Sweet Sixteen Gets Rushed by Cubs

GM Jim Hendry, Player Personnel & Player Development Director Oneri Fleita, all of the Cubs minor league hitting & outfield coaches, and any Cubs scout anywhere near Mesa, Arizona, were at Fitch Park today, personally scouting & evaluating OF Wagner Mateo, who stopped by for some pre-game BP, and then stuck around and played RF for AA Tennessee in a Minor League Spring Training game played on Field #2.

Some of you may remember Mateo as the 16-year old Dominican left-handed hitting (and throwing) right-fielder who got a $3.1M bonus from the St. Louis Cardinals during the International Signing Period in 2009, only to have the contract voided a couple of months later when Cardinals team doctors discovered what they believed was a career-limiting vision problem during a routine physical.

Well, based upon what I saw today, Mateo can see just fine. He hit ropes all over the place in BP, and then went 1-5 in the game, including a line-drive single to left and two hard-hit line-drive outs to LF, one requiring a spectactular diving catch by the Angels LF. The one big negative was a throw from RF that missed the cut-off man by a mile, but otherwise he looked pretty good for a 16-year old. I got the impression the Cubs are VERY interested in signing Mateo, although other clubs probably are as well (like maybe the Angels for instance, who got a good look at him today, too).

As for the AA Tennessee game, 20-year old Australian RHP (and 2009 Florida State League All-Star) Ryan Searle started and worked two innings (25 pitches – 18 strikes), getting tagged for two runs (a single, an RBI triple, and an RBI single with one out in the 1st). RHP Josh Whitlock got nailed for two more runs (two walks and two RBI hits in the 7th), and LHP James Leverton also was charged with two runs (a single, a triple, and a sacrifice fly), also in the 7th.

RHP James Archer had a wild outing, walking the first two men he faced on eight pitches, before striking out the next two batters, at which point he was pulled out of the game after have thrown 24 pitches (12 balls & 12 strikes).

Then RHP Alberto Cabrera came into the game, and proceeded to strike out five in just 2.1 IP (30 pitches – 21 strikes), allowing just one hit and no walks. Cabrera was definitely the most impressive Tennessee pitcher today. He was just plain dominating

Tennessee trailed 6-0 going into the bottom of the 7th, but the first seven men reached. Mark Reed walked, John Contreras singled, and Jordan Petraitis walked to load the bases, and then 2009 Cubs #1 draft pick Brett Jackson ripped a two run single to CF to plate the first two runs of the inning (Jackson also made a fine running catch in lerft-center earlier in the game). Then Brandon May drew a walk to re-load the bases, before ex-Rockford RiverHawks (Frontier League) All-Star OF Jason James and Marwin Gonzalez each plated a run with an RBI single to the outfield (James also doubled off the RF fence earlier in the game).

And just like that, the Smokies had cut the Arkansas lead to 6-5. But then the side was retired on a DP grounder and an F-8 fly ball to CF, and the Smokies mounted no further threats.

And that’s the way the game ended, with Arkansas defeating Tennesee 6-5.

Meanwhile, over on Field #3, Salt Lake (the Angels AAA squad) drubbed Iowa (the Cubs AAA squad) 10-3, with the I-Cubs runs scoring on a dropped infield pop up with the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of te 9th.

Here is the abridged box score frrom today’s game between the Cubs AA squad (AKA “Tennessee”) and the Angels AA squad (AKA “Arkansas”) at Fitch Park:

NOTE: Wagner Mateo played RF and hit lead-off in every inning 1-6 (so six PA total), after-which he left the game and was not replaced in the batting order (the #1 slot in the order was skipped in both the bottom of the 7th and the bottom of the 8th).

Also, Brandon May and Jordan Petraitis were added to the Tennessee roster just for today’s game (both are presently assigned to the Boise/Mesa squad). It’s not unusual for players from the Boise/Mesa squad to provide the late-inning replacements in minor league Spring Training games.

