Game 108 Thread / Cubs @ Brewers (3 of 4)

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SP Ryan Dempster SP *Manny Parra
11-4, 2.99, 117 K, 57 BB, 138.2 IP
9-3, 3.72, 92 K, 54 BB, 113.2 IP
LF Alfonso Soriano 2B #Ray Durham
SS Ryan Theriot SS J.J. Hardy
1B Derrek Lee LF Ryan Braun
3B Aramis Ramirez 1B *Prince Fielder
CF Reed Johnson RF Corey Hart
2B Mark DeRosa 3B Bill Hall
RF *Kosuke Fukudome CF Mike Cameron
C Henry Blanco C Jason Kendall
P Ryan Dempster P *Manny Parra

The Cubs were able to secure wins over the Brewers big two, and now the Brewers will try and retaliate amidst our big three. Dempster goes for back-to-back road wins for the first time in seven years and looks to draw even with Zambrano for the team lead with twelve wins. A win for the Cubs tonight would also put them back up to twenty games over .500, which is a neat little number. Dempster will have to watch out for Ray Durham and Jason Kendall, both of whom are

It'll be Manny Parra for the Brewers, who I suppose makes the third leg of the Brewers troika (TCR word of the week sponsored by Motorola) of starting pitchers. He survived a brutal April and is  He has one career start versus the Cubs and lasted only three innings after giving up three runs in the second.


meaningless stat of the day: Cubs have spent the last 44 games hovering between 16 and 20 games over .500. During that time they are 0-4 when 20 games over, but 6-0 when 16 games over.

Let's hope ace #4 gives us Blackjack tonight.

Is he a hold out? Pay him whatever he wants and get him back in Camp!

and has given up 5 hits in 2.1 IP so far with a walk, but just one run...

This is bullshit. MLB.TV blacked out due to ESPN. ESPN is blacked out on my TV because I am supposed to have the Milwaukee telecast. But FSN-Milwaukee is blacked out right now during the game too. Screw Direct TV. And I just get the apartment building's set-up so I don't even have a say in what channels I get or have anyone to complain to. Now I have to go down to a bar in the heart of Brewers territory (Madison) to watch the game, which depending on how it goes could be quite annoying.

What the hell's the point of paying what, $80 a year for MLB.TV if they black out games? What if you don't want a television at all and and you just want to watch baseball games? Then you're just fucked? The day Bud Selig is cold and rotting in the ground should be a national holiday. If the MLBPA represents the players and Selig represents the owners/corporate suits, who represents the fans? Clearly no one.

Yeah it is frustrating. You can't watch ANY games on MLB.TV on Saturday because Fox buys the rights to them all so everything is blacked out, and if the Cubs are on ESPN you usually can't get it either. It was enjoyable being a bar downtown tonight though :) I went in full Cubs atire and sat smugly in the middle of the bar.

Move to Manila where ZERO games on MLB TV are blacked out :)

Who watches baseball in Africa?

Africa? Huh?

I dunno about Africa, but there is a strong baseball following here in the Philippines, complete with little league, high school and college leagues. Some of the older coaches told me that Babe Ruth and other all-stars played exhibition games here back in the day.

From Dr. aaron b: Who watches baseball in Africa? Well, me, for one. But only for three times a year the last two years when I've been in Ghana. Got the Yanks-Red Sox (who f'n else) last weekend at midnight Sunday. Went to bed early last night with my alarm set for midnight local time, which is when the Cubs were to be on. Got up to find a storm had fritzed the sat dish where I'm staying. Went online for an hour and got the Cubs through 4.

I was Joking. Think along the lines of "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

i have the TV package. i live in a BAL/WAS TV area. what's screwing everyone is tv rights and commercial revenue the teams can market to the TV stations looking to bid on the games when it comes that time. i live in the middle of NC... i get 1 of the 3 channels that get BAL games and 0 WAS games. that leaves me with around 60 games a year from my Fox Sports assigned area and whatever games pop up randomly via matchup on espn/fox-saturday/wgn/tbs. as it is this isn't really inconvenient except when chc/was plays and wgn doesn't have it. i'd go nuts if i was a WAS/BAL fan and i have 1 BAL fan here who is absolutely pissed about it. he has to use a foreign proxy to view games on (on a paid, legit account) when he'd rather be using his TV.

Why any games that are sold out are blacked out is confusing to me. Hope you had fun with the cheese heads at the pub.

Dempster, you magnificent bastard. If you write a book, I'll read it.

Soriano now 6 for 12 in this series with 5 runs scored Theriot now 6 for 13 with 4 runs scored (although another CS) Nice job gentlemen

Can I just state the obvious that our starting pitching has been absolutely sterling in this series. Keep up the good work boys. I expect nothing less of Harden tomorrow.

