Trade Deadline Updates

I'll try and post anything I come across with the most recent news on the top. Feel free to add anything in the comments. The deadline is 3 PM CST, although finalized deals often come in as much as hour or two later.

3:15 PM CST: like the Cubs made a move at the deadline, although he's not 100% certain yet.

3:07 PM CST: The deadline has passed and not much out there. But, a lot of last minute deals take a good hour or two to get reported. 

2:18 PM CST: that Cubs are out of the Ibanez derby.  

1:50 PM CST: Filed under WTF? - whispers that the Cubs may be in on Will Ohman. 

1:23 PM CST: that the Cubs turned down an offer from the Padres for Brian Giles. No idea what the offer was though. 

1:09 PM CST: Our token Mexican reader Carlos tells me that ESPN Latin America reported that the Royals want a starter for David Dejesus, preferably an MLB-ready one like Sean Marshall.

12:47 PM CST: that Yanks and Red Sox are interested in Steve Eyre.

12:45 PM CST: has Gammons reporting that the Cubs still think a deal for Ibanez can get done even if

12:30 PM CST:   David Dejesus, Brian Giles and Raul Ibanez.

12:30 PM CST:


Please get Milton!!!!!

seems like the Manny 3-way deal is on life support according to Rosenthal and Stark.

Pie,Veal,Marshall for Bradley and Mahay do it Jimmy

isn't Mahay a Royal?

Yeah, But he used to be in Texas

Is Nomar available?

We have company in trying to get Ibanez (The Blue Jays: Why do we want this guy again?

No on Milton "Meltdown". Giles would be interesting (hits well in Wrigley), but I still think Ibanez would be the best fit. Why, why are the Cubs still so sold on Pie? He is proving that he can hit AAA pitching, but he can't get it done on the next level. So package him along with Donnie Veal (again, he is not progressing either) and Randy Wells to Seattle for Ibanez.

What the hell would the Cubs do with Ibanez?? He has played LF and DH this year... Surely, the Cubs don't see him as a RF or CF solution... A bench guy? I don't know if that would fly with him... We better not give up much if he's a bench guy...

Exactly, That is why you send that package to Texas for Bradley Pie,Veal,choose between Pawelek/Berg/Wells/Holliman for Milton If he can't play CF any more. Kfuk moves to Center and Milton plays right.

That is way too much for Ibanez. Crazy too much.

I have to say I like the Bradley idea more than Ibanez, but am not sold that he would be worth it, either. The headaches he would bring might offset the production...

Oh sure, Bradley will work out just fine. Wait until the first catcalls come down from the stands at Wrigley, then watch Bradley jump in after them - hilarity ensues. Here comes the folding chair - DUCK!

That's two HBP's! Are the umps/Cubs getting edgy?

Holy Shit! Edmonds seems like he might be okay....

You think Edmonds knows about the Cubs' asking around for a veteran OF'er?

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥JIM EDMONDS♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

On second look - other than four players in their lineup, sequentially, who do the Brewers have that scares you. I'll admit, their starting rotation is good (well, until this series), but do they do all of their damage offensively with FOUR GUYS?!

I don't think teams fear Theriot Edmonds (present day) DeRosa KFuk All that much in fairness. Sure they might get a base hit off of you. But there isn't a guy in the bunch that you pitch around and say."I can't let this guy beat me."

I'd rather have our four you mentioned, than the remaining four on their squad. Look at the stats. And Edmonds - he's washed up, right Dr.?

Bay to Rays for Niemann and Brignac

Offical: Jason Bay to Rays for two minor leaguers (one who'll probably go right into Pirates' rotation) Buccos are in full selling mode. Think they'd trade within the division? Nate McLouth is a left-handed outfielder...

*By official, I meant unconfirmed... Here's the link though:

They haven't given us anyone good in 5 years, they are due.

That's right. Being our AAAA affiliate, we can get whoever we damn well please from the Pirates!