1a. Wagner Mateo, RF: 1-5 (6-3, 1B, BB, Kc, L-7, L-7)
1b. SKIPPED after 6th inning
2a. Kyler Burke, 1B: 1-2 (P-6, 1B)
2b. Jordan Petraitis, 1B: 1-1 (BB, 1B, R, CS)
3. Brett Jackson, CF: 2-4 (1B, 6-3, 1B, Ks, R, 2 RBI, SB)
4a. Josh Vitters, 3B: 0-2 (F-8, 4-3)
4b. Brandon May, 3B: 0-1 (BB, Ks, R)
5. Jason James, DH-RF: 2-4 (4-6-3 GIDP, 2B, 1B, 1-3, RBI)
6a. D. J. Lemahieu, SS: 0-2 (L-4, Ks)
6b. Marwin Gonzalez, SS: 1-1 (1B, RBI)
7a. Ryan Flaherty, 2B: 0-1 (4-6 FC, PO)
7b. Jonathan Mota, 2B: 1-2 (1B, 6-4-3 GIDP).
8. Kevin Soto, LF: 0-3 (P-3, 6-4-3 GIDP, F-8)
9a. Marquez Smith, DH #2: 1-1 (1B)
9b. Mark Reed, PH-DH: 0-1 (BB, 6-3, R)
10a. Luis Flores, C: 0-1 (Ks)
10b. John Contreras, C: 1-2 (1B, 6-3, R)

Ryan Searle – 2.0 IP, 3 H, 2 R (2 ER), 0 BB, 1 K, 3/1 GO/FO, 25 pitches – 18 strikes)
Chris Archer – 0.2 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 2 K, 24 pitches (12 strikes)
Alberto Cabrera – 2.1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 5 K, 1/1 GO/FO, 30 pitches (21 strikes)
Josh Whitlock – 1.0 IP, 2 H, 2 R (2 ER), 2 BB, 0 K, 1 GIDP, 3/0 GO/FO, 25 pitches (14 stiikes)
James Leverton – 2.0 IP, 3 H, 2 R (2 ER), 0 BB, 2 K, 2/2 GO/FO, 30 pitches (21 strikes)
Dan McDaniel – 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 0 K, 1/2 GO/FO, 22 pitches (9 strikes)


Luis Flores 1-4 CS

Here are the Cubs minor league rosters at Fitch Park as they were this morning (3/19). RHPs Blake Parker and Jeff Stevens and catcher Welington Castillo were optioned to Iowa today and were in uniform, and NRI LHP J. R. Mathes, RHPs Andrew Cashner, Casey Coleman, and RHP Thomas Diamond, and 1B Bryan Lahair were also sent down to Minor League Camp by the Cubs. This brings the Cubs Spring Training roster down to 42 (MLB Active Lists must get down to 25 by MLB Opening Day on April 3rd).


IOWA (39):

Mitch Atkins
Austin Bibens-Dirkx
David Cales
Marco Carrillo
Andrew Cashner
Hung-Wen Chen
Casey Coleman
Thomas Diamond
Jay Jackson
Jeff Kennard
* Casey Lambert (Limited Activity Only - TJS rehab)
Alessandro Maestri
* Scott Maine
Oswaldo Martinez
* J. R. Mathes
Jake Muyco
Blake Parker
* Jeremy Papelbon
Vince Perkins
Gregory Reinhard
* Dustin Sasser
Brian Schlitter
Jeff Stevens

Welington Castillo
* Steve Clevenger
* Mark Johnson (Inactive – player/coach)
Mario Mercedes

* Matt Camp
Russ Canzler
Jason Dubois
* Bryan Lahair
* Blake Lalli
# David Macias
* Jake Opitz
Nate Samson
Tony Thomas

Smaily Borges
* Tony Campana
Brandon Guyer
Ty Wright


Chris Archer
Todd Blackford
* Ryan Buchter
Alberto Cabrera
Chris Carpenter (Limited Activity Only – Injury Rehab)
Rafael Dolis
Kevin Kreier
Josh Lansford
* James Leverton
Dan McDaniel
Craig Muschko
David Patton
Mike Perconte
* Brooks Raley
Dae-Eun Rhee
* Chris Rusin
Ryan Searle
* Chris Siegfried
* Luke Sommer
Josh Whitlock
Hank Williamson

John Contreras (ex-3B)
Luis Flores
* Mark Reed

* Ryan Flaherty
# Marwin Gonzalez
D. J. LeMahieu
Jonathan Mota
Rebel Ridling (Limited Activity – appendectomy rehab)
Marquez Smith
* Matt Spencer
Josh Vitters