Ramirez and Lee 0 for 9 today!....that's terrible... (looks at score) oh, we're up 7-1...carry on.

Step on their f'n throats. NO MERCY!!!! Go CUBS!!!

Sweep the leg, Cubbies!

3 in a row 20 games over .500 for about the 5th time in the last 40 games 4 games clear of Milwaukee and St. Louis Harden tomorrow Go get em

When can we start hating on Theriot again? ;-)

(A phone rings in the Brewers dugout. Everybody looks at it nervously. Slowly, Ned Yost walks over and picks up the phone.) Yost: For God's sake, what now? Lou: Who run Bartertown?

MASTERBLASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep the embargo on!!!!!!!

It looks like the Manny 3-way is tentively done: It looks like PIT gets Ryan Tucker in the deal and BOS gets John Grabow in addition to the other noted pieces in the deal.

Does anyone else think this is crazy and borderline suicidal for this season by Red Sox to do this?

3.9 WARP 1 for Bay, 4.4 for Manny so far this season...

Not much difference...and I think it's obvious that Manny is pulling some ridiculous shit behind-the-scenes for them to be doing this.


I think it's becoming more and more prevalent that clubs put more value on character and make up when it comes to putting teams together, (good statistics notwithstanding). For the Red Sox they get a younger guy with much less baggage and hardly a drop in production. I say they made out just fine.


Epstein is a smart guy. It looks like from the outside that it has gone from Manny being Manny to Manny being a clubhouse cancer, so it might be more suicidal to keep him.

For Boston's perspective, they have to be happy with getting Bay and Grabow, even if they'll end up throwing in a prospect along with Ramirez. Lose an aging headcase with a massive contract and a lot of uncertainty, get a young stud in his prime and some relief help. After what I saw last weekend, the worst part of the deal for me is Jeremy Hermida to the NL Central.

cubs pitching has been awsome scott eyre is gonna be gone tomorrow brewers defense has looked bad ryan braun wow good thing he ha sbeen cold and he has not looked good in field either is the harden marshall thing a go now i like that brewers load up with lefties sixth inning marshaal comes in.

cubs are on a roll wrigley field north is rocking you gotta believe

ya gotta love our "home" record!

Baseball continues to amaze. How can the Cubs go from losing those 2 game on Fri and Sat when they couldn't score a run to save their lives to breezing through the Brewers? I was prepared to be happy with the split but now the sweep seems like more than possible. The August schedule is beautiful for the Cubs could definitely open up some ground.

of the trade due to trying to squeeze out as many top-tier prospects as they can: I just cant see Boston getting a Manram deal done without getting a somewhat compariable RH OF or SS bat back. The only team I can think of now of the top of my tired mind is Houston with either Tejada or Carlos Lee. I guess they could always go put Youk in LF and get a 1b or move Lowell to 1b, Youk to LF and get a new 3b, but the only guy I could think of in those scenerios would be Adrain Beltre. I think they just need to give Pit whatever they want because it looks like the Red Sox are at a point of no return with Manram. BBTN had a good feature on the 10 pm show about Manram taking 5.17 and 5.34 sec to get to 1B on a few grounders in the Angels series.

The only problem with the Asstros being involved is that, inexplicably, Ed Wade thinks they're in the thick of it, and is BUYING, not selling.

remember last week when I said that I hate this team? I lied I really love this team.

I think you neee to buy them a nice gift.

haha... Sully is out next week, so Riot is stepping in to man the "Ask Paul" column. "You're often referred to as a 'scrappy' player. What does scrappy mean to you?"

It means the blog I'm reading is gay.

In a year of home team domination... Brewers sweep Cards in 4 game series at STL Cards win 3 in Atl Cubs win 3 in MIL Go figure.

Did anyone catch the extremely humorous moment when ESPN put up a shot of Sabathia in the dugout and Dave O'Brien started waxing about what a great young ballplayer Prince Fielder is?

How about the 20 times O'Brien mentioned that Ryan Braun is "unknown" despite being a superstar-caliber player, yet somehow this unknown asset led all outfielders in the popularity contest known as All-Star voting?

I thought Soriano led the OF votes?

FWIW, ESPN's Cy Young predictor has 3 Cubs in the top 10:

If Kerry can get off the DL in a reasonable short amount of time and stay semi-effective, he should cruise to the comback player of the year award, unless I am forgetting someone.

I'd put Lohse in there.

I guess he may get some support, but I prefer a player who actually is good at some point, so Lohse (and Pena) shouldn't really qualify. Dempster's got to be a much better candidate than Lohse.

