Angels Edge Cubs at Fitch Park

Justin Bour walked, doubled, and crushed a two-run HR, Matt Cerda tripled twice and scored three runs, and Chris Rusin threw three innings of perfect baseball, but it wasn't enough, as the Angels edged the Cubs 6-5 in AZ Instructional League action at Fitch Park Field #3 in Mesa this afternoon.

RHP Chris Archer got the start for the Cubs, and had a very poor outing, allowing four runs on two triples, two singles, a walk, and a HBP (plus three WP), in just two innings of work (41 pitches - 24 strikes). Archer was 4th in the Cubs minor leagues in strikeouts in 2009 (trailing only Jay Jackson, Mitch Atkins, and Chris Carpenter), but he led all Cubs minor league pitchers in walks. 

2009 4th round pick LHP Chris Rusin (U. of Kentucky) followed Archer, and threw three perfect innings, while needing just 35 pitches (24 strikes) to do it.   

Down 4-0, the Cubs came back with one run in the 3rd and three more in the 5th to tie the game.

2008 4th round pick Matt Cerda (Oceanside HS - Oceanside, CA) tripled off the left-field fence with one out in the 3rd, and scored on a Jovan Rosa ground RBI single to RF. 

Kyler Burke led-off the 5th with a sharply-hit single to RF, and then with one out, Justin Bour (2009 25th round pick out of George Mason U.) slammed a long HR over the right-centerfield fence onto Field #5, the "half-field" located north of the Cubs clubhouse. (Bour just missed clubbing a dinger down the LF line on the pitch prior to the HR, as the ball curved foul before going out of the park). 

At 6'4 250+, the 21-year old Bour is a big dude who looks like he should have some power, but he hit only four HR in 62 games and 269 PA (combined) at Mesa and Boise in 2009. But Bour has been working with Peoria hitting instructor Barbaro Garbey in the cages each morning before the games and his new-found power really showed up today! (BTW, Justin Bour's older brother Jason is a catcher in the Reds organization, and Jason was ex-Cubs #1 draft pick Mark Pawelek's catcher at Sarasota in 2009).  

Matt Cerda followed Bour's HR with his second triple of the game, a towering blast that hit off the Green Monster metal "batter's-eye" in dead CF, and then Cerda scored on a Sergio Burruel sacrifice fly.

The Angels scored single runs in the 6th and 7th off relievers Jose Rosario and Nick Struck to re-take the lead, but then the Cubs scored again in the bottom of the 7th, narrowing the Halo advantage to just one run. 

Justin Bour led-off the 7th with a double off the LF fence, but then suffered an apparent brain cramp and was thrown-out trying to advance to third (with no outs!) on a Matt Cerda ground ball to the SS.

Michael Brenly singled to send Cerda to 2nd, and then 18-year old Sergio Burruel (2009 19th round pick out of Trevor Browne HS - Phoenix, AZ) crushed a ball down the RF line that hit the top of the 25-ft high outfield fence, just missing going out of the yard for what would have been a a three-run homer. Burruel had to settle for an RBI double, with Brenly advancing to 3rd base representing the potential go-ahead run. But then Logan Watkins struck out, and Ryan Flaherty bounced out, leaving the runners stranded.

The Cubs had one more chance to tie the game in the bottom of the 9th, as Bour walked with one out. But PR Kyung-Min Na (supposedly the fastest HS player in South Korea when the Cubs signed him for a reported $700K+ this year) was immediately picked-off 1st, and then Matt Cerda hit a game-ending 1-3 comebacker to the mound.  

Here is today's abridged box score (Cubs players only): 

1. Logan Watkins, 2B: 0-4 (3-U, 4-3, 4-3, K)
2. Ryan Flaherty, SS: 0-4 (K, 6-3, 3-1, 3-U)
3. Brett Jackson, CF: 0-3 (K, K, BB, K), SB
4. Brandon Guyer, LF: 0-3 (P-5, F-8, BB, F-7)
5. Kyler Burke, RF 1-4 (K, 1B, K, 4-3), R 
6. Rebel Ridling, DH #1: 0-4 (L-5, 4-3, P-9, 3-1) 
7a. Justin Bour, 1B: 2-3 (P-6, HR, 2B, BB), R, 2 RBI   
7b. Kyung-Min Na, PR: 0-0, PO
8. Matt Cerda, 3B: 2-4 (3B, 3B, 6-5 FC, 1-3) 3 R
9a. Jovan Rosa, C: 1-1 (1B, BB), RBI
9b. Michael Brenly, C: 1-1 (1B)
10. Sergio Burruel, DH #2: 1-2 (K, F-8 SF, 2B), 2 RBI

