Game 19 Recap: Cubs 11, Diamondbacks 3

Easy Win
W - Zambrano (2-1)
L -  Petit (0-2), Kryptonite, Mortals.


Things to Take from This Game


1.  Z. Pitches
Not so much a dominant game from Z as a comfortable game.  Zambrano walked two and K'd three, working one weakly hit ball after another.  Only in the seventh did the "scattering" of eight hits result in a serious rally, and by then the game was out of reach.


2.  Z. Hits
Zambrano had arguable the two hardest-hit balls of the night, with a lined shot of a double to very-deep right-center and an opposite-field home run, as well as a single. 


3.  Others Hit
Soriano had the first and biggest blow, a three-run homer in the third, followed by a Fontenot two-run shot in the fourth.  Koyie Hill continued his good start to the season, with three hits, and Bradley looked good with a couple of lined singles and a walk.  Soriano in particular looked locked in, just barely missing a leadoff homerun and patiently letting Petit pitch around him for a walk in another at-bat.


The never-in-doubt details, below.

Game Recap

Inning 1 - Top
  • First pitch swinging, Soriano hits one 413 feet to right center.  Flyout.  Damn.
  •  Theriot chops one up the middle, Felipe Lopez makes the throw to first.  Two outs.
  • The railing padding on the visitors' dugout protective fence is brought to you by Lone Buttes casino.  Heh.  Lone Buttes.
  • Fukudome walks.
  • Fukudome tries to steal, Montero makes a nice throw and gets Fukudome.  End of inning.