What did Dempster come back from?

granted, I haven no idea how the award works, but I would think you'd need to miss significant time either due to injury or demotion to be considered. Lohse started 32 games last year and Dempster only had a small DL trip.

Kerry Wood seemed to be cruising to it. 

The award.. according to Baseball Almanac:
The award will recognize the players who have re-emerged on the baseball field during a given season.
Not quite sure how "re-emerged" is defined.

well in that case, Dempster and Wood seem like viable candidates.


I was watching the game at a bar with no sound, and I was confused by something. I believe it was the top of the 9th, and I believe it was Lee. The bases were loaded, and he hit a grounder up the third base line. There was no play at first - the third baseman bobbled the ball. A run scored, and I thought everyone was safe. I noticed that the little graphic showed runners on first and second, but not on third. I thought it was just a mistake, but then a third out was recorded, and it turned out no one was on third. This was a couple beers in, and I might be remembering something wrong, but it seems we lost a baserunner at third (and gained an out). A few of us were trying to figure out what happened. Was there a force that I missed?

Yeah, the ump said Bill Hall still had his foot on the bag when he fielded the ball to get the force out at third. I didn't think so when it happened and was confused too, but I haven't seen a replay to know for sure.

Thanks. No one looked out to me either, but that explains it.

The replay looked like he pulled his foot off a split second too early, but the ump's gonna give that to the fielder 9 times out of 10.

I think it is time that ROB G does an "apology issue", for those of us who wish to "come clean" on misplaced bashing they have levied on the Cubs prior to, and during this season. I would like to start by saying that Ryan Theriot, I don't know what happened, but you have turned into one of the top NL shortstops, and I didn't give you a chance. You have earned my respect. I am humbled. Just, please, only try stealing on Jason Kendall. Ryan Dempster - dude, I never thought you would make this years' rotation after the Cubs signed the great Jon Lieber. HA! Was I WRONG! So far, YOU have been our most reliable and arguably, most impressive starter! To Jim Edmonds: Dude - I loathed you as a Cardinal. But, I suppose its not the first time that a player moves to a team's chief rival. I have to say, at the end of your career, you have given the 2008 Cubs some valuable play - won a couple games, and made several gems in the OF. To this point, you have been a terrific value for what we're paying. Thanks for your efforts. I WAS WRONG. Kerry Wood - I'll post later in the next "Cubs Apology Post". Ahhhh...I feel so much better. Anyone else?

You fool! They were strengthened by your hatred! Your apologies are rendering them powerless! Let the hate flow through you again or we are doomed!

And yours?

It's not too late Brick, step away from the dark side. Fear and anger I see in you.

This is like a player in the dugout saying, "hey, our guy's got a no-hitter going." If Theriot, Edmonds and Dempster all start slumping, we'll know who's to blame.

Surely this guy would be better than Gonzo

Doesn't say who the Reds get back in the deal.

According to Rosenthal and WSCR Pending Jr approval Players going from White Sox not known JR would play CF Extra base hits every where rejoice.

meh... NBD. Griffey is not going to make that much difference on anyone's team this year unless he gets a big drink from the fountain of youth.

Griffey is going to play CF?!?! Wow.

Woah, never saw that coming. How many instances have there been of 500-HR Club guys on the same team? Obviously not many.

McCovey and Mays were teammates for a long time during their careers. As for other guys who are/were teammates during their careers being teammates at one point. Arod/Sheff is only is only 16 HR from Sheff away and Arod/Giambi is 116 HR from Giambi away. If you want to look 15 + years into the future some possibilities of 500 HR guys being teamates at one point and time are: Braun/Fielder Sheff/Cabrera Delgado/Cabrera Cabrera/Hanram Manram/Hanram (if Manram does get traded) BTW, Griffey has waived it.

I'll be ticky tacky, Mays retired before McCovey hit his 500th.

How many did McGriff and Sammy have when they played together?

I was just trying for 500 HR guys who were teamates at one point in their careers. As for guys who were 500 HR club members when they played together its just Griffey/Thome and Sosa/Palmerio.

Sosa Palmeiro 2005 Orioles

Yeah, that was for sure the first time. Mays-McCovey and Aaron-Mathews just missed it. Don't think there has been any other since.

Beat you by seconds Jacos :)

I just woke up and heard the deal. I was sure the update was from 3 years ago until till the next item up was the Cubs/Brewers score.

