Game 145 Thread / Cubs @ Cardinals (2 of 3)

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SP *Ted Lilly SP Braden Looper

13-9, 4.43, 161 K, 60 BB, 176.2 IP
12-11, 4.09, 87 K, 41 BB, 174 IP
LF Alfonso Soriano SS Cesar Izturis
SS Ryan Theriot 3B #Felipe Lopez
1B Derrek Lee 1B Albert Pujols
3B Aramis Ramirez RF Ryan Ludwick
C Geovany Soto C Yadier Molina
RF *Kosuke Fukudome LF Josh Phelps
2B Mark DeRosa 2B *Adam Kennedy
CF *Felix Pie P Braden Looper
P *Ted Lilly CF *Skip Schumaker


With the NL Central race now firmly under his team's control, Cubs manager Lou Piniella sounds like a guy who is prepared to enjoy a low-stress wind-down to his team's regular season before he has to deal with the high drama of the National League playoffs.

"After that little rough patch on the last homestand, it's good to see us clicking again," Piniella said following Tuesday night's one-sided win against the Cardinals. "We're playing like we expect to win and doing the things that got us here. It's fun to watch this club play right now."

By winning the first four games of the team's current, ten-day, nine-game, three-city road trip while the Brewers have faltered at home, the Cubs have been able to build up a 7 1/2-game lead on Ned Yost's club, a margin that has the Brewers concentrating on holding off the Phillies for the WIld Card and abandoning any thoughts of catching the Cubs in the Central.

Ryan Dempster was commanding in last night's 11-1 victory over the Cards' Kyle Lohse, but Kosuke Fukudome and Jim Edmonds—a combined 5-for-8 with 2 HR and 7 RBI—were responsible for the big fireworks. The game, in which the Cubs built an early 3-0 advantage then piled onto their lead throughout the evening, was a contrast to Sunday's unexpectedly exciting win over the Reds, when Ronny Cedeno triggered a game-ending 6-3 double-play to put down a Cincy rally.

As Piniella said after last night's ten-run victory...

"A win is a win, but after that close call on Sunday, it's great to have a ballgame where we can give some of the regulars a break. Plus, you've got to remember, I'm an old man. Games like this one are a lot better for my blood pressure."


Who turned back the time machine on the Cubs lineup?

and I like the dimension you live in better, Cubnut. 

Pie and Fukudome in one lineup? The Chicken Littles are going to be out in force tonight!

if Cubs win tonight, they'll gain two more on their playoff magic number. A loss though means they'll gain nothing since Cards and Phils are tied in the loss column entering today. Astros can make it a 3-way tie there if they win and Cards lose.

Brandon Lyon blows a 3-2 lead in the bottom of the 9th, giving up a 2 run/2out triple vs SF after the Dbacks got a 2 spot to take the lead in the top of the 9th. Must be crushing given how things have changed in the west. also Phils lose late to the fish, who scored one in the 8th to take a one run lead and 3 in the 9th to ice the game.

• Carlos Zambrano had a successful bullpen outing on Tuesday, one day after Rich Harden was judged ready to rejoin the Cubs' rotation. Harden will pitch Thursday in St. Louis, Zambrano on Saturday in Houston. Piniella currently has his starters lined up in this order for the playoffs: Zambrano, Ryan Dempster and either Ted Lilly or Harden, with Jason "The Fifth Beatle" Marquis set to be dropped from a playoff rotation for the third year in a row. But Marquis is pitching well. His 4.23 ERA in the second half is better than Zambrano's (5.26) and almost as good as Lilly's (3.96).

and be a category 4 relatively close to Houston that you have to think there's a good chance they could cancel some games this weekend, even with the roof.

speaking of.. “The Houston Astros are continuing to monitor the projections and path of Hurricane Ike and are in close contact with the Office of Emergency Management. We are considering all of our potential options, and there is a possibility that our game against the Chicago Cubs Friday evening (Sept. 12) may be moved to a 1:05 PM start, relative to how the storm is progressing toward the Houston area. There will be a decision made tomorrow with regards to Friday’s game after continued consultation with the Office of Emergency Management. The safety and well-being of our fans and both teams involved is always our primary concern.” The Astros have never had a weather-related postponement at 8-year-old Minute Maid Park, which has a retractable roof. On June 15, 1976, a game at the Astrodome between the Astros and Pittsburgh Pirates was canceled after about 10 inches of rain fell in the Houston area.

Where the hell am I? Pie has just taken his second BB to go along with 0 K's.

An ugly win is a win.

Tell that to my... and Lou's... blood pressure. Hell, I am only 30. Props to Ted Lilly.

jesus christ that was ridiculous. whew. a victory. I gotta say I was steaming when Lilly got pulled after dominating for 8 innings and only throwing 90 pitches. What's the matter with a frickin' complete game Lou?? anyway. whew.

Lou was saving him for game 4 of the NLDS

oh please. don't remind me of that!! ha!

Lilly: 5 total bases, 1 hit by pitch, 1 earned run over 8 innings. Wood: 6 total bases, 2 earned runs over 1 inning. I'm with you. With Lilly only throwing 90 pitches and the bullpen struggling like it has lately, why not let him at least start the 9th inning? I guess this one was about Wood's confidence, and it probably didn't help.