* Kyler Burke
* Brett Jackson
* Jason James
Kevin Soto


* Jeffry Antigua
* Jeffrey Beliveau
Justin Bristow (Limited Activity Only – injury rehab)
Rogelio Carmona
Marcus Hatley (Limited Activity Only – TJS rehab)
Robert Hernandez
Chris Huseby
Dylan Johnston (Limited Activity Only – injury rehab)
Su-Min Jung
Danny Keefe
Jordan Latham
Corey Martin
Trey McNutt
Ronny Morla
Jon Nagel
Dionis Nunez
Julio Pena
Andres Quezada
Aaron Shafer
Robert Whitenack

Michael Brenly
Jose Guevara
# Alvaro Sosa

* Justin Bour
Dwayne Kemp
Junior Lake
# Matt Matulia (Inactive – player/coach)
George Matheus
Greg Rohan
* Ryne White

* Francisco Guzman
Jesus Morelli
* Nelson Perez
# Jose Valdez

PEORIA (29):

Tim Clubb
Eduardo Figueroa
Jesse Ginley
Yohan Gonzalez
Steve Grife
* Austin Kirk
Luis Liria
Toby Matchulat (Limited Activity – Leg injury rehab)
Tarlandus Mitchell
Carlos Rojas
Jose Rosario
Larry Suarez
Nick Struck
Tzu-An Wang
Yao-Lin Wang

Jae-Hoon Ha (ex-OF)
* Richard Jones
Jovan Rosa

# Robert Bautista
* Matt Cerda
* Wes Darvill
D. J. Fitzgerald
* Hak-Ju Lee
Charles Thomas
* Bobby Wagner
* Logan Watkins

Runey Davis
* Alvaro Ramirez
Cody Shields


Frank Batista
Diego Encarnacion
Gian Guzman (ex-SS)
* Cody Hams
* John Mincone
* Marcos Perez
Melvin Rosa
* Drew Rundle (ex-OF)
Jake Schmidt
Adam Spencer

* Sergio Burruel
Garrett Maines
Brandon May (ex-3B)
Carlos Romero

# Arismendy Alcantara
* Pin-Chieh Chen
# Rafael Disla
Derek Helenihi (Limited Activitty Only – injury rehab)
Jordan Petraitis

# Vismeldy Bieneme
Dong-Yub Kim
* Kyung-Min Na
Blair Springfield

NOTE: The Boise/Mesa squad becomes the Cubs Extended Spring Training (EXST) team at Fitch Park April-May-June.


Man, could we use a legit young outfield prospect. We don't have many. Maybe we could stop chasing free agents that don't pan out. Thanks, Phil

It is starting to look as if Colvin is a legit young outfield prospect.

tonight tick tick tick
Ejections: Seattle Mariners right fielder Milton Bradley ejected by HP umpire Jon Merry (4th).
De ja vu, all over again. The saga continues.

Something's going on. Tossed twice in three days during Spring Training? Edit: I got curious and watched the video from Wednesday's strikeout. What the hell? He certainly seems to have been ejected primarily on reputation. http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20100... And this is an interesting argument about dropping the bat being Bradley's habit making the third out in inning--author wonders whether Bradley wasn't just confused about how many outs there were.

I've heard the reputation argument a lot but not sure I really understand it. Is it suggesting that if if another hitter did that the ump assumes that the player is simply confused about how many outs there are, but since it was Bradley the ump assumed he was trying to show him up? Just seems like to me that if you make the second out and drop your bat and start taking off your gloves at home plate, there is a good chance you get tossed.

Bradley forget the number of outs? Unpossible!

Well when you have the reputation of spitting on umpires, calling them racist and trying to attack one when you blow out your ACL, they probably aren't going to put up with much shit from you. Also you might remember an incident in LA. After a July game when Bradley got ejected for flinging his bat and helmet inches away from umpire John Hirschbeck (and then took two elaborate bows before leaving the field), Tracy had a contrite Bradley deliver the lineup card to home plate the next night.