~tips cap~

Flashback to Sunday.... Lifeless Cubs trail 5-2, Brewers winning at the time, first place fading into blackness. BAM! Sori ties it with a 3-run bomb, the team wakes up and the hits have kept on coming. Sori then sets the tone in Milwaukee against CC with a leadoff 2B & SB and then a HR. He can be maddening in the field and at the plate, and will likely cause future angst, but thank goodness he is back. Without Sori, these last 4 games might have been a lot different. Unless Edmonds is seriously hurt, I dont know why were trying to add a starting OF. I wouldnt mind an insurance policy guy like Teahan, who would really be an insurance policy at all 4 corner spots. Really with this offense rolling I think its dumb to mix up the chemistry if everyone is healthy.

"Can I just state the obvious that our starting pitching has been absolutely sterling in this series." Not to mention it's been sterling since the AS break, but with little offense to show for it - hard to imagine how much $$ Dempster will be raking in during the off - season. Maybe he'll give us a hometown discount?

I think Dempster got his ticket punched out of town when Harden came here. I'm indifferent if he stays because I don't know if he will live up to a big money contract. We already have too many of those as it is. Close to Cubs Club Sandwich?

Woo! Go sexism!

Of course... that would make it more likely that Cuban would sell the Mav's! :)

At the end of the day, if Cuban win's the bidding and the vote goes to the owners, I think the most important question they will be asking is "Will Mark Cuban being in MLB help bring more money into my pockets?". The answer, of course, will be an overwhelming "YES!" and on that basis I don't see the owners as being a roadblock for Cuban being the Cubs new owner.

I'm sure you were joking, but Reinsdorf can handle teams in both leagues, I'm sure Cuban can. 

Only kinda' joking. I had heard reports somewhere that Cuban would probably sell the Mavs if he bought the Cubs.

If the club feels that Dempster's past arm problems are truly behind him, then I hope they make a strong bid for his services. The guy looks to have full command of four pitches at this point, that's unusual among the staff right now. But if it looks to be another monstrous contract, then I would have to agree with your sentiments. I have a feeling that he'd like to stick around, so perhaps he'll take a little less to stay (e.g. the Z and Wood deals).

I'm just guessing here, but I'd put Dempster's new contract in the 4/48 region. $12m/year for a guy like him seems reasonable (no spring chicken, only a couple good years, hometown discount likely). I think I'd pull the trigger on this, but I'd definitely prefer 3/36 or even 3/39.

How about 3/44

That would be unprecedented proven veteran pitcher money.

If he finishes the season as strongly as he's started, look for the Mariners or someone to throw him a 4 year $54 million contract. I think that if the Cubs get a pre-emptive strike in there, they could get him for 3/$40 or 4/$50.

I say take the 2 draft picks. He surely will be a type A free Agent. Didn't he put up a similar career year as a closer in 2005 during his last "contract year"?

If it comes down to pay Wood or pay Dempster, who would you rather have back at this point? Maybe if the Cubs can dump Marquis, they can bring back both. Or they could go after a big name starter, like Sabathia. Then again, they might have to dump a lot of contracts in order to do that.

I'd offer Arbitration both guys and see if they are willing to come back for 1 more year (doubtful for either) I collect the comp picks and look at what's out there. I'm not sold on the long term prospects of either guy.

I see your point, but if they have a good stretch run, I find it hard to say goodbye to either. Demp is definitely the better bet to give you innings, but I'd hate to let Wood walk away and become an elite closer. I'd also hate to pay them both big contracts and then have Wood on the DL and Dempster as only average. Risky. What type of free agents do you think they'll be? What do you do with the money you don't spend on them?

I believe Dempster will continue to have success after this year. I'd like to see the Cubs make a strong effort to keep him. Wood? I'm not so sure. Marmol and Smarmyninja are in the wings. Maybe you let him test the market.

Kind of surprising that the Sox who are looking for pen help give up a pen guy for a marginal upgrade. Richar is a 2B so I guess Phillips is going back to SS as I doubt Richar has a SS arm.

from Rotoworld: 11:50 am (central)...ESPN's Peter Gammons says the three-way negotiations between the Red Sox, Marlins and Pirates are close to dead. 11:48 am...Ken Rosenthal of reports that talks regarding a Manny Ramirez trade are "taking off."


According to Bruce Levine ESPN 1000- Kerry Wood pitched simulated game today with protective sleeve and felt good. He's waiting to hear if he can throw in next couple days without sleeve. If that session goes okay he wants to go right to bullpen no rehab in minors.

Is it a protective sleeve over his fingers? Wouldn't those be called gloves? Is there an arm injury that the club might be keeping secret(Shocked!)?

Over his finger. So obviously he would not be able to pitch in game with it on.

That's some superstition, wearing a condom to the mound... How's the blister problem with his finger, though?

