Trade Deadline Rumor Roundup

TRADE RUMOR UPDATE (4:23 PM CST): Jayson Stark

The Cubs, meanwhile, are resisting attempts by Seattle to get Felix Pie and a second prospect for Ibanez. The Cubs almost certainly would be willing to offer a couple of prospects in the Sam Fuld stratum. But teams that have spoken with the Cubs say they've shown little sense of urgency to overpay to add a final piece or two of late. 

A few notes about the Cubs/Brewers series first...

- So the Cubs win the battle of the aces last night, with Carlos Zambrano putting together the type of heroic effort that should be remembered for years. 118 laser precision-like pitches over eight innings with nine strikeouts and only five hits and the Cubs are guaranteed to be still in first place after the series ends. They're also set-up nicely for a series win or dare I say series sweep with Ryan Dempster and Rich Harden going the next two games. (Doing my best Mel Allen) How about that?

- The "struggling" Cubs offense has pounded out 26 hits over the last two games. Apparently you can just turn it on when it's needed most. 

- Entering the series, Jason Kendall had morphed himself into a late-90's Ivan Rodriguez, throwing out 27 of 57 baserunners for a league-leading .474 caught stealing percentage. Lou and the Cubs baserunners didn't seem impressed. They're now a perfect five for five in the first two games. Kendall needs to take another dip into whatever fountain of youth he found.

Some trade rumors after the jump...

or any left-handed hitting outfielder. Jim Edmonds knee must be worse than they originally thought and it never hurts to have some insurance. It seems the Cubs are perfectly willing to move Kosuke Fukudome to center field on a full-time basis and find someone to play right field. Reader "Chifan" put together a list of some :

AL West
Milton Bradley

AL Central:
David DeJesus
Mark Teahan

AL East:
Luke Scott
Brad Wilkerson

NL West:
Randy Winn
Dave Roberts
Jody Gerut
Brian Giles

NL Central:
Ken Griffey Jr.

NL East:
Mark Kotsay 

I would probably add Coco Crisp to that list as well, although I'm not sure how Chifan neglected one name though, the player sure to lead us to the promised land ....Adam Dunn!!!!!!!!!!  Hey, the Cubs will need a DH for the games in the AL Park in the World Series.

All kidding aside, I'd go after David DeJesus out of that group, followed by Luke Scott and nobody else. And there haven't been a whole lot of Dejesus or Scott rumors out there, so I don't expect much. Apparently have called Hendry about deals. I'd stay far away from Milton Bradley though. Sure, he can hit and play pretty good defense, but kind of like a hot girl who happens to be crazy...the juice ain't worth the squeeze. 

- The Star Tribune

La Velle and I have spoken to different Dodgers people who say they have no interest in Adam Everett. At least not in a trade. Team had a meeting this month to discuss shortstop options, and listed Cristian Guzman (before he signed his latest deal), Jack Wilson and Ronny Cedeno. Everett’s name didn’t come up. 


May I suggest a Ronny Cedeno for Andre Ethier swap? 

- Scott Eyre is still very much on the block as well, although I wouldn't be surprised if he's a post-July 31st trade that has to go through waivers.




I think it's hard telling what Texas is going to do with anybody. Bradley is the bat I would want (320/444/592) out of that group, even with the baggage. Even 282/409/443 away from the Bandbox at Arlington. Sure, they aren't catching the Angels in the West, but they're 4th in the WC at 5.5 back. It's closer than they usually are at this time, so would they make a run at it with what they've got and let Bradley get signed away?

Bring on Kotsay (has he been hurt?) he hits lefties almost as well as he hits righties. only a slight dip in obs of .027. And I don't know what his contract status is like but he could be a good stop gap while we wait for Felix. “I had tried to start a small leg kick and it felt good (but) I just couldn’t get the timing of it down in games,” explained Burke. “So really the only thing that changed was getting rid of the leg kick and going back to my normal load. That’s helped my timing out and I’m starting to (square up on) some balls, and good things are happening.” As evidence, Burke has raised his average from a mere .148 to .238 in the past week. His only hitch in that span was a 0-for-6 performance against Everett on June 24. Burke came back the next night with two hits to start a five-game hitting streak. 15 for his last 30 with 12 RBI's over 10 games...