McClouth makes tons of sense for the Cubs. He's one guy I'd be willing to give Pie for. But the Buccos want to keep him, from what I've heard and read for the past few months. He's not on their selling list.

Why would the Pirates trade McLouth?

I don't think we need another outfielder. Edmonds and Johnson are a solid L-R tandem. Any trade probably ruins team defense and team chemistry for very little, if any offensive upgrade. If they find a better bat for the bench than Ward, go for it, but I like the OF. A bullpen arm could help though. Just my opinion.

How about the upgrade of Edmonds bat on the bench while Milton Bradley or Nate McLouth man CF?

First, I highly doubt either of those are going to happen. And if either do happen we'd be giving up a lot for them. Also, Bradley fits my team chemistry note to a T. He has problems with pretty much everyone. And, you probably know this, but he has only had over 500 at-bats in a season ONCE in his entire career. I don't think we need him.

McLouth would be awesome, obviously, but we don't have the prospects to acquire him.

I'd rather have another good arm in the pen. Make the Rockies an offer they can't refuse. So what if Fuentes is a FA to be; it's been 100 freaking years.

Cubs express interest in trading for left-hand hitting outfielder at trade deadline, including Ibanez and Milton Bradley. Jim Edmonds starts that afternoon and goes deep twice. End of rumors. Coincidence or conspiracy theory?

That's not a conspiracy. Hollywood just doesn't want to lose his fucking job. Might I add, it was pretty cool to hear the loud ovation for Edmonds' step up to the plate after his grand slam.

I was hoping a little bit for Ibanez. Don't know where he'd play, but he's a huge fan favorite here in Seattle. Seems like a real stand up sort of guy. It's great to hear the crowd howling "Raauuuuulllllll", Warren Zevon-like.

Is that BEFORE the wave starts, or after?

It's after the wave, but before the beach balls are set loose. I could be mistaken, because I'm usually distracted by the clowns.'s when he steps up to the plate. To be fair, they really don't have much to cheer for.

Cubs deal for David Riske for PTBNL. damn


i keed



MAn - even Howry can't fuck today's game up.

Ok if I were a Brewers fan I would be really demoralized right about now...but I am not! teeheehee. I love Wrigley Field North!

and Bay to Red Sox

Did Bosox trade with Rays for Bay? Or did Rays never have Bay. I meant what you said earlier today. I'm waiting to hear what you have to say. Okay?

Bay to Rays was never bad earlier.

Details are sketchy, but sounds like Manny to Dodgers, Bay to RSox and all the prospects to Pirates. 

Bob Nightengale has the Bucs getting Craig Hansen and Brandon Moss from the Red Sox and Andy LaRoche and Bryan Morris from the Dodgers, correcting what looks like a typo in the Rosenthal report.

Manny to Dodgers, Bay to Red Sox, Pirates get those 4 prospects... 

Good deal for the Pirates, it seems.

final tally (supposedly):

Rsox give up $7MM, Manny Ramirez, Hansen and Moss for Jason Bay

Dodgers give up LaRoche and Bryan Morris for Manny Ramirez

Pirates give up Jason Bay for Hansen, Moss, LaRoche and Morris 

Winner: Dodgers 

Good point.

GREAT Haul for the Pirates there. 4 highly thought of Prospects, 3 of which are MLB ready. Totally a sore pecker of a deal from their standpoint.

Wow that is like the Nomar trade all over again except the Dodgers already have Nomar and the Red Sox actually end up with someone useful.


I see alot of warning track fly outs at night at the Ravine.

I second that.

So the Dodgers finally get a power bat.

I'll ask the stupid Karl Ravech question- "So what does this mean for Juan Pierre?"

He gets chavezed down the ravine

Couldn't come at a better time. Dodgers will soon play 3 vs. St.Louis and 3 vs. Milwaukee. We already finished our series vs. LA 5-2.

But do the Cardinals and Brewers have alot games left against Pirates?