Yeah, that's just what I've been thinking as of late - blister, my foot. Typical Cubs - speak on the injury front.

Well, if it is an arm thing, which I personally think is doubtful, the next 90 minutes will tell us. We'll see another reliever brought in PRONTO...

LF Soriano SS Theriot 1B Lee 3B Ramirez LF Fukudome 2B DeRosa CF Edmonds C Soto P Harden 2B Weeks 3B Counsell SS JJ Hardy 1B Fielder LF Braun RF Kapler CF Cameron C Kendall P Bush

This lineup sucks.

Yanks and Red Sox Eyeing Stevie Ire....

Hughes or Buchholz, first one to blink gets Eyre!

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  • crunch 17 hours 52 min ago (view)

    don't worry, i'm sure even though he was spared from cuts there's some hardship he's being tortured with that he has to unfairly overcome.  #coreystrong #onthecross #yolo #swag #kony2012


  • crunch 17 hours 54 min ago (view)

    there's no way a system like that or something similar to that would work.

    "oh hi." - green bay packers

    *shoves out of way*

    like i said, there's no way that would work.


  • Hagsag 20 hours 50 min ago (view)

    Corey Black still has a job.


  • Charlie 20 hours 57 min ago (view)

    I am ready for MLB owners to give it a f***ing rest. I don't have any outrage to spare on them.

    If they can't afford this crisis, maybe they can surrender franchise rights to the players, grounds crew, concession employees, etc., and MLB teams can be employee owned.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 1 day 1 hour ago (view)

    Couldn't have said it better myself, unfortunately.


  • JustSayin' 1 day 9 hours ago (view)

    These players weren't cut/released; laid off is more like it. Fifty-two minor leaguers let go before any real games played, in two waves. The draft will be five rounds this year, not forty.  This is industrial downsizing, anticipating no traditional season this year and capitulation to MLB demands for a much smaller minor league system in 2021.  Next year or 2022 could also see a labor stoppage in the big leagues, over what promises to be a very tough CBA negotiation.  The game will not be what it used to be after this.


  • crunch 1 day 13 hours ago (view)

    i don't blame the ownership/font office for doing what they did with bryant.  it was just kinda bad timing that bryant was the client that boras was finally "i'm sick of this" over.  the cubs were warned that boras was going to make a stand and it dragged on so long there has to be some kind of toll on the boras/cubs relationship.


  • bigsky33 1 day 13 hours ago (view)

    Hi Phil, yes, hoping for an extended AZ Fall League.  Do you think there will be more cuts?  De La Cruz was the only big sureprise to me. I thought he had some upside. 


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 1 day 15 hours ago (view)

    It'll be more over when Kris leaves. Or whenever the same thing happens to another of his clients.

    He isn't wrong though...


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 15 hours ago (view)

    Presuming there is no traditional minor league season in 2020, expect an expanded Arizona Fall League (with potentially a new "Florida Fall League" as well) for the best prospects and expanded post-season instructs for other minor leaguers (all TBA). 


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 15 hours ago (view)

    My understanding is that the other two Cubs minor leaguers who are to be released are the two post-2019 Article XX-B MLB free-agents who signed 2020 minor league contracts, Brandon Morrow and Jason Kipnis. The Cubs will then supposedly re-sign them to new minor league contracts without the $100K retention bonus and 6/1 opt-out. 


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 15 hours ago (view)

    CRUNCH: Agreed. Not counting the "4-A" guys, Oscar de la Cruz is the one legit MLB prospect on the list.  


  • crunch 1 day 15 hours ago (view) la cruz had some decent looking spring outings (though late inning spring work isn't exactly challenging).  the years of injuries insanely slowed his progression.  totally wouldn't mind seeing him return in 2021 if the team would still be on his radar after getting cut at a time like this.


  • crunch 1 day 17 hours ago (view)

    that whole "kris bryant thing" is over...but it's never going to be over as long as this ownership group and boras is around.

    boras could have focused this on 29 other teams, especially the more vocal ones because the cubs have been mostly silent.  the cubs aren't the only team out there paying off "creatively financed" loans, either.

    he chose the cubs.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 1 day 22 hours ago (view)

    Not looking forward to seeing that list. Hate to see it when a guy you've invested any sort of energy in is given up on.


  • Cubster 1 day 22 hours ago (view)

    Chi Tribune today. Boras picks, and focused on the Ricketts. 

    Headline writer, fun job: Agent won’t let Cubs get away Scott-free Matt York/AP and Paul Sullivan.

    Boras told his players “the game can not be played without you” and asked them to share the concept with teammates and opposing players when “MLB requests further concessions or deferral of salaries” during negotiations.