Thanks for sharing, he was THIS close to being a Pitcher conversion meethinks. Now about Ryan Harvey....

These players are getting (unsolicited)batting mechanics advice from coaches all the time.I don't know if this was the case here but.....if it ain't broke,don't try to fix it.Burke & Rundle should've hit their way out of Boise by now.Jericho Jones has led the AZL in hitting the entire month of July and he is stuck in Mesa because of the logjam in Boise.Hopefully Burke will continue to hit his way out of that long slump and move on up.I wish him well. Manny to the Marlins for Hermida or Willingham, Red Sox would pay all of his 2008 salary. Manny wants his option declined and to not be offered arbitration. Intriguing. ---edit--- pays to read, article also says Marlins would throw in a prospect and that Marlins would offer Manny arbitration but he would agree beforehand to decline it.

Then flipped a like Mike Piazza.

Marlins are two games out and wouldn't be paying any of his salary. That makes no fucking sense.


it makes lots of sense considering that the Red Sox won't deal him to the AL where he's best suited. So an AL team looking for a DH could send over a couple of players. And the Marlins ain't winning crap. They are all smoke and mirrors.

I'm sure that's what the Marlins believe, being two games back and all.

Gammons reporting that the rumor has some legs....


I can't imagine Luke Scott or DeJesus being available, as they are under club control at least through next year (I think). More realistic targets would be cheap FA's like a Gerut or Giles, guys that would be almost free. Raul Ibanez would probably cost us real players. Felix Pie is batting .378 in July at Iowa. I'm just saying......

It's July It's Iowa FP still can't hit AAA LHP (0.238 0.269 0.349 0.618) and he's not going to be better against major league RHP than Edmonds (.949 OPS) or Fukudome (.800 OPS) are. I'd like to see what he'd do with the Cubs but he's no bench player. So where and when do we play Pie?

What? No Barry Bonds? *duck*

Don't duck. Other than Manny Ramirez, Bonds is the best available bat. If Hendry really wanted to win. Sign Bonds up today.

terrible call. hasn't swung a bat in months (in a real game). is 43. is off the juice for yet another year. i think he'd be total crap.

bonds knees, age, and most importantly HUGE baggage goes against him...along with the "hasnt faced live batting in a year" thing. he was already pretty awful in LF and walks dont do a ton of good if you need a pinch runner sub. or a really solid hit to simply move you. this isnt even a b.molina thing where someone's slow...bonds has been pretty crippled for a couple years give or take a good week or two. hell, he's not even held a public workout yet. if he really wanted to push the issue he would work the media and drag them out to a complex to watch him smash crap over the wall and shag flies in the OF. the negative baggage and media circus that would follow anyone signing him is a hell of a package to begin with before even considering his skills.

and walks dont do a ton of good if you need a pinch runner sub. or a really solid hit to simply move you

wow, some people still think this? Dusty?

im sorry if you missed bonds play a game in 06/07. enjoy your spreadsheet.

I'm sorry you've missed the last 30 years of baseball research. 

Have to agree with crunch here. Take out the IBB's and throw in the rust and the hit we would take in left or right field defensively and Bonds just isn't that good a player. And have to disagree that Bonds would be the 2nd best offensive upgrade. Last I checked, Bradley, not Ramirez was the best hitter in the AL. EQA Bradley .339 Ramirez .307 2007 Bonds .345 Would doubt that Bradley would be available for anything short of Dempster, though. And he's a crazy racist. All three of those guys have some serious mental issues (and I should know).

Did I miss the joke or did you just imply that you have mental issues too? :)

Bonds in 2007 5SB/ 0 CS Molina in his CAREER 3SB/7CS Were making excuses just to make excuses at this point.