MikeC. The question is really whether Bradley had delivered any "shit" that the umpire need put up with. That isn't clear at all in the video. Technically, the ump can eject the batter for making any kind of argument (though umps rarely do until the argument gets out of hand)--was Bradley arguing, though? He looks more like his brain froze up briefly. I've committed a lot more words to this than I intended to. I don't really care this much.

It's Spring Training. The pitchers have to get used to pitching, the batters have to get used to hitting, and the umps have to get used to throwing Milton Bradley out of a game. You can't just do these things cold during the season.


Yes, I think that's the argument, WISCGRAD. Sorry I forgot to link to the blog post I was referring to in that third paragraph. When I watch the video, it seems like very little time passes before Bradley realizes that he's out, picks up his bat and leaves. The ump jumped the gun on that and I for one think Bradley was confused. Someone two days ago made the argument that since it was a young, minor league umpire, he might have just been trying to establish his control in the game, but I don't think that's a reasonable excuse. If Griffey does that, the ump takes a little more time to try to figure out what the hell he's doing. As an ump, why wouldn't you say first, "You're out, Bradley. Pick up the bat." or some other warning, before ejecting him. Is Bradley even aware he has been ejected when he makes his way back to the bench? That's an ejection on reputation in the sense that I think he reacted much more quickly and with less consideration than if he were dealing with a non-Bradley player. Do I think any of Bradley's ejections last year were on reputation? Probably not. That might be the first ever.

Just like a Greg Maddux gets a bigger strike zone to work with because of who he is, Milton Bradley gets a zero tolerance policy from umps because of who he is.

Aaron Miles' 2010 ST batting average .000 In tonight's 24-9 loss to the KC Royals, Aaron Heilman 7 hits (3 doubles) allowed in 1.0 IP for Arizona.

Wittenmeyer roster article... Justin Berg in the lead for the last bullpen spot unless Hendry makes an acquisition. Lou might make some announcements as soon as Tuesday. http://www.suntimes.com/sports/baseball/cubs/...

A few player notes from each squad at Minor League Camp: IOWA: LF Ty Wright has been working out at 3B since the start of Minor League Camp, although I haven't seen him play there in a game yet. The Cubs are obviously trying to increase his versatility, since he doesn't project as an everyday MLB player, and he probably doesn't have the range to play CF or the arm to play RF. Wright is a RH hitter. 26-year old Cuban defector OF Smaily Borges has been getting quite a bit of playing time with the AAA squad, but he will almost certainly get moved down once the Cubs send their extra outfielders to Minor League Camp (Iowa squad). But Borges is a "toolsy" guy, sort of a right-handed hitting version of James Adduci (can play all three OF positions plus 1B). He has good size and runs well for a big man. He will probably eventually be assigned to whatever team fellow Cuban-defector RHP Juan Yasser Serrano is assigned (probably Daytona). Obviously, his age is against him, but Borges might have the skills to fight past that. TENNESSEE: 26-year old ex-Rockford RiverHawks LH hitting OF Jason James has looked really good at the plate so far. He was probably the best hitter in the Frontier League (Indy) the past three seasons, and he looks the part of a "professional hitter." Guys who get acquired from independent league teams usually don't get much of a shot with the Cubs (they are considered mostly "depth," AKA "roster filler"), but James might be the exception. Although he hasn't done it in a game yet, utility IF-OF Jonathan Mota has donned the "tools of ignorance" and has been working out at catcher in pre-game fielding practice and has been warming-up pitchers in the bullpen. It doesn't appear to be a full-blown conversion (a la Robinson Chirinos), but rather an attempt to give Mota even more versatility. (Mota can be a Minor League FA post-2010). DAYTONA: Greg Rohan has been playing only 3B for Daytona so far this Spring. He was a 1B in college, and he played a some 3B at Boise last year, but the Cubs are definitely pushing him to learn 3B. He probably would project as a corner IF-OF (presuming he doesn't get released), and 3B would be the most difficult position of the four for Rohan to learn. Rohan is a RH hitter. PEORIA: LH power-hitting Richard Jones came to camp as a catcher, but has played only 1B-LF so far. He isn't even working out as a catcher in pre-game practice anymore. Jones had a poor Instructs defensively at catcher last Fall, so the Cubs may have decided that he just isn't as catcher. He may have the most pure-power of any player in the Cubs system, but he also strikes out a ton and isn't a very good hitter, so his future would be a lot brighter if he could remain at catcher. BOISE (EXST): Brandon May's conversion to catcher hasn't gone as well as that of Jovan Rosa and Jae-Hon Ha, so May has been mostly playing 3B-1B-LF. The fact that he has already been sent down to the Boise/Mesa squad doesn't bode well for his future with the Cubs.

