Retro Cubs Video: Dawson Goes Batty

I stumbled across this where the Cubs beat the Reds 8-5. Not only do you get some classic WGN with Dan Roan  - who I believe is still there - but also appearances by , , and in his Reds days.

As you'll see, it's also the game where (1:48 mark); a moment Dibble admitted was on purpose since(at least I heard him say it on XM radio). I'm sure MLB will be forcing it off youtube at any moment, so be sure to check it out quickly. There's a variety of ways of downloading youtube videos to your computer if you want it for your archives, something I wish I did with.


Totally despicable, what a piece of shit, Dawson was. I had forgotten about that one, until I saw the bats flying, then it came back. A very Z like tantrum there (and the pitch wasn't all that bad).

Piece of shit? Little extreme.

Yeah, only Lou gets to call ballplayers that.

piece of sarcasm is more like it...

"Its a bordeline call, its not a horrible call, its not even in the top 100,000 of bad umpire calls. People strikeout in baseball everyday on pitches like that, 99.99999% of them don't go ape shit like Bradley did."

The Cubs were apparently in on Cuban SS Jose Inglesias. According to Alex Spier in Boston, the Cubs out-bid the Red Sox for Inglesias when he defected from Cuba, but Inglesias chose Boston anyway because the Red Sox were his favorite team growing up. I'm a little surprised that the Cubs would go after Inglesias so hard considering the depth they already have at SS in the minors. I guess you can never have too much depth.

The Cubs seem to have focused on middle of the diamond players reasoning, quite logically, that if they can hit you can always move them to other positions.

I think you're right, except that Cubs front office folks use the word "athletic" instead of "middle of the diamond." But that seems to be the plan. I suppose a possible criticism is that that approach makes the Cubs less likely to bring a big power bat out of the minors, but the Cubs have a big enough market that they could afford to sign a power-hitting free agent (and power usually doesn't hit it's peak until the players are in their late twenties and nearing free agency anyway).

One thing I wish players would stop saying about their own embarrassing incidents only a few hours afterword--"I laugh at it now." Just apologize and move on. I'm always amazed at how often fans join in throwing things on the field, though--and what a large percentage of the fans take part.

Wouldn't it be cool to have Dan Roan's job? Sitting in a director's chair, Hawaiian shirt, and paid to watch baseball...(and my, such hard hitting reporting too).

Love the video. Was even fun to see the White Sox clips at the end, including the game-winning hit by Joey Cora, who was so slight, it looked like the bat boy had taken a turn at the plate. Also noted reference to Comiskey Park--not U.S. Cellular Field--and the fact that the Brewers were still in the American League.

"classic WGN with Dan Roan - who I believe is still there " Yes, minus the hair. Which is a shame with that level 5 mullet he had going there. George Bell restraining Dawson Hearing Harry with each Dawson bat toss-"WHOOOAA..heh heh"

fwiw...freddy bynum released by the WSox in preparation for his exit to Japan.

Strikes me as another Smardijzia-Heilmann type. Looks like a pitcher, but no true out pitch to use in the bigs. something completely reasonable said by a manager:
"We'll use one (player) one day, and one the next," Piniella said. "It depends on how there are swinging the bat. It depends on who the pitcher on the other side is. There'll be some variables, but look, we like to stay constant, too.
"One thing is, we don't have anybody here that's going to steal 40 bases. If Theriot develops a nice swing where he's staying inside the ball good and hitting the ball behind the runner, that's a nice option in the two-hole, because we've got Fukudome hitting in that first base hole.
"We'll see who's taking more pitches, who's more selective, what the on-base percentages are, whether the other team's pitcher is having trouble throwing strikes, how well the catcher is throwing...
"There are so many variables to this thing it gets a little too complicated. You know what? We'll try to simplify it and get as constant as we can. Spring training will let us know."