How bout the multiple counts of perjury and obstructing justice hanging over his head? Might he be a bit distracted? Plus, do you really want Bonds in LF and Soriano in RF? Sure, you get power, but that defense is scary. Also, would Barry Bonds completely negate all the positive press surrounding the Cubs lately, or would playing for the Cubs automatically make Bonds loveable? 276/480/565 for an OPS for 1035 Who cares about any of that other crap if he brings you a title. Barry Bonds could wake up tomorrow morning. Roll out of bed, cruise on down to Milwaukee. And still be the best hitter in the Cubs lineup. If creaky knees and spotty LF defense is enough to offset a 1035 OPS. Then I don't know what to think?

i dont know why people assume bonds can just "do this". this is a guy who hasnt had a public workout. there's a laundry list of people who have done similar to get back in baseball. mr. sosa pops to mind for a guy in a similar, yet uniquely different, situation. we're talking about a semi-crippled 43 year old who hasnt seen live pitching in a year AND has no real inclination to prove he can do things.

I'm pretty sure possibly the greatest hitter who ever played the game and is less than a year removed from sporting a +1.000 OPS is capable of returning to form after a couple weeks. The man obviously wants to play since his agent already said he'd be willing to sign for the minimum. What's the risk here? Sign him to a minimum contract a la Jim Edmonds and find out if he can still mash. If he can, problem solved. If not, cut ties and hope for the best with what we got (which is already pretty damn good). --edit-- Also, if he's willing to sign for the minimum, I'm guessing his attitude won't be a problem. He's been humbled by teams' lack of interest and if he wants to stay on the roster he can't be a distraction. I guess I'm willing to sell part of my soul for a World Series. 100 years (well, 27 for me) will do that to you.

Why doesn't Bonds pull a Jay Gibbons and offer to donate his entire salary to charity? I'll be honest, though, I don't want Bonds on the team at all, regardless of whether he can still hit. I spent a long time not liking the guy and it will be very hard for me to turn that around. I still don't feel so great about Edmonds.

Thanks. I honestly just wondered why he wouldn't do that, and I somehow missed when he said he would. Still don't want him, but primarily for non-baseball reasons. And because an outfield of Bonds, Fukudome/Johnson, Soriano scares me on defense.

Serious ethical question then Charlie. If somehow signing Bonds would 100% guarantee a Cubs 1. Pennant 2. World Series Title Would you get behind a Bonds signing?


So Would I


No. The memory would always be tainted.

Why would it be so bad? It's not like he's still juicing (or at least it's unlikely). Sports are filled with bad guys. Murderers: - Rae Carruth - Ray Lewis (probably) Rapists: - Jerramy Stevens (99% sure) - probably countless others Racists, tax evaders, general assholes. The list goes on and on and on. So Bonds isn't the first guy you'd invite over for Christmas dinner. Do you know for a fact that he's a worse guy than Reed Johnson? None of us know these guys personally, so let's not act like Bonds is the second coming of Hitler. Fuck, if he goes to jail it's because he took some illegal drugs (who hasn't smoked pot?) and lied on his taxes. Big effing deal. It's not admirable, but he didn't beat up an old lady. If he adds a 10% chance that we win the World Series, I welcome him with open arms.

Godwin strikes again.

Yeah, I really want to live in a society where people aren't held responsible for anything, where the word 'integrity' is considered as real and relevant as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, where a tax evading, lecherous cheater is held up as a paragon of virtue because he's a little better at cheating than some other players. Yep, bring him on. What was I thinking?

On the list of morally reprehensible crimes, evading your taxes is WAY down the list. Right above speeding and jaywalking. We wouldn't even have a country if our forefathers didn't evade some taxes of their own. As for cheating on his wife, now you're really reaching. Show me a professional sports team, and I can pretty much guarantee at least half those guys have cheated on their wives. And if the issue is cheating in baseball, how come no one else has been held to such a high standard? Maybe if he grew a mustache like Giambi, people would love him? You can have your moral high ground. As for me, I'll take a World Series.

You forgot to mention OJ. But he's innocent right?

