Game 121 Thread / Cubs @ Braves (3 of 3)

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SP *Ted Lilly SP *Tom Glavine

11-16, 4.26, 133 K, 52 BB, 148 IP
2-3, 4.85, 34 K, 33 BB, 59.1 IP
LF Alfonso Soriano SS Yunel Escobar
RF *Kosuke Fukudome 2B Martin Prado
1B Derrek Lee 3B #Chipper Jones
3B Aramis Ramirez LF Omar Infante
CF Reed Johnson 1B *Casey Kotchmann
C Geovany Soto RF Jeff Francoeur
2B Mark DeRosa CF *Mark Kotsay
SS Ryan Theriot C Clint Sammons
P *Ted Lilly P *Tom Glavine

The Cubs go for the sweep and hopefully gain some ground on the Brewers, who are losing 3-2 in the ninth in San Diego as I write this. The Cubs doubleheader sweep last night was their first since 2003 over the Pirates and first road sweep since 1992 over the Cardinals.

It'll be Lilly for the Cubs, the proud owner of a 2.53 ERA on the road this season. For the Braves, it's the return of Tom Glavine off the disabled list, his first start since facing the Cubs in early June.


and the Brewers do lose...woot.

Brewers lose 3-2 to Padres. Wow.

Brewers lose to Jake Peavy and co. Not that big of a surprise. Now they've got to face the Dodgers, including Kershaw with no Sheets and Sabathia.

fwiw, weekend matchups

Parra vs Billingsley, Bush vs Lowe, Suppan vs. Kershaw

Z vs. Josh Johnson, Dempster vs. Sanchez, Marshall vs. Volstad

I guess Yost scrapped the 5th starter platoon he was going to do with McClung and Bush. 


Finally - let's hope Glavin still has a few more starts to go before he's back in form.

38, hoping for 37...


Aramis day-to-day with hip contusion....

Home run Howry strikes again!

That was a steely-eyed Lou who took out Howry tonight. No pat on the shoulder, no pat on the butt, no eye contact. No nothin'. Doghouse. Well, we can only hope.

Mark Cotsay player of the game on Cubs broadcast. ~tip cap~

WGN... Aramis Ramirez player of the game

So, we swept the Braves 6-0 this year. Hope Aramis isn't too seriously hurt.

Howry just bought a St. Bernard =============== His only problem in Chicago was getting in Lou's doghouse. And when you get in that doghouse, you don't get out. It's a very deep doghouse. It's kind of a Saint Bernard doghouse. --One scout on Scott Eyre's relationship with Lou Piniella

Maybe he can keep a small barrell around his neck with H2O to keep Z hydrated.

just watched the video of Lilly's hbp against Escobar. Awesome timing. Top of 7th, no outs 11-4 lead. Last game vs Braves this year and the multi-year vendetta gets the last word in (until next year) ...of course that lead to our St Bernard coming into the there's always consequences, but all's well that ends well. Maybe Ted can get one of his Toronto buddies to buzz Renteria when they play the Tigers...or at least leave a horse'shead in his bed. Now we know his second middle name. Theodore Roosevelt Corleone Lilly.

back up with the A's replacing Ryan Sweeney, out with a bumb thumb. Murton's actually looked better than EPatt lately but who cares? right?

EPatt and Murton are dead to us.

Marshall moved up to pitch in the saturday game

Cuban does Kilo Kai, LOVES CHICAGO!

Hey... we may have our nemesis, the Fish, tonight, but at least MKE has some competition for a change -- they're in LA. "You gonna get ManRammed!"

You have to admit, this gimmick for getting people to pay attention to their blog is working. I'll probably forget all about it after this contest is over, but they'll get their 15-minutes. Yawn.

You have got to give them credit. Their writeups have shown that they have put a fair amount of thought into this.

I'm not sure, but I think your matchup is scheduled for Monday.

told you last time. all 2 dozen of you care a lot. i'm not in that 2 dozen. end o' story. Gammons tries to make the case...all kinds of Soto love from his pitchers.

Little off-topic, but of all the sports broadcasters, I vote for Gammons as "most likely to be a coke addict". Just IMO... FWIW.

From the Gammons article:
Earlier this season, Soto struck out eight straight times in Washington, but on the bus to the airport he was joking around when a teammate reminded him of his strikeouts. "Hey, we won the series, the pitchers were great, and today we had a shutout," Soto shot back. "What's better than that?" "That," says Ryan Dempster, "was not lost on the pitchers."
It was always a good story, but it has improved with time. I'm pretty sure we lost two out of three to the Nats, including the game right before the busride.

The Cubs did lose two of three, but they won the third game 7-0.

No, actually they lost the first game on April 25th 5-3, won the 2nd game 7-0, but lost the series finale on April 27th 2-0.

Ah... you are right. I just glanced at Soto's game log. Soto didn't play in game three, which made it look like the series ended with the shutout.

glavine back to the DL after a little elbow soreness from airing out all those 82-84mph fastballs and low/mid 70s junkballs. carpenter (STL) back to the DL, too.

And at least one Cards blog is mailing it in.

pretty realistic view of the situation. amazing enough they're competing, but what's new for them. almost yearly the ownership/gm/whatever shortchange the team...they scrap together some sprare parts...and along with a weird pipeline of rookies that can hit homers no one saw coming they manage to win a lot more than expected. they still got a pretty legit shot at the WC even if it seems like MIL/CHC don't want to go into a death spiral right now. cubs/mil had that weird week where the cubs/mil were tied for 1st with STL a few games back...a week later they're 5 games leading with mil/stl tied for 2nd.

VA Phil was singing this guy's praises the other day, and now has a write up on him. Sounds like he's got a pretty good head on his shoulders:

Aaaannndd.... the reason why I don't really care too much about instant replay. The umps suck now days. Fuck them.