"One thing is, we don't have anybody here that's going to steal 40 bases. If Theriot develops a nice swing where he's staying inside the ball good and hitting the ball behind the runner..." theriot smacking the ball to the right...yeah...i think he's got that down since that's almost everything he does. when someone is on 1st it "parts the sea" for him a little better, too.

fwiw, his spray chart in 2009: Left Field - outfield: 12% Left Field - infield: 23.6% Center field - outfield: 18.4% Center Field - infield: 10.6% Right Field - Outfield: 21.4% Right Field - Infield: 13.8% 12.5% is considered low, 20% considered high 48.6% GB, 32.6% FB, 18.8% LD not sure if a ball that is a grounder that goes through to the outfield counts as one to the infield or outfield.

"not sure if a ball that is a grounder that goes through to the outfield counts as one to the infield or outfield." OF

prolly so... basically 35% each way then Fukudome was in 2009: 46.4% to RF (23.4% INF, 22% OF), 32.5% to LF(13.6% INF, 18.9% OF) Jeff Baker is pretty similar to Theriot: 36.6%(20.3/16.3) to LF and 37.8% to RF(12.8/25)

yeah, he was more balanced in 09...more up the middle and more for hits going to LF...all his HR's were to left last year i believe. 2 in 1 game.

Theriot 2008: Direction/Overal/Inf/Of LF: 30.2% (21.9/8.3) CF: 26.5% (12.5/14) RF: 43.4% (16.9/26.5) Here's 2009 again for those interested in an easier format to read: LF: 35.6% (23.6/12) CF: 29.0% (10.6/18.4) RF: 35.2% (13.8/21.4) some weird rounding by them makes it add up to 100.1 and 99.8% don't have the info broken down before then so conveniently

re: 09 HR's 1 to CF, 1 to LF/CF, and the rest to LF. 2 were off chris young in the same game.

Yeah that pretty much matches up with my memory, the big difference being in 2009 that he decided he was a power hitter and looked to pull pitches instead of dumping line drives in front of the right fielder in hitters counts... the philosophy was good, the execution after his two week power surge was lacking.

I said Theriot would be a good #2 hitter like 3 or 4 years ago for that very reason. I'm so awesome. Also, boobs.

Ah, Cubster -- another Family Guy-like surreal drop-in reference... Pujols: "I have a 95% chance of never having TJ surgery." ----- Ah, the medical variant of the dreaded vote of confidence.

"We think we know for sure". nothing special other than Guzman won't be throwing for a few weeks, extra spot for someone to try and win most likely.

Anybody else read the article about Guzman at the Cubs site? I didn't realize he was actually with his brother when he died. I really thought that scene only happens in movies. That's gotta be some traumatizing stuff.

Speaking of sad stuff, as it turns out, Jose Ceda shot his best friend in the stomach last year and wound up confined to his house by police for a good portion of the winter. So then he shows up at spring training fat flabby weighing 300 lbs and hurts his arm requiring labrum surgery. A-N-D the Marlins knew nothing about the shooting until now. Wow. It seems like a million years ago that the Cubs offered the Orioles Ceda, Cedeno, Gallagher and Veal for Brian Roberts and some thought that was too much! But all four are gone and this is what we got: Ceda (now coming off surgery) traded for one year of Gregg Cedeno (it turns out the Ronny we saw in 2006 is the real Ronny) traded along with Garret Olsen(obtained in Felix Pie trade) for one year of Aaron Heilman Gallagher (fell out of favor with the A's who once thought the world of him, now with the Padres) traded as the key in a six player deal (Cubs also got Gaudin who they later released and lost Murton (AAAA), EPatt (now fighting for a spot on the A's bench) and Josh Donaldson) netting Rich Hardin for one and a half years. Donnie Veal lost to Pittsburgh in a Rule 5 pickup. So, all this furious trading by Hendry has left us with nothing. But he did manage to lose a first round draft pick in the process, Donaldson, a catcher who's now at AA, plays some 1b and 3b too, and could soon be ready for the bigs. .280 .374 .456 .830 with 33 HR and 20 SBs in his short minor league career.

harden counts for something...shame he came up lame at the end of the season. shame 09 didn't mean anything, too.