No. I think the Cubs have a good chance now, and pitching will determine it more than one more hitter will, in reality. I'm assuming this hypothetical doesn't involve a qualification that not signing Bonds results in a 0% chance of a Pennant or World Series Title. I can't pretend that my dislike of Bonds isn't something unrelated to how he plays baseball. I've hated hearing about him in the media all the time, I don't like how he handles the media, and the guy just grates on me. I wouldn't be able to enjoy the big hits he would get. For me as a fan, it's not just about the Cubs winning. I like to think I'm rooting for something other than a uniform and a name (though I'm not sure I can make a rational argument for it), and rooting for Bonds might shatter that illusion.

And he does impressions of Harry Caray too... Will Ohman's list of tips to survive the trading deadline (if you're about to get traded). They included: (1) "Eat a lot," (2) "Practice your clichés in front of the hotel mirror," and (3) "Kill time by computing the mathematical probabilities that you'll get dealt to a contender." You need to devise a formula, he said, that determines the likelihood that "you can be the lynchpin to your old team's success -- by leaving it."

Bonds also hasn't put up less than a 1000 OPS in a season since 1991. I have a feeling he would figure it out fairly quickly.

And no, I'm not interested in him because it means moving Soriano to RF and now is not the time to be learning a new position.

Just to put it into perspective. Bonds' 2007 season. His OPS was higher than any Cub since DLee's Magical 05 season. And only by a .035 margin. Baggage or not, the guy can REALLY hit. Consider our DH problem solved come WS time.

in that case, Cubs can wait until August 31st to sign him (or possibly even later) and just use him sparingly until the World Series. :)

I know a hitter that is better than Bonds, the last time he played he had an OPS of 1.096 (with only 7 IBB's, compared to Bonds's 43 last year), and he's not under contract with anyone. Someone get Ted Williams on the phone. You people understand that as you get older you get worse at baseball? When you have no cartilage in one of your knees, playing the outfield and running the bases can be a bit difficult. If you put him in a real lineup, where's he's not going to get all the respect walks and IBB's, in a league where the word is going to go out to call his strike zone according to the rules, you're going to have someone who resembles Adam Dunn, without the athleticism, but with 50 times the headaches.

(feeds Neal a straight line) Ted Williams is dead.

So is Bonds to the baseball world. (rimshot)

I'l take it. but i was looking for the Major League reference: "Then cross him off the LIST!"

Unless it's High Fidelity, So, I Married an Axe Murderer or Miller's Crossing, I'm unlikely to be able to quote from it. You should learn some Rookie of the Year quotes... there must have been some good ones in there.

Give him the high stinkin' cheese! how about that one?

Damn you. Now I'm going to spend the rest of the night thinking "Heed! Pants! Now!"

It's like an orange on a toothpick.

He's gonna go cry on his huge terrible pillow.

detroit/yankees farnsy/pudge

me thinks Pudge was burning some bridges in Detroit and none too happy with splitting time with Inge.

If you take away the name and the historical achievements, it's a fair deal.  

When you factor in that they were neither going to Re-sign or offer arbitration to Pudge. At least Farnsy can audition for the Closer spot. At the very least, now Detroit will get a comp pick when Farnsworth leaves after the season.

Also, Farns will absolutely make for a good photo-op if the Tigers get in a brawl.

Sorry to go off topic, but the Kendall CS % point raises a question: If a team tries a double steal, and the catcher throws out the lead runner, does the catcher get hit with a SB against his stats for the trailing runner? Doesn't really seem fair, if that's the case.

good question...I would guess no, but not sure how that would work in scoring. It should just count as one steal against the catcher since it's impossible to throw out both.

I think the rule is nobody gets credit for a steal if one is thrown out. It's a fielder's choice type of situation.

I've seen it scored both ways. Sometimes it looks like: Ramirez out at third; Jacobs steals second and sometimes it looks this way: Ramirez out at third; Jacobs to second.

Fielder's choice concept makes sense.

Yeah, that Pudge for Farnsy trade looks like it actually has happened...

New York acquired catcher Ivan Rodriguez from the Tigers on Wednesday for right-handed pitcher Kyle Farnsworth.