1. Chris Archer - 2.0 IP, 4 H, 4 R (4 ER), 1 BB, 0 K, 1 HBP, 3 WP, 5/0 GO/FO, 41 pitches (24 strikes)
2. Chris Rusin - 3.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 1 K, 5/2 GO/FO, 35 pitches (24 strikes)
3. Jose Rosario - 1.0 IP, 2 H, 1 R (1 ER), 0 BB, 1 K, 1/0 GO/FO, 15 pitches (10 strikes)
4. Nick Struck - 2.0 IP, 2 H, 1 R (1 ER), 0 BB, 1 K, 1/4 GO/FO, 28 pitches (15 strikes)
5. Corey Martin - 1.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 0 K, 0/3 GO/FO, 10 pitches (7 strikes)

1. Jovan Rosa (E-2) - overthrow at 2nd base on SB attempt, allowing runner to take 3rd.
2. Matt Cerda (E-5) - errant throw to 1st base bounced past 1st baseman allowing batter to reach safely, but then batter-runner was thrown-out 3-6 trying to advance to 2nd base.   
3. Kyler Burke (E-9) - over-ran a ground single to RF allowing batter to advance to 2nd and to 3rd, and then batter was thrown out trying to score 9-4-2 (OF assist to Burke - see below). 

1. Jovan Rosa - 0-1 CS + E-2 throwing error (see above)
2. Michael Brenly - 1 PB

1. Brett Jackson - batter-runner was thrown out 8-4-2 trying to stretch a triple into an inside-the-park HR.
2. Kyler Burke - batter-runner was thrown out 9-4-2 trying to score on a H+E (see above).   

1. Justin Bour - led off bottom of the 7th with a double, then was thrown out 6-5 trying to advance to 3rd base on a ground ball to the SS with no outs.  
2. Kyung-Min Na - PR for Justin Bour at 1st base after Bour walked with one out in the bottom of the 9th with Cubs trailing 6-5, but then was immediately picked-off by the Angels pitcher.  

WEATHER: 90 & sunny



AZ Phil -- I am trying to figure out who will be at Triple A next year. Assuming Samardzija and Caridad will be at the Major League Level, I have Starters: Atkins, Russell, Coleman, Jackson, and Chen. Relievers: Parker, Stevens, Gaub, Papelbon, Berg, Mateo, Mathes/Reinhard Lambert made it to Triple A but will be rehabbing after TJ surgery. Not sure if Schlitter, Maestri, Patton or Ruhlman will be there. There seem to be a lot of candidates for a few spots and that is not counting any potential minor league FA that they sign. Let me know what you think.

This is like assuming Geo Soto will get back on the diet wagon, stop smoking weed, lose the forty pounds he put on this year, and hit .285 .364 .504 .868 again. Samarginal is a waste of $10 million. The only thing for sure next year is he'll be 25 and we'll be stuck with him. I'm hoping he likes Mexico so much he decides to stay there.

Samardzija projects to be a legit big leaguer. That doesn't mean he'll be effective in the big leagues right now. On the flip side, just because he's not effective at the major league level right now doesn't mean he won't be effective and very good some day. He just started pitching professionally, what, 2 years ago? He has a ways to go yet. Samardzija right now is neither a problem or the solution.

A potential bust. The problem with the guy is expectations. He signed a $10MM bonus, thanks to Daddy Warbucks Hendry. Naturally, the team put him on the fast-track. He certainly is not Mark Prior (when that meant something good) or Adam Wainright, and I just think that the Cubs have blown it based on the fact that he is expected to perform well NOW, yet he has developed one and a half pitches to this point. What the hell has he shown at the Major League level, so far? ZERO If he could "simmer" for a while in AAA, that is one thing, but the dude's original contract is going to be up already in 2011, I think! Do most people believe he will be an effective MLB pitcher by that time? Notre Dame is overrated.

Problem is less about Samjay and more about the Cubs expectations. Samardzija pitched really well out of the pen in 2008. He has 1 1/2 really good MLB level pitches. If they cubs would put him in the pen and let him alone, then he would probably be an effective MLB reliever next year. Unfortunately the cubs will try their pattented "Square Peg/Round Hole" approach to player development and probably crush this kid. Gotta Justify the signing bonus. Easier to blame Samjay for being a total bust than to blame the Organization for giving an amature reliever 10 million dollars.

the guy has a MLB contract...they're just gonna use him. he's not ready, but given how total shit the pen was this year he found himself making it up in the pecking order. he could use a consistent 3rd pitch and some control that isn't over the fat of the plate. no big deal...if the pen is actually in good shape in 2010 we might not see him for a while. he needs to be stretched out to start anyway...AAA should be just fine for that. btw, the cubs have an option on the guy beyond his 5 year mlb contract that pays him 6-7m combined in 2012/'s not like it was a totally boneheaded deal. basically, he's guaranteed a roster spot on the 40 man while he earns service time and can walk away with 16-17m over 7 he's got some bonus thing on top of that, too, that's good for another 6-7m, but I don't know exactly how that "i won't walk away from this to play football" bonus works.

Good grief Ryno! This is his FOURTH (4th) season as a pro. That makes next year number five. He's olde. He's been a bust. I'm tired of him. When Greg Maddux was 25 he won his 75th game and pitched his 1100th inning as a Cub. He was worth $10 million, Samarginal isn't worth ten cents. But maybe he'll get introduced to some magic PED down in Mexico and I'll have to eat my words.

Holy balls, he's been around four years?

He pitched in 7 games in 2006 after signing (and after the college season was over), calling that a full professional season is a bit of a stretch.

I was thinking we first saw him in ST '07, I am mistaken.

He pitched 30 innings. And yet he was promoted TWICE in 2006! From Boise to Peoria, and then from Peoria to Daytona at the end of the 2006 season. And where was anyone saying that he pitched a "full" season as a pro in 2006? It still counts. Just like David Patton's 42 innings this year counts. The fact remains next year will be Submarginal's 5th season as a pro and he'll be 25.

Yes, that fact remains, but I doubt it signifies anything close to what you think it does. Maybe I just don't know what you're driving at here.

Just correcting a misconception. He's not gonna be "young" next year. He's been around twice as long as some people think. He's running out of time. There are only two seasons left on his 5 year contract. Two seasons left to stick with the Cubs in some useful capacity and get the Cubs to exercise their 2012 and 2013 $3.25 million extensions. But he was incredibly mediocre at all levels this year. And that's his second contract by the way. He was originally signed in 2006 to a $1 million bonus, then re-upped in 2007.

"He's not gonna be "young" next year. He's been around twice as long as some people think. He's running out of time." yeesh. you're some work there, dude.

Sorry, he didn't play at Daytona in 2006. Check again. He did not get promoted TWICE. He pitched 19 innings with Boise and then 11 innings at Peoria before going back to football practice and his senior year of college. So he pitched 30 innings in between his collegiate baseball and football seasons. This is qualitatively different than David Patton being limited by injuries over a full February-September major league season. Surely you see that? Yes, he may turn out to be a bust, but the fact remains that he is YOUNGER than others like Caridad, Berg, Stevens, etc. You should be recommending we get rid of all of these guys then because they are too old and haven't made it yet.

By all means, everyone who is not Greg Maddux should be cut from the roster and, perhaps, flogged. Someone was just saying that Samardzija is not Adam Wainwright. Maybe we should note that Adam Wainwright didn't experience success in the majors until he was 24, and didn't start in the majors until he was 25--he was drafted out of high school at age 18.

Hey navigator, not only can you not spell Samardzija's name you can't count. This is only Samardzija's 3rd year in the pros. So take your stupid Purdue ass and go back to the gold and black site were you belong.

2006 2007 2008 2009 = 3 seasons. brilliant!! Purdue?? gold and black site WTF?

That is a low blow. Nav may have been in the engineering program for all you know which means he certainly is not stupid. Now, if you want to comment on their football team - that is a different matter.

Jaramillo in?

Good to see Cerda showing a little pop, but that is extremely discouraging out of Archer. He is the real wild card for me in the DeRo trade. While Gaub and Stevens both look like they will be big additions to the bullpen as early as next year, if Archer could develop into a #3 starter for us, the trade would definately be a win for us. In other news, Shark pitched a good game in Mexican ball last night. 6 IP, 6 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 4 Ks, with tons of ground balls. The 0 walks was the big thing for me, though. Hopefully he works the crap out of his secondary stuff and pushes for the fifth starter spot out of ST.

Submitted by skavoovee on Thu, 10/15/2009 - 7:54pm.
AZ Phil -- I am trying to figure out who will be at Triple A next year. Assuming Samardzija and Caridad will be at the Major League Level, I have Starters: Atkins, Russell, Coleman, Jackson, and Chen. Relievers: Parker, Stevens, Gaub, Papelbon, Berg, Mateo, Mathes/Reinhard Lambert made it to Triple A but will be rehabbing after TJ surgery. Not sure if Schlitter, Maestri, Patton or Ruhlman will be there. There seem to be a lot of candidates for a few spots and that is not counting any potential minor league FA that they sign. Let me know what you think.


SKAVOOVEE: As things stand right now (and this is very much subject to change), with the 2010 Cubs Opening Day staff likely to be Lilly, Dempster, Zambrano, Wells, and either Gorzelanny, Samardzija, or Marshall as the starters, and Marmol, Guzman, Grabow (who I believe will be back), Heilman, and Caridad, plus two more from amongst Gorzelanny/Marshall/Samardzija forming the bullpen, I would say Atkins, Jackson, Coleman, and Mathes will be the top four starters at Iowa, and Parker, Berg, Stevens, and Gaub will form the basis of the I-Cubs bullpen, with Carpenter, Cashner, Chen, Diamond, Maestri, Mateo, Papelbon, Patton, Reinhard, Ruhlman, Russell, and Schlitter (plus any minor league free-agents the Cubs might sign during the off-season) battling for the remaining four slots (probably one starter and three relievers, although Mathes could be moved to the bullpen if two starting slots are needed or if a second lefty is needed in the pen). It depends on who pitches best at Minor League Camp next March, and who starts the year on the DL.

some magic PED down in Mexico... --- Way Cool. Fastball's are blue, Slider's green, Changeup red. Beats the hell out of K-Zone.

When Greg Maddux was 25 he won his 75th game and pitched his 1100th inning as a Cub. --- maybe Hendry should be scouting the ND golf team (not football)

CM tweets on Sl(ar)amma-J(ar)amillo CarrieMuskat: cubs have asked rangers for permission to talk to Rudy Jaramillo to fill their hitting coach vacany. could be an announcement early Nov

A bit confused. If he is not under contract - why does the team need "permission"?

there's a fight here about whether to count years of samninja service has anything to do anything and how many years it is... so what? here's all that matters. 5 year ***MLB*** contact 2007-2011 (aka, use him whenever, whatever, you're paying for the real deal anyway). 2 year CLUB option on him 2012/2013 worth 6.5m COMBINED for both years. 2009 just ended. 4 more years of relatively cheap control. now everyone try not to piss their pants and deal with the fact that the cubs can cut him loose in 2 years or keep him around for 4. players getting MLB contracts before they deserve it is part of the process it or not. get used to it.

Interesting sponsor at Samardzija's Baseball Reference page: Bootstraps the Bussie sponsor(s) this page. NOBODY was more excited about your choosing baseball over football than I was...HOWEVER...your off the field late night activities while playing here in Daytona with the Cubs were VERY VERY sad...please change your ways and become a role model.

the guy runs around with an entourage and acts like a spoiled flavor-of-the-week actor. this was known before he signed and still is. guy's just a semi-jerk who thinks with his dick. not the first, won't be the last. meh.

Crunch, you might think you are truly anonymous, but almost all self-publishing portals record the exact date-time an IP address of anonymous postings and judges have ordered ISP's (Interntet Service Providers) reveal the identity of anonymous defamatory bloggers. Anonymity is an illusion, and judges rountinely issue "John Doe" subpoens to ISP's when someone has been CYBER-LIBEL. I strongly suggest you keep such false and defamatory statements to yourself.

how about i settle out of internet court for 1 million dollars. you just tell me who to cut a check to, k.

Crunch that's great, just tell me your name and were you live and I will come and pick up the check. You do have a million dollars don't you? You know so much about professional talent you must have been a super star yourself. What level of sports did you play? It just makes me laugh when I read statements by publishers such as you that can't even back up anything they have to say.

this is fascinating....

isn't crunch's uncle Barry Foote or something? either way I think crunch knows a few folks around the game...not that he really advertises it...

judging by jakester's IP address from Valparaiso, IN(Ninja's hometown)...he's either related to Ninja or grew up with him...

So big Rob G., what crunch can't speak for himself so you have to butt your way in. Yeah I live Valpo and I know Ninja so what. I least I don't bad mouth any Cub players like you publishers do. I've been a Cub fan for many years win or lose. I enjoy watching the Cubs on TV and going to the games as much as I can. But I would never lower myself to your guys level and bad mouth the players like you do. See I have never played baseball at any high level and from the insults you guys post I tell you neither of you have either. So there you go. Sorry but I'm going to go and watch some NCAA football.

Go Trojans....

Yeah, I took the Trojans to cover the spread. Sorry Rob G. but you need to grow up.

yeesh... okay, look...maybe im wrong about the "and still is" part. the rest i'll stand behind. i got my stories. if you don't have yours, well... anyway...i'm gonna go ahead and cut that internet lawsuit settlement check to you. you PLEASE be sure to get this to the right people. i'm trusting you with this.

Yo Mamma....

I fucking HATE publishers!!!!!!!!!

The really more important question is, just because you grew up with someone, does that mean that you know everything about him? Have you got some sort of psychic connection so that you know what time he gets to bed every night and who he has spent his evenings with? It's great that you're a friend, and or a fan of Smardijza's but unless you're his bodyguard, odds are that you don't know what he does and how he conducts himself 1200 miles away from where you two grew up. Not saying that crunch is absolutely right or anything, he's been known to blow some smoke up people's asses on occasion, but you are there first person who has ever claimed to know what everyone in his middle school was doing every night of their mid 20's that I've ever come across.

This sounds like a threat. A very stupid threat by a very stupid jerk-off, ohhh i mean jakester. Goodluck trying to shutdown commentary on the internet. China must be your favorite vacation spot.

So he acted like a kid with a huge heap of cash who thought he was entitled to something? There really isn't an issue here, is there? Wonder what this guy's problem is. Jeffy never called his daughter back after they did the no-pants dance? If he got way too drunk way too often, caused a shitload of trouble, and acted like an asshole, he's just one of those super propsects who have millions of dollars guaranteed. There's 3 or 4 of those in every team's farm system.

no, there isn't an issue, imo. it happens. if i really wanted to rage on the issue i could tell a few elijah dukes and delmon young stories that would require me to cut a couple $100,000,000 dollar internet lawsuit checks. kerry wood did it, too...he turned out just fine. as long as you show up ready to play and the media isn't noticing you enough to put it in print it's all good.

If he is not under contract - why does the team need "permission"? --- I've read that his current contract ends 10/31/09, so officially he needs permission to talk to other clubs before that date.

i was going to post milton's... In appreciation of Sean Forman, B-R and MB sponsor(s) this page. B-R made it easy to realize that MB's 284/402/443 between April 28 and September 4 didn't tank the Cubs' season. Too bad the Chicago media don't use it. The 0.5% of Cubs fans who see beyond batting average and RBI wish you the best of luck. also from the TBS broadcast, Torre talking about Padilla "if one guy can come in and disrupt your clubhouse chemistry, it wasn't that good to begin with."

me and torre agree on something...scary. it also needed to be said by someone. too bad the local chicago press (some) were too busy with other milton-related celebrations to actually bring that up. seems there was no clubhouse leader for the season that just finished. that said, it seems that way because wood used to be the guy with the pitchers and dero acted as that guy for the cubs bats...wood and dero also did a killer job running quotes/stories for the press to take the crap off all the other guys. dero saved dlee (a pretty boring guy when it comes to reporters/press) a lot of crap last year as well as almost all the rest of the team. it's not even like dero/wood were these strong wiley rock-hard oldschool veterans or something...they just didn't mind getting up there and doing the things non-field related they felt needed to be done and the rest of the team seemed to respond well to it. no one stepped up this year and it seems like stuff festered pretty badly while everyone sat around and watched it happen.

"B-R made it easy to realize that MB's 284/402/443 between April 28 and September 4 didn't tank the Cubs' season..." Only 40 rbi to go along with those numbers tell a different story.

speaking of...why is sam fuld even in the bigs? he obviously has no value to a mlb club. the rbi's speak for themselves. he projects for 10-15 RBI seasons. is hendry asleep at the switch? and why is lou giving this guy ab's?

It's for his ability to stay on the field... nope that's not it either, is it? For his career he's hit .200 with RISP, yet he can make an out with guys on base and not be booed - it's really perplexing to me.

heh. seriously, though...if the club is looking to shave loot...unless they want fuld involved in some kind of trade i could live without reed johnson with fuld around.

I thought shaving loot was illegal? I remember trying that in high school and I couldn't sit down for a week.

There's worse things that can happen to the roster than having Fuld as a 5th outfielder (Johnson as a 4th outfielder/platoon center fielder being one of them), but there's the issue of his inability to stay healthy, so you need a backup plan for your 5th outfielder, which seems a bit silly when you say it.

I'd like to see the Cubs find a way to keep Brad Snyder around.

"if one guy can come in and disrupt your clubhouse chemistry, it wasn't that good to begin with." No shit. You certainly don't improve it with Milton Bradley.

"if one guy can come in and disrupt your clubhouse chemistry, it wasn't that good to begin with." --- maybe someone can figure out the chemistry equation using the NHL +/- on ice scoring system... net change = -wood-derosa + (-bradley) = -3

I agree, and every team should have a goon they can send out there to charge the mound when they're getting schooled.

Kyle Farnsworth.