Inning 1 - Bottom
  •  Z starts Lopez 3-1.fastball down the middle, Lopez lines one to deep center.  Fukudome took a wrong turn on the ball, and it one-hops the wall for a double.  Tough read, Brenly thinks it had a lot of slice on it.
  • It does my heart good to know that Augie Ojeda still is employed as a Major League Baseball player.
  • 3-1 on Ojeda, who's trying to bunt.  Fastball, 3-2 count.
  • Ojeda grounds one up the middle,  6-3 with Lopez going to third.
  • and Tracy walks on four pitches.  Egads.
  • 3-1 on Reynolds.  No control on the slider so far tonight
  • Parachat points out that Len and Bob are sounding very subdued tonight.  True, it's sort of odd.
  • Roller to Theriot, Miles' throw just does compete the 6-4-3 double play.  Nice escape by Z.
Inning 2 - Top
  •  Hoffpauir hits one 407 feet. Another flyout to center.  Nuts.
  • Bradley swings and misses at a change up inside, strikeout.
  • Yet another warning-track flyout, as Fontenot hits one deep the opposite way to left-center.  Inning over.
Inning 2 - Bottom
  •  Jackson flies to Fukudome in straight-away center, just short of the warning track.  Lots of near-misses so far, on both sides
  • Z gets his 1200th K (of his career, not this game, to dust off the old Sportscenter joke) when Chris Young stares at a slider
    • and Wow, no sooner do I write the joke than Brenly says it.  Uncanny.
  • Montero rolls to Hoffpauir, unassisted
Inning 3 - Top
  • Hill K's looking.  Yusmeiro Petit is not this good....  Then again, the one game I saw at Wrigley last year, he beat us.
  • Miles singles to straight-away center.
  • Z shoots one through the 6-5 hole for a single. Miles to second.
  • Soriano takes a rolling slider and lines one over the left-center wall, 3-run homer. 3-0 Cubs.
  • Full count, Theriot takes a fastball low and away for the walk.
  • Fukudome pops a curveball into shallow right-center.  Young and Upton are playing deep, no one gets a great break on it, and it fall in for a hit.
  • Hoffpauir grounds into the 6-4-3.
Inning 3 - Bottom
  • Upton pops one down the left-field line for an out.
  • Petit with a soft liner to Miles, who also makes a nice hop-catch.
  • Heh, Len references the you-tube of Gathright jumping over a car. Len says he also does Ozzie Smith-like backflips.
  • Lopez lines a single to right.
  • Ojeda lines a slicing single to center, runners at 1 and 2.
  • Tracy rolls into an easy 6-4 force.
Inning 4 - Top
  •  Bradley reaches down and lines a fastball into right for a single.
  • Fontenot lines a homer over the right-field fence.  Looks like a fastball that tailed back over the plate.  Just a few feet short of the swimming pool. 5-0 Cubs.
  • Hill lines one to the right of Lopez, into center for a single
  • Full count to Miles, Hill is running.  Miles bounces into a 4-3 force.
  • Z also rolls into a 4-3, Hill to third.
  • Soriano not nibbling as they pitch around him.  Another slider off the corner, and he takes first base.
  • Theriot lines a single to center, scoring Soriano.  Petit out, Rauch in.  6-0 Cubs.
  • Jon Rauch is enormous.
  • Nice shot of how much space Rauch's number takes up on the back of his jersey, compared to Ojeda's
  • 3-2 to Fukudome.  A ton of curves so far from Rauch.
  • Fukudome walks.  Bases loaded for Hoffpauir.
  • Hofpauir lines a sharp single to right, scoring Theriot.  Upton makes a nice throw to home, limiting everyone to a single base.  7-0 Cubs
  • Bradley with a slow roller to Lopez, 4-3, inning over.
Inning 4 - Bottom
  •  Reynolds lines a double down the left-field line.  It one-hops the wall, hits it at an angle and bounces up into the stands.  A weird consequence of the weird angles in the outfield fence. 
  • Jackson can't advance the runner, bouncing out to Fontenot at third.
  • Chris Young lines one just out of Soriano's reach down the left-field line for a double.  7-1 Cubs
  • Montero with a lazy fly to Soriano.
  • Wickedest pitch of the night, a sharp slider with lots of horizontal movement, Upton swings for strike 2.  Now a full count, and Upton flies out to Fukudome.
Inning 5 - Top
  •  Fontenot K's swinging.
  • Hill breaks his bat and dumps a single just over Ojeda, into shallow left-center.
  • Miles flies out to center
  • Zambrano smokes a liner to deep right-center, hitting off the top of the wall.  Hill scores.  Maybe the hardest hit ball of the night. 8-1 Cubs
  • Soriano dumps a single into center, scoring Z.  9-1 Cubs
  • Theriot looks at a called strike three inside, and is none too happy about it.
Inning 5 - Bottom
  • Papa Trans calls, but looking at the TV indicates that Z had a very quick and easy inning, 1-2-3.  
Inning 6 - Top
  •  Papa Trans still on the phone, but Esmerling Vasquez is in to pitch, and Fukudome walks on four straight.
  • Hoffpauir with a slow chopper to first, 3-6 force.
  • and Bradley walks. Vasquez looks like Juan Cruz, except isn't very good.
  • Fontenot flies out to deep left.
  • Hill with a nice inside-out swing, lines a single to left to score Hoffpauir.  10-1 Cubs
  • Miles with a weak pop to left-center, Young grabs it.
Inning 6 - Bottom
  •  Tracy with a soft fly out to Soriano
  • Reynolds squibs one to first, 3-1 putout.
  • Z not striking anyone out, but coaxing lots of weak contact.
  • Jackson walks on an inside fastball  Z sitting around 90 mph tonight, thought that one was clocked at 93.
  • A sharp slider, Young K's looking.
Inning 7 - Top
  •  Incredible.  Z hits an opposite-field home run.  He stays on a fastball away, and after making contact, just sort of watches it for a bit before going into the trot.  Just did get out, but still a hell of a poke to the opposite field.  11-1 Cubs, and Z needs a triple to hit for the cycle.
  • Soriano flies to right.
  • Theriot K's swinging at a high fastball
  • Gathright hitting for Fukudome, rolls out to second.