On the plus side, looks like the Cubs cut bait on Ceda at the right time, and, although they waited too long to trade him, they didn't lose much in Cedeno. Gallagher and Pie still have time to prove their value, though. Harden was quality in 2008 and 2009, Heilman always seemed like he should have been better. Gregg however--ugh. His performance would not have seemed as bad if he hadn't been the closer I guess. But not all of our relievers from 2009 could be middle relievers--somebody had to pitch during the last two innings.

Look, AT THE TIME, the HArden deal was a move that got the team to the Playoffs. Not just the Playoffs, the team had the best record in the NL. I saw Harden pitch numerous times that year. Was at his first game as a Cub. He was a sure-fire BEAST. You are Mr. After-the-Fact, which is just how you roll ("Teflon Tim Wilken", right?), but Harden was THE power arm in 2009. Hendry went for all of it, and his guys choked. Unfortunately, one cannot count on that unless it happens to be the Cubs. Re Donaldson: "...and could soon be ready for the bigs." This has been said for a couple years now. It is debatable.

I'll defend Wilken on this one. There are intangibles to catching, so it's never a sure thing. But 2009 was Donaldson's first year in AA. (I doubt people expected him to jump from high-A to the majors, so not sure what you mean by "This [the claim that he could soon be ready] has been said for a couple of years now.") At Midland (AA) he caught 100 games, threw out 40% of base stealers, hit 37 doubles, drove in 91 runs. I would say he's turning into the catcher that Wilken thought he drafted.

Assuming this is a response to navigator. I saw Harden in one of his earliest games as a Cub, too--July 26, 2008, against the Marlins. He went 5 and K'd 10. The Cubs K'd 20 in 12 innings--and lost 3-2. Harden started and Gaudin finished the game and took the loss. I had a really good time watching Harden set down fish. It was a smart trade, and that's coming from a big Murton fan and someone who usually overvalues prospects. Even after the fact I say it was a good trade.

Jim Riggleman thinks he should have probably pitched Kerry less in '98:
"I think if anything that I learned from it, having to do it over I probably would have pitched Kerry less," Riggleman said. "At the time that we had Kerry, my recollection of any criticism I had was 'Why did you take him out of the game?' After the fact it's 'Well, you pitched him too much.' "

Tribune's Mesa photo gallery... includes a pic of Zambrano without a bat!

What do you imagine Larry is telling Soto there? "Cannonball it!"

to Yanks, 1/$1.2M. For that price, I would've been thrilled to land him. Not sure how he thought he was going to get $4M.
"I was deliberating on the Chicago Cubs and the Yankees, but their history and championship contention resulted in me picking the Yankees,'' Park said. "Until last night, I was leaning toward the Cubs."
Park, who said he agreed to a one-year, $1.2 million deal, said the Cubs offered him a chance to compete for a berth in the starting rotation. With the Yankees, he will come out of the bullpen, as he did last season with the Phillies.
come on down Kiko Calero

- sigh - Hmmm, so the Cubs were spurned by one pitcher going to the Nats, and one going to the Yankees? What does this say?

Losing out to the Yankees just happens in baseball. Losing out to the Nats, though... that was a real blow to the self-esteem.

could be the Dodgers...
The Dodgers could seek to keep their player payroll below last year's level through 2018 while the average ticket price and club revenue could nearly double, according to confidential financial documents included in a court filing last week.
The documents -- prepared by the McCourt management team in May to solicit Chinese investors for a partnership that could have included the Dodgers, a soccer club in Beijing and another in the English Premier League -- show that the Dodgers spent $128 million in player compensation for their 40-man roster in 2007, then spent $123 million in 2008.
The Dodgers could seek to keep their player payroll below last year's level through 2018 while the average ticket price and club revenue could nearly double, according to confidential financial documents included in a court filing last week.
The projections show the Dodgers planning to cut it to $107 million this year, with slight annual increases thereafter. In 2018, player compensation is estimated at $125 million.
The document anticipates a significant rise in club revenue, from $295 million in 2008 to $529 million in 2018, and in the average ticket price, from $29.40 in 2007 to $53.50 in 2018.

That's a lot of money to show up late, eat overrated hot dogs, hit a beach ball, do the wave for 3-5 innings and then leave early.

HAHA! Lmao. Nicely played. I am confident ROB G can relate (not personally, of course, that is)!

