Gameday Open Thread/ Dodgers @ Cubs

The Cactus League season begins with its newest member, the Los Angeles Dodgers strolling into HoHoKam Park. Jeff Samardzija and Mitch Atkins are set to go for the Cubs. The Dodgers will trot out Claudio Vargas to start the game.

Feel the excitement!

Lineups :

Dodgers: Pierre LF, Ausmus C, Ethier RF, Loney 1B, Blake 3B, Kemp CF, DeWitt 2B, Young DH, Abreu SS
Cubs: Soriano LF, Theriot SS, Lee 1B, Hoffpauir DH, Soto C, Fontenot 2B, Johnson CF, Robnett RF, Scales 3B



I am feeling it!! I wish I was going to be able to follow this game. I'm gonna be busy all afternoon.

Is this on the radio in Chicago? Thanks!

WGN-AM is scheduled to broadcast. WGN-TV gets in the act in a few days against the White Sox. I love baseballish for about three days. Then it becomes monotonous drivel until Opening Day.

I was initially very excited for this But then I looked at the gameday thread from the previous game... How the fuck did we lose with that lineup? ugh okay that was the end of the pessimism...this is our year

Cubs will dominate this year if MLB is going to let them use 2 pitchers simultaneously!!!

In keeping with the Web 2.0 theme of TCR/Wiklipedia, I think from now on out links to player Facebook pages should be included in the Gameday Open Threads. (You know, so we don't have to click very far to leave appropriate, umm, feedback.) I like our chances if Mitch is the child phenom he appears to be.

that would be good info to put on their wiklifield pages if you get a moment...

Atkins already has a page, haven't started Samardzija's yet...

Why is Someninja so oily? That's creepy.

what photographer hooked him up on one of bo jackson's most famous photos? youre not THAT good samninja...

according to bruce levine at espn 1000 . z pitching monday for cubs

Muskat article, Z reiterates he's not in WBC

updated the post below with the new info...

Grapefruit League baseball is under way. Congratulations on surviving another long winter (not to mention the most boring Hot Stove season ever).

So that must mean that you're Skywalker and AZ Phil is Obi Won. Also, Chad is Princess Leia.

Jim Hendry as Jobba the Hut is both cruel and predictable.

Anyone gonna be in Parachat today? I need me a Cubs fix badly...

everyone is welcome to, but as I understand it, the game is just on radio (and for some reason, not on XM) I'll pass.

no parachat?

it's open, always in the menu bar.

i know this. i'm saying that no one is there!

Did anyone know they were renovating it? missed the memo...

diving catch by Reed Johnson in CF to help Shark have a 1-2-3 top of the first ..somehow Pat Hughes wants to call Soriano, "Alphonsio" (it's spring training for the announcers too) Soriano starts off the spring with a single, Theriot single to RF. DLee up

DLee walks, bases loaded for Micah Hoffpauir

DP 463, run scores "Theriano at 2nd", Pat must have had pasta for lunch

Soto K's, 1-0 end 1st inning

Inside info: Santo reported to work at 6:30 this morning to practice his Walgreen's promos. It shows. Dedication folks!

James Loney still hates us.

Loney single to RF, Blake sharply singles to LF off Scales glove (1st and 3rd), Kemp walks on full count (bags loaded)....

DeWitt double play 1-2-3, whooboy!

Young walks (bases loaded again), Tony Abreu singles to CF, 2 runs score, Abreu takes second on RJ throw (Rothschild out to the mound to see where Shark wants to go to dinner) Pierre grounds out to DLee. On to the bottom of the 2nd...

Fontenot flys out to short center, Johnson K's, Robnett pops out to 2B end 2nd. Mitch Atkins to pitch the 3rd.

Any idea where i can listen to this game w/o paying for it thru!? wgn-720 online is not working and/or not broadcasting the cubs game (same w/ LA's KABC)! Man, this is ridiculous. Any help would be greatly appreciated and will get me thru my day at work...

first watch this (hat tip to Ruz)...

then go pay for

If only following baseball was like following soccer. You can find damn near any game streamed online, for free, but yeah, just pony up for On the other side, it kills me that for the WBC if you really care to follow, that you HAVE to have MLB Network. Even if you purchase the package, you won't be allowed to watch games that are broadcast on MLB Network....and then, who the hell has ESPN Deportes (a number of games exclusively on that network as well)?

Ausmus singles to CF, Ethier K's but Soto's throw sails into CF but Ausmus stays at 2nd credited with a SB. BaLoney fly's the RF, Ausmus tags and goes to 3B. Balake GO 6-3. Bottom 3rd...2-1

Mannnn.... I don't really give a shyte who wins these ST games, but man-o-man, it's good to have baseballs being tossed around again. Spring has to be getting near and hung breaking balls will soon be getting crushed.

Paradise Lost (Eric Milton) now on the mound for LA

Scales singles to LF, Soriano walks, Theriot lines to LF, DLee K's, Hoffpauir K's. end 3.

Kemp singles, DeWitt batting (Kemp steals second) then rbi singles to RF, 3-1 Hoffpauir moves over to LF, Jake Fox at 1B Boxscore can be followed at:

Cubster... ... thanks for keeping up with the play-by-play. It is like an old girlfriend decided to write me a few love notes. I just read, and re-read them. So nice to have the baseball back... ... Hawkeye

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON SANTO!!! this is the 1st of 11 spring broadcasts concluding at new yankee stadium. Santo is only going to do one game as he voiced his displeasure about going to NYC Young flys out to LF, Abreu DP 463. on to the bottom 4th.