Phil, no Mota, DeLeon, or Castillo sightings yet? Where is Wes Darvill? Thanks.

Submitted by Hagsag on Sat, 03/20/2010 - 9:05am. Phil, no Mota, DeLeon, or Castillo sightings yet? Where is Wes Darvill? Thanks ======================================= HAGSAG; Still no Manolin DeLeon, Julio Castillo, or Arismendy Mota (or Scott McClain). I did find Matt Matulia, though (player/coach at Daytona). Wes Darvill was with Peoria yesterday. I somehow left him off my roster list, but I will fix that. I appreciate you checking my work, because with 150+ players in Minor League Camp, inevitably I am going to lose somebody.

Phil, Can't wait to enjoy your weather out there, i'll be in Phoenix for a week beginning with the game a week from today. Just in time too, it's SNOWING here in Kansas City today. My question is, what's the story with LaHair? I thought he was a Rule 5 pick, not true? From your reports, it sure sounded like this guy was pounding the crap out of the ball all spring. If the Cubs own his rights, and he is indeed slotted for Iowa as the 1B, then I think this means the end of the Micah Hoffpauir Era, as I can't believe Micah has any options left at this point. Another player, one I haven't heard anything about yet this spring, is Tony Thomas. Is he around, or hurt?

Submitted by Jim Hickmans Bat on Sat, 03/20/2010 - 9:05am. Phil, Can't wait to enjoy your weather out there, i'll be in Phoenix for a week beginning with the game a week from today. Just in time too, it's SNOWING here in Kansas City today. My question is, what's the story with LaHair? I thought he was a Rule 5 pick, not true? From your reports, it sure sounded like this guy was pounding the crap out of the ball all spring. If the Cubs own his rights, and he is indeed slotted for Iowa as the 1B, then I think this means the end of the Micah Hoffpauir Era, as I can't believe Micah has any options left at this point. Another player, one I haven't heard anything about yet this spring, is Tony Thomas. Is he around, or hurt? ---------------------------------------- JIM H: Bryan Lahair was signed as a a Minor League FA (Rule 55 minor league FA). Rule 55 is the MLB rule that allows minor leaguers to be a free-agent after spending all or parts of seven seasons on a minor league active list or DL (also known as a "Six-Year Minor League Free-Agent"). Lahair is out of options, so if and when he is put on the 40-man roster (and 25-man roster)--like if Derrek Lee were to go on the DL at some point--he would have to clear waivers if the Cubs wanted to send him back to the minors. Micah Hoffpauir is already on the 40-man roster and he has one minor league option left, so Hoffpauir (not Lahair) would likely get the call-up if D-Lee gets hurt. But Lahair has definitely out-hit Hoffpauir this Spring. Both Lahair and Hoffpauir will likely be at Iowa in 2010, alternating back-and-forth between 1B and LF. Tony Thomas has been the starting 2B for the AAA Iowa squad (so far), but he could get moved back down to AA once Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney are sent down to Minor League Camp (presuming both Castro and Barney are assigned to Iowa). Thomas is a VERY streaky hitter, and he is just an average (or maybe slightly below-average) defensive 2B with zero versatility. Thomas also is somewhat "adventuresome" on the bases. But he does have plus-power for a middle-infielder, and when he's "hot," pitchers can't get him out.

AZ PHIL: Thanks so much for your continued reporting. I love learning about these guys through you. I am interested in your thoughts on Ryan Searle. I followed him last year and, while he didn't dominate, he did seem to do ok in his league considering his age. What's your eyeball-impression of him? Is he still too young to give an accurate projection of? thanks!

Submitted by Romero on Sat, 03/20/2010 - 9:32am. AZ PHIL: Thanks so much for your continued reporting. I love learning about these guys through you. I am interested in your thoughts on Ryan Searle. I followed him last year and, while he didn't dominate, he did seem to do ok in his league considering his age. What's your eyeball-impression of him? Is he still too young to give an accurate projection of? thanks! ========================================== ROMERO: 20-year old Australian RHP Ryan Searle throws a 91-93 MPH sinker, a slider, and a change, and he can throw all three pitches for strikes and all three are average to plus-pitches. Searle has a strong lower-body and has really filled-out since I first saw him when he first arrived at Fitch Park in March 2008. He's not exactly-cat quick off the mound (the other pitchers at Fitch Park used to make fun of him because he was such a klutz at basketball), but he has solid mechanics and consistently repeats his delivery. Searle projects as a starting pitcher. He probably reminds me most of Sean Gallagher. Of the four Australians signed by the Cubs over the past couple of years, Searle has BY FAR progressed the fastest. 20-year old 6'5 LHP Cody Hams--who was a star cricket bowler in Australia before learning to play baseball FROM SCRATCH at age 18 at the MLB Australian Baseball Academy (the second baseball game he ever saw in his life, he was the pitcher!) and 19-year old RHP Adam Spencer have been assigned to the Boise/Mesa squad (they both pitched at AZL Mesa last Summer, and both are hoping to make it to Boise this year), and 19-year old LH OF Sean Williams is back in Australia at the MLB Australian Academy, although he will probably come back to Fitch Park at some point in 2010.

Phil, Do you have a Cubs minor league Spring Training schedule? If not, do you know where I could find one? Thanks!

Submitted by Cubbiefan07 on Sat, 03/20/2010 - 9:42am. Phil, Do you have a Cubs minor league Spring Training schedule? If not, do you know where I could find one? Thanks! ======================================== CUBBIE FAN: I don't have a Cubs Minor League scheduule, but there are usually two games at Fitch Park everyday at 1 PM, through Sunday 4/3 (the games on Sunday 4/3 start at 9 AM). About once a week the Cubs have a "Camp Day" at Fitch, where there are extended work-outs and an intrasquad game instead of playing games against other organizations. When there are games scheduled, either Daytona and Peoria are at Fitch Park and Iowa and Tennessee are on the road, or vice-versa. The Cubs four minor league teams play the four equivalent teams from the same other MLB organmization. (For instance, while AAA Iowa was playing the Angels AAA Salt Lake squad and AA Tennessee was playing the Angels AA Arkansas squad at Fitch Park yesterday, Peoria and Daytona went to the Angels Minor League Camp at Diablo Park in Tempe, and Peoria played Cedar Rapids and Daytona played Rancho Cucamonga). When they play at Fitch Park, Peoria and Tennessee play their games on Field #2 (N/W), and Iowa and Daytona play their ganmes on Field #3 (N/E). Meanwhile, the Boise/Mesa squad usually has a work-out (BP, PFP, base-running drills, etc) on Field #1 or Field #4 during the games, and then some of the Boise/Mesa players will usually come into a game in the late innings. (The Boise/Mesa squad does not play Spring Training games against other organizations, until they become the Cubs Extended Spring Training squad in April, after Iowa, Tennessee, Daytona, and Peoria have left town).

-edit- oops...minor league schedule...nevermind.

Phil - I see that Cris Carpenter is on injury rehab. Do you know what the injury is, and how serious it is considered to be?

Submitted by DavidP on Sat, 03/20/2010 - 9:46am. Phil - I see that Cris Carpenter is on injury rehab. Do you know what the injury is, and how serious it is considered to be? ======================================== DAVID P: Whatever happened to Chris Carpenter occurred when he threw his first "live" BP, but I don't know what's wrong. He does have a long history of elbow problems (including TJS in college), though. RHP Justin Bristow (Daytona squad) was throwing a week ago, but also got shut-down sometime over the past few days. RHP Toby Matchulat (Peoria squad) has some kind of leg injury (he can barely walk). LHP Casey Lambert (September 2009 TJS), RHP Marcus Hatley (September 2009 TJS), and RHP (ex-OF) Dylan Johnston (unknown-type injury) are recovering from more significant injuries and will definitely start the season with the Fitch Park EXST Rehab group, and they could be joined by Carpenter, Bristow, and Matchulat (and Jeff Gray, too), depending on how soon they can return to the mound.