Inning 7 - Bottom
  •  Reed Johnson in for Soriano
  • Montero singles to left-center
  • Upton singles to right-center, Bradley cuts it off but Montero goes to third.
  • Josh Wilson must have come in for Ojeda on a double-switch with Vazquez came in to pitch, and he singles to Johnson in left, driving in Montero.  Z not getting hit hard, so much as the hits are falling in.  11-2 Cubs
  • Lopez with a soft bouncer, Miles charges and goes to first, 4-3 putout.  Run scores, 11-3 Cubs
  • Ryan Roberts (who?!?!) pinch-hits for Vasquez.  Bounces out to Miles.  Wilson to second.
  • LouPa checks on Z, but he stays in the game.  Tracy promptly flies to shallow left-center, where Gathright makes a nice running catch.
Inning 8 - Top
  •  Schoenweis in, Hoffpauir grounds to Roberts, who is playing second.
  • Bradley, hitting right-handed, singles back up the middle.
  • Fontenot hits into a 6-4 force, beating the throw at first to avoid the double play.
  • And hill rolls out, 4-3.
Inning 8 - Bottom
  • Guzman in to pitch. 
  • Reynolds flies into foul territory down the right-field line, Bradley makes the catch.
  • Jackson rolls a single into right.
  • Young pops out to Miles.  Another weak AB for young
  • Montero shoots one to Fontenot's right at third base, it hits off the heel of his glove for a single, runners at 1 and 3.
  • Ted Lilly has managed to sneak a gigantic moth onto the top of hitting coach Gerald Perry's hat.  Pretty funny.
  • And Upton with an easy fly to center.
Inning 9 - Top
  •  Tom Gordon's Fossilized Bones in to pitch.
  • Miles rolls to first, unassisted
  • And Guzman does the same.
  • Johnson chops one to third, inning over.
Inning 9 - Bottom

  • Wilson grounds to miles
  • Tony Clark in to pinch hit, and K's swinging.
  • Roberts walks.  
  • and Tracy K's swinging.  Two pretty easy innings for Guzman to close out the game.
Parachat Recap
Inning 1
  • Some other sport is having playoff games.  Meh.
  •  Things we know about Tom Skilling
  • Fake-buckers.
  • Juan Cruz is thin.
    • Except where it counts.
  • Len and Bob seem to be having a quiet night.  Why?
Inning 2
  •  Complaining about other sports
  • Getting updates about those stupid other sports
  • Racists.
  • Mister Whipple loves me.
  • Parachat goes bilingual
Inning 3
  •  Crunch's pee and poop-based method of communication.
  • Admiring a nacho-eating fan.
  • Sweating.
  • What is the sound of.....
  • Give Ron Santo a catch phrase
  • Old-timers night in Parachat.
  •'s miserable product
Inning 4
  • Getting off the lawn.
  •  The RIAA
  • More RIAA discussion.  It's suddenly like 2001 again, in Parachat.
  • Live Nation
  • Pork
  • Ice Cream
  • Nerds and Fouls
  • We still can't stop talking about Corey Patterson
  • Or Pork.
  • What's on the tip of your tongue?
    • Student Bodies.
      • oh my.
        • oh, it's a movie, I'm told.

Inning 5
  • Donk
  • Killed by paperclips 
  • We love Koyie Hill.
Inning 6
  • Mercifully, being on the phone with Papa Trans lets me avoid the worst of discussions about "nasty chicks."  Hooray for avoiding the parachat Misogynistic Moment (tm.)
  • Jason Kendall and the CDC.
  • What does Kendall get us?
  • The Juan Pierre trade

Inning 7
  • A horrible, horrible, marmalade vs. jam joke. 
  • The Kings of Leon
  • Goya
  • The Goat People
  • We don't like Karl Ravech
  • Deep fantasy leagues
  • Oh come on, we're making Rosie O'Donnell jokes?  Have we really sunk to such depths?  What happened to the vaunted parachat creativity?

Inning 8
  • Influenze
  • Vaccines
  • Sugar
  • Hating Iowa
  •  Rewarding Child-Care with sex.
  • Racist Elmer Fudd
  • Putting funny things on other peoples' hats.
Inning 9
  •  Does Tom Gordon look like Donovan McNabb?
    • No.
  • Things we know about our local True Value stores
  • Grouting Tile.
Cubs record in games recapped moves to 2-1.


Nice thorough game recap -- fun game -- maybe we're getting on a roll. Z didn't get all of a tailing-away pitch, going with it to still get it into the first row of seats. He's got power!

donk...the most annoying dance import to come around since...well hell...i dunno. ghetto youth on psychodelics making dance music...just what the world needs.

Why did I just click on that?

Score 11 you put the same line-up out there the next day? (of course, you can't put Z out there)

Z..Third Base.

As a Minnesota alumn, it pains me that I missed a chat that included hating Iowa. My favorite stadium chant ever "WHO HATES IOWA?" "WE HATE IOWA" Classic.

They may chant well, but they don't play well. Floyd of Rosedale has gone to the Hawks 7 of the last 8 years. Last year's 55-0 thumping was particular sweet for us Iowans.

any recap without a direct reference to me is not a recap.