I think it might be me, guys. The Cubs do better when I'm not paying attention. It seems like as soon as I check in on a game, things go badly. It's happened all through this horrible stretch of the past week and a half, culminating in my walking in last night just in time to see the game-tying homer. I tuned in moments ago to see the 2-run homer, then ignored the game for a few minutes and missed the last 2 outs. Perhaps I made some sort of deal where the Cubs would win the World Series but I wouldn't be allowed to watch it happen. I hope you guys enjoy it.

It's not you, Brick. This has been all Z's fault.

Astros tied the Phillies and Cardinals in the Wild Card chase, so now in order to get that playoff magic number to drop, we actually have to win gams.

the mostly good news is that Brewers play the Phils and we play the Astros, so something has to give. Cards do get the Pirates though.

I vote that what we give is a beating to the Astros. They need to be knocked down a few notches.

we actually have to win gams. ----------------- you mean gams like these?

I think he meant gams like these:

I like it better when we win and the brewers win...than when they lose and we lose. but I agree with Santo, et've got to add on runs when you get a lead and they got nada vs the stl bullpen and I agree with Lou that it's tough winning games until you get 5 runs (or more)...knew this one tonight wouldn't be an easy one. Rays/Bosox 1-1, about a cage deathmatch.

In the 11th -- Ortiz with a sac bunt! Pennant race baseball-- the best sport around.

Same again, please. Only with more runs for us and less 9th inning drama. Hopefully, this is the type of ugly, slump-busting win that will propel the Cubs back to winning series. Ted -- many thanks. Very, very clutch. Thanks also to Fonzie for throwing a runner out at the plate. We'd better win a few against the Astros --- looking at their schedule, I'm not sure who else is going to beat them. Rich Harden -- come on down! Playoff magic number is now 9 (?). Gotta love single-digit magic numbers.

A win is a win. I'm not even going to complain about the lack of insurance runs or the struggles of Kerry Wood. I'd like our chances even if we only win 8 or 9 games the rest of the year...but that is the key WINS....Hopefully Harden is back to his dominating self tomorrow.

I just wanna start kicking ass again and if it's cardinal ass so much the better to kick.

The Devil Rays-Red Sox series is one of the best things that I've ever seen, baseball-wise, in my life. Every single out is a thrill.

Devil Rays win, after getting out of a bases loaded, no one out jam in the bottom of the 14th. They hold on to a 1.5 game lead in the AL East. /creams pants

Cubs go on a 6-game losing streak, they retain a 4.5 game lead. DBacks go on 6-game losing streak, they fall 3 games out of first. I'm glad I'm a Cub fan.

Cubs 0 WS championships in last 100 years. DBacks 1 WS championship and only been in existence 10 years. Not so glad to be a Cub fan.

There's the old Manny!

Then stop torturing the rest of us and shoo!

Shoo! Hahahahahaha

I wanted Lilly to stay in too but after Wood's horrid outing Sunday after, I think, five days between appearances, Lou rightly wanted to get him some work in a fairly pressure free situation. Unfortunately, Wood quickly turned it into a high pressure situation.

I was OK with Lou's move -- the danger in the ninth was the Cards RH power (Pujols and Ludwick). Not a good result for Kerry, but a logical move -- Lou doesn't like to bring Wood in in the middle of an inning with all hell breaking loose.

Previous discussion was about how the good offense in August was covering for Z's troubles... Last night, Lilly saved the offense. A horrid offensive night -- only scored one earned run, and got nothing after the 2nd inning. Need to stop this trend of scoring early, then not at all.

We were doing that early last year too, and everyone was bitching about our horrid bullpen (which was really just mediocre). When the offense doesn't score after the 6th inning, your bullpen is never going to win a game.

so where are the cubs/astros playing this weekend dont think either team wants to make up games after season is over i would think mr. selig would move the series to a nuetral site which means the cub fans would pack the place my vote is for kansas city

not sure if they're going to move it, might reschedule Friday's game to a day game and I wouldn't be surprised if Saturday's game is cancelled and they play a doubleheader Sunday.

...and if Friday's game goes into extra innigns as Ike bears down?

it's not my idea, see comment #7 in this thread.

Texas would be nice. A) Rangers are in Oakland. B) Anything at all to help the Cubs' bats wake up. On second thought, bad idea. They need to be thinking about working counts and drawing walks again, not trying to kill every pitch that's within a yard of home plate.

I've been watching replays of the Lilly-Molina collision. How do you join the Ted Lilly Fan Club? Is there a discount for a lifetime membership?

later on in the game he tried to "take one for the team" leaning his elbow/arm into the pitch. cards werent happy about it... lilly played yesterday like a fringe bench hitter/sub player.

#39 i to was pretty impressed with that collision lilly did not look like a pitcher there molina got what he deserved,he could of backed of the plate and just taged him, i can think of a few cub players that would not have done what lilly did one of them was on second base and was still there after the play when he should have been at third. atlanta would be another choice for cubs/astros the nfl is already making plans to maybe move the texans sunday game back a day or move to atlanta.

Cubs better watch their heads at the plate tomorrow - we all know LaRussa's crap from way back.