That's the biggest trade Farnsy's been a part of since he traded his game-worn jersey to 'Tai's til 4' for a year of free booze.

So who's going to catch for Detroit now? Ivan Rodriguez was the only catcher listed on their active roster. AND This could be the most ill-timed, most out of touch article about a baseball team since Phil Rogers' last one.
Wednesday, July 30, 2008 Lynn Henning Tigers a smart bet to be quiet at deadline A gut feeling throughout July's shopping bazaar known as the non-waiver trade deadline is that the Tigers' deals would be summed up accordingly: Nothing. This was more or less confirmed Tuesday when Dave Dombrowski, the Tigers president and general manager, was asked if he anticipated Detroit dealing for short-term, or long-haul, help ahead of Thursday's deadline.
complete article here

Brandon Inge, who has been splitting time with Rodriguez for awhile now...

it was yesterday, right? Peoria vs someone?

For all those who think Bonds can still play, please see one of his childhood idols: Willie Mays They guy didn't have a season with an OPS+ of under 100 until he posted and 81 in his last year. OBP for his last 3 years: .425 .400 .303 It goes real quick. And by no means would he be the best player on the Cubs. His stats look better because he missed 30 games. Therefore, sat in games where injury may have hurt his numbers. Things real players can't afford.

Umm... did Chad just refer to OPS+ and OBP in the same comment? Wow.

There's no way, dude. That's some other Chad.

My wife's family went to the game, and had a good time. It was the Peoria Chiefs vs. the Kane County Cougars, and they had over 30,000 fans in attendance. Even though severe thunderstorms came in during the 8th inning, they still waited around in the hopes of being able to run the bases (cool!). But the game was close to being called, so they left soon after.

Seattle is starting to act like the Orioles when it comes to dealing their players - ask for the moon, and hope that someone's desperate enough to wildly overpay.

The Dodgers have passed on Adam Everett, but are talking with the Cubs about a deal for Ronny Cedeno and Scott Eyre. My source qualified it as a "passing discussion," but there's enough fit on both sides to see where this could happen. One interesting thing that a FOT told me is that some of the Dodgers discussions appear to pre-suppose that they'll bring back Rafael Furcal.

Cedeno and Eyre + cash for Andre Eithier.

not that I'm against this, but that does leave the Cubs without a passable backup shortstop and a lot of outfielders. Maybe they could send Furcal back our way? :)

just in case he comes back...


So the Cubs are going to deal Cedeno and somehow get backup shortstop? I didn't bring up Cedeno. I was just going off what you posted. And as far as too many outfielders, Hendry is looking for a lefty because of Edmonds bum knee. What were we going to do with any of the outfielders mentioned?

Well I think it's the Dodgers that are interested in acquiring Cedeno, not the Cubs in moving him. 

Nonetheless, I was just thinking out loud about the ramifications of moving Cedeno. I am kind of curious about how they see the roster shaking down if they did get an OF. Maybe Edmonds to the DL for awhile?

In a month, they get 15 free roster spots as is...


Seriously? Or are you just saying this is what it should be?

I'm pretty sure it was a suggestion on Chad's part...

rob is correct. for once

chatter from Rotoworld...

I duck because I'm S-M-R-T. /Homer

I didnt include Dunn because I cant see Jimbo getting a guy who cant play CF or RF. BTW, Levine is saying he is hearing Luke Scott rumors during his spot with MJH today at 5:50. Their "Postgame" show is on and they might replay it.

it was a joke... 

According to MLBTR, BP is reporting Manny to the Marlins is almost done. (EDIT): This trade might be bad news for the Cubs. As the new rumor has it a 3-way with Pit, Bay going to the Bosox, Manram to the Fish and newly minted Cub killer Jeremy Hermida and a couple Marlin prospects to the Pirates, just in time to face the Cubs.

Bay, Hermida and Ramirez are still in their lineups, so it can't be that close.


"The Red Sox don't deserve a player like me," Ramirez said.

When making comments like this to the press, isn't it mandatory to speak of oneself in the third person?

that Cubs are looking at Luis Gonzalez for the bench...

How much is his used chewing gum selling for nowadays? Just curious...

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  • jdrnym 2 hours 31 min ago (view)

    All makes sense, but I think there is one important point of clarification in there -- are you using "practice squad" and "Club Player Pool" interchangeably? If so, I understood the first sentence of your third-to-last paragraph above to mean that Mills/Sadler/Underwood could be outrighted and still be in the Pool, therefore retaining their eligibility to re-selected to the major league active roster later in the season.


  • Arizona Phil 4 hours 57 min ago (view)

    jdrnym: Zack Short is still on Optional Assignment to the minors (as are Alzolay, M. Amaya, R. Garcia, Maples, T. Miller, Norwood, Rea, M. Rodriguez, and Steele), but he can be recalled at any time without restriction (no "ten-day rule") because he was optioned to the minors prior to the transaction freeze in March. 


  • crunch 9 hours 20 min ago (view)

    the toles update is worse than his troubled past.  toles has been diagnosed bipolar + schizophrenia and has been in/out of institutions over the past couple years.  he can't seem to stick to any program long enough to get good treatment.

    hope he turns whatever corner he needs to in order to get enough treatment to decide what kind of future he'd like to have.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 12 hours 11 min ago (view)

    Those two are definitely on more precarious ground once the roster is trimmed to 26, I would say.


  • jdrnym 12 hours 13 min ago (view)

    Right, just went through the roster quick. Underwood, Sadler, same deal.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 14 hours 29 min ago (view)

    Can't answer the Short thing. But I'd agree with your assessment of Mills if he weren't basically a lock to make the roster.


  • jdrnym 14 hours 37 min ago (view)

    Is Zack Short's official designation still "on optional assignment" even though he's not on the Pool? If so, he can't just be recalled even though he's on the 40-man roster, right?

    And someone like Alec Mills who's on the Pool and out of options... he's virtually locked onto the active roster because he can't get taken off (via an outright) and remain eligible to be re-added. Seems like the kind of player you'd prefer to leave off the initial Pool.


  • crunch 15 hours 1 min ago (view)

    though he went to the hospital for treatment he was never admitted, so he's yet another person who got dragged hard by Covid, but who's case isn't showing up in the hospital admission, ICU bed, or death numbers most of us are looking at.

    there's a whole slew of people who have had to shut down their lives for 2-4-6-etc weeks to get over this that are falling outside of the numbers we're tracking most closely.


  • Cubster 15 hours 30 min ago (view)

    "In yet another reminder of how insidious this particular disease can be, Hottovy says he had acted quite cautiously in public before coming down with it. Fortunately, he was able to self-isolate and avoid transmitting it to his family."


  • crunch 16 hours 41 min ago (view)

    it'll be interesting to see how things go down when people have to start playing games in AZ.  they're damn close to being "early NYC level" screwed with a lack of planning and action.

    with the early plan of playing games in AZ/FL, they could have been huge economic winners with 15+ teams playing all their games in AZ (and spring training 2.0).  now it's looking like some teams may not even want to fly into AZ for a few dozen "away" games.


  • crunch 16 hours 57 min ago (view)

    cubs pitching coach tommy hottovy was diagnosed with covid-19 earlier this spring, but he is currently assumed fully recovered.

    he had a 100+ degree temperature for 6 days, lost 18 pounds, and it took 30 days for him to test negative.

    he's 38 years old, btw.


  • Hagsag 23 hours 56 min ago (view)

    Bravo Crunch!


  • crunch 1 day 15 hours ago (view)

    at least the cubs got elston back for pretty much nothing.  also, ha.


  • Rob Richardson 1 day 21 hours ago (view)

    How many coachs, managers, and other "tier 1" individuals around the league are in higher risk groups? 


  • Rob Richardson 1 day 21 hours ago (view)

    Well said Crunch.


  • Cubster 1 day 22 hours ago (view)

    1956 Cub Hoax...

    Hit .215, 5 HR. Age 28 season