It's in there: 'Mercifully, being on the phone with Papa Trans lets me avoid the worst of discussions about "nasty chicks."' We talked about you for literally that entire half inning.

I fully expect Mike Wellman to get on here and defend the honor of his home state. Until that day comes please take note of the following things Iowa has given us: 1. The Iowa Cubs 2. Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches 3. American Gothic 4. Mamie Eisenhower 5. Cloris Leachman 6. Donna Reed 7. Glenn Miller 8. Varnum v. Brien 9. Living History Farms 10. Pella's Tulip Time Festival I could go on, but if you don't let up on the Hawkeye State... I'll get Bob Feller after you...

1. corn 2. corn 3. corn 4. corn 5. corn mazes 6. corn 7. corn 8. corn 9. corn 10. corn

You laugh now, but our plan has almost been carried out to perfection. By putting high fructose corn syrup in virtually every product you have eaten or drank for decades we have successfully weakened your immune systems. And now, swine flu. Which state leads the nation in both corn and pigs? Think about it. All of us Iowans have been immunized through a secret lab in Ames, and will soon be taking over.

I thought that lab was in Oskaloosa, no wonder I missed the shot.

Minnesota's: 1. spam 2. spam 3. spam 4. spam etc.

Eliminate Iowa and Illinois and the other 48 states have to import a lot of food from outside America's borders. All that corn is pretty important.

You mean all that government-subsidized corn that goes into such bullshit as HFCS and ethanol? Yeah, it'd be a real shame if we had to give that up...

Yeah. That and all the meat we eat. And most of our cereals. And all the corn we eat. Just saying, Iowa and Illinois produce a lot of corn and grains. They are big-time agricultural states. Fields of corn (or wheat, or potatoes, or soy beans) may be boring, but they are still important--even when we misuse them by producing corn syrup and carbon emitting fuels (or feeding them to cattle).

yeah, most of our corn feeds animals.

Idiots Out Wandering Around Sorry, my only Iowa joke that I have known since 5th grade.

this joke can be re-arranged to the benefit of whichever state you prefer, but I like to say: Q: Why does the corn in Illinois lean to the west? A: Because Iowa sucks.

and Indiana blows.

Koyie Hill needs to remain in the lineup. He is playing 10 times better than Soto. I love Soto, but while the cubs are in this slump, Lou needs to stay with the hot hand. I never thought I would be lobbying for more Koyie Hill playing time...

To be honest, I don't care if Soto is hitting or not, he's the regular starter and should be starting when healthy. But his shoulder is obviously not right. Guys were running all over him in the Cards series and first game of the Dbags series. I'm glad the Cubs have a backup catcher I'm somewhat confident in (i.e. not Paul Bako).

I wonder if Koyie winces when he hears the phrase "hot hand?"

pretty sure that's going down as our comment of the day...

"Inning 3 * Admiring a nacho-eating fan." Yea, she was smoking hot

She can eat my nacho. *sigh*

Fukudome will sit today says

still a possibility, according to Lou

Eric Patterson getting called up...

His patience seems to have returned in AAA this year. Let's see if it carries over to the majors, finally.

Can he handle the ball yet?

Dunno. I still don't think he was any worse than EY, and Young played 1200 games at second. Garciaparra played 1st, 3rd and DH, not sure how they play to use E-Pat.

oh sorry, Mark Ellis on the DL at the same time...

''We're too much relaxed,'' Soriano said Tuesday before the Cubs walloped the Arizona Diamondbacks 11-3. ''We've got to go out and fight. We've been giving the 'W' to the other teams, because from what I see, we're not fighting to win. ''We just play nine innings, and what happens, happens. We don't play nine innings and try to get wins. The last two years, I saw more hunger to win.''

This actually sounds like reasonable criticism. Sure there have been injuries that have sucked the life out of the team but the 'fire' hasn't quite been there like 07 and 08. As soon as the team gets on a roll and the new guys start contributing more hopefully we will see some improvement in the 'fire' department.

That's good stuff, but these sort of things tend to get twisted by the media: i.e. Soriano hates the team -or- D Lee & Soriano gonna bitchslap each other when neither of these underlying messages are the truth. The thing is, I agree with Soriano, that's what it looks like: like they're just taking the field for 9 innnings. And I think D Lee is just saying it's not true that the team doesn't want to win, just that they aren't playing well. Either way, I think last night's game will help get the team revved back up and it's good to hear the guys talking about a hunger for winning again.

Good to see Soriano speak up in April. Let's see the talk and the bat in October though, Fonzie.

So much for last nights game revving up the team. They got a big 1 hit thru 6 innings so far today. Without Ramirez in that lineup, it is just not very good and then when you compound it with Lee, Soto, Bradley and Fontenot batting poorly, it is bad news. while I support the conclusion, as in, what's the big fucking deal about Soriano batting leadoff? He does well and the team does well when he hits there, the "study" that Dewan put together is kind of weak. Lee and Soto back in... No Aram yet...

Soriano,Theriot, Bradey, Lee, Johnson, Soto, Miles, Fontenot, Dempster

lefty Davis today...

I thought for sure Soto would see some real time off. He should be held out until his arm is close to 100%. It's annoying to see guys continue to run on him like he's not even there.

I think Hill will continue to play until Soto is playing well again. I think Soto plays today because it's a day-after-night game. And because of the Lefty going for the D-backs.

That lefty is making us look ugly with his slow wind-up and 68 mph curve. 4-0 DB's in the bottom 5th.

Every soft-tossing lefty since the beginning of time has made the Cubs look bad. Another blah outing from Demp -- 4 for 4 this year in that category -- and Marmol with one of his patented WTF?? outings -- good to get it out of the way when it didn't matter. Hendry should not schedule any more games in Arizone. Or Florida.

Let's hope, because EVERYONE is running on him, it doesn't matter who or when.

Still looking for his triple: Zambrano's name scrawled onto end of list of available switch hitters on lineup card. Not Lou's handwriting. From Wittenmyer's twitter account..

In unrelated news, the "Stop the Luna Jingle" petition is gaining some traction. It was linked by consumer-watchdog site, Consumerist today.

In other news... With the MLB.TV subscription, living in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, well within the Cubs home territory, Cub games are blacked out. As if that makes any fucking sense.

Isn't the thing with that it only provides out of market games?

Yeah, but I think his point is that the markets don't often make sense. I am closer to Chicago now than when I was in Iowa, but because I am in the Brewer's market I can get the Cubs games whereas back in Iowa I could not. Every piece of territory in the country is in a market, no matter how far away it is from a team's center, somebody gets it. And some places are in 4-5 markets so they don't get shit. A tip though, as far as I can tell it is by IP address. MLB.TV confirms your market and whether you can watch the game or not before you even login. So, while I don't know how to do it, there are ways for you to mask or change your IP address before visiting and circumvent the whole thing.

You don't wanna watch this anyway. 9-0. Everybody having a bad day in a blue uni.

fuckin' hot-head...

He's tearing this team apart damnit. 

Did he get ejected? Talk about a double standard if he didn't...

how many top relievers does one need to march out in a blowout? at least cotts will be fresh...thank god.

marmol was a disaster today, gregg was at 35 pitches...

it's not the use of 1 of gregg/marmol/'s the use of all 3 that bugs me. if tommorow is close there's heilman and cotts totally fresh. i can understand getting marmol work, but using ninja and gregg in today's game seems a waste.

relievers should be able to go back to back, usually three days in a row and only guzman pitched yesterday. If anything they look like they need more work as none of them could find the plate.

I can't help it - I am in a panic

I been around since the Brickhouse era and I gotta say... ...I am too. It's a long season but it's gonna be a lot longer if Lilly and Dempster keep getting hammered like this. And it's tough when I realize that the best minor league prospect we have is, by most reports, unable to barely get the glove to the dirt. At this point, though, I think it's time the kid got a shot to prove AZ Phil and others wrong.

Best prospect? I don't think I'm on board with that. Closest to ready to hit at the majors, sure.

i was confused about the report on vitters's glove until i realized it was about fox.

you are both correct, sirs. Or madames. Hell, it's the internet.

*checks* i got one of those 'sir' parts.

As long as its a title of respect, I'm okay with it. I was nit-picking, though, Blue. I know what you mean and it is worrisome. Pretty much all of our other position player prospects are a long way from the majors. Tony Thomas seems to be resurging as a legit prospect, though, and we've got a number of A-ball players who are intriguing (though they are too far away to get me really excited). It'd be really nice if Fox could play a passable LF, RF, or 3B. He doesn't have much value as a poor defensive platoon 1B and PH. Well, if he keeps up the homerun pace he'll have value, but if he comes back to earth a bit he won't.