"I'm beyond antsy," [Wood] said. "I mean, this is the damnedest thing I've ever seen as far as skin. I can't explain it. Nobody here can explain it and we've been to several doctors and it just hasn't gotten any better." [ ] "It's not a blister anymore. It's an open wound, it's an open sore on my finger. The skin's missing," Wood said

All the more reason why Hendry should have gone after Fuentes in a big way.

Maybe he got bit by a brown recluse.

when you have a blister and keep pitching on it that happens. at least this isnt 100 posts about how a manager pushed him to his limit and killed him or something similar. that open wound didn't pop up overnight. he's had it. it is odd that it's not doing much healing, though. kinda sucks.

There goes my theory about necrotizing fasciitis...

Cards got to play a "we gave up" Braves team -- Cubs get to play the Nady-less and Bay-less Pirates this weekend. It all evens out. Love the late inning pile-ons the last two games.

Gagne tossed for throwing at Edmonds.

He only threw at him 4 times?? That's what it looks like on gameday.

Good to see the Cubs get the best kind of revenge - add on more runs. Cubs fans chanting "Sweep, Sweep, Sweep" now in the stadium

Holy Cow! a Scott Eyre sighting! Lou must have finally put his glasses on. Or maybe Hendry tricked him into thinking he traded for a new guy.

This from "Griffey will be reborn with the Sox ... the White Sox are headed for mid-October!" Signed by amd112278 Here's a picture and info, hard to believe he's a White Sox fan. Love the do rag.

I guess we now see what it takes for Lou to put Eyre in a game: a 10-run lead. Clearly he wasn't traded either, or he wouldn't be pitching....

I guess we now see what it takes for Lou to put Eyre in a game: a 10-run lead. And to take him out: a 9-run lead.

Eyre demonstrating why he was so hard to trade, and why Lou only uses him with a ten-run lead. He's what the Brewers have been waiting for for four days.

he's on his way out the door.

Ya gotta hand it to these never say die Brewers. I mean we should literally hand Eyre to them. Their bullpen could use the upgrade.

Yes playoff contenders. HE IS AVAILABLE

I wonder what that will do with the depth chart at DSL Cubs?

What the hell has happened to Eyre? He's had cold and hot streaks before, but he's looked terrible all year - and still he bitches about not getting a chance to play? Feh.

He has looked terrible all year? Really? First... he pitched very well early in the season, and then got hurt (or at least got sent to the DL). In his first 14 appearances he didn't give up a run. He then gave up runs in 2 of his next 3 appearances before going to the DL. And how he looks terrible after not throwing in a big league game in over a month. Is that a surprise? No one can expect a guy to be effective when he hasn't throw in a big league game in weeks, and hasn't seen live action since coming off the DL over a week ago.

Eyre has a half-decent fastball but, unusual for a lefty, his curveball doesn't bend much. At 36, he's in the last year of a hefty 3-year deal following a career year at SF in 2005. Like a few Hendry deals I can think of, it should have been one year shorter.

On this site a few weeks ago, I wrote up the results of about two hours spent sifting through all of Eyre's appearances this season--what the game situation was when he came in. He was used almost exclusively in games that were already won or lost. Piniella used him very carefully to pad his stats so he could be traded by today. It didn't work--although it might have fooled certain blog posters--but it was a good try. It's hard to know what to do next. No GM wants to be seen paying a guy millions to go home and play golf. Meanwhile, Piniella hates him and Eyre knows it. He's the unhappiest Cub. Piniella must look him over every day to see if he has a new pimple that could put him on the DL.

that's a lot of detective work with a hell of a stretch of a conclusion you got there.

welcome to the Internets!!!!

That must be a really good webcam VPhil has set up in Lou's head.