I just assumed that people characterized Dodgers fans in the worst possible light because a lot of Americans feel the need to bash L.A. and everything related to it. But after attending a game there, it's actually more true than people make it out to be. Not only were the fans completely bored by a rivalry game against the Angels, but it was the game where Weaver and Arrendondo threw the no-no-hitter, and I swear 70-80 percent of the people there were totally oblivious to the history they were witnessing.

San Diego games have more Cub fans than Padres, I will say the Cubs fans are still drowned out by Dodgers fans though. but most of the stereotypes have some merit... Game 3 in the NLDS in 2008 was a good Dodger crowd though. In general though, sports just don't carry the same weight out here to people as Chicago or the East Coast. Too many transplants from other cities, metro area is too spread out and too many diversions. and yeah, I pretty much do all 9 innings when I go, think I left once early with my girls as we had horrible seats in the sun and they were were melting and the Cubs were getting killed.

Awesome video. I love how Harry is basically cheering Dawson on as he's tossing the bats. There used to be a better video on YouTube that showed the highlights of this game on Sportscenter at the time. In 1 minute and 30 seconds the ESPN recap showed the following. -It starts with a clip of Lou Piniella and Randy Myers shouting at each other a few games earlier. -Then it shows Randy Myers given the start for the game against the Cubs at Wrigley. -Chris Sabo hits two home runs, and he literally sprints around the bases with his big goggles. -Andre Dawson has a called third strike that is low and away. He throws his bat down and begins screaming at the ump. George Bell tries to hold him back. Dawson gets tossed. -The bleachers start throwing every cup of beer around them onto the field. -Dawson is in the dugout throwing bats onto the field. -Cubs come back and take the lead. -Late in the game Doug Dascenzo gets a bunt off of Rob Dibble. Dibble can't make a play on it and instead of throwing to first he throws the ball at Dascenzo's back in disgust. -Cubs win.

chris "superballs" sabo...hell yeah.

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  • Dolorous Jon Lester 9 min 2 sec ago (view)

     Has to be Paddack


  • crunch 32 min 26 sec ago (view)

    SD picks up joe musgrove from PIT...

    they have Snell/Darvish/Musgrove/Lamet and a nice race for the 5th slot.  wow.


  • tim815 5 hours 12 min ago (view)

    None are official. The Cubs haven't officially turned in paperwork on anyone.


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    Chicago Cubs | (Signing preview, reports & video) (UPDATED INTERNATIONAL SIGNINGS)


  • crunch 6 hours 40 min ago (view)

    back in november the ricketts also formed a corporation to purchase or create an online sports gambling portal.

    they're out there spending money.  yup.

    priorities, people...


  • Cubster 7 hours 35 min ago (view)

    God knows, the pitching staff needs more Garlick


  • tim815 8 hours 50 min ago (view)

    The Cubs should claim Kyle Garlick.


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    Joe Ricketts, sell the Cubs.


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    Finally, someone to give the Green and Libertarian Parties equal footing.


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    I wonder if the investment cost the exact amount we saved by trading Darvish...

    Calling oneself Straight Arrow is like someone having to say "you can trust me completely." Pretty clear the opposite is true.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 9 hours 55 min ago (view)

    Reclamation projects with minimal risk are good in general, but having this guy be currently projected for a rotation spot is laughable.

    I would have much preferred to see them sign Foltynewicz in this capacity. Folty was bad last year and the year before but at least its only been two years since he was successful, and he has two years of team control remaining. Miller last put together a good season in 2015.


  • Cubster 12 hours 7 min ago (view)

    Monday Tribune: Conservative Joe Ricketts to launch Omaha-based "unbiased" online news service (called Straight Arrow news). 

    Yeah, right. Making son Pete look like a liberal. 

    Laura when hearing the name hysterically laughed out loud.

    Sinclair media investing?


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    875K if he makes the team with 600K in performance bonuses possible.


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    Shelby Miller...? Really?


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    i like the cubs odds on this one.


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    Ian Happ arbitration figures are $4.1M (player) and $3.25M (club) with hearing date TBD.