Soto leads off, single to LF. Here comes scrappiness. Fontenot pops out to 3B. Johnson lines a single to CF, Soto to second. Robnett up (Fuld pinch runs for Soto, Santo says Fuld is a centerfielder and a diabetic). Robnett out on infield fly even though it was dropped by DeWitt. Santo says the sun is brighter in Arizona, the sun is spread all over and is the main problem. Santo in mid season form Pitching change.

Pat: "Fuld is a center fielder." Ron: "...and a diabetic" classic

New pitcher Truncoso ?, Scales flys out to CF on first pitch. end 4, 3-1

Japanese import 35 yr old Ken Kadokura now pitching for the Cubs. Pierre leading off. Slugbunt past Scales but it goes to Theriot, GO 6-3. Fuld in CF, Brad Snyder in LF (per Pat), Doug Deeds in RF (per mlb boxscore), Koyie Hill catching. Ausmus K's. Ethier singles to RF. Loney up but Ethier out stealing. Santo/Hughes discussing whether it's Looney or Loney or if he's luney. 4 1/2, 3-1.

Troncoso pitching to Snyder, walks. Santo: "Koyie Hill is a real good defensive catcher and pitchers like to throw to him." No mention that he puts 5 mph on their fastballs though. Theriot singles to LF, Darwin Barney pinch runs. (Pat says not Barney Rubble) Jake Fox up, GO to 3B but Barney safe on throw to 2B. Santo says it's an error. Bases Loaded. Hoffpauir is up, Hughes admits he was in LF but is back DHing. Tongue in cheek.

BLAST. Grand Slam Micah Hoffpauir!!! 5-3 Cubs. right-center line shot. 420 feet.

Trade Lee!!!

Fuk and Hoff with grand slams in 1 week....gotta love that these don't count

Fuld and Fontenot infield outs. Doug Deeds chopper to pitcher. End 5. Good guys up 5-3.

Rivas in at 3B, General David Patton the rule 5 pick pitching. Barney at SS. Loney infield single diving attempt by Jake Fox, pinch runner Pascucci ? pinch running Hector Luna hitting for Casey Blake.

Luna hits into fielder choice 4-6. Repko batting for Kemp. Koyie Hill strong block of a curve in the dirt. Discussion whether Hill will outduel Bako...and how important the backup catcher will be in giving Soto from wearing down. Repko singles to CF. DeWitt up, K's on overhand curve by Patton. Santo knows Patton's home town in Washington State (Enumclaw) Flyout to RF (not Robnett, per Pat) to end the inning on to bottom 6...

KHill grounds out. Rivas singles to LF (Repko). Snyder K's. Barney up. Pat likes players with two first names. Grounds out 6-3. End 6. 5-3.

Cubs new pitcher is Ivan DeJesus, Pat says uniform is #11, now #71...Esmalin Caridad odd because it's Ivan's son who is leading off... DeJesus (ss) Groundout. Hoffman (LF) Groundout to first unassisted. Ardoin (catching) Groundout to the pitcher. 7th inning stretch, brought to you by Casino Arizona...Mark the Beer Guy singing...

somebody named DeBarr pitching... Fox flys out deep to left-center. Hoffpauir, he of the bases loaded GIDP and bases loaded HR, bats with the bases empty. Flys to deep left-center. Fuld grounds out to DeWitt. End 7. 5-3. Now we're talking a spring training game. Current Cub lineup: Snyder, Barney, Fox, Hoffpauir, Fuld, Blanco, Deeds, KHill, Rivas

Why does an NL team have Barney? A big purple dinosaur that can't field has no business being anything other than a DH.

Lefty Jason Waddell pitching for Cubs. Never heard of him. Paul(RF) K's. Pascucci (1B) grounds out to Rivas 5-3, bat flies past Rivas. Pat discusses travel schedule with a lot of night games ending series making travel a bigger pain especially when followed by returning home to day games. Also some long road trips including Sept SF, Milw, Stl. Cubs play two 4 game series vs Dodgers. White sox series at Wrigley is mid week, tues night-wed-thurs, which is a first . Luna walks. Repko K's. on to bottom 8. still 5-3

Tomorrow Brewers are pitching Yovanni Gallardo vs Sean Marshall. Dodger pitcher is lefty Stephen Randolph. Once a Cub, I remember him. He threw hard but couldn't throw a strike. He'll be 35 this year and has thrown only 13 inings since 2004. Blanco grounds to Luna. Dubois pinch hits and walks. DuBois almosted picked off first but throw was dropped at first. Koyie Hill K's on a changeup. Pat/Ron discuss Marmol vs Gregg for closer vs setup. Rivas flys out. one more 1/2 inning...hopefully. Jeff Stevens, of the DeRosa trade, to close it out.

Top 9th... Castro singles vs Stevens. Mitch Jones up. Pat says Stevens has a good fastball. Jones K's. DeJesus up, fielder choice 5-4. Two outs. Jamie Hoffman up. Runner to 2nd, defensive indifference. Hoffman walks, runners at 1st and 2nd. Maza pinch hits. Rothschild trip to the mound. Flyball deep center....Cubs win, Cubs win. Game 1 of 39 cactus league games FINAL Cubs 5-3. Boxscore: