 13 min ago view
  • HAGSAG: The pecking order for minor league field assignments is: 

    Arizona Phil 1 day 5 hours ago view
  • It hasn't been announced yet, but I would expect either D'Angelo Jimenez (DSL Cubs #1 Hitting Coach) or Enrique Wilson (DSL Cubs #2 Hitting Coach) to replace Michael Carter as AZL Cubs #1 Hitting Coach, with Jovanny Rosario (Assistant Coach with DSL Cubs #2) replacing either Jimenez or Wilson.

    Arizona Phil 1 day 5 hours ago view
  • Glad to see Mark Johnson get a promotion if that is what it is.

    Hagsag 1 day 8 hours ago view
  • https://twitter.com/MDGonzales/status/109751175840...

    it's now 79-83 since the brews signed moosetacos, btw...

    crunch 1 day 12 hours ago view
  • 2/25 split squad cubs/dodgers game has been picked up to be televised (dodgers feed) ..cubs also playing SD the same day (radio only)

    3:05pm EST

    crunch 1 day 15 hours ago view
  • The Rifleman!

    Mike Wellman 2 days 9 hours ago view
  • neither cubs sat/sun/mon/tues/wed/thurs games are televised.

    lame...very very lame.

    first televised game is friday march 1st unless something changes (@Dbacks on the ARZ feed).

    crunch 2 days 12 hours ago view