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  • Dolorous Jon Lester 3 hours 10 min ago (view)

    I understand why it feels unsettling. I remember the series well (though I, unlike Theo, actually was in high school). Anyway, I view it as a chance to right previous wrongs in the same way we stomped StL out of the playoffs in 2015, or the way the Nationals got to burn through two teams last year that had dumped them out of October in previous seasons.

    But if we lose, of course that was 17 years ago so it's two extremely different organizations.


  • Arizona Phil 7 hours 11 min ago (view)

    DJL: All players on Optional Assignment to the minors must be recalled on the day after the conclusion of the MLB regular season, even if the player has not spent at least ten days on Optional Assignment. Players cannot be optioned to the minors again until Spring Training. 


  • Arizona Phil 7 hours 32 min ago (view)

    CHAMP: No option year is spent just by calling up a player to MLB. An option year is spent only if a player on an MLB 40-man roster is optioned to the minors for at least 20 days in a given season. 

    Also, Brailyn Marquez is (was) eligible for selection in the Rule 5 Draft in December, so the Cubs were going to add him to the 40 on 11/20 anyway. They just did it a couple of months early.  


  • bradsbeard 10 hours 42 min ago (view)

    Not sure if serious, but Theo became the Red Sox GM in 2002. It's true though, there probably aren't many people in the organization besides Ricketts and Crane Kenney who have any strong feelings about that series. 


  • Craig A. 11 hours 40 min ago (view)

    I wonder if anyone on the Cubs cares or even remembers the odd events when the Marlins played the Cubs in 2003. I think Theo was in high school. To this old fart it will be more than a little unsettling to watch this post-season match-up. At least we can be fairly certain there will no fans grabbing for foul balls. 


  • bradsbeard 15 hours 8 min ago (view)

    Which is kind of annoying. Nobody really picked the Cubs to win this division pre-season. I guess Mattingly gets some credit for guiding the Marlins through their positives but even just letting them play that one game with half the team sick should knock him out of consideration. Meanwhile Ross kept a tight ship and the Cubs has no positives all year. I'd say Ross or Tingler should get it over Mattingly. 


  • crunch 16 hours 25 min ago (view)

    cubs finish 34-26 (1st, division)...they play MIA on wednesday.

    good start for d.ross, but the manager of the year is most likely going to d.mattingley (MIA) or j.tingler(SD).


  • crunch 17 hours 2 min ago (view)

    ...or he won't make it out of the 8th

    0.2ip 2h 3bb 1k, 5r/er...2 wild pitches

    there's some great stuff in that arm.  mid/high-80s slider, "changeup" around 90mph, fastball 97-99mph...all effortless.  21 years old and never pitched above A-ball.


  • crunch 17 hours 8 min ago (view)



  • crunch 17 hours 12 min ago (view)

    rough debut...doubt we're going to see him in the 9th.


  • Charlie 17 hours 19 min ago (view)

    Reminds me a little of Jeff Samardzija's debut. Adrenaline throwing straight gas but all over the place. Samardzija threw a fastball all the way to the backstop in his debut (2008).


  • crunch 17 hours 21 min ago (view)

    back to back 3-2 count 6-pitch walks.

    he's not in the zone.  he's throwing almost totally fastballs, too.


  • crunch 17 hours 22 min ago (view)

    alzolay's gotta be locked in for a start given what he's done lately.

    i wonder what role j.lester will be given.  if he's starting, hopefully he's the 3rd/4th starter, if at all.  someone will probably give him a 2021 contract if he doesn't retire...hope it's not the cubs giving that contract, though.


  • crunch 17 hours 25 min ago (view)

    dude's thrown a 97mph and 98mph fastball to start and both looked like he was barely expending effort.

    unfortunately, neither were near the plate.


  • Charlie 17 hours 28 min ago (view)

    So, Alzolay gets at least one October start, right? He'd be a weapon out of the pen if the Cubs had more than two believable starters ready.


  • crunch 17 hours 29 min ago (view)

    Q goes 2 effective (2ip 2h 1bb 2k, 0r/er) and here comes b.marquez...