It's not a stretch at all to say that Lou has used Eyre in such a way as to never jeopardize the outcome of a game. Here is what I wrote on 7/6:
My point about Eyre is that Piniella doesn't like to use him when the game is on the line, so the Cubs are always short one lefty. Of Eyre's 18 appearances this year, the Cubs were behind in 10 of those games at the time he appeared. Of the 8 remaining, in 4 of them they were ahead by 2, 3, 7 and 9 runs when Eyre was brought in. Of the four still remaining, in one of them he came in in the 13th inning of a tie game (5/24). In another (6/10 vs. Atlanta), he came into a close game in the 8th inning (Cubs up 6-5), after Howry had just given up 2 runs, Marmol had pitched the inning before, and Wood was unavailable. Eyre pitched to one batter, then Lieber took over in the 9th. On 5/25, he faced 1 batter in the 8th against Pittsburgh, Cubs up 5-4, and earned a hold. Finally, 6/18 was the game against Tampa where Eyre came in and let 3 of Marmol's runners and 3 of his own score. So these are the contortions a manager has to go through to use a guy like Eyre, who is on the roster because Hendry was feeling flush in late 2005. If Piniella could pick his own players, the Cubs might have had a lefty to face Ankiel in the 9th inning Saturday.

It is a stretch to say that. Newsflash, teams come back from games in which they are behind. You need relief pitchers to keep games close. You can't just throw away any game that he enters that the Cubs are behind. Obviously Lou likes Wood, Marmol, and to a certain extent Howry the best out of this pen. And these are the Cubs' best relievers, especially the first two. So why would you pitch Marmol in a game in which you are behind say 3-2? You wouldn't. You pitch other guys, like Eyre, to try to hold the lead and then put Marmol and Wood in if you pull ahead. This isn't rocket science. Is Eyre one of the 3-4 best relievers on the team? - No. Is he having a bad year? - Yes. Has he been injured off an on this year too? - Yes. Is he Lou's favorite right now? - No. But to rip Hendry for putting him on the roster is dumb. I remember you saying the same stuff last year when Eyre struggled early on. Your complaints disappeared when he had a 0.74 ERA from July 4th on, with a .202 BA against. From July 1st on he gave up runs in exactly ONE of the THIRTY games in which he pitched. If he gets healthy and figures it out he could be effective again for us and Lou will start going to him in more important situations.

Lou doesn't think Eyre can protect a one-run lead in the seventh, eighth or ninth innings. You can't cite any stats that prove that Lou is wrong, because there are none. Eyre doesn't come in in those situations, and he didn't last year either, if I remember correctly. It didn't take Lou very long to figure out that he didn't want to rely on Eyre. Over the weekend, commentators were saying that Lou wanted to see Samardzija in a pressure situation. That's the point. How a guy pitches when the pressure is off is fairly meaningless, except to stat-gazers. Having said all that, I watched the replay of Eyre's ninth inning this morning and he threw pretty well. Good zip on his fastball, several swinging strikes. The hits were of the excuse-me variety. Eyre just lacks a good offspeed pitch, so he has trouble putting people away. The Cubs do have an interesting lefty reliever at double-A, Casey Lambert, who is only 22 and a year out of college but has pitched well at four pro levels in a little more than a season.

I love when you talk about "stat-gazers" when all you do is point out stats from minor league Cubs who you have seen very little of. The Cubs have a couple of "interesting" lefties in the bigs named Cotts and Marshall.

If you read what I wrote above you'd see that I agree that Lou doesn't go to Eyre in big situations. Lou basically goes to Marmol, Wood, and Howry. There is no bullpen in all of major league baseball where the manager feels comfortable going to all 6 or 7 guys with 1 run leads in the 8th and 9th. It's like you are pissed at Eyre, Hendry, and Lou because Eyre isn't as good as Marmol and Lou won't go to Eyre instead of Marmol. I wouldn't either. If Samardzija pitches poorly, partiuclarly in high pressure situations, he won't go to him either. And Lambert is not even going to get that opportunity. I'm not even sure what your point is. You basically have a fact: Eyre is having a bad year and not being used in the most important situations. NO ONE disputes this. But you then extrapolate from that fact that Lou HATES Eyre, that Eyre knows it, and that Lou purposefully tried to pad his stats so Hendry could trade him. Did it ever occur to you that it is just as likely that Eyre and Lou get along just fine and that Lou a) uses him in the appropriate situations given how poorly he is pitching, and b) is trying to build him back up in those situations to help the Cubs rather than to trade him.