I'd bet my left nut this Mateo kid is nowhere near 16 years old.

There's a Felix Pie joke in there somewhere, but I'm too lazy to think it up. I'll settle with taking credit for noting the available of said joke.

So far, Spring Training Fukudome is pretty much the same as 2009 Fukudome 2010 ST .259 .355 .444 .799

ST stats "mean nothing" but it's probably a good idea to wait until he's got close to 100ab. the players are still at that point where a 3 for 4 day (esp. if it comes with power) could really inflate their numbers.

Oh no! In 28 AB's?? What'll we do? What's more, Aramis is hitting 235/222/353!! and Lee is hitting 235/304/765 Hopefully Soto will make up for their shittiness with line of 400/538/450 While Lee won't hit for average, at least his slugging will be high. Furthermore, Fontenot will be hitting well, while Theriot vies for a batting title and Colvin wins ROtY.

Colvin and Marlon Byrd will save us. And Thomas Diamond is going to be dominant.

this team is sunk unless they sign chad fox.

Bruce Miles stated ST perfectly, doing really well does not mean anything, but doing really bad does.

What about doing merely OK in less than 40 PAs? What does that mean?

It rhymes with 'nothing'.

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  • tim815 3 hours 29 min ago (view)



    On what days of the calendar do players get to decide if they're going to opt out of their contracts?


    Australian football games are being played before empty stadiums. I doubt that's a conducive environment to opting out.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 6 hours 37 min ago (view)



  • SheffieldCornelia 7 hours 43 min ago (view)

    Hey all, just checking in to say that yesterday was a really sad but appreciative day in my household.  It is still completely mystifying that the Cubs couldn't find a way to extend Rizzo and Javy especially, and there's still some hope here that one or both guys can come back next year along with a Contreras extension.  While they were here, Rizzo, Javy and KB especially gave us so much as players and made the last half decade really special for Cubs fans.  Thanks guys.

    (Also, please let some of these prospects become the next Hendricks or Arrieta and not the next Mike Olt.)


  • Hagsag 8 hours 27 min ago (view)

    Pay Willy now please!


  • crunch 11 hours 18 min ago (view)

    mlb.com has already updated their "top 30" team prospect rankings post-trade deadline.  https://www.mlb.com/prospects/cubs/

    pete crow-armstrong #6 (mets)

    alexander canario #7 (giants)

    alexander vizcaino #8 (yanks)

    kevin alcantara #11 (yanks)

    caleb kilian #16 (giants)

    greg deichmann #20 (A's)

    i like caleb kilian more than the mlb.com ranking of #16.  if he manages to finish the season strong he should have no problem working his way into the top-10.


  • Arizona Phil 13 hours 24 min ago (view)

    Anderson Espinoza will get a 4th minor league option in 2023 and Alexander Canario will get a 4th minor league option in 2024 (if needed). 


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 16 hours 45 min ago (view)

    He looked really good. Rucker didn't look bad either


  • crunch 16 hours 56 min ago (view)

    m.rodriguez throws 1ip 0h 0bb 2k, 11 pitches

    hell of a debut.

    cubs lose.


  • crunch 17 hours 45 min ago (view)



    already hit his 1st yankee homer, btw.


  • crunch 17 hours 47 min ago (view)

    hey yo.  hopefully the offseason and going into 2022 will be worth whatever the hell this is that happened today.


  • Jace 17 hours 58 min ago (view)

    Hi, guys!


  • QuietMan 18 hours 38 min ago (view)

    Maybe after he's done pitching for Team USA at The Olympics.


  • Sonicwind75 18 hours 49 min ago (view)

    Maybe Cubs can counter by bringing Edwin Jackson back. 


  • crunch 19 hours 6 min ago (view)

    dbacks see the cubs making a serious tanking move and they have 5 players go on the COVID list.

    hell of a counter-play dbacks...good job.


  • crunch 19 hours 31 min ago (view)

    your new 2021 chicago cubs...day 1

    ortega / contreras / happ / wisdom / bote / heyward / duffy / alcantara / arrieta



  • crunch 19 hours 34 min ago (view)

    woo!  go not-cubs!

    break out a list of 17 year old highschool kids and college sophmores to mull over for the next 10 months!