I like the ideas that 2 and 3 runs leads aren't close games, and that the opposing hitters don't worry about getting on base when their team is ahead. The only difference between a team that is behind and one that is leading is that the team that is leading may use fewer PH'rs.

the best part of that comment is thinking that Lou would have ever even considered pulling Kerry Wood out in that situation versus Ankiel.


Yep -- everyone knows that hitters stop trying to get hits when a game is already won or lost. Classic way to pad a pitcher's stats. Just ask the Brewers' bullpen.

Agreed, Eyre is actually playing this year on his one-way player option 3rd year from that contract. McFail always loved to negotiate those into deals (Aram,Sammy)

New high water mark for the season

Yes-s-s! We broke through that damned +20 ceiling.

"Really?" OK, but tell me why he's in Lou's doghouse.

I have no idea... I am not Lou. But you sure can't say he has looked terrible all year.

If you watched Lou go out to mound to get him today, his look was exactly the same look he gave to Dempster last year - to say he was monumentally pissed off does not begin to describe it.

about Roberts for Cabrera...

I know we were looking for a left handed bat.. but Brian Giles and Milton Bradley!!!! Brian Giles would have played at second.. we have 4 guys who can play second already... and Bradley is only a corner outfielder. I strongly believe the reason nothing ever got done is because the Cubs were looking for a left-handed hitting right or center fielder... in the name of Raul Ibanez.. thinking they could move Fukudome to center if they were able to get him. I also think they would have carried five outfielders if they were able to get Ibanez since Edmonds knee does not appear to be such an issue any more.

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    Surely true, dear Crunch. Trump has emboldened the ugly fact that America's cruel underbelly is still racism and police brutality that forwards that original sin. 

    America NEEDS its HEROES.


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    if he does die by "suicide", I would blame Bill Barr and look into a real conspiracy.


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    welcome to an unwelcome June 1st.


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    November 3, vote!


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    Yes, many players are millionaires too. However, a good percentage of MLB Owners are billionaires. If there's no MLB in 2020 that's on 30 owners, not the players no matter how the Press spins things. 


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    i'm not a fan of this administration.  i'm not a fan of someone holding office who's rise to political prominence involved insisiting, with proof he clamed, that the current elected president at the time was not a citizen of the United States.

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    "Jon Heyman of MLB Network reports that there is "no evidence of progress yet" in talks between MLB and the MLBPA and, thus, "no realistic hope" of reaching a deal by the "soft" June 1 deadline.

    Heyman adds, though, that the deadline "was soft for a reason" and the "hope remains to start (the) season (during the) July 4 weekend." In order for that to happen and for spring training 2.0 to start as hoped on June 10, June 5-9 appears to be the likeliest window for a deal to get done"


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    don't worry, i'm sure even though he was spared from cuts there's some hardship he's being tortured with that he has to unfairly overcome.  #coreystrong #onthecross #yolo #swag #kony2012


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    there's no way a system like that or something similar to that would work.

    "oh hi." - green bay packers

    *shoves out of way*

    like i said, there's no way that would work.


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    Corey Black still has a job.


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    I am ready for MLB owners to give it a f***ing rest. I don't have any outrage to spare on them.

    If they can't afford this crisis, maybe they can surrender franchise rights to the players, grounds crew, concession employees, etc., and MLB teams can be employee owned.


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    Couldn't have said it better myself, unfortunately.


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    These players weren't cut/released; laid off is more like it. Fifty-two minor leaguers let go before any real games played, in two waves. The draft will be five rounds this year, not forty.  This is industrial downsizing, anticipating no traditional season this year and capitulation to MLB demands for a much smaller minor league system in 2021.  Next year or 2022 could also see a labor stoppage in the big leagues, over what promises to be a very tough CBA negotiation.  The game will not be what it used to be after this.